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PSA: Google Play 4.4.21 is Rolling Out to All, Enter Hamburger Land

new google play

On Monday, we got a hold of the newest version of Google Play, dubbed 4.4.21, and handed it out like candy on Halloween. If you decided to hold out and not manually install it at the time (and there is nothing wrong with that), then you’ll be in for a treat this morning as the update has started to rollout to all users. We’re pointing this out because there is a semi-significant change in how you navigate Google Play starting with 4.4.21. 

In build 4.4.21, you’ll no longer see the action overflow menu up in the top right corner next to the search bar. Also, if you have a Samsung device and hit the Menu button, you’ll no longer see options other than Settings and Help. But where did “My Apps” and all of the other goodies go? In a slideout navigation or “hamburger” menu tucked into the left side. For those not familiar, the “hamburger” menu is the 3-stacked lines in the top left that when tapped, pulls out the navigation menu. You have seen it in a variety of apps, so it’s not necessarily new to you in general, just in this app. With a simple swipe from the left edge of your device, a menu with My Apps, My Wishlist, and Redeem will all appear, along with a drop down menu that will let you toggle between accounts, should you have more than one.

And that’s pretty much it.

If you still haven’t received the update, you can grab and sideload it from here. [mirror]

Cheers Patrick!

  • this works only with 3g network not with wifi, why is it? any suggestions?

  • John

    With this update they took away the ability to see your money balance left by hitting redeem. Now you have to go thru steps as if you were going to buy something then stop at the very end. Terrible.

  • Chris

    Downloaded this manually few days ago. Thanks for clarifying the drop down arrow.

  • XvierX

    Thanks for explaining what “hamburger” menu meant. I’d heard you guys use the term but never new the meaning.

  • FknTwizted

    nice setup if you phone isn’t a Note 2. Reaching that corner is a fun one!

    • Benjamen Meiers

      Swipe from the left…

      • FknTwizted

        beast! thanks!

  • Michael Hammond

    All these updates and you still can’t alphabetize your “My Apps” list. I don’t understand why this is not a function of viewing your apps. I like how it is divided in to “Installed” and “All” but they should include the ability to sort them A-Z or vice versa …. smh

    • Denvertoad

      This… And the ability to delete apps from your list no matter the device.

  • HarvesterX

    I wish we had an option to select which account is used for in app purchases. Google banned my main account from making purchases (stupid credit card company complained a lot to them wondering if the sales were from a legit company) and it’s fine when purchasing from the app because I can just switch accounts. In app purchases though default to your default account though. The account you signed into Android with…, so whenever I make any in app purchase (thankfully I don’t very often), I have to delete my main account and switch to the one I make purchases with in the Settings > Accounts menu. Then after the purchase I need to sign back into Google with my main account so everything syncs right. I’ve talked to Google about this and wondered why they banned my main account but that’s the only solution they’d give me.

  • Josh Meyer

    Why does everybody call it a hamburger? It’s hot dogs!

    • Simon Belmont

      The three lines make up the hamburger. Bun, burger, bun.

      All I know is every time I read hamburger menu it makes me hungry for a hamburger. Yum.

    • Chris

      as long as its Costco’s $1.50 hot dog and drink combo. Anything else and I’ll pass.

  • yummy

    I’m sleepy, so sleepy

  • joejoe5709

    Hmmm cool. I bet this menu gives us a little insight into Kit Kat’s design language.

  • Alexander Reddicks

    The overflow button is still there for me. Not sure what you guys are talking about, but it’s still there. Otherwise how would you get to ‘help’ and ‘settings’?

  • DC_Guy

    So wasn’t Google supposed to have a Google Play themed event last night? What happened?

    • EyeSix

      They invited people to ‘get familiar’ with google play. Yup…

    • michael arazan

      It was a private party for Google employees and friends of Google Play it seems. It was not a press event but got blown out of proportion when someone received an invite and tweeted about it being a tech reporter. Article over at phandroid I read about the day after event.

  • nexusmania

    Do we know what actually happened at the event yesterday regarding to Google play? No site seems to be mentioning it at all

  • i dont like the sidemenu. i miss my regular menu button.

    • JoshGroff

      I hate how you have to hit back until you hit home to use the menu if you’re viewing apps. Sure it’s only a few taps but this is definitely a step back.

  • anna willoughby

    Never heard those called “hamburger” menus before. It makes me hongry (for those unfamiliar, that is simply a more severe form of “hungry,” marked by an intense desire for calorie-dense foods).

    • Rechie

      Hongry is to Hungry as Horgy is to Orgy. Okay, I don’t know why I came up with that.

      • Rechie

        OK hah! According to Urbandictionary Hongry is a portmanteau of Horny and Hungry. Maybe that’s why…

        • anna willoughby

          Ha, funny, it’s really just how people where I grew up say “hungry.” Particularly when they’re kids.

    • HarvesterX

      Lol its the first time I ever heard the term “hamburger” applied to it. GMail has the same “hamburger” menu to it although you have to click on the dots to change accounts instead of just swiping. I’m thinking it may be this way due to the fact that swiping something in GMail archives it but that’s just a bad guess.

    • Jaxon Wright

      seems like that term just came out of nowhere.

      • anna willoughby

        I’m glad I’m not alone here, I thought I was just hopelessly out of the loop. I do work in a pretty tiny design / development studio, so it wouldn’t be the first time.

  • MotoXYZ

    Thank you so much Google Play Team. I was waiting this app. Its really great user friendly and smooth.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Come on mannnnnn should have saved it for a post about the BBM mess. Premature

    • michael arazan

      And thanks DL for giving it to all of us a week ahead of time

  • Still waiting

    If your on Verizon, you will be waiting a long time

    • WAldenIV

      Mine is already updated. I bet “you’re” surprised.

      • James Heyneman

        Same here. This update has nothing to do with Verizon, except maybe using their network to download said update.

      • EvanTheGamer

        My Play Store also just updated this morning, as well. It’s a nice change, but I don’t really find it that great. I’d rather just hit the Menu button to bring up the list, instead of what this update brings to the Play Store.

        • WAldenIV

          I agree.

    • Adartilth

      lol wut?

    • If YOU’RE on Verizon, it’s irrelevant, as carriers have absolutely nothing to do with this sort of update.

  • Sean Workman

    Fairly new to android….how do I update?

    • Josh Flowers

      Automatically updates itself.
      click the ‘here’ button in the post from your internet browser on your phone, once the file finishes downloading, tap the file. click ‘install’, then open your Google Play store on the phone and it should be updated.

    • It will update itself when you’re in the targeted phase.

    • ScoobySnack

      Fairly new to Disqus, too?

  • Sean Workman

    Fairly new to android…how do I update?

    • Victor Stuber

      It happens in the background silently. One day your app will be updated.

    • Fredy Nativi

      just download it and click install. Or wait and it will happen by itself.

    • Blue Sun

      If you are fairly new to Android, I suggest waiting for the silent background update.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      You can wait it’ll do it on it’s own or just download from that link up there to your phone and update it yourself.