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WatchStyler is the First App for Galaxy Gear We’ve Fallen in Love With


Let’s be honest for a minute – useful apps for the Galaxy Gear smartwatch are few and far between. It’s kind of a downer that whenever someone talks to me about the device, while I have it on my wrist, that I can’t really give them a ton of examples of how it helps me in my day-to-day routine. In addition, the customization ability that would allow anyone to create a look of their own for the watch was pretty poor at launch. It would appear now though, after developers have had some time to work on it, there is a new app called WatchStyler that finally has me impressed. 

With WatchStyler, you can create your very own watch face, with a number of custom fonts and the ability to choose your own wallpapers. And these aren’t preselected wallpapers, but actually images from your own device’s gallery. That’s major. Once you select a wallpaper, you can choose a clock face – either analog or digital – and then go from there. You can choose to have a battery widget, world clock widget, calendar widget; and the look of each can be customized. After just 5 minutes of tinkering, I was able to create a look I really enjoyed for the watch.

If you own the Galaxy Gear or were thinking about picking one up, you have to go download this app.


Samsung Apps Link [mobile only]

Cheers Dustin!

  • Annette

    I Love this app! Makes the gear more unique. Really hoping Samsung will get more good & useful apps on the gear sooner than later . I still love my gear despite it’s shortcomings.

  • Tyler

    Unfortunately the app disconnects and the actual time freezes making the watch not even know the actual time. Ironic.

  • Gearhead

    What happened to this app? I can’t find it anywhere. The link on this page doesn’t go anywhere

  • Tech Addiction

    thought it would post to the first one.

  • Tech Addiction

    Just took a picture of a Pumpkin and used it as a background with branches as the hands… cool app.

  • pbolton70

    Link does not seem to work

  • pbolton70

    The link does not seem to work

  • Dave

    Question: I have the Gear and the vibration seems really week on it. I am hard of hearing and always missed calls or notifications because I could not feel the phone vibrate in my pocket. With the Gear I am still missing them because of the weak vibration. How would you people that have a Gear rate the vibration on yours.

  • Tasso

    This app seems really cool! But to be honest, when Google announces their smart watch it might prevail over the gear because of an even broader customization ability along with this app that will come out for the Google watch too.

  • sfasljkas

    The guys in xda have designed really great watch faces check them out

  • sfasljkas

    Certainly one of the best apps I cant wait to get mine

  • JT

    I got my Galaxy Gear on launch day. Besides VZW only having two in the store I got lucky, So far no bad battery life like most reports mentioned. I use the gear moderately and have no complaints. The app store is growing I have noticed, so things are only going to get better from here. This is way better than the Omate TrueSmart.

  • kdiperi

    actually makes me want it

  • S9779

    Just wondering what kind of battery life others are getting. I don’t use mine for many calls and I have on average 80% life at the end of 12 hours. Seems much better then originally reported. granted with a limited amount of apps support available I don’t seem to be using the watch very much.

    • IanKellogg

      i get 48 to 72 hours out of a charge. I usually end the day at around 60% (16 hours awake) i have brightness at 5 and the wrist gesture turned on. I am constantly turning the watch on by accident at work since I sit at a desk.

    • Erik McCullough

      At the end of a day (16 hours?), I’m at 85%. I don’t really use it much yet. It’s more of a gimmick. But battery life is not the achilles’ heel that everyone thought it would be. Right, now it’s apps. This one is a step in the right direction, but I view the home screen customization to be #1. #2 is notifications. This app is better than before, but still not there yet (I want shortcuts to other apps & weather, in addition to what they have here).

  • kyle

    What does Ron have to do with anything?

  • EdubE24

    This story reminds me of the days of the OG Droid. Kellen would put out reviews of new apps available for the device. And Tim would be be there commenting away. And they were always awful, but look how time has change for the better!

    • Ahh, the good ‘ol days. 😀

      • EdubE24

        What was the terrible Doodle Jump knock off with the cow?

        • Warwick

          Abduction! That game was awesome.

          • EdubE24

            That was it!!!

  • grumpyfuzz

    Nexus news seems quiet. Haven’t heard anything on it since it made the quiet appearance on Google Play.

    • Always quiet before the storm.

      • tomn1ce

        The calm before the storm.

  • IDLE0095

    Waiting for weather support. I wonder if they fixed the battery issue? I had the original apk and it was a battery hog.

  • Pedro

    But, you’d need a Galaxy Gear AND a Galaxy Note 3 to use it.

    Let me know when it works with a Nexus.

    • Support coming to a Galaxy S4 near you! lol

    • Maliceful

      Some functions work with note 2 if you side load galaxy gear manager, if you have custom rom with 4.3 works much better…

      • Pedro

        My point is that’s an extremely limited space that the Galaxy Gear works in. I get the 4.3, but only because Google has dropped the ball, kicked it in an attempt to pick it up and then lost sight of BT-LE.
        Make it Android agnostic, and it might have a chance.

  • Ryan

    If Ron had this it would be called “iLife”

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  • jlsushman

    Finally an app!

    • Pedro

      This may be the reigning quote for the Galaxy Gear.

  • Mike Sims

    Thug life? lol

    • NorCalGuy

      All the gangstas have them

  • Kane Desousa

    this is nice.