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Galaxy Nexus and Original RAZR Owners, What are You Upgrading to?

verizon galaxy nexus

Can you believe that it has been almost two years since Verizon partnered up with Google to release the Galaxy Nexus and Motorola to re-vive the RAZR line? That period of time in late 2011 was easily one of the most exciting in the history of this site and Android in general. For months, we talked about both (some Rezound talk too), with the Galaxy Nexus (or G-Nex as we dubbed it) eventually becoming the phone of choice for many who were upgrading from the original DROID, thanks to stock Android, the “Nexus” brand attached to it, and the hope that updates would be often and timely. But that doesn’t mean that the RAZR (MAXX in particular) wasn’t equally as popular. Verizon threw everything they had at these new DROID phones, showing off their kevlar, new version of Blur, and massive battery life.

But now that we are two years out from all of that hypebeasting, we know that there are some upgrades on the horizon. If you purchased any phone during the end of 2011, you are likely due. With unlimited data being taken away and unattractive tiered or shared plans taking their place, you have a big choice to make. Do you take an upgrade and lose your unlimited data (could try this trick to keep it)? Do you buy at full retail to avoid a contract and keep your current plan? Or do you pack up and leave Verizon for more open pastures? 

There are more than a few amazing phones out there to be had, most of which we have reviewed. The Moto X is probably our in-house favorite of the moment, but the G2 and Galaxy Note 3 are easily as good. The Galaxy S4 is still one of the top three or four phones of the year, plus the HTC One and new DROID family are no slouches. I’m not sure that you can make a bad decision on a phone at this point.

But what if you want the new Nexus? Well, you would have to leave Verizon in order to use it. But if you leave Verizon, where do you go? Prepaid? AT&T or T-Mobile (we wouldn’t recommend Sprint)? We’ll have a post this week that details some of your prepaid options, including a few of the new ones like Aio.

We have had a number of readers ask for our opinions on all of this, but truthfully, we think the community as a whole can help you make a decision much better than we as a few individuals can. So what we’d like to do is have you take to the comments and tell us what your plan is if you have an upgrade on the horizon. Are you sticking with Big Red (or your current carrier)? If so, are you using an upgrade or buying at full retail? Which phone are you targeting? Are you leaving for another carrier? If so, which one? Going prepaid? Going Nexus? Why? We want it all.

Galaxy Nexus (other future upgrades) owners, what are your plans?

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  • Dr. Septimus Pretorius

    My wife and I have Galaxy Nexus phones and will be out of contract in five days. We have a grandfathered unlimited data plan. We visited a T-Mobile store today, and I was attracted to the LG Nexus 5 phone, while my wife liked the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. There’s nothing wrong with our Galaxy Nexus phones; we’ve solved the battery problem by getting larger batteries, along with spares we can charge and carry along with us (they’re easy to change). Tomorrow I’m going to call Verizon and try to negotiate a better deal; if I’m not successful we’ll switch to T-Mobile, whose service is equal to Verizon’s in my area, according to Consumer Reports.

  • rubberjohnnyxt912

    Just went to HTC One over the G2. So far so good. Used to have the original Razr… was running Eclipse because battery life was killing me. With this new HTC however… I dont feel the need to root and run custom roms as much because I have a little bit more control over the device.

  • G.G.

    Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus was the worst phone I have owned. Poor battery life, poor sound, poor strength of signal reception. I purchased a Nokia 928 with Windows and all of the above issues have disappeared. Also now have same operating system on my PC, tablet and phone which I like.

  • Bristecom

    I have a Galaxy Nexus and plan on keeping it unless I see something really interesting come out next year. I will also wait to see if Verizon changes their mind on not offering an unlimited plan anymore. But I am definitely open to switching over to T-Mobile if they have the right phone with the right unlimited plan.

  • eCheck

    Put Cyanogen Mod 10.1.2 on my RAZR Maxx about a month ago. Updated to CM 10.1.3 when it came out. Moved from BB to Android when I tried to will the GNex to be the phone it was hyped to be for 60 days before selling that turd (cell & WIFI signal and horrific battery life) and getting the Razr Maxx. No way I’ll give up my unlimited VZW data and thought of paying full retail for a phone makes me wanna barf. As if the monthly fleecing isn’t enough already. So, I’m hanging tight w/my Razr MAXX for now. Idk if the Moto X is enough or if I’d go with a Sammy S4. Not interested in a phablet and may never buy into Nexus hype again.

  • Zac

    Note to DL: if you read it all to this post, congrats, because I really love this thread. It makes me feel less depressed to see how may folks are in my exact position.

    As to what that position is: GNex, Unlmtd data, Vz. Sad face.

    I am not sure that I have been this up in the air about what my next step was since I began using Android on the original Droid. My area (NE Indiana) is not good for anyone but Verizon. And honestly, I wouldn’t have many complaints at all about Big Red – up until this whole thing with the unlimited data. But with the other carriers reputation around these parts for poor coverage, I think I must stay with VZ.

    That probably means buying full price phone w/o contract. Not something I am looking forward to doing. As to what phone that is another issue: I haven’t been as happy with my GNex as I was with my Droid. Maybe the newness of android at that time has me thinking it was better than it really was. So maybe during my “wait” to find the right phonem, something will change w/ Verizon re unlimited data.

    Well, one can dream, right?!??

  • Mallahet

    In a couple months I’ll be moving overseas for a year or so, so my plan is to either get a Nexus 5 or an unlocked Xperia Z1. After that, I’ll probably go to T-Mobile prepaid and get much better speeds than I have on my Gnex. Verizon “4g” speeds in my area are terrible.

  • guest

    Just curious, why would anybody want the X over the Maxx? Maxx seems like a better device.

  • Mark Mann

    Unlimited everything $70 per month

  • Dee

    Left Verizon for T-Mobile (GS4) so far i am very happy.

  • John Brown

    I thought you could use an unlocked phone with any carrier?? Shouldn’t you just be able to slip a Verizon sim into a new Nexus 5 ?? .. Im from the stix up north in Canada and have always rocked the Nexus line, cant wait to get the Nexus 5 (Currently switching between the Nexus 4 and Note 2) .. Much prefer the stock Nexus experience but really love the LTE speeds of the Note 2 (and battery life on the Note 2 is awesome !!)

  • Ross

    Nothing has caught my eye yet. Still can’t believe my Razr MAXX still has the biggest battery.

  • robert alexander

    Here I come T-Mo!

  • Kevin Faaborg

    More than likely staying but buying a Note3 at fuil price since they have the best coverage locally. Pink, Yellow and Blue are all pretty bad around here in different areas, at least Big V has coverage in LTE and good coverage at that. Only downfall is my work has so much stuff in their walls, I drop to 3G when I walk in.

  • JB

    Hmmm… I just bought a used S4 of eBay. Stayed with my unlimited!

  • hooah

    I upgraded from Verizon to TMobile prepaid. Verizon sent me THREE Razr and Razr Maxx replacements EACH of which had a defective microphone. When you combine THAT with the decreased signal strength around my home due to TOWER SHUTDOWNS to save bucks for the investors (this, according to a Verizon rep), well, let’s just say I’m lovin’ my LG G2 on TMo for HALF the money each month. SUCK on it LITTLE Red!

  • Undecided…

    Currently on Verizon. I want the Nexus 5 so bad but after ten years with ATT I swore I would never go back after so much BS with them. T-Mobile and Sprint in Chicago are joke so if I want decent coverage its Verizon or nothing.

    Still loving my Gnex but I have to carry a spare battery.

    G2 is really nice but those buttons and bloatware are no good IMO. HTC One is sexy but crap battery.

    That leaves the Note 3, S4 or Droid Maxx.

    Samsung = Live with crappy touchwiz but get removable batt/storage and top specs.


    Motorola = less spec, no removables but better build quality, best battery and closer to stock.

  • fritzo2162

    I had both the Nexus and the Razr. I loved the modability of the Nexus and its screen. I did not like Samsung’s build quality, terrible speaker, or battery life (both of which turned me off of Samsung phones forever). The antenna and charge module in my phone finally died 3 months before I was eligible to upgrade.

    The Razr (OG) got me through those three months, and I loved the build quality, but hated everything else. The colors on the screen seemed overly “red” for some reason, the battery life was about the same as the Nexus (terrible), and the phone just seemed slow (even with custom roms on it).

    I upgraded to the HTC One and haven’t looked back. Hands down the best phone I’ve ever used. I can get through an entire work day with 80% battery left, the phone design is beautiful, the screen is awesome, it’s fast as hell, it has great speakers (I CAN HEAR THE GPS!!!!), and now that it’s been unlocked I’m looking forward to some roms on it (the current batch looks a bit questionable…might wait until 4.4 shows up).

    I’m stuck with Verizon due to my location–nobody else has decent coverage here, but I’m pretty happy with the service over all. Seems I found workarounds for everything they’ve tried to do to screw me over 😀

  • Franky Velázquez

    Already upgraded… I wanted to leave Verizon but my wife didn’t (she is not into technology as I am + she really don’t like change that much). So I had to stay with Verizon. As a G-Nex owner (which Verizon kinda screw with the whole purpose of owning a Nexus device) knowing that Verizon was not going to do another Nexus-ish phone I started to educate myself on what was Available. After all my comparisons, and moths of reading reviews, specs, opinions, etc, I decided to get my hands on the Moto X (in my opinion there is no better phone). However, when I learned that the Droid Maxx was identical to the Moto X (spec wise) I ended up getting the Maxx. Like I said, they are both identical phones. With the Maxx I was not able to customize it, but customization is only an AT&T exclusive for now. What tip the scale for my was battery life. I am a power user, I am use my phone for everything (even work), so battery life was a big thing for me. Even though the Moto X has great battery life, if you think you are a power user like me the Maxx will be your best choice (I have turn the 48 hours of normal usage that the Maxx is rated for into about 15 – 24).

  • Redwan Huq

    Leaving VZW but also taking a hammer to my Galaxy Nexus. I have never owned a phone that aged so poorly and had so many failed promises. Now it’s so laggy that I only use the core apps now. I don’t even want to sell it because no one should have to use such a horrid device.

  • Justin Moore

    I bought the Droid MAXX Developer Edition (almost got the Moto X) at full price. Yes, it was costly, but not as costly as losing Unlimited and the other networks are not nearly good enough for my needs yet. I’d love to go to T-Mo, but the allure of the new MAXX and their lingering second-tier status is a dealbreaker on that front.

    • Wyatt Neal

      I’ve been on VZW for nearly 3 years here in Cincinnati and I feel like they are over subscribing their network at this point. My friends on T-mo and AT&T are getting way better service on average than I am, way better speed … and they aren’t tied to someone who’s idea of customer support is a pillow to smother the complainers with. Sure I’ll be giving up unlimited data, but I know I can get that same unlimited from 1 of a ton of GSM providers that I can take my phone to whoever I want. So long Verzion, so long half-assed Nexus experience.

  • Scottie C.

    Nexus 5!! And thru Google, so I can keep my grandfathered unlimited everything plan!

  • Donald Krebs

    Somehow I got suckered into a 3 year contract with Sprint to get my Galaxy Nexus. I thought I was promised timely updates, but, oh, well. So, my upgrade won’t be until next summer. I’m thinking that’s OK though since several of the devices I am interested in will have matured and updated by then. Right now, my first choice is Moto X.
    I have been toying with the idea of a phablet. My old HP TouchPad with Android JellyBean 10 is seldom more than arms length away. Most of my use is data but I can’t totally give up having a phone.

  • AlaskanAlien

    Im in the military and im stationed in Alaska… so needless to say if you dont have Verizon as much as I they screw me someway on every bill… I have to take it otherwise I might as well not have a phone…

  • Paul Tobeck

    I’m not due for an upgrade until March. Had a Rezound until the ICS update turned it into a steaming pile of ****, then I picked up a used Gnex. I like it, but you can really tell it’s limitations with only the 1Gb of RAM. It freezes/lags/reboots just enough to piss you off.
    I really have no other choice here for service, as AT&T is a year (at least) from catching up to Verizon today and no T-Mobile at all.
    I’m just really disappointed with Verizon’s phone selections. The Moto X and Droids are fine, but I’m not signing a 2 year deal on 9 month old phones, and I don’t think I can hold out until next August for the next generation. Sammy would really have to up their game and reduce their bloat for me to seriously consider the S5 (April?).
    Not a big LG fan (the G2 is just ridiculous), but I’d jump on a Nexus 5 if it were available.
    Was really hoping Sony would have cut a deal with VZW, because that Z1 is sweet.
    Oh well, a lot to be announced between now and March, so I’ll just have to see where it goes.

  • Roog

    Although I feel the G-Nex was only an “ok” phone (Verizon replaced mine twice due to unexplained electronic glitches, plus the processor and memory quickly proved lacking), I like having Android updates while I actually own a phone and I will go for the N5. I am amazed at the lack Android updates at Verizon and others – very disappointing. When I see the HTC One just recently receiving the 4.3 update that I received on my G-Nex months ago, I don’t get excited about the other great non-Nexus hardware out there. I’ll sacrifice a better network for a phone that (hopefully) receives timely updates.

  • Boles

    I’m planning on buying an unlocked phone and then migrating to T-Mobile and one of their bring your own phone plans. As to the phone, I don’t know — I won’t be changing phones for another couple of years. If I had to switch right now, then I would probably go with the Nexus 5. Verizon forced me to put a ROM on a Nexus phone [SMH].

  • Neil Fujiwara

    No love for the earlier adopters of the Razr line, Bionic–>Razr–>Razr Maxx, it really should have been just the Razr Maxx. I plan to get the Maxx. I have one line that is limited, so planning to the old switcheroo.

  • scotta27

    Longtime Verizon customer and advocate, day one G-Nex owner, and left VZW 2 months ago for Straight Talk in anticipation of Nexus 5. Sold my old VZW unlimited data plan for good cash money (smooth transaction BTW). Limping along on an old Windows POS for now, but enjoying bills of less than half what I paid before. I expected spottier service but that has improved, very frankly. Best mobile move I ever made.

    • JMonkeYJ

      Is that a Windows Mobile device? As apposed to the modern day Windows Phone devices? If so, that was what I used before Android, too….ahh memories…

  • willis

    I guess Ill be missing Verizon’s great coverage in my small home town. But I live in the big city, so . Nexus 5 here I come!

  • billyd

    My contract is up on 2 Jan 14. I’m just gonna let it roll month to month and buy a new phone somewhere else and just swap phones basically. No more 2 year contract hostage situations. I think I should be able to keep my unlimited this way according to chat with the VZW robot!!

  • John Molina

    I’m abandoning the Nexus line of finicky Asian devices for a good reason: ‘murica! No, but American jobs. Seriously.

  • alexkirkp

    I really want a waterproof phone on verizon. Since that doesn’t look like it is ever going to happen I am leaning towards a Moto X.

  • Dylan

    I’m torn over over what to do with my GNex and my grandfathered data plan. I’m teetering towards a G2 or a Maxx purely for the battery life. I don’t feel strongly enough for either that I can’t wait to see if the N5 is worth jumping ship for.

    On the other hand, they say you vote with your wallet. I would love nothing more to buy a reasonably priced phone outright, and pick a plan based on competitive data rates, starting with the TMobile $35 plan. 95% of the time I’m probably in a place I can get a TMobile signal (most of it probably 4G), but that 5% that I’m out of range is when it’s probably most helpful to have a signal. Getting weather, traffic, maps, making calls…are all pretty important when I’m on trips in the middle of nowhere.

