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Instapaper on Android Reaches Version 2.0 With Design Refresh, Other Missing Features

android instapaper

Fan of Instapaper, the popular iOS read-it-later app that made its way to Android some time ago? Be sure to grab the newest update for the app as it introduces a refreshed design and all sorts of features that probably should have been there ages ago. We’re talking pull-to-refresh, video support, and tools for sorting/filtering/managing reading queues. Oh, they also tossed in a new way to paginate your articles by swiping left or right between them. Is that a hamburger menu I see too?

Play Link ($2.99)

Via:  Instapaper

  • cwillen

    I love how every other article has about 100+ comments, and this one has 3 (well… now 4).

    I think this clearly shows no one gives a phlying phuck about Instapaper.

    • decidedtochangename

      Maybe that should be a new rule. If an app or topic gets less than 25 comments, it should never be spoken of again,

  • MikeSaver

    what is this?

    • Mariano Corzo

      It’s similar to Pocket, but you have to pay for it. Not worth it.

  • Ant

    I Just Want My Nexus 5 Now

  • Damn my dyslexia and well just tiredness… i read that as Instagram.

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