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Verizon Galaxy S4 Update to Android 4.3 With Galaxy Gear Support is Live


Verizon’s Galaxy S4 is now receiving Android 4.3 in a brand new update that went live moments ago. The update was approved this morning, bringing along Galaxy Gear Support, band 4 LTE, and some other tweaks along with the most current version of Android (for the time being) to Samsung’s 2013 flagship. We’re as surprised as anyone to see this update arrive first on a Verizon phone before any other carrier, but you won’t find us complaining.

To download the update head into Settings>More>About phone>Software update.

Cheersย djgrundel, Patrick, and Scott!

  • Dianna

    Can someone help me get the emojis on my galaxy s3?

  • Jacky G.

    okay so like, i used to have the galaxy s3 and i could put emojis on the contact names, but now i got the galaxy s4 and i cant put emojis on the contact names. idk if its just my phone or all galaxy s4’s ?

  • T.J. Frohliger

    After the last update my phone would tell me to connect to the original charger even when I was. Then after a few weeks it stopped charging completely but would still tell me to use original charger. So far after this new update it hadn’t said that and it’s charging fine. I hope it keeps working.

  • Glass

    A few days ago someone posted this problem: Anyone have any fixes for the text message contact issues? I cannot type the name of a contact into blank text messages.

    I have the same problem – any fixes?

  • DJ Colburn

    After updating, now my phone won’t charge. What good are all these wonderful features if my phone’s going to die in a couple hours?

  • Ryan M

    Anyone have any fixes for the text message contact issues? I cannot type the name of a contact into blank text messages which is really annoying since I don’t have many people’s numbers memorizes.

    • King of the Midgets

      Restart your phone. It worked for me as I was having the same issue.

    • Glass

      I am having the same problem – and restarting my phone made it worse, not better. Any other fixes?

      • JV

        After uninstalling and reinstalling Facebook, then restarting, this is fixed!!!

    • maximil

      I have same problem any fixes?

  • VivasKaul

    Does this mean I have to reroot my phone?

  • Katie

    I have an S4 (Verizon) I downloaded the update and now my phone will not charge AT ALL. Like, the little lightning thing won’t even show up. I’ve tried several chargers to no avail. This happened RIGHT after I downloaded the update. My phone has not been through any trauma whatsoever. HELP?!

  • William Kister

    It Benchmarks faster after upgrade. Here is before and after and comparisons.

    • David

      Where do you go to do the benchmarking? I haven’t gotten my replacement yet, but I am interested in running this test now with my current GS4 running 4.2.2, the replacement out of the box running 4.2.2, the replacement running 4.3, and the replacement after I install all of my apps. You think there will be a difference with 4.3 stock out of the box and 4.3 after installing all of my apps and configuring it to my liking?

      • William Kister

        Antutu App

        • David

          Just downloaded. Thanks!

    • John Fragoulias

      Here is my benchmark with 4.3

  • ttocsm

    What can I do to stop the security prompt from continually popping up?

    • Adam

      I keep getting that stupid prompt too and it’s bugging the crap out of me. I continually accept and then it just says the latest security policy is already in place.

      • David

        I think I was getting the same thing. It seems to have been connected to the Samsung account. After I updated policies from the Samsung account the notifications ceased.

      • ASmith

        Go to Settings, then More on the top bar. Scroll to the bottom and tap on About Phone. Tap on the first option, Software Update. This fixed it for me… A little out of the way, but those annoying prompts are gone. Hope this works your you too!

  • Ryan Lashway

    Anyone else experiencing the following issues:
    WiFi running extremely slow
    Purple haze when scrolling on any dark images

  • Adam

    Is anyone else continually getting security notifications that prompt for a security policy update that then directs you to accept the knox shite?

    • Dave Quinn

      I have gotten 4 of them… Then no more… Accepted all and it quit asking… So far anyway

  • hockeydog12

    It looks like they may have fixed the Hotspot widget/home button trick. Is it still working for anyone?

    • Rlarson_mn

      No it does not work by hitting the home button any more. I had to reload the pdanet app and select a 4 position swipe code. After that it works great.

