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AT&T Lights Up Four New 4G LTE Markets


AT&T announced four new 4G LTE markets this morning, including one in Hawaii. Given our unfamiliarity with these town names, we would say that AT&T is nearing completion of its LTE rollout across the US, but of course, there are always other little patches here and there that still need to be lit up. 

The carrier teased that a device sporting VoLTE would be announced before the end of 2013, which could hit the market around mid-2014. Given that timeframe, you can expect to see more and more little markets popping up between now and then to ensure that most customers won’t be dropped while on a call. And for Verizon customers, don’t worry, Big Red is working on the same thing.

Here is the list of the four new LTE markets on AT&T.

New Markets:

  • Kankakee-Bradley, Illinois
  • Laconia, New Hampshire
  • Gaffney, South Carolina
  • Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Via: AT&T

  • John Davids

    Come on, light up some towers in Iowa already! I need SOMEONE to give me coverage for the N5 in a few weeks/months 🙂

  • TheRobotCow

    I may switch over to At&t, seems like they perform much better where I live compared to Verizon.

  • New Hampshire!!

  • Michael Pahl

    Nothing in Indiana….

    • shdkfn

      No joke. There isn’t hardly AT&T in Hendricks Co west of SR267.

  • Dustin Carney

    or the whole entire state of pa, we have maybe 3 or 4 LTE markets. Absolutely garbage, everytime i call, they say end of next month and it will be up…nope.

    • Ray Gray

      Verizon owns damn near all of the spectrum in PA there is nothing at&t can do about it honestly

  • duke69111

    Are ATT’s announcement cities comparable to Verizon’s announcement cities? I’ve never heard of a lot of the cities ATT’s announces.

  • JohnThackr

    I recognize Gaffney, SC, but that’s because they have that huge peach water tower along I-85 going south out of Charlotte.

    • Higher_Ground

      Yeah if I-85 didn’t run right through it they might never get AT&T LTE. I think the number of people passing by everyday on the highway exceeds the population of Gaffney, and probably the entire county.
      Likewise, the place in IL appears to be right on an interstate south out of Chicago.

    • Col_Angus

      As seen in Netfilx’s “House of Cards”

    • patricia606

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    • truth_cutz

      and the Tanger outlet mall

  • PhilD41

    Hey, now my parents have 4G. To bad they have no desire to jump to AT&T.

  • Chris Wallace

    Big Island!!!

  • Dave

    ohhh yaa NH represent!! lol laonia is the middle of nowhere this will only matter for bike week. one whole week out of the year

    • sk102704

      I stayed in Laconia for a week that wasn’t bike week and we could hardly find a restaurant that was open lol

      • Dave

        seriously that area is just a ghost town lol

    • At least they covered parts of 93, lol.