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PlayStation Announces PS4 Companion App, Coming November 13


Sony announced this morning that they are bringing a PS4 companion application to both iOS and Android platforms on November 13. The app will actually be capable of performing a ton of tasks, such as directly accessing PlayStation Network information and features, performing “second screen” features for your console, allow players to spectate on other players’ gameplay (that’s cool), and will also allow you to use your phone as a PS4 remote control. 

Those features make the PS4 app pretty powerful, which is exactly what we would expect from a next-gen system. You can get a good look at all of the features down below thanks to Kotaku that will be available on November 13, right before the official launch of the PS4 on November 15.

So, who here is picking up an Xbox One or PS4? Battle!

  • Directly access various PSN features and informationP

Users can access their own profile screen.

Users can access/compare their own and friends’ Trophy accomplishments.

Exchange messages between PS4 systems, PlayStation 3 systems, PlayStation Vita systems, and mobile devices installed with PlayStation App.

Access and filter friend profiles.

Notify users about their friends’ shared activities on “What’s New”.

Notify PS4 users when they receive any new notifications or game invitations. Users can also display their lists of game items.

  • Browse the official PlayStation website and access informationP

Users can access the PlayStation official website to browse through news, blogs and game information. The language and content of the website will depend on the country the user’s Sony Entertainment Network account is registered.

  • PS4 Second Screen FeatureP

Users can install PlayStation App on to their mobile devices to use as a second screen in supported games. For example on THE PLAYROOM, a title pre-installed in all PS4 systems that requires PlayStation Camera, users can draw pictures on their mobile device screens and flick them towards the TV. The images then appear as a 3D object within the game.

  • Spectate other PS4 users’ gameplayP

When users’ friends upload or begin live streaming their gameplay on PS4 systems, the friends’ activities are displayed on “What’s New” of the PlayStation App screen. When users tap on this notification, they can boot pre-installed applications, such as browsers, to spectate the uploaded gameplay. Users can also post comments on gameplay screenshots, footage and live streams.

  • Purchase game content on PlayStation StoreP

Users can purchase game content while away from home and download it directly onto their PS4, PS3, and PS Vita systems.

  • Use a mobile device as a simple remote to control the PS4 systemP

Once installed, users can use their PlayStation App to control their PS4 system as long as both devices have access to the same Wi-Fi access point. For example, users can switch their PS4 system to standby mode, startup their PS4 system from standby mode, and use their mobile phone as a keyboard for their PS4 system.

Via: Kotaku

  • mikewolfe

    Companion app? It doesn’t even play Blurays out of the box. How many more firmware updates do they need?

  • Steveo

    My s4 already controls my tv and ps3. The beauty of IR and Anynet+.

  • Patrick Bateman

    no thanks . ill stick with my pc with 2 gtx780s and 1440p monitor…

  • Joey Funk

    “use it as a keyboard” YES. no more 50 dollar keyboard attachments for my controller. 😀

  • TeeJay1100

    3 more weeks!!!!

  • Jason Tsujimura

    PS4 for me!

  • XboxOne

    Getting the PS4!

  • Xcalibur1011

    As a REAL GAMER I’m getting both systems, but I’ll get the PS4 later because their launch line-up of games is lacking (my personal opinion).

    • alex drum

      Right… becusse buying an inferrior gaming machine makes you a real gamer just to play some exclusives… so I take it because you’re a “real gamer” you will also be getting a WII U, a 3DS, a “hardcore gaming pc” (couple thousand dollars, and keeping it up to date as parts are released), what else… um a OUYA… well thats all I can really think of. hope you won the lottery.

      • Xcalibur1011

        What makes me a real gamer is I don’t need to jump on any Damn bandwagon, I buy what I want with MY MONEY, I don’t have a bias opinion, I do have a gaming PC already. As far as Wii and any other Nintendo product they don’t appeal to my personal preference. In response to your dumb comment about winning the lottery, don’t need to win to buy gaming products, I have a job.

        • alex drum

          As do I but you are looking at 6k for all those systems + 10 game for each system. I would never want to spend that much on games. So are you saying that people in COD tournaments if they don’t have both the ps3 and xbox) are not real gamers? Don’t know why you caped MY MONEY, never said you couldn’t spend it on whatever crap you wanted, I was disagreeing with the “real gamer” part. Little did I know that there was infact an empirical definition of real gamer and it means you cant prefer one council over the other, it also means you have to buy both. Essentially, not verbatim, that is what you are saying.

          • Xcalibur1011

            Reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit, Real gamer or True gamer is an urban term which can mean a number of things, in my case I was stating I am not a fanboy who sides with one company and has to force feed their negative opinions on others, I buy games and consoles or as you described “crap” that appeals to me. 6k for all those systems?!?! all what systems? I’m getting two systems, one later than the other. I don’t care how much you would or wouldn’t spend, it’s…YOUR MONEY.

