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Verizon Galaxy S4 Update to Android 4.3 With Galaxy Gear Support is Live


Verizon’s Galaxy S4 is now receiving Android 4.3 in a brand new update that went live moments ago. The update was approved this morning, bringing along Galaxy Gear Support, band 4 LTE, and some other tweaks along with the most current version of Android (for the time being) to Samsung’s 2013 flagship. We’re as surprised as anyone to see this update arrive first on a Verizon phone before any other carrier, but you won’t find us complaining.

To download the update head into Settings>More>About phone>Software update.

Cheers djgrundel, Patrick, and Scott!

  • Dianna

    Can someone help me get the emojis on my galaxy s3?

  • Jacky G.

    okay so like, i used to have the galaxy s3 and i could put emojis on the contact names, but now i got the galaxy s4 and i cant put emojis on the contact names. idk if its just my phone or all galaxy s4’s ?

  • T.J. Frohliger

    After the last update my phone would tell me to connect to the original charger even when I was. Then after a few weeks it stopped charging completely but would still tell me to use original charger. So far after this new update it hadn’t said that and it’s charging fine. I hope it keeps working.

  • Glass

    A few days ago someone posted this problem: Anyone have any fixes for the text message contact issues? I cannot type the name of a contact into blank text messages.

    I have the same problem – any fixes?

  • DJ Colburn

    After updating, now my phone won’t charge. What good are all these wonderful features if my phone’s going to die in a couple hours?

  • Ryan M

    Anyone have any fixes for the text message contact issues? I cannot type the name of a contact into blank text messages which is really annoying since I don’t have many people’s numbers memorizes.

    • King of the Midgets

      Restart your phone. It worked for me as I was having the same issue.

    • Glass

      I am having the same problem – and restarting my phone made it worse, not better. Any other fixes?

      • JV

        After uninstalling and reinstalling Facebook, then restarting, this is fixed!!!

    • maximil

      I have same problem any fixes?

  • VivasKaul

    Does this mean I have to reroot my phone?

  • Katie

    I have an S4 (Verizon) I downloaded the update and now my phone will not charge AT ALL. Like, the little lightning thing won’t even show up. I’ve tried several chargers to no avail. This happened RIGHT after I downloaded the update. My phone has not been through any trauma whatsoever. HELP?!

  • William Kister

    It Benchmarks faster after upgrade. Here is before and after and comparisons.

    • David

      Where do you go to do the benchmarking? I haven’t gotten my replacement yet, but I am interested in running this test now with my current GS4 running 4.2.2, the replacement out of the box running 4.2.2, the replacement running 4.3, and the replacement after I install all of my apps. You think there will be a difference with 4.3 stock out of the box and 4.3 after installing all of my apps and configuring it to my liking?

      • William Kister

        Antutu App

        • David

          Just downloaded. Thanks!

    • John Fragoulias

      Here is my benchmark with 4.3

  • ttocsm

    What can I do to stop the security prompt from continually popping up?

    • Adam

      I keep getting that stupid prompt too and it’s bugging the crap out of me. I continually accept and then it just says the latest security policy is already in place.

      • David

        I think I was getting the same thing. It seems to have been connected to the Samsung account. After I updated policies from the Samsung account the notifications ceased.

      • ASmith

        Go to Settings, then More on the top bar. Scroll to the bottom and tap on About Phone. Tap on the first option, Software Update. This fixed it for me… A little out of the way, but those annoying prompts are gone. Hope this works your you too!

  • Ryan Lashway

    Anyone else experiencing the following issues:
    WiFi running extremely slow
    Purple haze when scrolling on any dark images

  • Adam

    Is anyone else continually getting security notifications that prompt for a security policy update that then directs you to accept the knox shite?

    • Dave Quinn

      I have gotten 4 of them… Then no more… Accepted all and it quit asking… So far anyway

  • hockeydog12

    It looks like they may have fixed the Hotspot widget/home button trick. Is it still working for anyone?

    • Rlarson_mn

      No it does not work by hitting the home button any more. I had to reload the pdanet app and select a 4 position swipe code. After that it works great.

      • hockeydog12

        Do you have to purchase the full version? I have not had pdanet in the past.

        • rlarson_mn

          Yes thats correct you have to purchase the full version. The good thing is it works perfectly. I use it all the time for my Ipad 4, Ipad Mini, Samsung Tab 7.0 as well as my Asus UX31 ultrabook. I have had as many as 6 other people tethered to my phone at one time with minimum degradation as long as every one is not streaming videos.

      • hockeydog12

        sorry, I got it figured out…THX