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This Week in the Life of Droid: 10/25/2013

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It was an action-packed week here at Droid Life, filled with more Nexus 5 goodies and plenty of news out of the Samsung camp. The newest rumor is that we could see the Nexus 5 pop up in Google Play on October 31, otherwise known as Halloween. Wouldn’t that be the sweetest treat of all? In addition, Google Play version 4.4.21 is now rolling out to all Android users, which includes the beloved hamburger menu. We just can’t get enough hamburgers.

If you missed any of the action, we have the highlights down below.

Have a great weekend, folks! Stay safe!

  • Billy KingGladfelter

    How could you not mention the Verizon Unlimited Data Extravaganza. That’s the only News that was important this week. I owe you guys huge for that one!

    • Pakmann2k

      Missed the boat but was on the phone with a rep this morning. I am looking to upgrade two phones from unlimted and they are still offering the 6gig deal to drop unlimited. Basically, keep whatever plan you are on but drop to 6gigs per line. Was thinking about it and then he told me to do a “cris-cross” deal. Order two phones (not on the website) and then when you recieve them, call in and tell them to activate the phones on the opposite line in which they were ordered. To do this, it requires a CS agent to manually enter the activations and he told me he couldn’t guaruntee it, but 99% of the time, it keeps the unlimited data intact. Because I would be ok with 6 gigs, I am going to try this out today. Ordering a Red Ultra and a Black one. Going to order the red one under my number and the black one for my wife’s number. When I get the phones, I will call in and tell them the red was for her and the black for me. Hopefully all will work out.

      • cheese

        that would entail opening another line with a contract (even if it’s a dumb phone line).

        that’s not really a good choice.

        • Pakmann2k

          I suppose. In my case though, I already have two smart lines with upgrades available. Tried to do this in the store and the rep told me, “yes, that is a loophole and it does work.” He then followed up by saying, “and we won’t do it for you in this store.” Di%#

          Ordered two Droids after I got home from the CS phone line. Going yo try and get it down when I self activate and I have to call them in to switch across. Will update Tuesday.

      • Billy KingGladfelter

        let me know how that works out

        • Pakmann2k

          Today is day one of my new billing cycle. Confirmed that this works.

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  • Caleb Loop

    Just a thought. Could all of the lack of recent news on the Nexus 5 be because all the major blogs have their review units already and just arent allowed to talk about them until the embargo is lifted?

    • zurginator

      Or maybe because outside of date, what is left to know?

      Almost as bad as the N4 haha.

  • cheese

    Can’t wait for the reveal of Project Molly, Leep, Sauron, and Gem, per Kellen’s G+ post almost a month ago!