          • alex drum

            So you say “reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit” when I replied to exactly what you said (your personal intentions are not relevant if they are not stated, i’m not a mind reader) yet you say “6K for all those systems?!?! all what systems?”. The last systems I talked about were the WII U, PS4, Xbox One, 3DS, and OUYA. I am not basing my opinions on what sony and I’m not force feeding their opinions on others. I am talking about the fact (yes i use those unlike you) the ps4 has superior hardware (even though it will not all be usable right away it will give the console a longer life). I am also talking about how you said “as a REAL GAMER I’m getting both systems”, therefore a “real gamer” is a person who gets both the PS4 and the One. By your logic if you don’t get both systems you are not a “real gamer” as you defined, something that would be a really dumb claim.

      • Paul

        Just curious why you say buying an “inferior” gaming machine. If you are referring to the Xbox One as inferior because they aren’t displaying as many pixels on the screen, then that’s only half the story. To some, it’s not about how many pixels there are, but what you do with those pixels.


        • alex drum

          I skimmed the article very briefly. some things I would like to say. the game was a cross platform game and therefore not optimized to take full advantage of the ps4’s hardware, same thing with games on current gen councils that are being ported to next gen, they don’t look at good as the specifically next gen games. Its like if you took an olympic weight lifter and a tiny kid and you gave them a bar that weighed 20lbs and said bench this. they would both be able to do it. the weight (game) would not show its true potential because it is the same weight for both people (consoles). take a look at AC4 on this gen vs next gen, after that look at killzone 3 on ps3 vs killzone 4 on ps4. or take “the last of us (claimed to max out ps3) and compare it to killzone 4 (just begining of ps4 game line. you cannot give two people the same apple, tell them to eat it the same way, and be surprised when they eat the apple the same way… doesn’t mean the people are the same or have the same “apple eating potential” it just means you gave them same apple with the same instructions (programing). Battlefield was not completely developed for the ps4 and developed for the One separately. it was made generic and ported to both consoles. Lastly I just did a quick search and found that battlefield 4 is not even a next gen game… battlefield 4 is also for the current gen consoles… so thats another problem I already mentioned with AC4.

  • willie

    I got the PS4 Preorder and payed for yea

  • M C

    Both systems!

  • BobButtons

    I have launch-day pre-orders of both systems but will most likely be unable to get either due to finances… lame.

    • M C

      Sell the one you dont want the most on ebay, some of them have been going for over 2k. this should cover the expense for the one you do want.

      • BobButtons

        While I do believe that would work, I don’t agree with it morally. I worked at GameStop for 5 years so I know the types of people and families out there genuinely looking to get one for the holidays without selling a limb and it’d make me feel like a gigantic ass to get one and hawk it online for profit.

        • Cameron E Nelson

          Well think of it this way. Those families trying to get a pre order sure as hell won’t be the speed of the programs going to snatch them up. You really wouldn’t be hurting anyone because those families won’t get yours anyways. Anyways.. My offer is 20$

        • M C

          Dont make a profit then 🙂 just sell it for the cost of the other 1.

  • Chris Batson

    Both are great systems but I’m picking up a Xbox One on Nov 22.

  • SkylaC90

    Gotta get me a PS4, I has all D Moneys. Come On Sony! i’m begging You!!!

  • chris_johns

    Already preordered xbox one :)… which already had something similar coming out… Not sure about all these features but i wouldn’t doubt it…im a xbox guy for life meh to ps n their weak online

    • alex drum

      “Not sure about all these features but I wouldn’t doubt it” “I’m an xbox guy for life”. This is the definition of a fanbuy right here, do 0 research into what the next gen will hold and have the mentality “well I had xbox before so it must be better”. you might as well not even comment if you are just going to say idk about all your good facts… but I’m going to base my choice off 5 year old information.

  • dannyWHITE


  • Ozzy

    PS4 PS4 PS4 PS4!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait!!!!

  • Radgatt

    And here I am trying to find a retailer right now to make a preorder..I knew I should have done this 6 months ago.

    • Mike Cox

      there are some please that still have them like SEARS and i hear Sams club still had some

  • Buur

    Neat. With any luck I’ll have a Nexus 5 with the PS4 app all ready to go when the PS4 arrives at my door.

  • preorder

    Cool! Still can’t decide if I’m keeping my PS4 preorder or not. (Ironically part of the debate is whether I want PS4 or money to upgrade my phone at full retail price) So many games have been delayed from the launch window. Might just cancel it and get it next spring or something.

