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Galaxy Nexus and Original RAZR Owners, What are You Upgrading to?

verizon galaxy nexus

Can you believe that it has been almost two years since Verizon partnered up with Google to release the Galaxy Nexus and Motorola to re-vive the RAZR line? That period of time in late 2011 was easily one of the most exciting in the history of this site and Android in general. For months, we talked about both (some Rezound talk too), with the Galaxy Nexus (or G-Nex as we dubbed it) eventually becoming the phone of choice for many who were upgrading from the original DROID, thanks to stock Android, the “Nexus” brand attached to it, and the hope that updates would be often and timely. But that doesn’t mean that the RAZR (MAXX in particular) wasn’t equally as popular. Verizon threw everything they had at these new DROID phones, showing off their kevlar, new version of Blur, and massive battery life.

But now that we are two years out from all of that hypebeasting, we know that there are some upgrades on the horizon. If you purchased any phone during the end of 2011, you are likely due. With unlimited data being taken away and unattractive tiered or shared plans taking their place, you have a big choice to make. Do you take an upgrade and lose your unlimited data (could try this trick to keep it)? Do you buy at full retail to avoid a contract and keep your current plan? Or do you pack up and leave Verizon for more open pastures? 

There are more than a few amazing phones out there to be had, most of which we have reviewed. The Moto X is probably our in-house favorite of the moment, but the G2 and Galaxy Note 3 are easily as good. The Galaxy S4 is still one of the top three or four phones of the year, plus the HTC One and new DROID family are no slouches. I’m not sure that you can make a bad decision on a phone at this point.

But what if you want the new Nexus? Well, you would have to leave Verizon in order to use it. But if you leave Verizon, where do you go? Prepaid? AT&T or T-Mobile (we wouldn’t recommend Sprint)? We’ll have a post this week that details some of your prepaid options, including a few of the new ones like Aio.

We have had a number of readers ask for our opinions on all of this, but truthfully, we think the community as a whole can help you make a decision much better than we as a few individuals can. So what we’d like to do is have you take to the comments and tell us what your plan is if you have an upgrade on the horizon. Are you sticking with Big Red (or your current carrier)? If so, are you using an upgrade or buying at full retail? Which phone are you targeting? Are you leaving for another carrier? If so, which one? Going prepaid? Going Nexus? Why? We want it all.

Galaxy Nexus (other future upgrades) owners, what are your plans?

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  • Dr. Septimus Pretorius

    My wife and I have Galaxy Nexus phones and will be out of contract in five days. We have a grandfathered unlimited data plan. We visited a T-Mobile store today, and I was attracted to the LG Nexus 5 phone, while my wife liked the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. There’s nothing wrong with our Galaxy Nexus phones; we’ve solved the battery problem by getting larger batteries, along with spares we can charge and carry along with us (they’re easy to change). Tomorrow I’m going to call Verizon and try to negotiate a better deal; if I’m not successful we’ll switch to T-Mobile, whose service is equal to Verizon’s in my area, according to Consumer Reports.

  • rubberjohnnyxt912

    Just went to HTC One over the G2. So far so good. Used to have the original Razr… was running Eclipse because battery life was killing me. With this new HTC however… I dont feel the need to root and run custom roms as much because I have a little bit more control over the device.

  • G.G.

    Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus was the worst phone I have owned. Poor battery life, poor sound, poor strength of signal reception. I purchased a Nokia 928 with Windows and all of the above issues have disappeared. Also now have same operating system on my PC, tablet and phone which I like.

  • Bristecom

    I have a Galaxy Nexus and plan on keeping it unless I see something really interesting come out next year. I will also wait to see if Verizon changes their mind on not offering an unlimited plan anymore. But I am definitely open to switching over to T-Mobile if they have the right phone with the right unlimited plan.

  • eCheck

    Put Cyanogen Mod 10.1.2 on my RAZR Maxx about a month ago. Updated to CM 10.1.3 when it came out. Moved from BB to Android when I tried to will the GNex to be the phone it was hyped to be for 60 days before selling that turd (cell & WIFI signal and horrific battery life) and getting the Razr Maxx. No way I’ll give up my unlimited VZW data and thought of paying full retail for a phone makes me wanna barf. As if the monthly fleecing isn’t enough already. So, I’m hanging tight w/my Razr MAXX for now. Idk if the Moto X is enough or if I’d go with a Sammy S4. Not interested in a phablet and may never buy into Nexus hype again.

  • Zac

    Note to DL: if you read it all to this post, congrats, because I really love this thread. It makes me feel less depressed to see how may folks are in my exact position.

    As to what that position is: GNex, Unlmtd data, Vz. Sad face.

    I am not sure that I have been this up in the air about what my next step was since I began using Android on the original Droid. My area (NE Indiana) is not good for anyone but Verizon. And honestly, I wouldn’t have many complaints at all about Big Red – up until this whole thing with the unlimited data. But with the other carriers reputation around these parts for poor coverage, I think I must stay with VZ.

