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Friday App Sales: The Walking Dead: Assault, Combo Crew, Mobile Doc Scanner, and More

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Time to find some new apps and games to keep you busy this weekend. Today, we have a few popular titles for sale on Google Play, including The Walking Dead: Assault for just a dollar, plus Final Fantasy V is still on sale for $11. Not too shabby.

Take a look at the full list below. 

Friday app sales:

Go support those devs!

  • emoney

    my gf’s brother made the walking dead assault. not that this benefits me in any way, but still pretty cool.

  • Inquizitor

    Plants VS Zombies 2 is still free.

    That is all.

    • sarahpotter888

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  • Jeff

    Ooooh… Mobile Doc Scanner looks useful.

    • margaret87

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      • Paul

        But I do! I do worry about deceiving! I can’t stop!!

        • fauxshizzl

          “Now, its a compeletely secure way to make a 55$/hour.” Only one spelling and four grammatical errors in the second sentence, it is probably legit. Serious question, has anyone ever gone to one of those sites? I have always been curious what they look like. I just imagine a very poorly made website that looks like it came out in the era of MySpace.

    • conrad owens

      The Google drive app can do the same thing for free. Open the app and look for a camera icon that says scan in the lower right corner. 🙂 (may not work on all devices)

      • skylog

        what is your experience with this in drive? i have quickly looked at it, and it may serve my needs, but i was looking in to buying MDS

        • conrad owens

          It’s hit or miss. It works best with smaller items like receipts. btw MDS also has a free version if you wanna try that 1st.

          • skylog

            thank you for the reply. i tried them out some more and went ahead and spent the dollar. to be honest, i never thought how much i could use this. MDS seemed like it could provide more utility…and, it was only said dollar.

    • creed

      You Might try looking at camscanner. Does exactly the same thing only it’s free. I’ve been using it for a couple years.

      • Rojo623

        i got the paid version to get rid of the camscanner stamp.

    • steveindajeep

      ive been using handy scanner with no complaints

  • HarvesterX

    How many of these have timers and IAPs? Surprised the FF games weren’t changed to accommodate in app purchases.. Lol..

    • JoshGroff

      I’m not, it’s about the same pricing they use for PSP ports. To think of how much I’ve spent on 4 alone is scary… (GBA/PSP/Google Play versions all on release…)

      With 7 it’d be worse since I bought every iteration that’s come out so far, including Crisis Core and Dirge…

      • pezjono

        Throw the Super Nintendo FFII (Which is technically FFIV) on the list for me too 🙂