    But if I (or people like myself) never make the jump then where is TMobile going to get the money to expand into those remote places?!

  • UndergroundWire

    For those planning to leave Verizon, hold off until December. Especially if you are an unlimited customer. Something is coming that may surprise you. According to my sources, Verizon is well aware of the number of customers leaving for TMobile. Stay tuned.

    • Droid 1967

      per sarge ?

      • UndergroundWire

        Just some info that I got from a friend. I am now on hold until December.

        • Droid 1967

          just screwing around 🙂 good to hear cant wait to see what it is. maybe 7 gigs for 90 bucks 🙂

    • B

      If I cant keep my unlimited, then not worth waiting.

      • UndergroundWire

        From what I am told, you will be able to keep it plus it will be cheaper. She’s been a good source for me in Verizon, she told me about the Edge program before the media got wind of it.

        Believe me, I am pissed (if this story pans out). I “Edged” up giving up my Unlimited for 8 GB ( I was averaging 13 GB per month). Part of me hopes this isn’t true because I would be screwed. LOL. But nonetheless, December is around the corner. And let’s face it, their service is really good.

        I can’t go to T-Mobile because I work in the Airport inside an office with a lot of stone and metal frames (converted hangar). Nothing penetrates the building here except for Verizon. Also, there is a Verizon 4G LTE Tower on the property so I have excellent reception.

        • B

          Thank you! Hopefully this is True. My 2 year is up in Dec.

  • i’ve decided to hold out and see how long VZW will let me hold on to my unlimited. Other carriers have no signal at my house nor my work. so it kinda makes the decision to stick with VZW easy for me. Going to get a 32GB motomaker Moto X when it becomes available on Nov 11 (per evleaks at least).

  • Geoffrey Landrum

    I get fine service from VZ. I also get a discount from work. I have an unlimited plan. TMobile or Sprint have a ways to go before they can offer me anything worthwhile. You want options, my fellow 10GB/month’ers? I’ve got options!

    1. Buy a new battery for my Gnex. I can’t subscribe to the notion that Googlerola has NOTHING planned for us. Verizon can’t afford to let us go. We likely consume data, and lots of it. Better to have us (the small minority, that we are) consuming our data with them and under paying than to let us escape where we may gladly pay less for less. No. Verizon would sooner give us free phones than see us go to AT&T.
    2. Get one of them there Nexus 7s with the LTeez’E. I hear it will work if you use an existing SIM card. I’ll just scoop up one of those bad boys and use it as a voice device. Again, I hear you can do it. I’m resourceful. I’ll find a way.

    It’s a dysfunctional relationship, Verizon and me. They want my business as much as I want theirs. No Nexus 5? Fine…. I can wait. I will wait. There WILL be a MotoNex, even if I have to build it myself from the discarded remains of old devices. It will be a true Frankenphone, forged from the innards of a Gnex and an OG Droid.

    I will name him OGG Drexus.

    No, really…. I’m sticking with Verizon to support my data habits.

    • joejoe5709

      I too hope Verizon has something in mind.

  • auglove3rd

    I still have unlimited data on Verizon, but T-Mobile’s coverage has caught up enough that I can justify paying $30 less a month, getting the Note 3 for zero down, and having my bill drop by $30 when I’m done paying the phone off. So long, Big Red.

  • You forgot to include, sticking with the POS phone I have because a new one is NOT worth $700+. I will stick with using my Droid Razr for just texting and calls on the go and use my N7 to do all the heavy lifting (gaming, web browsing, etc).


    Went from an OG Droid, Droid RAZR MAXX, Droid MAXX. I really wanted the moto X but I’m in love with BIG BATTERY and UNLIMITED data. After having 3 batteries on me for the OG Droid, my major tipping point is battery life.

  • Avinash

    nexus 5

  • Andy Pate

    I don’t think I’ll jump ship until Google finally has their own cell service. Vzw is kind of hard to beat with data speeds and constant reception.

  • Steve Mancia

    Leaving Verizon for the Nexus 5 on T-Mobile or AT&T. Haven’t decided

  • Russ

    I am on a shared plan, so I’ll be sticking with Verizon for the foreseeable future. Right now that leaves the Moto X or HTC One on my radar, and I’m leaning heavily toward Moto. If the Nexus 5 does hit VZW, I will have a much harder decision to make. But Moto has nearly stock Android, and the changes they have made are actually useful and very appealing to me. Plus, I have little hands and stubby thumbs, and the G-Nex is alreadya bit uncomfortable one handed so a bigger screen sounds more annoying than enticing. My tablet is for games and media, and my phone is much more utilitarian.

    • Zachary Wood

      It would be a miracle if the nexus 5 worked on Verizon. I’m hoping so too but probably not… :/

      • Russ

        Right, which is why I’m probably between the X and the One. But we don’t actually know yet that the Nexus won’t be on VZW.

  • joejoe5709

    Oh boy… Here we go. I knew there would come a day you’d ask that question. The golden million dollar question of the GNex faithful. Honestly… Unless you know something we don’t, this isn’t fair. Maybe I’m in blissful denial but it’s still too early when we still don’t even have an announcement. But… Here goes…

    I don’t think I’ll leave Verizon – Nexus or not. It pisses me off, sure. But I just can’t find justification to simply leave Verizon just because I want to be a crybaby over the unavailability of a single phone – even if that phone is easily the best phone of the year.

    I know I’m in the extreme minority but I think I’ll wait it out. My Gnex sucks and isn’t getting better but it’s doing alright and 4.4 might actually help. The LG G2 and Moto X are both incredible phones. But I’m not willing to “settle” either. They both feel like the consolation prize when there could be better things on the horizon.

    The Galaxy S5 will most definitely blow the G2 out of the water and that should be here sometime in the spring. I can wait the extra 4-6 months. Google is doing incredible things with Moto. Maybe soon we’ll finally have our unicorn Moto X-Phone and that could have relatively stock Nexus-like Android. And heck, VoLTE is very nearly upon us. Why not see what that brings? Maaaayyybe even a Nexus? Hmmm….

    I’m sorry but if no Nexus 5 then I want something worth my damn sorrow, my valuable monies, and two years being my daily tech device. And I’m not sure changing carriers or settling for something (just because my phone is two years old) is the answer.

    • JMonkeYJ

      I think it’s not about the availability of a single phone, it’s the continued lack of a series of top phones. One can be forgiven, but VZW has missed at least 3 top-tier phones in just the past year. That’s not a new MO for VZW, either, which is what gets so frustrating.

  • Jim Desmond

    My GNex is limping along with about 2-3 hours of battery and a ghosting and cracked screen. I really want the Nexus 5 but I really can’t leave Verizon. I work in basically a concrete and steel bunker with locked down WiFi. Verizon and AT&T have repeaters in the building but T-Mobil does not and has no signal in the building. Streaming music at my desk is the most important job my phone does so I have to have a signal.
    I am waiting for mid November to make a decision on a Moto Maker Moto X, HTC One or G2. I seem to change my mind on these three phones a few times a day with news of unlocking, rooting, work around dev support. Decisions, decisions!

  • brianem

    Thanks so much for posting this. I’m pretty resolved to staying with Verizon because of coverage and in-network calling, but I’m not sure, and otherwise have no idea what to buy (or not buy – its still a decent phone with roms).

  • Joe Paul

    Bought a Galaxy s4 on craigslist for $350 and then sold my mom’s rezound for $125 (I kept my gnex as a backup.)

  • BulletTooth_Tony

    I already left Verizon because of the Nexus debacle. Never again after that experience, and their sad LTE speeds.

  • I finally purchased a used S3 and put CM on it. The Gnex signal and battery issues became too much.

    I don’t expect to sign another wireless contract, ever. I expect T-Mobile will be my next carrier, though there may be some months where I swap out for an att sim.

    No unlimited data, locked boot loaders, no nexus devices…why bother?

  • sl249

    I’d love to say that I’m leaving Verizon but being a college freshman under a family plan doesn’t really leave with me many options. I’m grandfathered onto unlimited and I have the money for a nexus 5 but judging from all the leaks about the respective radios…things aren’t looking too good for people in my situation. My gnex barely lasts a few hours…I’m really hoping verizon brings a worthy alternative to the nexus 5 in the coming months.

    • SplashMTN

      I was in the same boat a couple of years ago. Finally getting off my parents contract next month. You don’t have to be stuck with your Gnex though. If you have $350 for a Nexus 5 you can get a pretty great upgrade from Craigslist with that, plus you can sell your Gnex for roughly $50-100 to help recuperate the costs.

      It may not net you a top of the line/cutting edge device, but you could definitely pick up a nice upgrade from the Gnex. Last week when I was checking lightly used S4’s and HTC One’s were going around $350-400. Definitely not a nexus experience, but neither one is too shabby either.

  • SplashMTN

    I’m really bummed about AIO getting shuttered. I was looking forward to trying them out (Plus their prices were pretty sweet). I’d like to get on T-Mobile but their coverage won’t work for me. Looks like I’ll be going with GoPhone. Unless, of course, you guys can tell me about some other good options.

    • Andromedo

      Where did you get the idea that AIO is shuttered? I just went on their website and they seemed willing to sell me a SIM.

      • SplashMTN

        AIO is getting shuttered I should have said. I’m still going to give them a shot to start, but I don’t know how long I’ll be able to stay on there.

        • Andromedo

          I hadn’t seen that, thanks!

          It almost sounds like they are just going to change the name. I can’t imagine it would make sense for AT&T to move you to a different physical network.

          FWIW, I am currently using the $60/Unlimited/2GB GoPhone plan and have been very happy with it. Buying refills from CallingMart, I usually pay about $55-57 for a $60 refill.

          • SplashMTN

            I just heard about it yesterday. And you’re right, I do believe that they will just end up changing the name to Cricket, but that could also bring in new pricing structures, etc.

            In my perception Cricket has such a negative brand image that it will be hard for me to stick with them if/when the do change the name.

  • Michael

    whats funny is that everyone who says they are leaving Verizon…won’t.

  • Anonymous

    You’re assuming I’m on Verizon.

  • JeremyRoenickDanceParty

    @Kellex Don’t forget Bionic users! Paid full price (after the price drop) for DROID Maxx to keep my VZW unlimited.

  • David Salsburg

    So-Long VZW! it’s been real. enjoying my new service with TMO on my kicka$$ new Black Samsung Galaxy Note 3.
    Not a fan of the Moto lineup. and coming from my GNEX i am used to Samsung.
    Whats really nice for all of us coming from the GNEX boat is the new hardware thats out will absolutely blow your mind. This thing just simply blows me away.

    and no contract to boot!

  • william

    I already bought a galaxy note 3. It’s nice, I like it, especially since I was able to root it so soon, which I was NOT expecting…

  • Travis Walls

    I was supposed to be eligible for an upgrade this month before they decided to rewrite the rules mid-contract, pushing me back to February. I couldn’t take it any longer with the GNex. 1 GB of RAM just isn’t enough for me, apparently, and it was all I could do to load an embedded video on a web page, or keep Lync running in the background for work. Used Verizon Edge to get a Moto X for $24 a month with nothing down, and I haven’t looked back (aside from hearing rumors about Motomaker coming to Big Red and finding out about the same-day shipping program they just started right after I ordered the week before).

    Of course, I’d love another Nexus device, but I have a feeling this is about as close as I’ll get while still on Verizon. It honestly isn’t much different either. It feels about as close to AOSP as I’d want, and it has nice and functional extras to boot. For not having the best specs, it completely destroys the GNex in pretty much every way I can think of. General performance and 3D are all buttery smooth and the benchmarks crush anything the GNex could put out. Screen is beautiful. Speaker is almost TOO loud. Cheap plastic actually feels nice on front and back, and the shape is the first I’ve loved since my trusty iPhone 3G. I feel like everything is balanced and well thought out with this phone, and I don’t care about the price because it isn’t just about the specs for me. If there is a downside, it is that I had to drop from 32 GB to 16 GB. So far I have about 2 GB left, so it is feeling a tad bit cramped, but I’m managing. The 50 GB of free Google Drive space is sweet of Googorola to offer, but most of my space is used by app installs.

    T-Mobile service is pretty bad where I live (borderline non-existent at my apartment). Sprint looks similar on their coverage map. AT&T was acceptable (had them for the four years prior to this contract), but, as much as I hate to admit it, Verizon is amazing here. I got 43 Mbps down and 12 Mbps up from my living room couch with 4G. My cable modem is feeling sad as I type that. Edge turns out to basically be a two-year loan with 0% interest. At least that’s how the paperwork turned out to be. As for unlimited data, I was late for that train, so I never had it, and it wasn’t a consideration during this upgrade.

    One last thing: the phone shipped from Verizon with the special ISIS SIM card already installed. Just thought it was interesting that I didn’t have to do anything extra. My friend just got an S4 on AT&T at the same time, and he didn’t get the special SIM. He’s going to have to visit the store to get one. I miss my Google Wallet dearly from before they killed it off, but I do love me some free Cokes (we got new ISIS-compatible vending machines at work).

  • hans wee

    i had a gnex, and got it the day it came out. though i guess i cant really answer this poll since i had an in between phone…. i switched to a razr m, and sold the gnex to a friend. and now i’ve left verizon for t-mobile and have a moto x.

  • Joe

    Upgraded to the G2 when Verizon had Unlimited DataGate 2013

  • MrWicket

    leaving Verizon for T-Mobile and the Nexus 4 is one of the best things I’ve done all year. However, make sure your other options are going to work for you before jumping the Verizon ship.

  • Rodster

    At this point I’m torn. Currently have a GNex with unlimited data, and thinking about paying full price for either G2, or Moto X Dev, or the Droid Maxx Dev. Leaning toward the Droid Maxx because I’m constantly on the road and in the sticks. Suggestions?

    • donkeykong85

      well i would not get a phone that has been out for a few months as the life cycle seems to be pretty short. just as an example the gnex is 1 year 10 months old and verizon has stopped updates at 4.2…so i would hold off on anything unless its about 1 month old.

  • JadedDJay

    i just made my decision and i am going to get a dummy line and transfer an upgrade to get the moto x to keep my unlimited on vzw. the main decision point came down to keeping unlimited and signing a contract vs buying retail for the option of switching services later. I like the moto-x. i think it is plenty. this is coming from a crack flasher on cm10.2 nightlies, there really isnt that much more i would absolutely need that the regular moto x cant provide, even with a locked boot loader. i can speculate all i want about the future with regards to future coverage on other networks, future updates, future motomaker…. but the fact is that my gnex is dead becuase i dropped it one too many times, the moto x is a great phone right now, and verizon has the best LTE coverage right now. those are two guarantees that i know.

  • AlexKCMO

    Until my G-Nex starts feeling laggy, I’ll stick with it. Just seeing the G2 got CM 10.2, I’d consider that. It’s REALLY hard for me to leave VZW and Unlimited Data. My work’s WiFi is pretty restricted and I would go nuts if I had to watch my data. All it takes is a trip away from home and a couple nights of Netflix for me to destroy my bill if I switch to a limited plan.

    I was considering T-Mo, but with them removing true Unlimited, they’re out. Sprint’s service is about as reliable as MetroPCS, so they’re not worth it at all. Once I get pushed off Unlimited, I’ll probably end up on T-Mo, but until then, I’m sticking it out with VZW.

    • donkeykong85

      yea my gnex is still not laggy running on 4.3. I will see what 4.4 has to bring. of course if the n5 comes to verizon i will jump on that.