    That probably means buying full price phone w/o contract. Not something I am looking forward to doing. As to what phone that is another issue: I haven’t been as happy with my GNex as I was with my Droid. Maybe the newness of android at that time has me thinking it was better than it really was. So maybe during my “wait” to find the right phonem, something will change w/ Verizon re unlimited data.

    Well, one can dream, right?!??

  • Mallahet

    In a couple months I’ll be moving overseas for a year or so, so my plan is to either get a Nexus 5 or an unlocked Xperia Z1. After that, I’ll probably go to T-Mobile prepaid and get much better speeds than I have on my Gnex. Verizon “4g” speeds in my area are terrible.

  • guest

    Just curious, why would anybody want the X over the Maxx? Maxx seems like a better device.

  • Mark Mann

    Unlimited everything $70 per month

  • Dee

    Left Verizon for T-Mobile (GS4) so far i am very happy.

  • John Brown

    I thought you could use an unlocked phone with any carrier?? Shouldn’t you just be able to slip a Verizon sim into a new Nexus 5 ?? .. Im from the stix up north in Canada and have always rocked the Nexus line, cant wait to get the Nexus 5 (Currently switching between the Nexus 4 and Note 2) .. Much prefer the stock Nexus experience but really love the LTE speeds of the Note 2 (and battery life on the Note 2 is awesome !!)

  • Ross

    Nothing has caught my eye yet. Still can’t believe my Razr MAXX still has the biggest battery.

  • robert alexander

    Here I come T-Mo!

  • Kevin Faaborg

    More than likely staying but buying a Note3 at fuil price since they have the best coverage locally. Pink, Yellow and Blue are all pretty bad around here in different areas, at least Big V has coverage in LTE and good coverage at that. Only downfall is my work has so much stuff in their walls, I drop to 3G when I walk in.

  • JB

    Hmmm… I just bought a used S4 of eBay. Stayed with my unlimited!

  • hooah

    I upgraded from Verizon to TMobile prepaid. Verizon sent me THREE Razr and Razr Maxx replacements EACH of which had a defective microphone. When you combine THAT with the decreased signal strength around my home due to TOWER SHUTDOWNS to save bucks for the investors (this, according to a Verizon rep), well, let’s just say I’m lovin’ my LG G2 on TMo for HALF the money each month. SUCK on it LITTLE Red!

  • Undecided…

    Currently on Verizon. I want the Nexus 5 so bad but after ten years with ATT I swore I would never go back after so much BS with them. T-Mobile and Sprint in Chicago are joke so if I want decent coverage its Verizon or nothing.

    Still loving my Gnex but I have to carry a spare battery.

    G2 is really nice but those buttons and bloatware are no good IMO. HTC One is sexy but crap battery.

    That leaves the Note 3, S4 or Droid Maxx.

    Samsung = Live with crappy touchwiz but get removable batt/storage and top specs.


    Motorola = less spec, no removables but better build quality, best battery and closer to stock.

  • fritzo2162

    I had both the Nexus and the Razr. I loved the modability of the Nexus and its screen. I did not like Samsung’s build quality, terrible speaker, or battery life (both of which turned me off of Samsung phones forever). The antenna and charge module in my phone finally died 3 months before I was eligible to upgrade.

    The Razr (OG) got me through those three months, and I loved the build quality, but hated everything else. The colors on the screen seemed overly “red” for some reason, the battery life was about the same as the Nexus (terrible), and the phone just seemed slow (even with custom roms on it).

    I upgraded to the HTC One and haven’t looked back. Hands down the best phone I’ve ever used. I can get through an entire work day with 80% battery left, the phone design is beautiful, the screen is awesome, it’s fast as hell, it has great speakers (I CAN HEAR THE GPS!!!!), and now that it’s been unlocked I’m looking forward to some roms on it (the current batch looks a bit questionable…might wait until 4.4 shows up).

    I’m stuck with Verizon due to my location–nobody else has decent coverage here, but I’m pretty happy with the service over all. Seems I found workarounds for everything they’ve tried to do to screw me over 😀

  • Franky Velázquez

    Already upgraded… I wanted to leave Verizon but my wife didn’t (she is not into technology as I am + she really don’t like change that much). So I had to stay with Verizon. As a G-Nex owner (which Verizon kinda screw with the whole purpose of owning a Nexus device) knowing that Verizon was not going to do another Nexus-ish phone I started to educate myself on what was Available. After all my comparisons, and moths of reading reviews, specs, opinions, etc, I decided to get my hands on the Moto X (in my opinion there is no better phone). However, when I learned that the Droid Maxx was identical to the Moto X (spec wise) I ended up getting the Maxx. Like I said, they are both identical phones. With the Maxx I was not able to customize it, but customization is only an AT&T exclusive for now. What tip the scale for my was battery life. I am a power user, I am use my phone for everything (even work), so battery life was a big thing for me. Even though the Moto X has great battery life, if you think you are a power user like me the Maxx will be your best choice (I have turn the 48 hours of normal usage that the Maxx is rated for into about 15 – 24).