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Watch “A Morning With Google+” Live

YouTube Preview Image

At any moment, Google should begin their “A morning with Google+” event which is streamed live to the world on YouTube. We’d imagine we will see lots of Google+ talk, new features, both web and app related, and probably not much else. This doesn’t exactly scream “Nexus event!” to us. One report already suggests that we’ll see Auto Awesome for videos, a feature that has been available to photos on G+ for some time. Other than that, the rest is not confirmed.

There is apparently some sort of power outage at the Google-plex this morning, so the event hasn’t begun yet. It should start soon.

  • jbdan

    Snapseed update live

  • enigmaco

    This sounds really cool, shame I rarely use my camera but could be useful in the future for me, I am sure other people will have better use of it.

  • J Dub

    All of these enhancements to Google+ around Hangouts, photos, and videos need a new Nexus to go with them. The current Nexus camera will fail miserably.