      • hockeydog12

        Do you have to purchase the full version? I have not had pdanet in the past.

        • rlarson_mn

          Yes thats correct you have to purchase the full version. The good thing is it works perfectly. I use it all the time for my Ipad 4, Ipad Mini, Samsung Tab 7.0 as well as my Asus UX31 ultrabook. I have had as many as 6 other people tethered to my phone at one time with minimum degradation as long as every one is not streaming videos.

      • hockeydog12

        sorry, I got it figured out…THX

  • jtbritto

    My Galaxy S4 Developer Edition isn’t showing any update available. When I try using the Software Update Utility on my computer it says my device’s current firmware is not supported to update firmware. Anyone else having issues with their Developer Edition and updating it?

    • s44

      It’s a dev edition. Flash a ROM version of it when the devs start releasing it this/next week.

  • Ariel Enriquez

    I apologize if this was already asked and answered but i don’t have time to read through all the posts. My wife just got the update on her s4 But it doesn’t seem to have the Gear Manager like my Note 3. Any ideas?

    • David

      I thought that was an app.

      • Ariel Enriquez

        By my understanding, it should’ve been loaded with the update- at leasti haven’t read anything to lead me to believe otherwise. I did go to the play store to download it but it wasn’t there. I found the icon under all apps in application manager but it’s not in the application drawer.

  • Nathaniel Newman

    Can’t wait to download it once Safestrap is updated to work on the phone and OTA Root Keeper is verified!

  • JoeDirt2217

    Noticed a few new bloatware apps installed; ANT Radio Services, ANT+ Plugins, and Mobeam Beaming Services (No icons, but listed in Play Store as installed apps). Samsung keyboard seems to also be greatly improved. Driving mode is now Hands-free Mode.

  • Ccrazyman

    Wait, so when is Verizon updating the Galaxy S3?!? today by chance? i really want this update. Root is not an option as i did that once and i bricked my device hard.(My brother had to fix it)

    • Alex Habba

      Verizon 4.3 Update for the S3 comes out on 11/22

  • eli

    The stock samsung keyboard now has auto correct, also the persistant location icon in the status bar is now gone.

  • Chad Baker

    Kellen, I know its a busy day but when are you going to have a review of all the new features of this update?

  • Scott Tilney

    It’s amazing how fast Verizon gets updates out, when the update enables them to sell more watches. Don’t expect this everytime from Verizon.

    • rlarson_mn


  • Sandcrab3

    Man, my LET is now screaming at 45 MB/s. It wasn’t that fast before. http://t.co/kEUEQlWgqY

  • housetiger77

    I noticed after the new update that my network was changed to Global. I switched it to LTE/CDMA. Is it better to leave it on Global or not?

    • jnt

      I don’t think it really matters. Verizon used to tell users who were having problems staying on LTE to switch from Global to LTE / CDMA, but with their network much more widespread now, I don’t think it makes much of a difference – unless you happen to live near a border where you could hit an international tower (i.e. close to Mexico or something).

  • Shannon Bond

    Is any one getting wicked battery drain after this update?

  • Dominic Evans

    I think it’s funny how Verizon can quickly push out an update when they want you to buy something else from them…i.e. the Galaxy Gear. I used to wait forever for updates with my Galaxy Nexus…I’m on the latest (4.3) because I purchased a Galaxy Note III (LOVE IT). Verizon…you better be glad you’ve got the best service in my area and the surrounding (and pretty much every where I travel).

    • jnt

      +1,000 – I actually was giving them the benefit of the doubt yesterday before I put 2 and 2 together (per reading other people’s comments!)

  • Ty0307

    I keep getting “Service Unavailable” when I try to update. It did the same thing with the previous update (VRUDMI1). I finally got it to VRUDMI1 via Kies (Yesterday). Unfortunately, the Kies method isn’t working for VRUEMJ7. Someone…anyone?

    • Mike Aurin

      I had the same exact issue. Told a Verizon rep and they ordered me a replacement…go figure. Let us know if you find a work around. KIES just tells me I’m currently up to date.