  • Trevor

    My plan is Nexus 5 on ATT Prepaid ($60 with 2 geebees LTE, plus $10 per extra GB). I really want to get on the Nexus upgrade schedule of once per year. I love running Cyanogenmod, but I’ve found that it just has too many little (and sometimes big) bugs/issues on non-Nexus devices.

    • A.Miller

      So you’re using ATT Prepaid, not AIO or StraightTalk or any of that?

      • Trevor

        I’m not using it yet. Two more months on a Verizon contract to finish out. At that point I will most likely be moving to ATT Prepaid. 2-3GB of unthrottled LTE data is good enough for me.

  • Richard Giordano

    already upgraded from the DROID Bionic to the new and improved DROID MAXX on vzw using my upgrade hoping to stay on verizon for a long time.

  • whosinaname

    Bought note 3 full retal from verizon using device payment plan. Staying with vzw (I have 3 phones on unlimited data with deep discounts)
    Sales rep still tried to sell me phone on subsidy and loose my unlimited data. I did the math for him and explained I would be crazy to move to share everything. loving my rooted note 3.

  • someguy

    From Verizon to the beautiful Nexus 5…. if it ever comes out

  • Matthew Yourchisin

    How about a vote for those that upgraded a couple of weeks back during the “Glitch” 🙂

    • Trust-me-me-lawyer

      Glitched my GNEX for a Moto X

      • Matthew Yourchisin

        Glitched mine to a S4

  • Sankyou

    Originally bought Nexus and used my 14-day guarantee to switch to Maxx. Now I’ll be dropping VZ and switching to Nexus 5 on TMobile. In Denver and their coverage is solid.

  • Osprey

    It infuriates me how lacking AT&T and T-Mo’s coverage is compared to Verizon. I live in a metro area of over 200k people and yet only Verizon has consistent coverage at my house.

  • p4

    Unfortunately I stayed on vzw .. however im happy with my new htc one .. r.i.p razr

  • Abraham Kupelian

    sucks man..i REALLY wanted the nexus and it’s gonna be hard for me to break away from Verizon since my entire family is on it =(

    so damn GAY when verizon is the only carrier not having the BEST phone on the planet. I dunno what im gonna do now..

    Maybe ill just break my phone, call insurance, and put some life into my G-nex until a similarly better phone comes out..

    • donkeykong85

      im in the same boat. at this point keeping my gnex. verizon truly sucks.

  • JoshHenry

    This post was for me. I was planning on leaving Big Red until they offered me unlimited talk and text for $60 with 2GB of Data. Sounds appealing to me.

  • GawkerRedesignSucks

    I have already signed another 2 years of my life away with Verizon. Before I upgraded my answer was a confident, “Leave Verizon for another carrier”. However, at the end of the day, everyone I know is on Verizon, the coverage is fantastic EVERYWHERE, and my wife had already signed a contract. It was easier for me to just move her to a shared plan with me.

    Bottom line: I’m sticking with VZW because I’m lazy.


    Bought the RAZR, then saw the RAZR MAXX was being released so I returned the RAZR for the better phone. I’ve been satisfied, but I’m paying Verizon way too much. Planning on switching to T-Mobile and getting the Nexus 5.

  • eddy

    Leaving Verizon.. Nexus 5. Prepaid.

  • Neither – Just upgraded to Note3 thanks to DL and the Verizon Glitch!!

  • Hoff16

    I went with the Droid Maxx with a 2gig a month plan. I was close to going over in the first month but after that its been smooth sailing in terms of data cap. I’m on Wifi at home and wifi at school and best of all not having to ever worry about my battery life which was a constant problem with my GNex.

  • Lassen32

    I live in Idaho, and Verizon has great 4G service even in the middle of nowhere country. Plus my work pays for my phone, which I recently upgraded to an HTC One (love it!). No complaints regarding the device or service.

  • Sporttster

    Got that lucky upgrade deal a couple weeks back and got a new Note 3. So far it’s been good, but I can’t help but think maybe I should have gone with either the LG G2 or something else. May be a tad too big….

  • Sean Archer

    Wow, did not expect to see the majority leaving verizon and gong with another carrier. I might have to research T-mobile coverage in my area

  • Aaron

    Either leaving for a nexus or getting a wood backed moto X, can’t wait till both come out!

  • Menger40

    Next March I’ll be the proud owner of a Nexus 5, and I’ll probably try AIO unless something better comes along.

  • netizen

    dawn m. armfield D.B. • 2 hours ago −
    Same. Verizon doesn’t have anything to offer me anymore (even though I’m grandfathered in to unlimited). I want the Nexus 5.
    •Reply•Share ›

  • Robbie Gerling

    I already left for T-Mobile prepaid with a Nexus 4!

  • buying the nexus 5 the nanosecond it comes out and moving to T-mo

  • RXG9

    Keeping the GNex till another Nexus with removable battery comes out, if not then I’ll get a GS4.

    • sofarsogoodsowhat

      I feel the same. The trend to move away from removable batteries is discouraging, what’s the trade off, a phone is millimeter or two thinner? Maybe a Moto X that lasts for longer than a day of use would be worthwhile but I imagine after 9-12 months, that battery isn’t going to last as long.

    • David Henry

      Out of curiosity, why is removable battery important to you?

      • RXG9

        The ability to carry around 6600mAh of battery power (3 Anker 2200mAH) with me and to be able to swap them out when I’m not near a power source, is this best thing ever (on a plane, hiking/camping, sailing, etc) I essentially have a phone that will give me 9hrs on-screen time, and over 4 days of standby without having to carry one of those clunky external battery packs that charge the internal battery. Also since the Anker 2200mAh batteries come with an external charger I never use my phone with it plugged into a wall which is very nice. Another nice thing about external batteries is that OEM’s sometimes put smaller mAh batteries in their phones, but with afertmarket support you can put slightly bigger batteries without having to use an aftermarket back, for example the stock VZW GNex battery is 1850mAh battery, but I can use a 2200mAh that fits fine without modifying the backplate. This gives me about 20-30min extra of on-screen time. Same goes for the GS4, stock 2600 mAh battery, but you can buy a ZeroLemon 3000 mAh battery. Imagine carrying around 9000mAH of power with you. You wouldn’t have to charge your phone for a week, would have a ton of on-screen time, and could keep that slim build design without getting one of those huge 7000mAh batteries where you have to replace the back plate.

        Overall I don’t see any pro’s to having an internal battery except if it’s water-proof (like the Sony Xperia Z1). Other than that everything else is a con. On the flip-side there are a ton of pro’s to having a removable battery and no con’s.

  • Cherriza

    What about the option of buying a phone on ebay and using that at a lower cost. Worked for me in the past.

  • chrizz

    I’m not upgrading to anything. My GNEX is amazing and I am running 4.3.1. What more could I ask for. Its amazing!

  • boogie_monster

    I have a Galaxy Nexus but I’m not on Verizon *First World Problem* …
    but I’m waiting for Nexus 5, still not sure which one to get, Nexus 5 or Moto X. but I’m leaving AT&T for T-Mobile although I have grandfathered unlimited data on AT&T.

    • Captain America

      I’ll buy your unlimited at&t account off you

  • LuvMusic

    Upgrading 2 G-NEx’s to two Nexus 5’s. Leaving VZW for TMo. Live in a large city where TMo’s coverage is just as good as VZW’s. Also travel to Europe several time a year on business and the global plan TMo is giving for FREE will be a welcome service feature.

    I also really don’t like the way VZW has treated long-term customers with grand-fathered unlimited data. Even AT&T will allow subscribers grand-fathered with unlimited data to renew their contracts and provide the subscriber with a subsidized phone.

  • Does anyone have a “best practice” for testing out one of these non-Verizon carriers? I’m very interested in leaving the big V, but I need to see a real world experience. Is there any way to do a test drive or sorts for little money out of pocket?

    • FritoDorito

      Assuming you’re going to a prepaid vendor, the obvious answer would be to buy a cheap phone on their service and pay for a month of service (or try pay as you go if the carrier supports it, if you don’t want to go for a whole month) and test it out yourself. It won’t be perfect, but if you carry it around with you, you could get a rough idea of what kind of coverage you’ll get.

  • From G-Nex to G2 during the glitch weekend. Still very happy. Has essentially replaced my iPad Mini as well due to the screen size and raw speed. Still holding out hope that I’ll see CyanogenMod in the future though. I don’t mind the G2 skin, but I prefer CM.

  • Mike Hilal

    I went note 3. So far, so good….aside from some minor niggles with the gingerbread remnants

  • Rich Robinson

    Gnex to G2 upgrade during “Unlimited” weekend 3 weeks ago and couldn’t be happier. Don’t even use the Nexus7 anymore b/c the G2 does it all with plenty of battery to spare.

  • GreenMeansGo

    Upgrade time for me comes in February 2014. I’ll probably switch to AT&T at that point for non-technical reasons…will likely get Moto X.

  • Homerj

    Paid full price on a G2 to keep unlimited data. VZW or US Cellular are my only 4G options in NW IL/E IA. Worth it but wondering if I would have waited 2 days for the MotoX dev edition if I would be as happy or happier.

  • Bryan

    I had a G-Nex and traded it out for a Razr MAXX due to the signal issues. My upgrade was available in August, but I gave it to my wife so she could get an S4 (happy wife = happy life).

    I just used the Moto X at Costco for the first time this past weekend. I’m in love. The screen looks amazing even holding it next to an S4. I could not see any pixel structure.

    The camera worked well and took fast photos so the update should be even better.

    The phone was crazy fast and responsive and the “OK Google Now” worked for me every time, even in the noisy Costco without training to my voice. There was not data connection, so I couldn’t test out any searches, but it responded instantly every time I said it.

    Now I need to call Verizon and talk them into giving me an early upgrade, transferring it to a basic phone line and upgrading while keeping my $10 unlimited! I might have to call a few times to make it happen!

  • Greg

    Not upgrading because there is nothing wrong with my Nexus, except my Ringke SLIM case just broke this morning 🙁

  • InclusiontoInnovation

    GNexus has spoiled me and I am getting a little tired with the Root/Rom process … I am moving to Aio Wireless …. can’t wait to give it a try …

  • MaciQuatl

    LG G2

  • sean.yesmunt

    Note 3 on Verizon

  • Daniel Flores

    Took advantage of Verizon Glitch and got the G2…couldn’t be happier with my decision.

  • Jared Muskovitz

    Upgraded from VZW G-Nex to a Droid Maxx. Love the phone and the Moto enhancements. Here’s to hoping it gets OTA updates fast though. I want KitKat.

    • Franklin Ramsey

      OTA updates on a Droid phone? I wish this would happen, but considering how fast the OTAs came out for the G-Nex, I’d very much doubt it.

  • Quint

    Bought my RAZR MAXX on 2/29/12…Almost a year later, I paid retail for a Galaxy Note 2. I have an upgrade available on 3/1 and I am mostly on the fence. Haven’t made any decisions yet. That Note 3 looks tempting but paying full retail sucks. T-mobile looks tempting but the network isn’t quite there yet and AT&T will cost as much as Verizon, if not more. Either way, I will be paying through the nose for a phone.

  • ddowner001

    I left Verizon for AT&T, picked up a pretty cheap Nexus 4. Life is good

  • Joshua Hoffman

    Former RAZR owner. I’m checking out the T-Mobile store tonight, I’ve already moved about 28 days ago. Gonna check for the moto x or note 3. If they don’t have the moto x and I’m not interested in the note I’m keeping my nexus 4 🙂

  • thehaggis

    Upgrading the wifes Razer and my Galaxy Nexus to Nexus 5s and moving AIO. Saving 45$ if we can keep the usage below 2gb per phone 🙂 Still save 15 if we have to bump it up to 7gb.

  • Jerry Boinski

    I made the switch to tmobile back in April from verizon. I don’t regret it at all. Living in Buffalo NY and going to Canada frequently Tmobiles global plan starting soon is even more $ in my pocket. I have a note 2 and love it. Nexus 5 maybe but I’m not in a rush.

    • T

      Voted up for Buffalo, NY

  • Steve Lenhert

    I’m also leaving Verizon and going to T-Mobile and upgrading to the Nexus 5!

  • Alex Goings

    On the off chance the Nexus 5 is on Verizon I will get it, otherwise MotoMaker when it comes to Verizon. I don’t have the courage to leave…

  • jdroid

    Upgraded to the Note 3. Going to use my GNEX as a HTPC with XBMC and Slingbox. The latest Tiny Kernel and Android 4.3 really makes the GNEX smooth.

  • Mike

    I’ve been battling the wife about this for a while. I want to leave, she wants to stay.

    • anthony jones

      have you tried counseling? 🙂

  • jonzey231

    Left Verizon and retired my G-Nex during the clearance sale of the N4. T-Mobile even reimbursed me for my ETF at Verizon so it was easy peezy. 3 lines: 2 with 2.5gb and I have unlimited (10gb) I pay 40ish a month with my discount through PNC and they are each like 35ish. And no contract so if I decide I want to go back to Verizon (which I never will because after looking at actual options for shared data it is RIDICULOUS) I can just do it whenever I please. 🙂 and maybe Verizon will roll out the new AWS Band 4 in Columbus, OH and I can swap my VZW sim into my N4 and use it as a mini tablet one day. OF course that is all if I hypothetical, because I would never go back to big red.

  • Matt Brooke

    I took advantage of “the glitch” last month and upgraded the wife and I to MotoXs and still kept unlimited.

    • Joe Lemaire

      I did the same thing, but upgraded to the LG G2. Definitely a sweet phone. Zero regrets.

  • jim

    if the n5 can beat all the note has and better specs , maybe

    • Chippah

      Not happening, its a 16gb G2 basically, with no sd card slot.

      • jim

        then buying a G5 would be a step backwards

  • Danny

    Well I got my gnex last summer so I still have to wait

  • grumpyfuzz

    I was gonna answer this but I have a GSM Galaxy nexus not on verizon.

  • Ben Freund

    Nexus 5, T-Mobile. Counting the days until the contract is over….

  • Jeff

    Moving to AT&T since coverage is great in the MSP area and because my employer has AT&T repeaters on-site.

  • Mike

    Keeping the Galaxy nexus until the Moto X2 is released next year, which will be a big jump in specs and have key lime pie- yes I will keep calling it that. I just need the Gnex to hold up!

  • ben

    My plan is to get a Nexus 5 and move to another carrier, not sure who yet, probably Straight Talk

  • flosserelli

    Already upgraded to S3, then Note 2, now Note 3 🙂

  • jim

    leaning toward the Note 3, not seen any phone yet that is close to what it can do, My Nexus has never really thrilled me , ive had 7 gnex’s , none ever worked right till I rooted and started running custom roms, not sure unlimited data really means that much to me anymore , have a 60 inch screen on the wall , so watching movies on my phone is kind of stupid

  • iNomNomAwesome

    Already upgrade from the Galaxy Nexus to the Moto X, couldn’t be happier.

  • Keith0606

    Nexus 5 on att asap

  • droidrazredge

    I’m really torn. After seeing what T-mobile is doing with their unlimited data I’m hoping Verizon won’t try and screw the people like me who are grandfathered into the unlimited data. That’s what keeping me with Verizon at the moment. If they do get rid of it I will most likely JUMP to T-mobile and take advantage of their upgrade 6 month plan. If Verizon keeps its unlimited then a couple phones I want to upgrade my OG Razer from would be: Moto X( When Verizon gets Moto Maker), Nexus 5 ( I still have hope that there is still the 1% chance the CDMA version from Sprint will also be a Verizon compatible version), if not I’m going to wait it out till that Motorola 6.3 Phablet phone that’s coming out sometime next year. To be able to get these phones I will be using my moms upgrade because she is nice enough to let me it.

