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Instagram Previews What Ads Will Look Like


Back in early October, Instagram announced that the company would be bringing paid advertisements to your feed. There was speculation on what these ads would look and perform like, and today, Instagram is giving their first preview of what users should start to expect when using the app. 

As we can see in the photo above, ads will be clearly marked “Sponsored,” and can also be hidden from feeds. In addition, you can also send feedback on ads, which will help the team provide ads that are better suited to you. The team claims to be working hard with outstanding companies that should bring engaging and creative ads to the network.

Instagram says users should start expecting to see this ad in the following week while using the app, and then from there, ads from other companies.

Via: Instagram

  • anna willoughby

    Anna Willoughby just announced that she’s about to quit using instagram.

  • diversification

    This is only tangentially related, but is anyone else experiencing Instagram videos having the audio and video be waaaaay out of sync (audio plays faster)? I’ve had that problem since they released video.

    (Bionic on stock 4.1.2)

    • Godzilla

      That is your problem right there, you are still using a Bionic.

      • diversification

        I know, I know. Any actual help?

        • Godzilla

          no sorry

  • MichaelFranz

    I just see people making bastardly comments and inappropriate ones…

    • Chris

      Not any different from the rest of the internet.

  • Godzilla

    I say we start a bounty for the adblock guys to block said ads

  • LionStone

    After reading, “The team claims to be working hard with outstanding companies that should bring engaging and creative ads to the network.” What!? Working hard to spam me with ads? Glad I don’t use IG, I get my fill of ads here 🙂

  • The ads will probably look better than the photos of a saying that has been screenshotted and edited 50 times and is barely readable

    • crystalmyers325

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  • Ian Smith

    it’s just gonna be artsy looking ads, probably won’t be too intrusive in the end. not too concerned about it. just scroll past.

  • RickyGrundyJr

    they should put all the ads in the “explore” tab, and will Android instagram ever get the update to fix the look.? it looks so outdated.

  • Godzilla

    I represent the minority but I am not impressed by Instagram. The filters that come with Samsung camera apps are just as good or better. And you get better editing results from picsay pro.

    • Kevin

      im not sure it’s the filters as much as it’s the sharing…

      • Godzilla

        Everyone i care to share with is on Facebook already. So I use Facebook.

        • socarwolverine

          Fortunately for instagram, you don’t make up their customer base. But trends do show that people prefer instagram for photo sharing, especially younger kids.

          • Godzilla

            I get that, i do. I guess for me I dont like having more than one social network app in my life, makes “keeping up” more complicated.

          • MasterEthan

            I have to agree with you on this. I have Facebook and G+ which I can share pictures, videos, links, check-in, and messages all in those. I don’t see the point of using instagram to share photos over the social networks I’m already apart of and that more people use.

          • Godzilla

            Exactly, matter of fact i forgot that I have google plus, but you know why I have G+? The free photo backup that takes place nightly while charging. If not for that, i probably wouldnt use G+

          • Eric

            No you have a G+ because google forces you to have one.

          • Godzilla

            Ha, that is indeed true.

          • Chris

            I just turned that profile in to a fake one. Unless Google plus turns in to facebook (being popular etc) its gonna stay that way…

          • Eric

            tbh I just made it a real profile. Nobody uses it anyways. I just use it as photo sharing site to post photos to forums.

        • anna willoughby

          I see instagram as useful because I can post more photos there without getting complaints. On facebook, people bitch (understandably) if you upload more than one photo a day, particularly if you don’t do it all at once so it posts in one group. On instagram, I can share photos as I take them and not flood people’s feeds.

    • Mackster248

      As Kevin said, it’s really more for the social aspect of IG that made it a hit, rather than its simple filters.

    • mustbepbs

      It’s not about the filters, it’s about fitting in socially because everyone else is doing it and you need to be a good little automaton drone.

      Get back in line.


    Damn, well we might as well embrace it, they did give us a fair warning. Not bad though I’m nervous about how other companies might utilize this

  • Shane Redman

    When you say hide them….you mean like NEVER pop up, or you can hide them after you view them? Otherwise, what’s the point of Ads if they can’t be seen?

  • Mackster248

    It’s not even that bad. No big deal then.

  • Greg Morgan

    I know ads pay the bills, i just dislike how prominent they’ve become all over the place.

    • mustbepbs

      It’s the price of having things free, unfortunately. I wouldn’t mind more pro versions of apps to get rid of the advertising, but unfortunately they make more on the ads than they could with a one time purchase of an app.

  • Mike

    As long as I can hide this from the feed.