      • David

        I had a similar issue with the same resolution. A replacement phone is on the way.

  • DanSan

    very tempted to reflash TW on my GS4. just need to wait for a nice ROM to bring in the new changes. CM 10.1.3 has been fun but i like to change things up every so often

    • Jeremy Gentry

      they have CM10.2 and i hear thats the way to go ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Dorian Brooks

    And yet my DNA is still on 4.1.1. F*** you, Verizon/HTC.

    • Jeremy Gentry

      as the one time owner of an HTC device “the thunderbolt” i will never ever ever ever buy an HTC device ever again

  • Joe Dubz

    Bring on the AOSP/Touchwiz Hybrid ROMs!

  • Bionic_Pags

    FoxFi no longer works with the update… Pressing the home button when the Verizon warning comes up does not bypass

  • Stephen

    Got the update. Gear works great with the S4.

  • Steve Swall

    I bought this phone from Costco with a $70 off coupon about two months ago. Since then, this device has been updated twice. So glad I switched from Moto to Samsung.

    • jmsbwmn

      Meh… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Benjamin McBride

      I did the same thing on the same sale. So worth it

  • bretjutras

    Anybody else having trouble with Google Now crashing on open now? Mine is doing it pretty consistently.

    • jnt

      So far mine’s working fine – might try clearing data and just “starting over” with it.

      • bretjutras

        I cleared data. I also tried uninstalling/reinstalling updates and clearing data again. Still no luck. I had an issue with Hangouts too but the uninstall/reinstall fixed that.

        • David

          It seems like something is interfering with the firmware on some phones. I’m not sure what, but neither are the Verizon reps. When they can’t figure it out, they just send you a replacement phone. It may not be the most ideal option, but it’s an option you might have. Good luck!

          • bretjutras

            I wound up going this route. I went to the Verizon store today and showed them the issue. It was pretty easy to reproduce consistently. The store rep tried a few things to fix it herself and then went ahead and processed a warranty replacement. It should be here tomorrow or Friday.

      • bretjutras

        I just did a factory reset and it still doesn’t work. This is pretty irritating.

    • J_Godd

      Long press the home button and select Google. Close out of Google Now and then clear all open apps and it should work. I had the same issue this morning and this resolved it.

  • ignacio

    OK so my 4g is being displayed but no data stuff will work..any ideas?

  • David P

    I installation failed about 60 seconds into installing in.. displayed the infamous bot on side and red x and said error then restarted, then upon booting up got the typical message software update unsuccessful and nothing was changed. Any ideas why? I AM rooted, but my understanding is this doesn’t stop anybody for getting the update, only loosing root after which I was aware of, so why would it fail? Any others have this and have solution?

    • David P

      Upon going to try update again and see the screen that shows status of last update, shows error 402…

      • David

        I got the same error. I tried a number of things I read (remove sd card, factory reset phone, use Verizon’s computer installer, and others) to no avail. I brought the phone in to Verizon an they are shipping me a new one.

        • David

          Update – this morning, my PC showed a download via the update manager. I accepted it, connected my phone, and viola! – nothing. Same problems as before, but this time the error code was 500 (or was it 505?). I thought maybe there was a problem with the update manager, so I uninstalled and reinstalled. Same issues persist. I’m just going to exercise patience and wait for the replacement phone.

    • David P

      I apologize, its early AM when I typed that, noticed all these typos. LOL

    • David P


  • Foosa Noble

    OK big red well done. how bout some Note2 loving?

  • Jay

    Ummm now you cant type a contacts name on a blank text

    • David Haberman

      I’m getting the same issue, when I type a name only emails come up.

    • housetiger77

      Same with me too. I’ve noticed that if I type the first letter of the person’s name then I can see the number, but then if I try to spell out the whole name to get a for defined list then it doesn’t show me that person. For example, I type J for Jason and I see his number, but if I type Jason then the result I’m looking for doesn’t show up.

      • housetiger77

        ***UPDATE*** I uninstalled Facebook and reinstalled it because I was having an issue with it force closing on me. Ever since I did that it seemed to correct the problem with the text messages.