  • Mexigreek

    I’m also leaving Verizon for a Nexus 5. Will move to AT&T

  • imnotmikal

    Often times, I’ll open a post that has a poll, but it shows me the results and a bolded, italiciezed option, making it seem I voted… I haven’t voted here, and don’t understand why it does that. Anyone else seen this happen?

    Anyway, I was a GNex user, but upgraded long ago to a Razr HD Maxx, then a Note 2, and now an X. I guess I’ve always been a premature upgrader… lol

    • Richard Jackson

      I have the voting issue to. I think it from using a RSS feeds and the site thinking you are the same IP that came by and voted earlier. Just hit shift+f5 till it clears.

  • phil

    I want to go Moto X on Verizon but I am nervous about OTA’s breaking root. Need root. Maybe I will have to bail for Tmobile, also tired of big red taking all my money.

    • imnotmikal

      The most recent OTA (the soak test, at least) has not broken root.

  • Peter Stover

    Wait! Can’t I buy nexus 5 on Play store and just put my Sim card in and be all set on Verizon? I thought it was CDMA?

    • Brenden Keene

      Not for Verizons frequencies… only Sprints in the US

      • Peter Stover

        Wtf Verizon! Can I change my poll answer!

        • josh

          not true it supports 3g and 4g lte advance only not lte

  • teevirus

    I am almost certainly going to drop Verizon in Feb. when my contract is up but As I price plans in my area I end up paying about the same $90 or more &115.00 a month after taxes and insurance.

  • Chippah

    Rocked the Gnex for 2 years with rose colored glasses,

    While its “open” after using the Note 3 for 2 weeks I now realize how much of a hunk or brown stuff it was.

    • Chippah

      It was a hunk of brown stuff, but it was MY hunk of brown stuff, and I did enjoy

      • manderko

        tss tss what like chocolate or sumthin tss

  • Brenden Keene

    Nexus 5 on AT&T prepaid > Faster LTE speeds than Verizon and only $60/month for 2GB

    • A.Miller


  • Justtyn Hutcheson

    OG Razr (and Bionic), already moved to 2x Moto X and I’m loving it.

    • rubyburr325

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  • Illegitimi non Carborundum

    LG G2 a few weeks ago, but it was the week before the glitch…lost unlimited.

  • mendy817

    went with the lg g2 and used the glitch a couple weeks ago to keep my unlimited 😉
    loving the phone btw

  • Jim Hamilton

    I preordered a Galaxy Note 3. I couldn’t pass up the raw power, screen size, and flexibility of the handset. I’m not happy about the locked bootloader (Verizon), and I’ve been able to root it. I previously had a GNex, which I guess I took the ability to flash ROMs for granted. Has Verizon sold another handset since that had an unlocked bootloader (and wasn’t a Dev edition)?

    • Was the GS3 unlocked or was it cracked?

  • Tim

    Leaving Verizon for the Nexus 5 on Straight Talk. I want T-Mobile, but I also want a solid and fast network no matter where I tend to travel. Straight Talk now offers 4G LTE using AT&T network, but it’s only $45/mo for unlimited everything. I’ll switch to Straight Talk until T-Mobile improves their network.

    • JMonkeYJ

      Just so you know, ATT is throttled on StraightTalk after, I believe, 2.5 GB.

      • Tim

        I’ve only gone over 2GB once in the 2 years I’ve been with Verizon. No biggie. 2.5GB is perfect for me.

  • C-Law

    Got a vzw dev edition Moto x. Without a doubt the best phone I’ve ever owned

    • Matthew Rebmann

      If it was available using the Device Payment Plan I’d be on it right now 🙁

    • Richard Jackson

      I got to ask are the update control by Moto or Verizon?

  • Sarpedon1069

    I bought a RAZR around Thanksgiving 2011 on Big Red. At first I really liked Big Red. Their speeds were super fast and the RAZR was pretty cool. But over time the speed of Verizon’s network has slowed dramatically and their habit of taking forever to update to the latest Android flavor has pushed me over the edge. After my contract is up I will buy my wife and I new phones (hello Nexus 5) and ditch Big Red for T-Mobile prepaid (not to mention we will be saving a ton of money leaving Verizon for prepaid). So long Verizon!!

  • Daniel Clifford

    Took advantage of the “glitch” and upgraded from the Gnex to the Moto X. Woo!

  • George Davis

    Upgraded from a Bionic to a Droid Maxx and couldn’t be happier. Paid retail to keep unlimited data. Had for over a month now and zero lag whatsoever. Also a fan of the Moto X but I play a lot of Ingress (battery hog!) so the extra battery life was important to me. Plus I prefer the bigger screen. The new Moto phones are so close to stock Android it must be seen to be believed, plus the few extras they offer are actually useful (love Active Notifications!) and 99% of VZW’s bloatware can be disabled. The improved Google Now integration is a big next step for the Android experience.

  • zzz525

    If anyone is having a tough time deciding between carriers, check out rootmetrics.com. Pretty sure I’ll be going with AT&T based on coverage

  • Matthew Rebmann

    My upgrade isn’t available till January 26th but I won’t be using it. Hopefully on the 10 of Nov. Moto Maker will be released to VZW, I’m going to use the DPP on the 32GB Moto X and live contract free for a while with my Unlimited.

  • CJ41

    Upgrading from GNex to (hopefully) N5 (if it drops on VZW)

    • randoodle78

      I wish it would.

  • Christopher Hooker

    I must live in the one place in the country that gets a great T-mobile signal but a terrible Verizon one. Leaving the VZW G-Nex for a Nexus 5 on T-mobile is a no-brainer for me.

  • upgrade another line to keep unlimited stay with VZ

  • stabone

    My razr wasn’t doing so good anymore, part of the casing chipped off, so I just upgraded to the Razr M a few days ago. It’s last years model but was still brand new and runs so smooth. My bootloader is locked from the last update they put on, so I can’t put roms on it. But, rooted with greenify and setcpu, I’m getting amazing battery life out of it.

  • dan0matic

    I’m working on getting off the verizon train as we speak. I’m test driving a Republic wireless phone right now. Yes it is on Sprint’s network. And yes that will suck. With the Moto X coming out next month on Republic for $300 and Sprint adding 4G network in my area, it is time to get off the $250 a month plan and do something different.

  • Will Rehse

    Keeping my gnex for life. literally just did an insurance replacement for 99$ to fix up the old girl. cracked screen, faulty on off button and spotty gps are all back to new.

    • Chippah

      If you use a snapdragon 800 device for a day it will be like The Wizard of Oz when they flipped into Technicolor.. Seriously, its that much better.

  • Flyinion

    Probably going to get a ton of flak for this, but planning leaving Verizon and getting a Lumia 1020 (I want the camera in it) on AT&T. I’m not giving up Android, far from it, that’s why I picked up a 2013 Nexus 7. However, I’m 50/50 on the phone. If I don’t go with it, Nexus 5 for sure.

    • Richard Jackson

      That phone does have a beast of a camera.

  • Pavel Lukyanchykov

    Upgraded from my RAZR MAXX to Note 3 and kept my unlimited data. Still thinking maybe I should have taken MAXX.

  • bryan

    dropping the g-nex and verizon for a nexus 5 on straight talk att sim

  • TMKvamme

    My parents upgraded from dumb phones to iPhones and lost the unlimited data I had on my line of the family plan.
    Leaving for T-Mobile.

  • mcdonsco

    Wait, wait, wait, wait!!!! It’s only been TWO years since the release of the RAZR? The one that it was named for (being super thin)???

    Jesus, someone help me, I have an addiction…I owned that one and since have had the RAZR Maxx, RAZR Maxx HD, Note 2, and now the Maxx (and an SG4 on Tmobile and one on Verizon, as well as a Lumia and HTC – but returned all in return period, so sort of doesn’t count).

    5 Phones in two years…yikes…

    • Razball

      I can top that lol razr maxx, galaxy nexus, nexus 4, note 2, galaxy s4, htc one, nexus 4 again, lg g2, note 3 and now waiting for nexus 5 lolol

  • Tyler

    Verizon is the only company with decent coverage and 4g where I live so it’s my only real option. I just upgraded recently using one of the unlimited data loopholes to an LG G2 from a Gnex and I love it.

  • interstellarmind

    I used to be on Verizon. I found myself upgrading phones a lot and wanting pure android (nexus).

    After the GNex debacle with VZW I finally left and joined up with TMo.

    I’m in NYC and my speeds with TMo’s HSPA+ were better than my speeds with VZW’s LTE. Coverage was great for where I am and I could finally have more phone options available to me (nexus).

    In the end, I’d have to say: if you care more about the device you’re using than the cell service, then jump to ATT or TMo.

    • A.Miller

      I understand what you’re saying, but what good is a great cell phone if the coverage isn’t very good? That’s the problem w/ TMO in my area.

  • SmokeNMirrors

    I just can’t part with my unlimited data on VZW… I wanted a Moto-X but when the price topped $600 that wasn’t an option. Then got screwed on the Nexus-5. I also really wanted wired HDMI/MHL and an SD slot and BATTERY LIFE. So I opted for a RAZR MAXX HD from Swappa for $300. I have everything I want and 96G of storage along with my unlimited data!

  • Jim Davis

    My plan is to get the Nexus 5 and go to AIO.

  • Prime7

    I’m either going to buy a full price phone to keep unlimited data, or I’m going to go to T-Mobile. I haven’t decided yet.

  • morpheus282

    I was able to upgrade from the Galaxy Nexus to an S4 during the glitch weekend and keep my unlimited data. Otherwise I’m not sure what I would have done once the contract expired. In a way I wish I’d pre-ordered a Note3 but the S4 has been a good device so far.

  • duke69111

    I used a feature phone upgrade to get the G2.

  • jjewell

    I love my droid RAZR. I like my SD card slot more. My next phone will be an s4 or note 3. I’ll probably buy my next phone to keep my unlimited data.

  • Droid_Junky

    Got one LG G2 the weekend of the big Verizon glitch for us unlimited folks. Bought a second at full price doe the other line about three daya later. Where I live Verizon has me covered with 4G. I gave it a lot of thought and research. No other carrier comes close.

  • Medical Device Engineer

    Staying on Verizon, trading in my GNex for an iPhone 5s…sorry guys.

    • Chippah


  • Mark

    Original RAZR charging port died after 18 months, got a refurb (from insurance), its screen died, the next replacement had a major boot problem, and was replaced by last year’s RAZR MAXX HD (that’s a lotta caps). Very happy with it, especially since it’s the last one to have an sd card. I’m still on unlimited data, and my upgrade comes in January, but I may just stick with this HD for a while. If I had gotten the old version that could be unlocked, I’d definitely stay put for another year. I’ve been on Verizon, ATT, and T-Mobile (all the way back to VoiceStream), but I travel too much to rely on T-Mobile, even though it had the best prices. Waiting to see what happens…

  • Yachats

    GNex to GNote3. That larger display is a must and phone doesn’t feel too big in the had – at all.

  • JHelland

    I went in this weekend and updated from my Gnex to a Note3. Just an FYI (because I didn’t know this) the store I was at allowed me to switch to the Verizon Max program (6gig for the same price as 2gig if you have unlimited) without having to enroll in the Verizon Edge program. Maybe everyone already knew this but from what I had read you couldn’t do one without the other. It was a good deal for me as I don’t usually use that much data but 2gig was not enough. Maybe this will help others.

  • mike dunham

    Nexus 5 if camera and battery are decent, otherwise Moto X and going T-Mobile pre-paid

  • MannyLegacy

    I’m *THIS* close to leaving Vz and buying the Nexus 5 from Play and taking it to T-Mob. I’m curious though about their Service in the area I Work & Live. To be honest Vz’s 4g service hasn’t been the greatest,…..at least where I work/live

    • randoodle78

      I was feeling the same way with my Gnex. I was getting progressively worse service and reception on Verizon. Once I switched to the Moto X, everything is running super fast and smooth. I think it was just the Gnex, it’s radios and the long, slow death of it.

      • MannyLegacy

        Thanks for the reply,……….very good to know

      • A.Miller

        I hardly ever use LTE on my GNex. It drains my battery so fast its not worth it.

        • randoodle78

          Forgive my constant ranting about the Moto X, but I’m just so pleased with it… LTE always on isn’t even an issue anymore! My Gnex left such a bad feeling with me (I still loved it till the switch) that I still constantly check my Moto X for battery life and what is running. It really is a non-issue now.
          Battery life will easily last throughout the day. Now I have all these chargers, laying around everywhere, that I don’t really have a use for!

  • Jedi_Skote

    I have a friend at Sprint, so going there with the Nexus 5 to give them a try.

  • Alex Burtson

    Because Verizon sucks so much with their approach to Android, I feel like their only dependable phone option is the iPhone. But if they had a Nexus 5 unlocked off-contract bloat-free, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

  • After 7 years, I left Verizon this month & went from a G-Nex to an At&t Moto X. I accept the fact that their network isn’t as good as Verizon’s everywhere, but I’m fine with that. They seem to be catching up quite fast these days anyway. FASTER updates, a way better selection of phones, & super cool exclusives all the time make it worth switching [to me]. Besides, in the area I live (Fort Myers, FL) their 4G LTE is actually faster than what I got with Big Red. I’m not really missing them at all at this point. Even considering picking up the Nexus 5 too upon release! =)

  • Jeremy Wray

    I got my Moto X a few weeks ago during that weekend “glitch” that Verizon had so I was able to keep my unlimited data. Don’t get me wrong cause Verizon tried to take it back from me when the phone had a defective screen after 3 days but after 2 hours arguing with management I got another new device with no change to my plan. Unlimited data FTMFW

  • edmicman

    I willingly changed my account with grandfathered unlimited data to a share everything plan with 4GB. We were on a nationwide family plan, but with my GNex and her iPhone we still weren’t close to using even 2GB a month total. And we were playing games with text message allotments, she has a certain number, I had a different number, some were in network free, etc. The Share Everything plan gives us unlimited messaging and comes out $50 cheaper each month than what I was paying before after my work discount. The whole unlimited data thing I found was more psychological – it was the thought of not having the option to use unlimited data even though I’ve never ever come close any sort of limit that would make financial sense to keep it.

    That said, at this point in time I will be staying with Verizon due to the coverage and I’m leaning toward upgrading, if I have to, to the MotoX. The problem is I don’t see anything out there that is the equivalent to the Galaxy Nexus two-years-later-model. The only current MotoX on Verizon is only 16GB; I want a 32MB model to be comparable. I tried an S4 for a weekend and couldn’t stand it; I want as close to a stock Android experience as possible. I’m crossing my fingers for a Verizon MotoMaker option that lets me do 32GB. Otherwise I might just see how long I can last on the GNex…even though it reboots randomly on me pretty much every 1-2 days and is slow as hell.

    • George Davis

      Have you considered the Droid Maxx? Same software as the Moto X but with 32Gb storage, plus bigger battery and display. Love mine.

      • edmicman

        I’ll have to take another look. But ever since the Galaxy Nexus I don’t know if if I can go back to non-software buttons, either!

  • jmich

    Cash in on Verizon glitch to G2. This phone is phenomenal.

  • lgreg64

    I have 3 phones on my plan so it is not that easy to move and also I think all the carriers will soon kill unlimited data.

  • Armorthane

    Bought the Droid Maxx Developers Edition to replace my RAZR Maxx. Love it, not a single regret.