    • BobButtons

      Yeah, I have both systems preordered for launch day but will most likely end up getting neither. While there are games I’m interested in, there aren’t many that I would throw $60 towards if it was at any other point of the system’s cycle. I don’t care to spend more for a game than I normally would just to have something to play.

  • Tyson Wald

    there has to be a beta floating around somewhere

  • David Foggia

    PS4 preorderwd since July. I’m so phyched

  • chihova

    PS4 all day everyday. What the Xbox wishes it could be.

    • TheDrunkenClam

      PC all day everyday. What the PS4 wishes it could be.

      • StuckOnVerizonForever

        I dont have time to sit at a desk all day. Would rather relax on my couch and play with friends on my 50in 1080p TV

        • Jared Tau

          you can do those things with a computer too

        • xpyroxcorex

          you dont have time to sit at a desk, yet you have time to sit on a couch???

  • T S

    i already have this. it’s called Xbox Glass. nice try Playstation.

    • Exactly! They love to copy from Microsoft.

    • chris_johns

      Lol exactly… Love the down votes… Go to ign article comments… Ps fanboys vs xbox fans is a worse fight then apple vs android

      • BobButtons

        Kotaku’s on its way of becoming just as bad as IGN with flaming, just with less spam. I’ve moved onto Polygon for video game news. Almost all the commenters seem to be drastically more mature. You can appreciate both systems and choose one without bashing the other.

      • Joseph J Pfister

        I’m a PS guy myself, but I could care less who gets what. Both systems are going to be pretty badass. What would be awesome is if PS and XBox could play in the same online community.

  • ChrisCorp

    Xbone! Bring it on!

  • MichaelFranz

    pre-ordered a long time ago. So happy to see this. very excited for PS4. mid night release, day off of work on the 15th….im set

    the cool thing too about this is it is feature packed out of the box. There will only be improvement as it develops. I hope they push the app or atleast market it a little.


    PS4 on preorder! Wish the GTA5 iFruit app would show up on Android sometime

    • Paul

      I’ve given up on the iFruit app. Pretty disappointing! But I don’t think we’re missing out on too much at least.

      • TheRobotCow

        Yea we’re not missing out, i have it on my iPad. It’s alright i guess

      • MReprogle

        The app is stupid. I borrowed my girlfriend’s iPhone just to get the customized license plate. That’s the only thing you’re missing out on. The Chop game(s) are dumb and worthless. I made it through the whole game and only bothered with Chop for the mission that they introduced him in.

      • CARPDM

        HAHA and with all that the Android Version is released today! yeah probably not missing much, but at least they actually released one for Android peeps.

  • Granpa0

    Very cool.

  • Capt. Crunch

    No thanks, I have a PC that can out-preform this thing, the PS4 is about 2 years behind.

    • Jaxon Wright

      tell me when you can play all of the Sony exclusives on that shiny PC you have.

      • TheDrunkenClam

        Tell me when you don’t need aim assist to get a headshot.

      • Capt. Crunch

        Have fun not playing Civ V, and all of these other PC exclusives on console http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/01/18/50-pc-exclusive-games-in-2013. Oh and don’t forget PC can Emulate all 6th gen and older games plus Wii. How many games will be on PS4 at launch?

        • Jaxon Wright

          I happen to have a powerful PC as well, so I’m not missing out on anything.

          • alex drum

            anything is a very strong word

        • alex drum

          The ps4 will have 32 “launch day” titles. people forget that there are games that come out a week/month after launch… but regardless its 32 games. Yes, I am having fun not playing Civ V because I have people over when I play, Civ V is hardly a “lets get some friends together, order a pizza, and have some fun” kind of game. Lastly If i wanted to play old games on old systmes I would go get an old council, not spend a couple grand on a pc. also my phone can emulate 5th gen councils so… I’m not missing out on a lot.

  • Warwick

    Kellen or Tim can have a PS4 review somewhere 😀

  • Shockey62

    Working the midnight launch and getting my PS4 right afterwards. Can’t wait!

  • HarvesterX

    This is awesome. Except for the purchase game content from your device feature. Does this mean that future PlayStation games will all be dependent on premium in game currency and follow the standard “perform action, wait on timer or use premium currency to skip timer” and that in PvP games only those paying extra will get the best gear/weapons/perks?

    I hope to God not. If I had to choose I’d get a XBox One as I’ve never liked PlayStation ever since the first was released. But I’ll probably skip on both as this new way of paying for game content is stupid and they won’t ever see my money. I’m not saying all new games will be like this (though I’m sure many will). Most games on Android are exactly like this and the companies make a fortune off even the substandard games (think DeNA who reported a profitkin the hundreds of billions last quarter…)

    It’s a horrible trend and the only reason it’s continuing is because of the people who say “it’s my money, if I want to spend it on entertainment the way why should you care?”… I can afford to pay a fortune on games if I want. But is any game worth more than a one time payment (except games with a subscription fee to cover server costs)? No. No DeNA trading card game is worth spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars a month on.

