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Moto X Drops to $99 at AT&T, MotoMaker Orders Included

moto x 99

This morning, the Moto X for AT&T has dropped to $99 on new contract for the 16GB version, and that includes custom designed versions through MotoMaker. You could make the closest thing to a DL phone (pictured above) and still walk away at under $100 if you’d like, though we wouldn’t exactly recommend that colorway for a 2-year contract. We had previously heard from @evleaks that a price drop of $100 was coming in Q4, so this seems to be right on time. We also saw a price drop to $99 on-contract at Best Buy recently.

The 32GB version is now $149, which is a $100 discount as well.

No sign yet of the wood backs, outside of a Calvin Harris video or two.

Via:  MotoMaker

  • MKader17

    Thanks DL. AT&T honored the price even though we bought it on the 19th.

  • nuray


  • rajiv


  • sranger

    With outdated components this should have been the price all along…

  • AbbyZFresh

    I hope the next year’s Moto X actually comes with the latest specs to match the optimization they have done. If they do that. Maybe i won’t need a Nexus phone after all.

  • AbbyZFresh

    I hope the next year’s Moto X actually comes with the latest specs to match the optimization they have done. If they do that. Maybe i won’t need a Nexus phone after all.

  • Ricky Ortiz

    Best Buy price shot back up to $199.99

  • William_Morris

    If they hadn’t released it with an encrypted bootloader and all that bloatware, I would consider this in the final running for a replacement device of my GNex. Now I’m looking at the N5 if I dip out on BigEvil… I mean BigRed or a G2 if I grind another 2 years out.

  • 655321

    I hardly think it’s coincidence that the Nexus 5 is rumored to hit AT&T on Halloween and provide some serious competition for the Moto X. This is probably Motorola’s last chance to move lots of Moto X units on AT&T.

  • Lunkman

    Never mind Motomaker, but no price drop yet from Verizon?

  • Gf1fanatic

    The lack of a publicity campaign for the Moto X and the new Droid line is mystifying. The Active listening aspect of these phones is a game changer, yet outside we Android fanatics, the general public has no idea.

    • guest

      they have no money for marketing ..

    • ezbbycame2play

      What are you talking about? I see Moto X AND the new droid commercials all the time. The commercials do address the Active features.

      • AbbyZFresh

        I don’t see anyone on the streets with a Moto X at all. And i’m in manhattan where there where i always see tons of billboards and subway signs of the Moto X and Droid lines. Maybe the people don’t care.

        • guesswhat

          Its a great device one of the best to release this year ..its because of people like you who blindly go by specs with out trying the device ..its not selling well ..you guys care are brain washed by non innovative copycat companies that bigger specs on paper is better ..sad state of affairs ..

  • RW-1

    Geez, this is why this time around, I really want the N5, but will not be first. If it comes out in the next few, I could see it dropping over the holidays to keep interest, or, at least I would hope so …

  • joejoe5709

    Alright. Now that’s more like it. I can handle that price.

  • anon

    The G2 drops to $99 on all carriers in 1 week also through X-mas

  • Patrick Flanigan

    Does anyone know if I can exchange my moto x for a motomaker code when it comes out? My phone arrives on Monday which is just in time to be within 14 days for the rumored Nov 11 motomaker Verizon launch. I’d love to exchange it for a wood backed 32gb moto x and be able to keep my unlimited data without paying the off contract price.

    • CaptainDisillusion

      Not sure, but worst case you can return it and pay a $30 restocking fee.

  • NemaCystX

    I’m just curious but why did you choose Pink for your sites color?

    • Robert Macri

      because its pretty

    • Dr_Buttballs

      Because pink means p***y and they get a lot of it.

    • runner30

      I actually think the “Raspberry” colored back looks closer to the site colors compared to the “Blush” in the pic above.

      Or, I just don’t see colors well.

    • HarvesterX

      The “color” pink doesn’t actually exist (well we see it, so it exists to that extent). Pink is a combination of red and violet colors. These are located on opposite sides of the spectrum (think rainbow… Red is the first color that you see, Violet is the last). Interesting fact to throw at people whenever they make fun because you like pink

      • cancerous_it

        You carry a manpurse, don’t you?

        • cancerous_it

          …not that anything’s wrong with that.

        • HarvesterX

          Hmph… It’s called a “Murse”. Wait, no that’s a male nurse. I mean it’s called a “mPurse” (notice the lowercase “m” and capital “P”…)

          But no I don’t carry one. I’m usually stuck carrying the girlfriend’s purse around for her.. (just as bad)

  • Chad

    Has there been any official work on sales numbers yet for the Moto X? I remember reading an article a month (or so) ago that mentioned possible “disappointment” in the number of devices sold.