  • trav06

    I upgraded to the G2 a few weeks back during the unlimited data glitch. I’m not ready to leave Verizon just yet, so that bought me some more time with a top end device and unlimited data. I am enticed by what T-Mobile is doing though, so if they continue to improve (and Verizon continues to restrict their service) I might have a new home after I’m done with Verizon.


    Trying T-mobile with Nexus5, If my service is truely crap I’ll stay on VZW and get MotoX

  • Daniel J. Peters

    Your poll is missing the option: Buy newer, used VZW phone and keep unlimited data. That said, if VZW ever pulls my unlimited data plan, I’ll probably buy the Nexus 5 the same week and switch to AT&T.
    I’ll bet I’m not alone…

  • Hothfox

    I am leaving Verizon for either AT&T prepaid or AT&T mobile share plan for the Nexus 5. I’m staying away from AIO, as it’s soon going to be merged into Cricket when AT&T buys it. T-Mobile coverage in my area is less than desirable. StraightTalk has irked me for a while, as they’ve only -just- decided to be upfront with their data cap policy.

  • RW-1

    Very likely going to leave VZ and go to ATT, my wife has her iPhone thru work, with a corp discount, so signing up for my Nexus 5 and using it would be beneficial. I still think I’ll be screwed no matter which way I go leaving VZ, but they just don’t care about the customer anymore, the BS with dev phones for unlocking, upgrade fees to train idiots that my pinkie has more intelligence on, the list goes on.
    Was on ATT before I came to VZ with the OG, can go back, had no issues back then, but that was with a RAZR V9, can only figure the network has improved over the last two years in the area. I have friends on ingress who have a GN3 and a N5, one on att one on t mobile, both report good coverage in my area.
    It’s a sad state of affairs with VZ, they only care about the $. A superior network only goes so far, when nickeled and dimed away, the alternatives become more than attractive, they become necessary for sanity.

    Unlike the GNex though, I probably will wait out thru the initial release of the N5, just to go actually play with one and see how others fare.

  • gambit07

    I stayed with VZW, just because of the service. Upgraded my GNex to a DNA and love it. Much better phone than the gnex and it didn’t cost me much

  • Will Ski

    Stayed with Verizon, picked up Moto X.
    For my area it is really a toss up between Verizon and AT&T for coverage. Overall same price between the two.
    But I did call them up and get them to give me a lower price so my bill is lower overall every month now. I have been with Verizon now for over 7 years. As a whole, I have been very happy with their service. I will say they can be expensive and that is really a downer. But as a customer I have not had any issues.

  • hfoster52

    I put my gnex is a drawer almost a year ago and got the Note 2 using an upgrade on another line. I haven’t looked back. Battery life was horrid even with extended battery.

  • Alan Paone

    I’m doing that thing where I switch phones constantly because nothing is good. I’m bouncing between my half-broken Gnex, an iphone 4, an HTC one X+ and now an HTC One. I’m going to sell all of these and I’ll buy the first phone with:

    -A bottom headphone jack
    -Stock android (or a ROM, I’m easy here)
    -Qualcomm chip
    -was once looked at by a designer
    -Software buttons (or at least capacitive ones)

    I would use it until it completely broke if it also came with:
    -Bell network (or unlocked, but there’s always trouble with MMS)
    -64gb would be very nice to have
    -I don’t really want to waste the power on a 1080p panel, but nobody is brave enough to ship a 720p
    -I’d rather dual core, with better graphics than 8 cores. I don’t game on my phone I have a PC and a tablet for that.

    I’m thinking about a G2, but I don’t trust LG, and based on the number of people who bought S3’s thinking that’s what my Gnex was, I don’t feel it would be responsible of me to carry an LG phone. It is baffling to me that only Apple and LG come close here.

  • jlr98ranger

    i had a droid razr maxx and i wanted the s4 so i bought it out right to keep my unlimited data at best buy i use between 20-40 gig a month so doing the math $10 a gig over two using $380 of data a month for only $30 is my way of thinking when i bought the s4 out right the $700 is alot cheaper than a years worth of data on a tired plan

  • John Smith

    Sprint G-Nex————->NEXUS 5 + AT&T GoPhone $60/Month Unlimited Voice/Text 2GB LTE Data Plan. IF there was no Nexus i would get a Note 3.

  • kfath1978

    Leaving VZW for the Nexus 5 on T-Mobile….Done deal.

  • PhoenixPath

    Already left. Handed the GNex to my boy and got myself a One on T-mobile.

    • RoadsterHD1

      How are you data speeds now compared to your sons? Be honest….

      • PhoenixPath

        Nah, I’d rather lie…. (Wth kind of request is that? Do you have trust issues?)

        It’s good enough for me and good enough for him. He can handle the dropped data/dropped calls.

        Getting 16mbps indoors at work right now. Not the fastest in the world, but then, I couldn’t get LTE in here on VZW. (Go figure, it’s supposed to be opposite, right?)

        At home it’s a wash. Both are slower than my 50mbit WiFi.

        At my Mom’s house, T-mob gets about mid-30s and VZW actually hit 42 one day.

        At my dad’s house, it’s a dead-zone. Neither device gets more than 2-3mbps if we get data/voice at all. Thank goodness for WiFi calling on my One. 😉

  • cgalyon

    With my recent luck with device reliability (hasn’t been good) and a definite trend of wanting to upgrade every year or so, I think I might look at going with Nexus devices from here on out (mainly because they’re more affordable to buy outright and open to my incessant tinkering). As for carriers… I’d really like to go with T-Mobile, but their coverage is not great in my area. Probably have to consider AT&T. 🙁 At least the pre-paid plans are a bit more attractive now.

    However, Republic Wireless is *extremely* tempting as well; Moto X for $250 and very affordable (and more varied) monthly plans…. question is how does Sprint compare to T-Mobile, and will Pandora stream alright over 3G?

  • yummy


  • G

    Leaving Verizon for the Nexus 5 on ATT.
    Even with how much it pains me to leave Verizon’s great service coverage I care more about having the BEST phone, and I will deal with using the second best network.

    • A.Miller

      How much diff is there really between the ATT service and VZW service? I always thought the service was comparable.

  • dave w

    Grandfathered in, going to try upgrade using second line to buy Nexus 5.

  • n11

    I had the Gnex until about 2 months ago, upgraded to Moto X. And I love it.

  • Norsedakotan

    I’m on a corporate plan so I have to stay with Verizon… REALLY hoping they get a 32GB version of the Moto X and I’ll switch. My boss got the current 16GB version and is already struggling with space on it. Until then I’ll keep running my GNex with Shiny!

  • Jeff Sabin

    GNex / Verizon customer. I went with the LG G2 since the hardware specs are better than anything else right now, Verizon isn’t going to get the Nexus 5 and the G2 is rootable. Staying with Verizon – their 4G isn’t beatable. Period.

  • MikeSaver

    I currently need a Verizon signal extender to get service in my house, does AT&T have something similar I could use? My girlfriends on Verizon so we’d still need to have the Verizon one going too. Will an AT&T phone connect to the Verizon extender?

  • Franklin Ramsey

    I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do. I don’t want to leave Verizon’s coverage, but want a Nexus 5. Sadly, Verizon is one of the few providers that have decent coverage in my area still. I was thinking about jumping to T-Mobile, but I still love Verizon’s coverage. I might just stick with my G-Nex a little longer to see if Moto does a refresh of the X soon.

  • Vince

    I snuck in during the “Glitch Sale” and upgraded to the G2. AWESOME phone. I had been hoping the Nexus 5 MIGHT make it to Verizon but since the G2 was supposed to be the sibling to it AND the upgrade/keep unlimited even happened I jumped and I don’t regret it!

    • rww

      Same G2 w/unlimited data glitch story here. I couldn’t be happier. 30 hours of battery life anyone? Heck yeah. It’s like a revelation to have a phone with real battery life now (and better radios too!).

      • rww

        Also, for any of the “it’s not a real Nexus” haters: my phone is rooted, running TWRP recovery with the Loki bootstrap deal, plus a nice flash of Clean ROM to de-bloat and unlock tethering. The LG skin is actually quite good too (though I’m using Nova to get rid of the ugly folder icons LG went with).

        • RedTib

          If you think that the only difference between a Nexus and every other phone is a custom ROM, then you don’t get it.

          • rww

            Actually, I get it just fine. I bought my GNex thinking it was a real Nexus, but VWZ pretty much screwed that idea up. Instead of getting real-time live updates from Google, I updated everything myself manually (usually within a day of the Google I/O announcement). I’ll be doing the same with my G2, as I also did with my OG Droid. The only real difference (other than that the G2 has better specs) will be that the level of dev support will always be lower. As long as there are some good roms to choose from, that’s good enough for me.

            I can’t bail on VZW because my company forces me to use them, go the N5 isn’t an option.

          • A.Miller

            I like what you’re saying. But, I’ve come to a point in my life where I can’t flash roms constantly and things. I just don’t have the time anymore. Otherwise, I’d get the G2.

            I want a Nexus for the stock aspect and the Google updates.

            Of course I also want a great camera, and that doesn’t seem to work stock.

  • ChrisCorp

    Nexus 5 on Verizon?? (HA!)
    Most likely stick to Verizon and get the MotoX
    Might try out AT&T pre-paid for a bit just to see…

  • Tristan Cunha

    I was thinking about waiting for motomaker and getting a MotoX on VZ, but I played with the G2 the other day and it blew me away, I even kind of liked the rear keys. So, I’ve been looking at what kinds of ROMs are available for it (at the very least it’s getting a new launcher). I’m really hoping that there will be some 4.4 ROMs available soon, or maybe the new “Google Experience” will mean that a ROM isn’t as necessary?

  • R2deetard

    Not on verizon, but i will be leaving sprint for T-Mobile and the N5. Love my gnex, however it is starting to show its age.

  • AB

    Planning on using my mom’s upgrade to keep unlimited on VZW. Have the GNEX and looking to upgrade, battery life and camera are must for me. Moto X, HTC One, GS4, LG2…any suggestions?

    • randoodle78

      Moto X. I’ve been praising it all morning. 🙂
      I’m a spec-hungry fool and I really wasn’t sure about it. It doesn’t disappoint! Even without the best specs it flies and handles everything I can throw at it, without missing a beat. The screen isn’t the best but for the size of a phone, it really doesn’t have to be. The camera can definitely be better but I’m not one to take many pictures. The feel in your hand is fantastic. The build quality is fantastic. Near-stock android is fantastic. I’m running Nova Launcher and everything is perfect!
      I highly recommend it. This is coming from someone who was crack-flashing ROMs on my Gnex every other day!
      I can leave the Moto X alone and be completely content.

      • AB

        Thanks for the input @randoodle78:disqus , how’s the battery life?

        • randoodle78

          Battery life is solid. I can easily go past a day without charging. Moderate data usage. Not many calls or texts. Screen at about 40% (I don’t think it needs to be up any brighter).
          The hardest habit for me to break is not having to constantly check my battery life!
          I would have to “ration” my GPS and bluetooth on my Gnex… sad, so sad.
          I can leave everything on with my Moto X. It’s a bit un-nerving but it handles everything so smoothly and efficiently. I’m very, very impressed.

  • Thaddeus Brown

    From the G-Nex to the Note 3 baby! This thing is a beast.

  • JT3

    I was so sick of how Verizon handled GNex updates, along with the fact that their “Guaranteed Like New” warranty replacements were junk (usually took 3-4 tries to get one that actually worked), that when my wife’s phone died, we ETF’d over to AT&T, so that when the new Nexus came out, I’d actually be able to use it. Yes, I lost my unlimited data, but I was able to choose a plan appropriate for my family’s data use (with a very large buffer), for about the same price.

    I chose the Galaxy S4 Active on AT&T for the short term, but if the Nexus 5 (or whatever the name ends up being) has enough features to excite me, I’ll bag it.

  • Scott

    You should add a “Stayed with Verizon only because of the unlimited glitch” option.

  • Sjschwar

    port number to google voice, drop vzw, get unlimited tMo $30 walmart plan, buy xperia Z on craigslist. live happily ever after

  • Dre Fay

    I stole an upgrade from another line on my plan and switched from the G-Nex to the Maxx and kept my UD plan, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to wait for the X and it’s sexiness or get a phone that would last me all day being a heavy 60 to 80 gig user. I overall love this phone and its no lagging and it’s beast mode battery.

  • modernbummer

    Leaving Verizon for Net 10. Two lines = $85 a month for unlimited talk & text plus 2.5GB/line.

  • chris kilps

    Saddly leaving the physical keyboard world(OG Droid and Droid 4), to hopefully a moto x in November on Verizon, but will probably get a Droid ultra because of price.

  • mat

    after iphone and nexus went blackberry. sick of getting told when to upgrade..

  • subiedude85

    Picked up a used DNA over the summer to replace my original razr. It’s been smooth sailing running the Google edition One port except my capacitive buttons died along with the bottom 1/2 inch of the screen…

  • slai47

    I got a new Droid Maxx. I love it so much.

  • Alfonso Haskins

    Got the wife an iphone 5s on Verizon ( works on ATT as well)paid full price for a 32g. Soon as the nexus 5 is out off to ATT we go! Switched to my wife’s s3 since my Nexus charging port started to act up about a month ago! Got the s3 when it was released because she hated the rezound so much, still got the headphones but the phone is in the trash. S3 rooted now running aokp on it! Kinda like it but miss my nexus

  • nimbyist

    Keeping my unlimited on verizon, used a dumbphone line to proxy upgrade my RAZR to LG G2, loving it!

  • Wife and I talked about it – she’s on the Razr and we’re going to get her the Moto X (unlocked t-mobile) and go with a regional carrier.

  • DoctorOta

    Have a family plan so for the time being I just re-upped with verizon and upgraded from my razr maxx to the Moto X and couldn’t be happier.

  • Jeremy Martin

    I will be switching from my Razr MAXX HD to the Moto X…might be a crazy move but I really do like that Moto X. All I am waiting for is for VZW to drop it to $99 dollars here in a few weeks.

  • Dylan

    I’m torn about this at the moment. On one hand, I can afford to buy a phone at full retail value to keep my grandathered data if I really want a new one. The plus is that I keep network coverage when I go out visit friends in the middle of nowhere, and the places I go camping.
    On the other hand, you have the principal of the matter, which is that I’d rather buy a reasonably priced phone from the get-go, and be free to jump from provider to provider based best prices available at the time (starting with the TMobile $35 plan).
    They say you vote with your wallet, and I should get off Verizon if I feel THAT strongly about it. In reality, 95% of time I’m not somewhere that coverage will be an issue…but that 5% is when having access is REALLY handy…maps, weather reports, traffic, and phone calls while on road trips. But if I (and others in a simliar situation) never make the switch, where is TMobile going to get the money to expand their networks!

  • Justin Payne

    I still have unlimited data, so i’m on the fence. My bionic has been dead for a couple months, but I keep paying to bill to keep unlimited data. I will either buy one of the developer edition phones and stay with VZW, or get the Nexus 5 and leave VZW. Comparing plans, even with unlimited data, VZW still sucks for what you get for the money. Right now I have 2 lines. 750 shared minutes, unlimited data, 200 texts for each line, all for 115/month. It appears you get more for your money with the likes of T-Mobile, but I live in the country and VZW has the best service out here. What to do…..

  • nolabob

    I’ve been debating this with myself for a while now. My wife and I both have Droid RAZR (not maxx) and we both have unlimited data. We actually cancelled our internet plan since we used our data plan so often.

    So, we’re in the same boat – we want to keep unlimited, but are looking to get new phones.