    I understand you can spend money however you like if that’s the case and you have that freedom but if spending hundreds (if not thousands and yes I know people who have spent that much on Rage of Bahamut years ago) of dollars a month on a subpar game then you are making a horrible decision and obviously don’t know how to have fun. Sorry if that offends anyone but it’s the truth and I can’t change that. And companies will continue to use this business model as long as their are huge profits to be made.

    I’m not sleeping in a bed that somebody else made but I’m offering to help make it.. Maybe this has more to do with Android than consoles but this will be prevalent in consoles soon (of it already isn’t)

    • BobButtons

      Agreed. Way too many of the Free-2-Play games turn into Pay-2-Win.

  • Rocket Punch

    Day 1 PS4+KZ:SF. My body is ready.

  • CW Larson


  • MikeSaver

    I’ll be getting a PS4, but definitely not at launch. There’s aint no next gen games really worth it until at least spring

    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      Assassin’s Creed 4, BF4, and NBA 2k14 are enough for me to justify a Ps4 for sure.

      • MikeSaver

        Are those only on PS4 though or are they on the PS3 too?

        • Paul

          Those games will be on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 so take your pick!

          • RollTide17

            But BF4 will have 64 player servers on next gen and I’m sure other games will have something that will attempt to lure players to purchase the new consoles

        • StuckOnVerizonForever

          Both, but like always, willl look considerably better on next gen. NBA 2k14 was rebuilt for next gen.

      • XvierX

        I was looking forward to Watch Dogs but NBA 2k14 will be just what I need to ignore the inevitable horrendous season we Mav fans can expect this year.

    • Ivan Johnson

      Main one I want is killzone. Possibly infamous

    • alex drum

      THERE ARE 32 GAMES AT LAUNCH! HOW IS THAT NOT ENOUGH?!?! http://www.ign.com/wikis/playstation-4/PlayStation_4_Launch_Titles

  • Stevenege


    A company that actually keeps its promises regarding the Android App.

    • XvierX

      We’re looking at you Nike… -_-

      • michael arazan

        I’m still amazed Pixar is creating a Moto X only game, given that Pixar was founded by Jobs

        • Daistaar

          Pixar was actually George Lucas and Lucas Film. It spun-off and was sold to Apple later.

  • Paul

    Can’t wait to see both new consoles in action! So glad that it’s almost time! Looking forward to my very own Xbox One! Hopefully at least one of my friends buys a PS4 so I can check that out too!

    • alex drum

      Statistically most of your friends will buy the ps4. It’s massively more popular.

      • Paul

        I’ll just have to find a kiosk if they ever start installing those. I still have yet to find someone I know buying the PS4. Of the people I know who only play PS3, they are waiting to buy next gen, though I’m not sure why they’d wait…

        • alex drum

          I only know two people who are buying a “One” and they are buying it because “they don’t want to lose their achievements”. I think that is a bit of a silly reason, but to each their own. The rest of the people I know (5 360 and 6 ps3 + me owners) are going with the ps4. They are not all buying it day 1 (4 +me are getting it day 1) but the rest are just waiting till they have the money. I know more people who have current gen consoles but those are the only ones i know are upgrading to next gen consoles (haven’t asked others).

          • Paul

            I found someone today who is getting a PS4. (co-worker) but they pre-ordered late and wont’ be getting it until the next shipments come in. I agree achievements are a silly reason for a One. I have lots of reasons I’d get a One over a PS4, but like you said, to each their own. Since groups of friends usually all stick to the same stuff, I can see how we each have different views to which may be more popular. But in a few months we will see which will be more popular. It all depends on the crowd you’re around at this point.

          • alex drum

            I was actually talking about the preorder numbers and all the poles that have been taken about this. since that is all the information we have to go on right now, that is what I based my statements on. I actually know more 360 owners than I do ps3 owners so its not like a run in a pack of playstation people.

  • nivek31

    I was going to get an XOne first (got a PS3 first last gen) but now that I just bought a Vita and now this app I’m going to stand in line for the PS4 instead. I’ll still get an XOne but not until at least a few month after release.

  • TheRobotCow

    Can’t wait!!!!

  • aBabyPenguin

    So awesome, I can’t wait to get my PS4

  • Prime7

    Can’t wait!

  • Lambo_21

    Come on 11/15 get here faster!!!!

  • Cubanito1967

    Awesome! November 15th hurry up and get here already!

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      • radiohead14

        the sooner you get bent.. the more time i’ll have later to play my ps4