    • Chad

      *word not work

      • Ted

        It’s terrible . sales are very bad especially in att.
        Reps aren’t showing it support nor recommending it.

        Customers come in don’t even acknowledge it. They think its the 5c because of the colors. I’m lucky to see one a week go out.

        Its sad and very dissappinting because it is a solid device.

        • Anon

          Yup Agreed. Im a rep for a certain brand and thats all i see. People brain washed by iphones and Samsung devices. Im not knocking Samsung or Apple but customers should think for themselves. Also reps for VZW and ATT are so used to going to iPhone and Samsung for an easy sale an accessory numbers. If Reps took more time with the customers device sales would be better for all brands. again on this site everyone knows Android like the back of their hand. 95% percent of the other customer base has no idea what they want just looking to be lead to a device like sheep. And Samsung and Apple has herded them with the marketing campaigns.

        • 655321

          I would think that sales in AT&T retail outlets would be poor as the main draw of the phone is the customization that’s only done online. How many units are moved out of retail outlets is hardly a good gauge of sales.

        • nomomoto

          Yeah. What happened to the supposed Motomaker displays at certain ATT stores? I’ve been to a couple ATT stores and a Verizon store and I was about to leave thinking they didn’t even have the MotoX. Both stores did have demo unites but shoved in the back corner with the Blackberry’s and other outgoing smartphone models. It was quite sad. At ATT it was all about Samsung and iPhone. At Verizon it was Droid and Samsung. The iPhone display seems to get smaller and smaller each time I visit a Verizon store.

    • guest

      sales are dismal ..moto made a mistake with this device ..they made the device for masses but no one about it outside tech community ..and lots of people who follow the tech blogs regularly didnt bother about the phone based on specs ..so basically no one bought this device .

      • michael arazan

        I read last month 2 million, but did not say which carriers individually or all together, but was US only numbers of course

  • Silver Veloz

    ….and it says, “$99 on NEW contract”, Forget about the longtime customers?

    • HarvesterX

      It says “New Contract”, not “New Customers”. If you (just for example) have a Galaxy Nexus and want to upgrade to the Moto X, then you’ll get the $99 “New Contract” price because you are essentially signing a new contract for two more years.

      • Silver Veloz

        Oh…I guess I read into that incorrectly. My bad. Thanks.

        • HarvesterX

          Easy to read it that way, especially if you don’t know how Verizon works. It make it easy ffor Verizon to move people off of unlimited that way. They can just say “you can’t keep unlimited because we ddon’t offer it anymore and I need to choose a new plan because you are signing a new contract”. Majority of people would end right there and just choose a new plan.

  • Greg Morgan

    On another note, there’s a new rumor today of a Nexus 4 being released with LTE along with the N5.

  • Walter Partlo

    This makes sense since mine is supposed to be delivered in the next half hour or so.

    • Orion

      Call AT&T 611 from your cell phone and ask for a $100 bill credit due to price reduction. Should get taken care of.

      • Walter Partlo

        I’m on VZW. I am going to assume that VZW will follow suit with the price reduction soon. Hopefully within 2 weeks. 🙂

      • michael arazan

        Shouldn’t Google Now be able to track it as well

  • dtraini30

    Hopefully Verizon MotoMaker support within a couple weeks!

    • Ted

      Nov 11 tentative date

    • Butters619

      Who wants to put bets the Verizon Moto Maker X will still be $200?

      • carluverdrm2004

        I hope not, but I’ll pay for it either way. Getting off of this G-Nex train as soon as Motomoaker comes to Verizon!

        • I hear ya! Loud…And…Clear!

        • michael arazan

          Hope we can get it with the 12 month payment plan and keep unlimited

          • carluverdrm2004

            I was thinking that for the longest time, but I only use 1-2 GB….So I’m getting rid of unlimited.

      • 655321

        I’m a longtime Verizon customer holding-out for a wood-backed (or even better a ceramic-backed) Moto X. But if this happens and the price is twice that of AT&T’s, and considering I will lose my unlimited data by upgrading anyway there’s really no reason left not to jump ship and switch to AT&T.

  • C-Law

    This phone is by far the best phone I’ve ever owned. This price is insane. I got rid of my s4 for it and have zero regrets. The s4 feels like last year’s phone compared to my Moto x

    • Jeff

      Good price until you look at what you’re paying on contract.