    • Rob

      Try Swappa. I had the original razr, contract expired in august. Bought a Razr Mazz Hd from swappa. Swapped out the sim card and everything worked great. Kept my unlimited data, but with a much better phone.
      In fact, I like the process so much I just bought a Droid Maxx, and will be selling my Razr HD on swappa. I will not be giving up the unlimited.

  • Trevor Clement

    I kept my UD and got a Note 3 using my second line for the upgrade but many of my friends are all bailing out from Big Red and heading to T-Mobile.

  • Shane Redman

    Galaxy Nexus -> Droid Maxx

  • DanSan

    upgraded from my Gnex to a GS4 back in april, got in on the preorder. used an upgrade from a dumb phone on my account 🙂

  • Matt R Carner

    Personally, I’m switching my smartphone line on VZW to a $10/month Nexus 7 line and adding a Moto X on Republic Wireless for another $10/month. I’ll get unlimited minutes and texts via cellular on RW and tether the F out of my N7 to the Moto X for VZW LTE data. Total cost should be around $25-30/month. Win!

  • You forgot the option “Keep my Galaxy Nexus until it dies.” Unlimited data is important to me, and VZW’s full price rules mean a new phone costs as much as or more than a new PC. I use my PCs until they die or are just far too slow, so I’ll do the same with my GNex. If VZW absolutely says no more updates I’ll switch to CM or AOKP.

  • nickyb

    I wanted to leave Verizon but I found out T-mobile only has edge where I live. I get 49mbs down with Verizon. That and I was able to upgrade and keep my unlimited. 🙂 It was a giant pain in the ass though.

  • s0uth

    i gave up the gnex after like 3 months after i got it. lol.

  • Colin Huber

    Just dumped the G-Nex for a Note 3. Best decision I’ve ever made.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Agreed with that. The Galaxy Note 3 is such a great phone. Aside from my beloved first Android phone the Droid X, the GN3 is now the best smartphone I ever owned, not to mention the most powerful. Damn this beast kicks ass!

      • Colin Huber

        I love watching people’s faces when they say, “Whoa, that’s a phone? THE SCREEN!”

        • EvanTheGamer

          Yeah, sorta got a few comments like that since I got my GN3. One woman at Disneyland was like, “What? That’s a phone?”. My reply was, “Nope, it’s a Phone + Tablet = PHABLET! Get it right lady!” haha. Just kidding, didn’t say the last part. People’s reactions to the mega phone is pretty funny though.

  • KR

    Already left VZW to join T-Mobile, on a DE Moto X. Couldn’t be happier.

  • smartguy05

    I’m getting the Galaxy Note 3.

  • BubbleSort

    Moto X or Droid MaXX. I am leaning towards the X because it is on multiple carriers, and a big launch for Motorola. My hope is that this will ensure quicker updates (as quick as VZW will allow) and that it has an active dev community. I’m also thinking about getting an iPhone 5S, selling it, and buying the X developer edition.

  • AndrewInCali

    Upgraded from G-Nex to Droid Maxx as soon as I hit my upgrade period in August. Great phone. No more need of charging the G-Nex at every opportunity. I only need to charge the Droid Maxx once at night. And it is pretty much stock Android, although I won’t hold my breathe on it getting OS updates anytime soon.

  • James Briano

    Galaxy Nexus is nearing the end…. leaving VZW for a new Nexus.

    • donkeykong85

      i wish i could leave. glad to see so many are.

  • br_hermon

    Hey DL, follow up article… The top 5 MVNO’s and let your readers way in on the pros and cons along with their experience. I’d like to see you go as far as create a comparison chart.

  • BobbyG

    I really can’t justify leaving Verizon. I won’t find $50 for unlimited data anywhere else

  • Hohlraum

    Galaxy Nexus leaving Verizon (x2, over $200 month) for Nexus 5 + AIO or Straight Talk (AT&T LTE Compat Sim) (x2, ~$140/~$100 month).

  • srn

    Waiting to win the free phone on the Eliminator Challenge – still in it baby!!

  • Bob Allen

    My last Verizon phone was the HTC Rezound and I loved that phone. But after I saw they weren’t getting the One X, they had nothing else that interested me. Plus, I finally got fed up with their abusively slow updates and high costs so I gave up and went to AT&T. Their coverage used to be worse than Verizon’s, but it’s really improved and their selection of phones is more to my taste.

  • Bradley Allen

    I like a lot of people would like to know how to solve this problem. Verizon service has always been good for me, how do I know if my 4G/cell service will be as good on AT&T? (T-Mob not an option for me)

  • donkeykong85

    nexus 5 or keeping my gnex. i would go for another phone but at full price (to keep unlimited data) i am not sure any phones will actually last 2 years. seems most devs stop before that time.

  • David Narada Brown

    i cant c not getting a Nexus 5 so im leaving Verizon. My Galaxy Nexus just cant make it much longer!

  • Erox

    Leaving Verizon… grabbing the G2 or Nexus 5 because the camera.

  • Josh Fischer

    I was forced to leave due to cost, and got a Nexus 4 during the sale for my wife and I. Couldn’t be happier! I paid less for 2 phones than I would’ve paid for one full price phone on Verizon, and I was going to end up paying more if I switched to any of their new plans. Now I’m saving close to $50 per month on a prepaid plan (no more contracts for me!) and get to enjoy wonderful Nexus goodness with no carrier meddling.

  • br_hermon

    My top choice right now is leaving VZ, joining Straight Talk and getting the Nexus 5. My second choice is sticking with VZ and NOT upgrading and holding out for something better than what’s currently offered. (I installed Shiny ROM and Golden Kernel, and it seriously makes my old gnex sing, can’t recommend it enough. It brings all new life to the device). My third and last choice would be upgrade to the Moto X (from MotoMaker) or less likely the Droid Maxx.

  • Jeff Mowbray

    After reading all the posts, I am impressed with the large number of people either using or soon to be getting the Moto X. Wow! I’m looking forward to getting it

  • Sqube

    Either the N5 or the HTC One. Either way, I’ll be going with AIO Wireless.

    I’ve had enough.

  • jeremy brinker

    Take the picture of the Gnex down! It makes me want to throw up or break something. Just picked up the Dev edition moto x…..FREEDOM!

  • MikeSaver

    I have the same problem everyone else seems to.

    Is it worth it to drop Verizon unlimited data for timely updates?

    It’s down to either the NEXUS 5 or MOTO X and in both cases, its down to VERIZON or AT&T.

    I live in the city (Boston) so service shouldn’t be that different for either of the two for me.

    My main concern with the Moto X is even though it seems awesome, as an avid reader of droid life, I obviously get excited about new updates. I’m betting the Moto X will get 4.4 in maybe spring or winter of next year at the best. I also wouldn’t be surprised if it stops receiving updates after just 1 year.

    On the other hand, there’s the Nexus 5, which I really don’t know too much about officially other than that it will come with 4.4 and will get every update ASAP.

    Is it worth leaving unlimited data for that? I do come close to the 2gbs usually, but that’s because of largely unnecessary tethering…

    • SplashMTN

      In my opinion it is. I know that Verizon has the best coverage in my neck of the woods, but AT&T is almost just as good, plus it’s a GSM network which means it’s open to all gsm compatible devices.

      With all of these prepaid and month to month unlimited plan options I bet you’ll be able to find one that works great for you – and if one doesn’t there’s no contract so you’re free to try another.

      I can’t not wait to be off of Verizon’s network. Personally I’m going to AIO, but only because T-mobile is spotty to nonexistent in my area/where I travel to.

  • T S

    i’m interested to see how many people actually leave verizon and what their results are. personally i’m just nervous to see how good OR bad my coverage is with another carrier which would more than likely become t mobile.

    • randoodle78

      My thoughts exactly. I’ve heard Tmobile has much better coverage and service these days. I’m still scared to give up my grandfathered unlimited data with Verizon to try out another carrier.
      Anyone know about Tmobile’s coverage and service in the Los Angeles area?

    • KR

      I had the same issue, until I honestly sat down and made some hard decisions/realizations.

      1. VZW is just not friendly to Android users, and there is only one way to change that. If you want the options and flexibility, you have to look elsewhere. Every time I read an Android article and see news about VZW, it’s refreshing to know I don’t have to suffer with it…it’s like an abusive relationship that you think you need, but don’t. In fact, my device came with the most recent update already, when shipped…I can get very used to that. I also enjoy the freedom of selection, which is integral to Android fans.

      2. Unlimited data really is holding more people back, than it’s actually helping, in many cases. Unless you’re a real outlier of a case, it’s mostly just a catchword which serves its original purpose– to attract customers. Only now, it’s retaining them. Review your average monthly data usage and compare. I found that I could rely on wifi that much more and simply adjusted a few settings to cache data on my heaviest apps, as opposed to using data because I could.

      3. If, like most people, you generally stay within xx mile radius of your home, then coverage everywhere is a bit overrated. No reason to be a slave to a carrier, if you’re not actually using the service you’re paying for. See what the carrier coverage looks like for you and other major areas around you and try to test it.

      Worst case, I’ve lived without a cell phone, before. I can deal with the rare instance of no coverage– once I encounter it, that is, as this has yet to happen. Needless to say, if I have connectivity 95% of the time, I wouldn’t call it game-breaking.

      4. 1/3rd the price of my VZW bill, no extra fees/regulatory charges, no contract, and I can upgrade/sell whenever. With a GSM device, you also have many more options, in terms of networks and buyers. In the case of T-Mobile, you also see a reduction when off the subsidy…you’re actually at a disadvantage if you buy outright, on VZW, which is crazy.

      Previously, I didn’t make the jump, because I was also nervous about the transition. Once you do your homework, you’ll see what works best, and that could mean staying. I’m glad I moved along and would’ve done it sooner, had similar plans/options existed. Looking back, VZW marketing is doing a fine job and they do have the coverage to back it up. However, they aren’t necessarily the best in town, once you comb over the details. It’s sort of the Apple-syndrome with carriers, when you think about it.

      • T S

        awesome, well thought out response and definitely something more people need to consider. definitely helping me open my eyes. thanks!

  • Shadowstare

    My wife has an og Razr and she loves the Moto X. When Moto Maker is available, I think that would be her choice.
    If it were me, I might get a G2, root it and install stock 4.3. But that’s me, i’ll let my wife make her own decisions.

  • RoadsterHD1

    I had the Bionic and upgraded to Droid MAXX. Bionic is now my media center to watch movies on my flat screen via HDMI out on my HD Station.

  • Nelly547

    I upgraded to the G2 and love it. The back buttons are very easy to get used to. The battery life is amazing (compared to the Gnex). I can go a full day without charging my phone and get about 4 1/2-5 hours of screen on time. I upgraded a different phone on our plan and then tranferred the phone to my line so I could keep my unlimited data.

  • j

    nothing. GNex still runs fine on 4.3, and next year I can grab an S4 or something for $200. The benefits of a new device are slim. Plus, service trumps all, so I will not leave vzw for tmobile whose coverage map is ridiculously small in comparison.

    • Alan Paone

      If my Gnex was still working, I’d still be using it. There’s no worthwhile upgrades out there yet.

  • Michael

    Moto X from GNEX on VZQ. I have 5 phones on my plan. Transferred Upgrade, activate phone switch Sims and retain unlimited data on 3 of my 5 phones. The wife opted for the Note 3.

  • Tim Swann

    I’m not sure just yet. I wanted to leave verizon and switch to TMO since they have unlimited still (I use over 6GB downloading stuff that can get flagged by optimum), but doesn’t TMO throttle over 2GB? and their LTE coverage is basically non-existent.

    The other option I’m considering is seeing if I can pick up the Moto X when it becomes available through Republic. Since I can buy it off contract there for $300 and it’s of the CDMA variety (Sprint though), I’m thinking if Verizon let’s me activate that phone on their network, then that’s a good option too, otherwise, I think I’m stuck paying full retail since I use so much data.

  • Dan Letsch

    Used an alternate upgrade (with my son’s line) transferring from my line to get the G2. I love the phone, and it is everything the Gnex was lacking. The battery life is incredible. I do not mind the features that LG put in, and once I put on Nova Launcher, it works very well.

  • Tay

    I don’t really know. I have a Droid RAZR, I’m due for an upgrade in January and I can’t decide between Samsung and the Moto X. Which phone would you people here advise me to get? And I don’t really care about TouchWiz, as I see that being a reason people criticize the S4. So help me folks.

    • Tim Swann

      think it depends on what you’re looking for in your next phone.

      • Tay

        I’m more of an average user. Just want a phone that runs smooth, decent battery, and camera.

        • Tim Swann

          then you’re probably fine going with either. For an average user you’ll probably enjoy either. With the s4 they touted a lot of extra features, but some would say they are more gimmicks than practical while everything I’ve read and tested out the moto x says that their extra features are more practical and their custom processor helps the device run very smooth

          if you go with the moto x, the camera should improve once they roll out the update past soak test phase. s4 takes good pictures, but kellex posted side by side comparisons of photos taken by s4 and moto x after the update and IMO I think the moto x takes a slightly better picture now than the s4, but that’s just one persons opinion.

          • Tay

            Okay cool. I just ask because it seems as if the majority of people here seem to think negatively of the S4, and I wasn’t too sure about the Moto X.

          • Tim Swann

            you might want to just google moto x v. gs4 and read the commentary for yourself. I know a few people who has the gs4 and there are things they like and things they don’t like. I don’t personally know anyone with the x so my opinion is based on in store demos and what I’ve read.

            I may buy the phone off contract to keep my unlimited, but I’m not sure just yet. Want to see what kind of bonus I get at work this year. lol

  • Dwight Crane

    I’ve been chompin at the bit for a new phone. I am using the original RazrMaxx and while it’s been a great phone compared to modern phones, it is quite sluggish.

    I will be sticking with VZW because I have unlimited and I will pay full retail to keep it. That being said, I’ve never been happy with VZW updates and I am waiting for a proper KitKat phone. Not sure the Nexus 5 is for me (not a fan of plastic feeling phones). I really like the build materials of Motorola

    I really want the Moto-X for the customization but if I am going to be stuck with a phone for a while, I want better specs and better camera. I’m hoping with the VZW launch of moto maker there will be more choices including bumping of specs (not likely I know).

    I am willing to go into next year because as bad as I want something, I want what’s better than currently out there.

  • dorkus

    Paid full retail for the Note 3 to keep unlimited on Verizon. The Note 3 is fantastic. A significant upgrade over the GNex regarding battery (~2 days, 6+ hours of screen), screen, size, and snappiness. Where my GNex would regularly lag, the Note 3 is ultra smooth. It just works. Didn’t take long to get used to the bigger size, either. Not sure I’ll ever be able to go back to something smaller than 5.7″.

    I thought I’d miss the stock Android experience, but I’m not having issues with Touchwiz. And being on Verizon, I’m already used to being behind on the latest version of Android.

  • guitarshredder87

    I updated to the Note 3 and do not regret it

    • guitarshredder87

      Figured I would add that I did want to switch to T-Mobile but my credit is shot from student loans and I would have to pay full price plus a deposit for new phones at t-mobile. Stuck with Verizon since I was approved for Verizon Edge.

  • A.J.

    I had a Galaxy Nexus and I already upgraded at full price to the G2. Best decision I could have made.

  • Rimers

    LEAVE! I was with Verizon for 17 years and finally just had enough. I was paying 158 a month for the old “unlimited” everything. T-Mobile stole me away. 80 bucks a month, new phone every 6 months if I want, and really good service (live in Evanston, IL). ADIOS Big Red.