      • Jonathan Reese

        I was having the same issue and did a restart and updated the secureity policy one is restarted and it seems to be working now.

  • Chris King

    4.3 is really smooth, my s4 really flies now

    • Rey Velasquez

      I agree! Smooth like butta, check out my LTE speeds. I think this update unleashed that Verizon network band they were talking about. I used to hate my signal here at home but now…

      • Kyle S.

        My speeds are much higher too! It’s like I’m back to a few years ago after getting my first 4G phone and the network was less congested!

      • Bionic_Pags

        Where do you live? I work right next to Bryant Park in NYC, where supposedly LTE Band 4 is active, but i’m only getting half those speeds…

  • FeelingBurned

    Developer edition S4 has not had one update yet. We are still on MDK. WTF?

    • C-Law

      Maybe they think the community would find a way to use it to unlock or Loki the s4’s that took the updates after mdk. You’ve got an unlocked boot loader though, just flash a stock build. Or you could sell it and join us with the moto x Dev edition. It’s amazing. I sold my s4 for one and could not be happier. You can run any rom from any carrier

      • KleenDroid

        I am sure the X is a fabulous phone and I’d love to have one. But I am very happy with my Loki and rommed S4. Also the screen size of the S4 for me would be hard to give up.

        I think phones are getting to the point where they are all nice. But the S4 is the best phone I’ve owned to date by a mile.

    • s44

      You bought a dev edition to run stock ROMs!?

  • fa

    Downloading now on vzw I for one am excited

  • Tyler Hartzheim

    Seems they finally fixed the accessibility bug where it would force TTS mode on.

  • David

    Has anyone who downloaded and installed still have wireless tethering via FoxFi or PDAnet?

    • GVLBob

      Works now, without the dialog box that was previously displayed.

      • David

        Perfect! Thank you!

      • Mike

        That’s what I was waiting to hear. Thanks!

        • The kid

          Can you verify that foxfi is working?

      • JLR98RANGER


        • The Kid

          So your using android 4.3 on your S4 and Foxfi is working?

  • evltwn

    Anyone else notice a date appears on your photos in the gallery briefly in the lower left hand corner?

  • evltwn

    new Clear Defaults tab under the Task Manager.

  • Douglas Lewis

    And my HTC One will be getting 4.3 in the next two days, right Verizon? Verizon? Hello?

    • Mitchman

      I don’t think Verizon has ever had a timely update for HTC smartphones. It’s always delayed.

    • Mitchman
      • Douglas Lewis

        you read that as the update is a month away, I read that as an official notice that the next delay is a month away. this ain’t my first update rodeo. HTC = quietly pessimistic

    • William Kister

      It was Samsung that made the update available.

      • jmsbwmn

        And it is Verizon that decides if and when said update will be available for devices that operate on their network.

        • William Kister

          They are selling Galaxy Gear(The watches that cost $300) it was in their best interests to have more than just the Note 3 able to be compatible with them. I’m thankful for the gear I will never use in getting a quicker rollout on updates.

          • jmsbwmn

            So, if Verizon was selling Gears like crazy, do you think you would be enjoying your expedited update?

            SPOILER ALERT: The answer is no ๐Ÿ™‚

            Case in point, the ultimate power lies with Verizon. Love their network; hate literally everything else about them.

    • T4rd

      At least Verizon’s One was on 4.2.2 while every other varient was on 4.1.2 up until now. The only significant feature 4.3 adds for you will be TRIM, I think, unless HTC added some significant features to Sense with 4.3..?

  • William Kister

    Thank you Galaxy Gear for forcing Verizon to do an update so they could sell the options with their phones.

    • Ricardo Rodriguez

      lol. I’m guessing that’s really the only reason it met the deadline too haha.

  • SomeGuy3283

    wifi toggle we were promised 2 updates ago is finally there

    • debonu

      FDR after that update fixed that particular issue…

  • TK


    • evltwn

      best news ever.

    • This update also supports emoji’s in color!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • blksnday

        How do you enable emoji, I have 4.3 now but the language and input doesnt have emoji.

