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Plants Vs. Zombies 2 Finally Launching for American Android Users Tomorrow? (Update: It’s Live!)

Plants vs Zombies 2

PopCap took to its official Plants Vs. Zombies page on Facebook, hypebeasting what could be the release of Plants Vs. Zombies 2 for American Android users. Finally finally finally. It was launched just a little bit ago for iOS, and there were plenty of conspiracy theorists out there saying Apple paid PopCap off to hold back on an Android release. Who knows if that was the case. 

Either way, here is the little teaser that PopCap posted.

Something big is coming tomorrow… #PvZ2 #ZombieinNY

Now, this could either mean the release of the game for Android in the US, but it could also be something completely different. Possibly just a map pack or something of that nature for iOS that has to do with New York. We won’t know until tomorrow.

Update: Wow, they did it. The game is now live on Google Play. Go grab it!

Please, PopCap, just release it already. No more teasing. No more delays. We want it and we want it now.

Via: PopCap

  • swankme

    Tell me why the heck I have to buy a new phone to play this game I have waited and waited and its not compatible with my device. This is bs and I am more upset now than I was when apple pulled their crap. But really, they didn’t have to take the money they should have had it available to everyone. They blamed all that on apple but who took the money and chose not to make available to everyone. Makes me sick. So what phone do I have to buy to get the game???

  • abone114

    Downloaded and installed fine but it won’t let me type in my name or press the “accept” button to proceed past the user agreement…. FANTASTIC!

  • abone114

    Downloaded and installed fine but at the welcome screen it won’t let me type in my name or proceed. AWESOME.

  • shaylynnvacca321

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  • Er Olayvar

    is itcompatible my device samsung gt-p1000 gingerbread 2,3,3?

  • Dave L

    Our 7 year will be excited about this. Why? Who knows. I guess it beats reading.

  • two juegos

    I just installed, and now let’s play! haha, this game is interesting!

  • Person

    I don’t know how to install it on my Android. I have downloaded it, but it didn’t work. I thought that right after I downloaded it, it would be working and I could play.

  • nivek31

    I can’t find it….

    • nivek31

      Never mind

  • Dre Fay

    Successfully installed….. connecting with FB……… loading ……….. PLAYING!!!!!!

  • I prefer posts about modcloth to these lame games.

  • pcdroidski
    • Travis Walls

      Looks like one is published by a Swiss-specific EA, and the other is just EA. If your device is showing as incompatible, make sure you’re looking at the right one. Looking forward to playing on Moto X. Hope it isn’t crippled with IAP since it is free.

    • sk8rat

      Thanks. Couldn’t find it in the playstore app and when I searched it on Google I guess it gave me the swiss link. Downloading right now!

  • AussieDood

    The original is one of the few Android games I finished before losing interest, so I’m keen to play this.

  • DK

    Just checked the play store here in the US and it’s showing up as available. Installing now…..

    • DK
      • Dre Fay

        downloading now!

      • DiegoKokomo

        Not compatible with my GS4 GPE. Nice.

        • Yeah… what the hell?

        • aqwertyui

          At first it said not compatbale but now is. I think it was because I was in the usa not the deivce

      • aBabyPenguin

        me too!

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  • Brandon H.

    Finally!! I’ve been waiting for this forever!!

  • For what it’s worth, I’ve just checked and it’s available for me! I’m in the UK though, I don’t know if that’s new or what but I haven’t seen it announced anywhere else and it’s dated October 23 for me.

  • Guest
  • grumpyfuzz

    Are they releasing PV2 at the Google Play event tomorrow since it’s in NY? Don’t really care much about the game though, just want them to release the Nexus 5 tomorrow. (I still have hope) 😛

  • George Fayad

    Hopefully the game is playable (read: enjoyable) without giving in to IAPs.

    • John

      It is. It is more difficult than the first, but i have beaten every level and most of the star challenges and i never felt the need to buy anything. Just save up your coins and only use them if you can’t beat the level any other way.

      • George Fayad

        Good to hear. Because i needed another time waster lol

  • This is getting to the point where I’m not interested in the game anymore…. just like BBM……

    • rthvk

      You were legitly interested in BBM at some point?

      • Yup…… 😛
        I know I’m insane lol