  • KyleWay

    Verizon is really just the best option for me. They have the fastest LTE in my area, great coverage, and I talk for free to almost everyone that I need to call because they also have Verizon.

    That said, I will be hanging onto my G-Nex as long as possible. Holding out for a flagship phone with stock Android (though I won’t be holding my breath). Once I get to a point where I can no longer stand to use my G-Nex then I’ll get desperate for more options.

    • Tim Swann

      I’m kind of in the same boat at you, though I think I’ll cave and pay full retail before you will haha

      • KyleWay

        You’re right on that front Tim. That’s not even on the table right now.

    • George Davis

      You would be surprised at how close the new Moto phones are to stock Android, especially the Moto X. Check it out if you haven’t already.

      • KyleWay

        I still have a little while until my upgrade, but when the time comes I’ll definitely give it a fair shot. Thanks for the advice.

  • Boss As Hell

    I have absolutely no idea what I want to do. I would love a new phone, more specifically the N5, but I do not want to lose my unlimited data by switching carriers since I use Google Music everywhere. I almost want to upgrade to the Maxx but I don’t want the same phone as the wife. I’m so torn. Hopefully Kit Kat will bring some new life into the GNex.

  • adbFreedom

    “That period of time in late 2011 was easily one of the most exciting in the history of this site”

    Yes it was! I know the delayed launch was ridiculous, but it had me glued to this site day and night and honestly it was all worth it. The build up and excitement for the release was out of control at that time. I remember being able to play with a dummy phone that a Costco employee had tucked away during November was like winning the lottery lol. And yes battery life is bad, but Ive had 3 batteries that I switch out since the beginning. This phone received so much developer support and has treated me well for the last 2 years. Admittedly if you are not comfortable flashing roms, tweaking kernels etc. then you may have not had as much fun as I did, but to me that was half the fun. Little things like flashing new radios at midnight when the community came through with them kept the excitement going. I had the OG and it did start it all for me, but not until this phone did I get into manipulating code, creating mods and themes for roms and just tinkering with everything in general because I could always flash factory images and be up and running in minutes. As far as my next phone, I might just hold out to see what gets announced Q1 next year, I don’t know if I can leave the Nexus line but I don’t know if I can leave VZW also! /rant

    • MikeSaver

      I discovered Droid life in that period and have been on the site every day since

  • John Sanatar

    Got a Moto X on Verizon and used the trick to keep unlimited data. I am really happy with this decision, this is the perfect phone for me and I have a new Nexus 7 to mess around with 4.4 right when it is released.

    • John Sanatar

      Also, the place where I got my phone ended up giving my $70 towards the Moto X for my cracked screen Gnex and ended up giving me an employee discount too. Got the Moto X for just around $100.

  • zzz525

    I see a majority of people are leaving VZW for T-Mobile. What do people find wrong with AT&t? I’m looking to drop VZW, but I’m torn between the two

    • xXAaronSXx

      I dropped VZW for T-Mobile. Strictly for the $$$ and saving over $90 a month on 3 smartphones. Although I bought the phones outright. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with AT&T but by choice was all about the savings. My coverage in rural areas isn’t as good obviously, but I’ve been real satisfied so far. I switched back in May.

    • Dan Letsch

      I think the main thing is their plans are no different than you can get from Verizon. T-Mobile allows much cheaper plans. I could not switch to tmobile as their coverage here in Iowa is non-existent.

    • KR

      T-Mobile has a $30 month prepaid plan that fits nicely with a lot of users who mainly just want a data plan. If your area has coverage, you’re pretty much golden with substantial savings. AT&T, as Dan said, very much mimics VZW in their offerings.

      I wouldn’t say there is anything wrong, as that depends on the person, but T-Mobile is definitely moving in a direction that’s grabbing consumer attention.

      • Hothfox

        AT&T’s prepaid plans include 2GB of LTE data for $60. It’s definitely not as attention grabbing as T-Mobile’s prices, but it’s definitely better than Verizon’s prepaid offering, which does NOT include access to their LTE network. For those who can’t use T-Mobile because of crappy coverage, AT&T is the next best bet.

      • Tim242

        If only they would do something with their ocean of EDGE.

    • starnovsky

      What’s wrong with AT&T? Plans and prices.

    • PhoenixPath

      VZW/ATT may as well be the same carrier with different networks.

    • Tim242

      A lot of people on here claim they are leaving Verizon, but they never do.

  • leimeisei909

    I had a Droid X, then a Droid RAZR since it came out. I upgraded to an iPhone 5S, simply because Verizon didn’t have a good pure Android phone. Samsung phones are far too cluttered and far off from stock android. I would’ve bought a Nexus 4 had it been available, but all Verizon has is Moto junk and I have had far too many bad experiences with Motorola and their customer support, and I will never give them a dime again.

    • MikeSaver

      Interesting, even though Moto is now under new leadership you still hold the grudge against the old crew against the new one?

      Not criticizing here, just curious why the change in regimes doesn’t change anything for you.

      • leimeisei909

        I need to wait a year or two and watch the forums and see what people say about the new leadership and if it has had a positive impact on their customer service and device quality. There’s always the initial buzz about how cool their products look (as it was with the RAZR), but then 6 months in everyone realizes that they quickly fall apart, the radios stop working properly, it starts randomly rebooting, all of which have happened to me with the Droid X and RAZR line and I’ve had to have them replaced under warranty.

        I still love Android and I still proudly bring my Nexus 10 wherever I go, but the Android Verizon phone selection has just not done well for me in the past.

  • violator702

    Getting a Nexus 5 on T-Mobile prepay.

  • monkey082506

    I left Verizon unlimited and my Gnex for my MotoMade Moto X on AIO. Haven’t looked back since.

  • saimin

    I would pay full price for a N5 and stay on Verizon with my unlimited plan. If they aren’t selling the N5, then hello T-Mobile and their $30/month plan.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Upgraded to the absolutely stunningly fantastically powerful Galaxy Note 3; stayed with Big Red!

  • Matt R Carner

    My suggestion for those of you wanting to stay on VZW and still get subsidized phones: find friends and family and join together on a SHARE EVERYTHING plan. Ten smartphone lines ($400) plus 20 GB data ($150) plus est. $70 ($7/each) taxes and surchages is $620 divided by ten members is $62/each month per person for unlimited texts, calls, and data (go ahead, try and use all 20 GB per month) on Verizon LTE. That’s way better than T Mobile’s deal, AND you still get your device subsidized.

    I know there are a few of you freaks who can use 20 GB per month by yourself. This plan obviously won’t work for you.

    But for the 99.9% of customers who use their phones like a normal person – this is the way to go.

    Just saying.

    • Daniel Russell

      Just because I stream music and video while not on wifi doesn’t make me a freak for using something in the 8-10 GB range. I feel most on this site wouldn’t like this idea.

      • Matt R Carner

        You’re in the .1%. Congrats.

        • sirmipsalot

          Your argument is literally Verizon’s argument. It applies statistically, but not to most people on this site. Repeating it doesn’t make it any more appealing.

          • Matt R Carner

            Obviously impossible to prove either way, but I’d bet you’re wrong. I’d bet MOST people on this site (just like any other site in the world) could never reach a tiered data plan. I understand not wanting to give up unlimited. It took me over a year to pull the trigger, but I’m saving SO much money now, and also saving money for a bunch of family, and still get to enjoy the best cellular network on the planet. When it makes sense, it makes sense. I believe it was the right move for Verizon. The percentage of people who NEED unlimited data is too low to cater to. Simple.

          • sirmipsalot

            Like I said, your argument is literally Verizon’s argument as made to the public and their shareholders. Readers can draw their own conclusions.

          • Matt R Carner

            It’s not really an argument. Have you seen the stock prices and the increase in subscribers? It’s a fact.

          • UniBroW

            I have a lot of family on Verizon and they don’t use their smartphones how they want because they gave up unlimited data. I’m glad it makes sense for you and you’re saving money but Verizon didn’t switch to tiered data because it would save people money. They did it because it fluffs up their stockholders pockets because there are people that are willing to go to a tiered data approach under the guise of it being cheaper or adding to network stability.

            Seriously, every time someone tells me “oh, I can’t listen to Pandora or do this or that, etc” and continue to shell out money or try and figure out how to connect to any open wifi connection they can get their hands on because they are worried about using data I’m just outright stunned. I’d just as soon go back to a “dumb phone” than have a phone with limiited data with possible overages.

            It’s bad enough I suffer from “battery anxiety” I can’t imagine having to worry about data use.

      • Dan Letsch

        I am in the same boat. I have 35 minutes on a vanpool to and from work, and watch Netflix while on there. It usually adds up to 6-8GB per month. If there plans were like half the price for data, it would make up for it, but as of right now, it would add $60/month to go from what we have now (1 smart phone, 1 iphone (definitely not smart!), and 2 dumb phones with 10GB per month.

    • sirmipsalot

      Yes, for most customers, tiered data works fine. Verizon has made this clear.

    • UniBroW

      Just streaming music on t-mobile (switched to them on the 8th) with my Note 3, I’ve used over 10 gigs of music simply listening to Google Play music, doing a “few” speedtests to compare to my prior service (sprint) and downloaded some tv shows off of play tv/movies when on LTE to see how fast it would download.

  • tomn1ce

    Upgrading to a Note 3 at full price to keep my unlimited and delegating house duty to the G-Nexus.

  • DavinFelth

    I went ahead and got the LG G2 at full price this past weekend to replace my Galaxy Nexus. I was considering the Nexus 5 and swapping to AT&T, but the only thing that looked better about the N5 was the OS version. Specs looked better on the G2.

    I’m happy with the phone so far, feels like a good upgrade over my Galaxy Nexus (which I had numerous problems with over the life of the phone and makes me cautious of Samsung phones in the future). I’ll look forward to the Nexus in 2 years to see if it’s enough to want me to ditch my Unlimited Data.

    • Dan Letsch

      I am hoping that by then, VOLTE will be around and I can pick up the current nexus of the time on Verizon.

  • Blue Sun

    Leaving VZW for AT&T. Most likely the N5. My alternate device choice will be the Note III.

  • p0k3y

    Exactly 1 month left before I dump VZW and my crappy slow RAZR for ATT prepaid with a shiny new Nexus 5.

  • DanielP

    went to LG G2 from nexus for that $74.99 deal

  • Bradley Albert Nemitz

    I just bought an S3 off Swappa, and come February (when my contract ends) I’ll “test drive” a Nexus 5 on T-Mobile for a month to check out how good service is here. If it’s good enough, goodbye Verizon.

    • Steve B

      I did something similar. I bought a GS3 from ebay over the summer (upgraded from a Gnex) to hold me over until the Nexus 5 came out.

      You don’t need to wait til your contract is up. If you have a grandfathered unlimited data plan you can sell it for $200-300 on ebay and upgrade immediately. That’s my plan.

      • Bradley Albert Nemitz

        I can sell my unlimited data plan? I’m not sure I’ve seen that before. (If it matters, it’s on a family plan.)

        • Steve B

          From what I’ve read and been told, it doesn’t matter. It’s called an AOL (assumption of liability). You’re pretty much just transferring ownership over to somebody else.

  • Ben Murphy

    I just recently bought an S4 through VZWs installment plan to keep my unlimited. The Nexus 5 is very tempting and I may sell my remaining balance to switch to Tmo. The service here is just so spotty though. Decisions, decisions.

  • steve james

    G-nex to Note 3 here. I gotta say Samsungs skin loads it down compared to the G-nex, not near as big a jump as I was anticipating.

  • cmbeid

    Going to leave Verizon and get the Nexus 5. Probably will go to T-Mobile. Prices are fair and service seems good for my area. Not sure if I like the 2G access at my parents house though…

  • keeley991

    My wife and got out of are vzw contract and are now rocking moto x’s on at&t.

  • Raj Bhatt

    I bought an LG G2 to replace my GNex on Verizon, but I returned it even though it was great.

    I’m leaving my grandfathered unlimited data for the Nexus 5 on T-Mobile.

  • Z

    I don’t get why more people here aren’t planning on going with Aio. Tired of contracts = T-Mobile. Tired of contracts + T-Mobile has bad coverage in your area = Aio. It’s AT&T’s network for $55 a month.

    • Steve B

      I’m looking very closely at AIO actually. I think more people should give it a look.

      • Tim242

        AIO is going away, in favor of Cricket.

    • Isaac

      Are you using Aio? How is it?

    • Jérôme Besnard

      Tired of contracts + T-mobile has bad coverage + I don’t care about roaming + don’t need more than 2 gb a month (mostly on Wi-Fi) = Straightalk with ATT simcard (($45 a month)

    • monkey082506

      I’ve been on it for a month and I’ve traveled from Kentucky to Montana and I haven’t had a single problem. I’m on the $70 7 gig plan. I like it a lot, customer service is top notch too “have an Aio day!”

    • SplashMTN

      That’s where I’m heading. So far I’ve heard nothing but good things. I’d like to try T-mobile, but coverage is non-existent where I’ll be travelling a good portion of the time.

    • Jeremy Martin
      • BCoils

        yup, a quick search for “aio wireless” and you’re slapped with that link. Not ideal for those thinking about moving from the big carriers.

      • Zachery Schiller

        So? It’s no contract, what’s the big deal? If they shut down you just move to another place. Why not enjoy the good coverage and low price while it’s offered? It’s month to month now so forget getting “stuck”with a carrier that goes away.

    • MikeSaver

      what is the catch?

    • D-man

      how strict are they on the no-tethering rule. Anyone here using it?

  • Steve B

    Nexus 5 for me. Good riddance Verizon.

    Anyone looking to buy a grandfathered unlimited Verizon contract? I’ll be selling the second the Nexus 5 is available.

    • Indianajonze


    • WCM3

      Have you looked into the best place to sell grandfathered unlimited VZW plans? I’m probably in the same boat. 🙂

      • Steve B

        I’ve heard a lot of success from ebay. If you look right now they’re going anywhere between $200-400. That, plus selling your current device on Swappa and you could have upwards of $800.

        I was talking with Droidzilla about this a couple days ago and I think he mentioned another site. Let me see if I can dig it up. Stand by…

        • Tobias Kundig

          I wonder how much it will be worth in ten years or so? Could be nothing if carriers ever go back to unlimited or it could be worth a bit more if there’s only a couple left?

          • Steve B

            It’s only worth money here and now. Verizon will phase out unlimited sooner or later, just a matter of time.

          • Larizard

            Thanks for your detailed posts above. Was wondering if this will work with a family plan? I’m under my folks’ and we have 2 unlimited, 1 2Gb/mo, and 1 feature phone (i know..).

            Wonder how I can sell my data plan.

          • laheelahee

            Yes, you can. Same rules apply for the AOL. Just sell per individual line or get rid of everything as a packaged deal (if you want to move your whole family)

        • Ian Smith

          whoaaaa hold the phone – so i can sell my plan on ebay once i switch to t-mobile? do i lose my phone #?

          • Steve B

            This is tricky. You can port your number to Google Voice or to your new carrier. The tricky part is porting the number and requesting a new one from Verizon without triggering an ETF. This has to be done at the same time otherwise you risk voiding your current contract and Verizon will force you to pay an ETF. You can search XDA for how to do this successfully. Some people have issues, most are successful.

          • Ian Smith

            my contract is already up so i don’t think an ETF would apply. thanks for the advice. i am going to try to make some dough on this.