    • How are you feeling about the camera? It’s the only thing holding me back from getting this over the G2.

      • CaptainDisillusion

        Camera isn’t great… I just downloaded the update that’s supposed to help make it better, but it’s really rather mediocre. I’ve always lumped the Moto X with other Nexus phones, which all have crappy cameras.

      • KC

        I’ve been on the G2 for 3 days, coming from an iPhone5, I feel that it is just too big for the way I use my phone (mostly one handed). The moto X will now be the phone I settle on (for the duration of my contract)

    • Eric

      Getting paid by Motorola just a little?
      Seriosuly Guys read this guys past comments all he does is hype up the Moto X. Motorola just pulled a Samsung. LOL!

      • CaptainDisillusion

        Do you own one? If not, then you probably shouldn’t judge.

        I’m paid exactly $0 by Motorola and I happily admit that I love this phone. It does everything I need it to do. It’s ridiculously smooth (I really can’t recall the last time it stuttered), active notifications is probably the best new feature in a long time, the size is great for me (I’m personally not a fan of the gigantic HTC One/GS4), and it runs all of the games I like to play (most have heavy graphics, such as Real Racing 3).

        Now, don’t get me wrong–I have complaints about the Moto X. I wish my Verizon version didn’t have a locked bootloader (didn’t get the Dev edition). I wish there wasn’t so much bloatware. I wish it came in my favorite color right off the bat. I wish the battery came in a MAXX option. I wish the form factor were a little more premium-feeling. I wish it got OS updates immediately after they are released by Google.

        All of these reasons are why, if Verizon were getting the N5 (which will probably also not be perfect), I would absolutely 100% dump this Moto X. But that’s not going to happen. And it doesn’t mean I don’t love this phone and think it’s entirely worth the flagship-level price it was originally given. I’m extremely satisfied with my purchase, and I can’t say the same for some of my GS4 and HTC One-owning friends, who complain to me about lag.

        The N5 is better, but the Moto X is the best Verizon has to offer, in my humble opinion (but note that I have not owned an S4 or One, I just have friends who do and whine a lot). If they make it cheaper, it’s all for the better.

    • Justin Rogers

      Well I have owned the MotoX the HTC One and the S4.. here are my ranking of those phones S4>MotoX>HTC One…..

      Honestly the MotoX is a great phone but falls very short on the cam 🙁 In fact I would say I actually liked everything about the MotoX better than the S4 other than the camera.. Yes that even includes the screen.

      In short I currently use an S4 rooted with Gummy of course 😛 and still believe it is the best all around phone you can buy today. Now that could be different in just a few short weeks but we will see.

      • cns2007

        Have you gotten the update for the X yet? If so, has that not improved the camera much?

        • decidedtochangename

          I have an X and the update made the camera better, but not as good as my Note 2 I switched from. Everything about the X is better than every other phone I have tried, except the camera. It’s the reason I am considering a N5.

      • Denvertoad

        +1 for rooted S4. Stock w/ TW it sucked. With CM 10.2 and Ktoonsez kernel it absolutely flies. Smooth, no stutter, everything is working. If I had to keep it stock I’d have sold it in a heartbeat. Now I love it.

  • Mike

    what the sh*t verizon!! Hurry the crap up!!

  • Jeff

    When is MotoMaker going to be available for the other carriers?

    • cns2007

      I’m thinking this is a sign that it will be soon. AT&T probably wants to lock up as many subscribers as they can with a price drop, before losing the exclusivity.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    It’s pretty close to NoV any updates on MotoMaker for VZW? Thinking right now that a bamboo back Moto X would claw away at my attention from the N5 bit by bit

    • NemaCystX

      are you kidding? have you seen the leaked Nexus 5 photos? that thing is gorgeous

      Even Spigen has been showing off its new cases for the un-announced phone, in FULL resolution photos with it wearing their cases. Absolutely gorgeous design

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        You can say it’s gorgeous then tell me about a case…… oh and Bamboo

        • Mattattackk101

          Moto X was my backup in case that Verizon didn’t get the Nexus 5, Its the closet thing I can get to a Nexus device without it actually being one. Sadly I will have to settle for a moto x because it seems like they wont get the nexus 5

    • michael arazan

      Teak wood, which is one that could be offered, would be the best to get. Teak is a natural highly water resistant wood and very durable.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        They delayed the woods from what I understand to work on their durability In the conditions. I’m sure they’ll be laminated in some way.

  • chaoslimits

    What about the off contract price?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Come on now. We know how that goes.

    • ToddAwesome

      don’t be silly