        • Well assuming that you have a Galaxy s4 all you have to do is hold down the setting tab and you’ll see a smiley face. Tab the face and it’ll show you rows of Samsung Emoji’s.

          • blksnday

            I am using Galaxy S4, android 4.3
            I tried on 3 diff keyboards: Samsung, Swipe, and Google. When I do the smiley face, I only see ugly green smiley faces but no colorful Emoji.
            Please share more details on your settings and which keyboard you are using.
            Thanks so much.

          • It must be the Samsung keyboard.

    • JRUIV

      Wow, that software is hideous

      • KB Smoka

        Wow, you’re useless

        • Rob

          Nice green KB pic, love it yo. *cough*cough*cough* homie

      • beng8686

        Says the guy that probably owns an HTC….

    • michael arazan


    • T4rd

      This in addition to getting Blocking Mode back is awesome. It’s sad that we celebrate these “features” that should have been on the phone in the first place though.

    • Rob

      Best. Update. Ever. Ok, well maybe not ever but it’s up there, I mean Verizon actually came through on the date that was rumored/reported!

    • morpheus282

      I’ve only had my S4 about a month, but that was driving me bats#!t insane. Thankfully Verizon/Samsung saw the error of their ways and removed it.

    • YES! TY VZW

  • jmsbwmn

    Please excuse the all-caps, but…


    • Dchan1121

      Lost Root. I had voodoo Ota and supersu pro, and still lost root.

    • David

      I am rooted and I keep getting an installation error. I’m wondering if it because I am rooted. I can’t imagine what else it might be.

      • jmsbwmn

        I got that last night, too. I have now uninstalled all apps that used root and fully unrooted. I still get the “Custom” boot screen, even though I should be fully stock. I haven’t reattempted the update yet. That error gave me a decent scare, and I need to upload my camera content โ€“ don’t want to lose memories of my kids! I’ll reply with an update as soon as I attempt another install.

        • David

          I ended up going to Verizon. They’re mailing me a new phone. I should have it by week’s end.

        • Dave Quinn

          I was rooted… Took update… Lost root… Now have custom boot screen… Fully stock here too…

          • jmsbwmn

            I was able to successfully update. I downloaded the “current” firmware version from Kies, did a factory reset on the device, and then was able to download and install the latest update. Even after taking the firmware from Kies, my device status didn’t change to “Official” until I did the factory reset.

            I hope this works for someone else. It took me a while to figure it out, and it’s a lot easier than driving to Verizon or Best Buy to let their salespeople “work on it”. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • jmsbwmn

        For some reason, this didn’t get placed in the correct thread. Weird. Anyway, here goes!

        “I got that last night, too. I have now uninstalled all apps that used root and fully unrooted. I still get the “Custom” boot screen, even though I should be fully stock. I haven’t reattempted the update yet. That error gave me a decent scare, and I need to upload my camera content โ€“ don’t want to lose memories of my kids! I’ll reply with an update as soon as I attempt another install.”

      • jmsbwmn

        After a second failed update, I discovered this โ€“ http://www.droidforums.net/forum/samsung-galaxy-s4/249680-failed-software-update-error-code-402-a.html.

        It’s cumbersome, but it’s a solution if your phone spits out an error during the update.

  • TK

    I wouldn’t download this, after I installed it, it added a extra icon to the bottom and won’t let me remove it making it hard to use the phone app since half of it is sticking out. Wtf VZ

    • jmsbwmn


    • jnt

      did you have any mods installed? even non-rooted ones like desktop visualizer or anything? That’s really odd… you might clear data/cache in the Touchwiz app in settings > app manager… see if that fixes it.

      • TK

        nope I am not rooted

        • William Kister

          Mine did not do that, did you get it fixed?

        • Vanja Dolas

          I also do not have this issue, everything looks great on both of the S4’s in my casa.

          on another note, history eraser huh.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • evltwn

      what app is that? You might have to do a FDR.

  • caveat71

    Found the first bug for me..radio update breaks the newly implemented roaming on Telus HSPA+ network. It won’t bring up the data side of the connection. Works OK on CDMA 3G.

  • Ben Murphy

    Can we do a new poll on who’s rooted and who’s not? From the looks of it, no one is. I’ll hold off until it’s rooted. Can’t lose my WiFi Tethering =)

  • Tony Byatt

    I wonder if the Galaxy Gear didn’t exist and wasn’t on their shelves would they have approved this update so quckly…

    • jmsbwmn

      Great point. It’s hard to sell a $300 accessory when it only works with one behemoth of a phone.

    • Vanja Dolas

      Didn’t we just have an update a few weeks ago that added support for the smart-watch?

  • MikeSaver


  • TK


    • Wilsonian

      It did mine too. I’m stuck in a bootloop. I’m trying to figure it out now.

      • jnt

        Did you get it cleared up?

        • Wilsonian

          I did. Had to boot into recovery (which the phone didn’t want to do) and wipe everything. Which is a pain. But at least it’s working now. Sucked I had to do that at midnight. That’s what I get for being impatient! I’m loving having Blocking Mode and no flipping wi-fi notification. Those were the WORST things about this phone for me.

    • jnt

      Mine’s working perfectly. If you get stuck in a bootloop, you might try battery pull, then boot into recovery (vol-up+home+power) and doing a factory data reset… sucks, but might be the only way out. Can’t hurt to start with a clean install anyway, especially on a software change like this.

      • Wilsonian

        That’s what I’m trying to do. It’s a huge PITA, but I guess I might need a working phone.

  • jnt

    I’m wondering if Samsung is beginning to have more pull, ala Apple…

    • Adrynalyne


    • CHRIS42060

      Considering Samsung and Google have yet to get the Galaxy Nexus updated to 4.3 I doubt Samsung is having any more pull. Verizon just got a bunch of Galaxy Gear’s returned and this is what happens when they lost money.

  • Kyle

    The only time Verizon quickly releases an update is when the sole purpose of that update is to break root — first hand experience.

    • Kevin

      Or get more money (e.g. sell more Galaxy Gears).

  • TK

    Just downloaded it here in VA, great job VZ, keep up the good work

  • Frank Drewniak

    Downloading it now, it is a miracle. Verizon released it the day they said they would

  • Colton

    *goes to sleep a happy man*

  • Vanja Dolas

    Hell has frozen over, pigs are flying, my VERIZON freaking phone is first to get an update to current version of Android.. I”m speachless

    • Ben Murphy

      Oh yeah? Well, I’m just speechless.

      • oz0ne

        I wouldda capitalized the “ee”, but point made.

        • Vanja Dolas

          A man can’t be expected to spell well this early in the morning

    • schoat333

      See what happens when you sell a lot of phones? It gives the OEM more power with their device than the carrier.

    • techy

      and it is receiving official 4.3 update before Galaxy nexus

      • A.Miller

        Great point.

  • Ben Murphy

    It’s a bit weird that Verizon released 3 updates to this phone within the past 2 months. Why release ME7 and MI1 if 4.3 was right around the corner…. hmmm.

    • CHRIS42060

      I doubt they knew it was right around the corner. I am pretty sure Samsung was going to wait for this update for a little while, but then the Galaxy Gears started getting returned because only the Note 3 supported them. Its funny how losing money can make companies do things that are so drastic…. like updating a phone in a timely manner.

      • T4rd

        Yeah, if there’s one good thing that came from the Galaxy Gear, its that it’s forcing Samsung’s hand to update all of their relevant phones to 4.3 ASAP, else they shipped a lot of useless wearable bricks to the 40 million GS4 users.

    • KleenDroid

      Because ME7 closed the ability to Loki bypass the bootloader.

      Those of us that didn’t take the ota are ok. Safestrap is available but it’s not the same as Loki.

  • jnt

    It’s a Verizon miracle…

    • jnt

      Miracle #2 – the little stutter that happened in Touchwiz in the app drawer every time you swiped to another screen is finally gone. !

      • John Fragoulias

        I use Nova Prime Launcher, smooth as butter, what is Touchwiz.

        • Peter Ramos

          touchwiz is the default galaxy interface