          • Steve B

            Oh, you’re good then. There’s no risk. Do you want to port to Google Voice? If so, go to the Google Voice settings page and attempt to port your number. It will tell you if it’s allowed (some area codes are not allowed, mine wasn’t). Once you initiate the port you need to request a new number from Verizon. Once you have your new number, list your plan on ebay and explain exactly what you’re selling. Look up how to complete an AOL on the Verizon website and you’ll be good to go. Then sell your device on Swappa (not ebay, they will screw you).

          • Ian Smith

            awesome. long-time swappa user but my Gnex is in no shape to be sold. will keep it for parts. but if i’m switching to t-mo why would i want to port my number to GV? or is that just a “place-holder”?

            my plan is to buy the N5 as soon as available for pre-order and then once received, set up my tmobile account that day w/ new phone in possession with a number port. i *think* that should work…

          • Steve B

            Well, the theory is if you port to Google Voice, you can keep your number forever, no matter how many times you switch carriers.

            What will happen is T-mobile will give you a new number. You will take that number and link it to your Google Voice number that you just ported.

          • Ian Smith

            ok, so GV will then be the complete way i control my phone #. i think i get this but i might just wait until the N5 comes out. is there a point with verizon in which i lose out on the ability to sell my plan? like if i transfer my number does my account automatically close? not familiar with timetables and wouldn’t want to screw this up since there is potential here.

            anyhow, thanks for all of the info – couldn’t find any specific XDA thread on this topic.

          • Steve B

            You’ll have to do your research. When you initiate the port, you have to be logged into your Verizon account and request a new Verizon number the second the Google port is successful. After this, your current Verizon plan will just have a new number and you can continue to use it until you get your Nexus 5.

            If you wanted, you could do this now. Once Verizon gives you your new number, you can link that to Google Voice and continue using it like you currently are. The only difference is MMS is handled differently (through email) so be aware.

          • keltypack

            I’ve used Google Voice for several years–and I love it. There are a couple of problems, however. 1) No MMS messages. 2) No international texting. #2 isn’t too big of a deal for me, but the lack of MMS causes pictures to get lost when they are sent to me. 🙁

            I currently use two mobile phones with Tasker installed. GV rings both phones and either my office, my home, or neither depending on the location of my personal mobile phone. I only have to give one number, but I do occasionally lose MMS messages.

          • Also add terrible voice quality to the list of GV limitations. I guess most people don’t really care about that anymore, but if you have to take professional calls, I’d avoid GV for voice.

          • GV over phone has pretty bad quality, but the G’Nex generally doesn’t have that great of voice quality (my OG Droid and my Xperia Play were better). GV over IP is actually pretty decent (not awesome, but pretty good).

          • A.Miller

            I’d love to do this, but it seems awfully complicated and lots can go wrong.

  • Sad GNex owner

    i dont know !!!!! Verizon is the best coverage, hands down. But no more unlmited data. No more new every 2 discount. No nexus 5…
    they are making it easier and easier to leave.
    will probably settle on LG G2.

  • jbdan

    My love affair with the GNex lasted all of 6 months. The first couple months rooting and aokp’ing was a geekfest it was awesome. I then let it go and jumped aboard the Galaxy line (S3). VZW ruined the GNex for me and it continued with the S3 as updates were painfully slow. Swapped to the GS4 and T-Mobile and felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Eagerly awaiting to hop back aboard the Nexus-Train with the N5 on Tmo

  • jjl207

    Going for a Nexus 5, probably with AT&T Service. We’ll move my finance and her mom off Sprint and actually save money with a share plan.

  • ballerrisktaker

    upgraded another line on family plan over the phone, when it shipped activated on my line and kept unlimited, no questions asked. My Moto X is what my GNex was striving to be in it’s final days.

  • ace

    Gnex to DNA to droid ultra, and now a note 3.

  • imHOWIE

    I had the RAZR. I was due for an upgrade in August and held out until September when the G2 came out and got it on day one of its release immediately after work. It’s a great phone and I love it. Beautiful display, full of options, amazing battery life, top of the line hardware. What more could you want? The biggest issue was losing my unlimited data. I’m still ticked about that, but it’s just the way things are going these days. I’m on a tiered plan now and still with VZW. I would leave them if they didn’t have the biggest network, but other people don’t really compare. Also, I am saving money by staying on my family plan with my brother and parents.

  • Var

    Upgraded from the G-Nex to the Dev Moto X, purchased the day it was announced.

  • Mike Aurin

    I had my upgrade from my GNex back in July…why did I get mine so early? But I went with the S4. Love every minute of it but will definitely sell it if Verizon miraculously ends up with the next Nexus.

  • Charles Nicolosi

    Considering I had to make an insurance claim, my Galaxy Nexus is now only a month old 🙂 I’m going to wait a while, but I’m very curious about the Nexus 5. I’ll watch the specs and wait for reviews and maybe wait 6 months before deciding.

  • Cody Diehl

    My android journey has been from original Dinc to RAZR Maxx. I’m tired of not getting the latest android updates so I’m planning on getting the Nexus 5 on T mobile ($30 plan, 100 min, unlimited text, 5 GB data). Icurrently have vVerizon’s 300 mb plan so this should be a nice change.

  • Michael Tate

    Previous Razr Maxx owner here … I upgraded to the new Maxx 3 weeks ago when Verizon had their ‘glitch’ allowing us to keep our unlimited plans. Couldn’t be happier with my choice!

  • Adam Truelove

    Nexus 5 on AT&T here I come!!


    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IDON”T KNOW. maybe an iPhone 5c?

    • Steve B

      Get out of here Ron.

      • MUTINOUS

        You know you want an iPhone 5c. Best phone everrrrrrrrrr! If you went from a BB to an iPhone, you would know how good an iPhone really is.

  • gtoo

    G2. Same as the Nexus, better in some respects, will get aosp ported over. No reason to leave Verizon and lose data. Would only consider T-Mobile $70 unlimited plan but their coverage is nowhere near as good. Will keep unlimited, keep best carrier network, and have the G2 with better camera and battery.

  • Jose

    I’m jumping from Galaxy nexus to nexus 5; crossing fingers for verizon; if not, i’m going with note 3.

    • Steve B

      I guess you’re going with the Note 3 then.

  • RedXander

    Got the Moto X during the unlimited data upgrade “bug” weekend. Love it so far.

  • RavnosCC

    gnex still going strong… been sitting on VZW upgrade for 3 months… bah. n33d n3xus… but the G2 calls to me. full price on swappa is around $500 :-/ not sure about the “tricks” to keep unlimited data either… decisions. gonna wait for n5 announcement and revisit.

  • SplashMTN

    I had the original razr until about 3 months ago when I dropped it and the screen spider-webbed (I beat the crap out of that phone for nearly 2 years so I wasn’t too disappointed). I upgraded(?) to a GNEX from Craigslist to finish out my contract through November.

    Then it’s Nexus 5 time for me!

  • Sergio Bridgett

    Gnex > Left Verizon > Note 3 T-mobile. Very happy camper

  • Brendon Maldonado

    On the OG Razr Maxx, looking to got to the Moto X, once we get Moto Maker (supposedly Nov 11), the Droid Maxx, or the Note 3.

  • XvierX

    Moto X on VZW. Bought one full of contract price but plan on returning it and going back to my RAZR M until motomaker is available.

  • gregba

    I’ll be getting a custom Moto X 32gb whenever it is available. Coming from a razr maxx

  • Eldorath

    As many others have mentioned, likely going to dump VZW, go with TMobile and Nexus5. Really depends on the coverage by Tmobile in this area… still need to get a trial from them to make sure service area will be fully covered.

  • TheRobotCow

    As much as i would want to leave Verizon and get the next Nexus, i’m not.
    T-mobile sucks around here and At&t is the same price as Verizon but seems to have better data speeds.
    I would like the Moto X but nah, for me it’s Nexus or nothing. Might switch to an iPhone and wait. My Gnex is becoming a laggy piece of crap that can barely last 6 hours, and no i don’t feel like spending $80 for an extended battery

    • ToddAwesome

      Check out the Sprint website, the extended battery is FREE! I got it a while back and it fits fine with the stock cover, on my VZW GNex.

      • Steve B

        Sprint is absolute crap. Stay away.

        • ToddAwesome

          I’m talking about the battery, the BATTERY.

          • Steve B

            Oh haha, nice.

          • ToddAwesome

            When you add the battery to the cart the price drops from $50 to $0.

    • Steve B

      Check out AIO. They’re an AT&T mvno, but much cheaper.

  • Eric Kyle

    Note 3, last week.

  • ceejw

    I tried the GS4 and One and returned them. Now I’m on a Moto X and absolutely love it. I don’t have to worry about losing unlimited since I’m on a large corporate plan that still has the unlimited plan available even when upgrading at subsidized pricing.

  • FelisLachesis

    My girlfriend is on TMo, I’m on VZW. I added two of my girlfriend’s daughters onto my plan on VZW, but after they screwed me over on a trade-in ($200 downgraded to $36, and I can’t get the phone back, instead), and no Nexus 5, I may hop over onto my gf’s plan and say goodbye to Big Red.

  • Duckie1217

    Probably the Moto X. Need something that will be popular for awhile.

  • razorwit

    I already canceled my Verizon contract early and I have a T-Mobile SIM card ready to go for the new Nexus 5.

  • sirmipsalot

    I was really excited to go with tmobile from verizon, but after having used a buddy’s One on tmo in my area, I just can’t. The signal penetration in buildings is shockingly bad here. I’m still waiting on something that’s unlockable and isn’t a horrific value (ie $650 for dev edition moto x). I’ll probably pick up a used phone in a few months.

  • Andrew

    Moto X via AT&T (already done)

  • W. Paul Schenck

    The Moto X looks real tempting, but I still like my GNex. I know you guys give crap for being worn out, but kind of like the OG, I love the plain vanilla. The only reason to dump it in my book is that the battery is wearing out. On the other hand, when Motomaker gets the wood backs I would definately jump for that.

    • pubmk

      Why not just buy a new battery. I bought two more and I swap all three out. One of the reasons I may be sticking with my GNEX for a while is that it’s the only stock phone with removable battery right now unless you fork over $700 for the Google Experience S4.

      • sirmipsalot

        Which is not available on Verizon. 🙁

    • pubmk
    • randoodle78

      I got the Moto X and it’s really great. I would say it’s almost a direct replacement for my old Gnex. Running close to stock Android with the exception of Motorola Assist, Active Notifications and their camera. All good though. I’m very pleased. You should go into a store and mess around with one.
      The battery life is soooo much better than the Gnex. I’m blown away.

    • GNex to LG G2 soon

      Yup. love my Galaxy Nexus. Went on ebay. extended battery $25.00.. in love all over agian lol

  • Bill Anderson

    Nexus 5. Leaving Verizon for pre-paid T-Mo (Hallelujah!)

  • Scott Smith

    I’m saying adios Verizon as soon as my contract ends in early December. I’ll likely end up with a Nexus 5 on T-mobile, but I might give Republic Wireless and the Moto X a try for 30 days. $299 for a no contract Moto X and a $25 per month plan is an attractive offering if you are on wifi most of the day, like I am. Still need to see what the Nexus 5 brings to the table though.

  • JakeNeves

    Ill be getting Nexus 5 or nothing at this point.

  • CompCrash

    Going to switch to T-Mobile as soon as the Nexus 5 is out. My G-Nex will be used to play with Ubuntu Touch.

  • ToddAwesome

    So torn by this, so torn. Can I stick it out a few more months in hopes we hear what next year will bring? God I hope so, in the meantime I’ll continue dreaming about killing my GNex with fire.

    • Blue Sun

      I’m not sure if you are running stock or not. I had great performance with CM 10.2 (10.3 has been quite buggy) & more recently with Shiny ROM. I also peform a Dalvik Wipe every other month to bring new life back to my GNex.

      I was in the same boat as you (RE: holding out a bit) till I figured out how much I would be saving per month leaving Verizon & adding a new line on AT&T on my wife’s account.

      • Hothfox

        Please tell me where you are finding CM 10.3 ROMs. 10.2 is the latest they offer – Jelly Bean 4.3.

        • Blue Sun

          Corrected. Been about 2 months since I’ve used CM & got a little rusty with the latest version number..

      • masamunecyrus

        With the latest Shiny (“Greatly improves data stability”) and Fancy Kernel BIGMEM (very little stutter relative to before), my Gnex is running as good as it ever has in its lifetime. Fancy Kernel BIGMEM legitimately makes it run smoother, and with the new Shiny, my radios can literally switch between wifi, 4G, and 3G in seconds.

        Shiny 10/11 (Android 4.3.1, JLS36I):

        Fancy Kernel BIGMEM pre44v3

        Verify Trickster MOD settings:
        TCP Congestion Control: westwood
        Read Ahead Buffer Size: 256
        Scheduler: sioplus
        Governor: ondemandplus
        Multicore Power Saving: 2
        GPU OC: 512 Mhz

        • Roberto

          Thanks for the tip. I was already on the latest Shiny. Flashed Fancy BIGMEM and now my g-nex is flying.

  • Benjamin Mackie

    Hopefully a note 3, gonna steal family members upgrade

  • they call me Rob

    If I stay with VZW, I’ll buy off contract and I’ll most likely get an HTC One. If I leave for AT&T (assuming they match the MAXX data plan that VZW offers me to leave unlimited), I’d be getting the Nexus 5. So far AT&T hasn’t stepped up top match so I’m in a holding pattern with my GNex.

  • Brandon Schlack

    Went from VZW Galaxy Nexus to Galaxy S4 I bought off Swappa. Realized that I hate Samsung’s TouchWiz (didn’t think it was THIS bad) and will be switching to AT&T with the Nexus 5.

  • ace

    Gnex to DNA to gnote 3.

  • Hunter

    Verion HTC One

  • Ian Smith

    Nexus 5, leave Verizon, hello T-Mobile

  • Robert Goulet

    To keep my unlimited data I purchased a lightly used Droid DNA off swappa, and it’s tremendous. Everything about this phone is miles better than the Galaxy Nexus. I think right around the time of the Galaxy S3 we reached a point with mobile processors where they’re “future proofed” to a much greater extent than many of the devices prior to it, the Galaxy Nexus included. My Nexus was starting to lag horrifically (Hangouts was basically unusable), meanwhile I have friends with S3’s who are still flying.

    • cmbeid

      I have noticed my Galaxy Nexus only seems to lag due to extremely low write speeds. Running the app LagFix (which runs TRIM) temporarily fixes the issue.

    • j

      4.3 brings the GNex back to life. I’m honestly good with it for another year at this point.

      • j

        It supports TRIM btw.

      • Abraham Kupelian

        not if you have a stupid verizon version. -_-

  • randoodle78

    Went from a Verizon Gnex to the Moto X Developer Edition. I’m glad I did. Didn’t want to lose my unlimited data so I paid full price. I can live with that. I REALLY wanted the N5 but that doesn’t look like Verizon will get it. Boo.
    I am loving the Moto X though! I thought I would miss a Nexus device but this phone is near perfect for me. I’m very, very pleased with it.

  • Apocalypticaly

    NOTE 3 on Oct 10th. I was losing 6% of battery on idle per hour with the Gnex, now with the note3, its maybe at .5% per hour. I had become so frustrated with 5-10 second lags when trying to perform basic functions on the Gnex. I guess the person I sold it to on ebay will figure that out pretty quickly.

  • Weber

    Moto X still on VZW. No regrets.

  • notechnomo

    leaving vzw for nexus 5 on tmobile, they have LTE everwhere i go in Cali.

    • Larizard

      Hmm man, how do you check LTE coverage (Tmo) in your area? I live inland..

  • droidftw

    My contract for my GNex doesn’t end for another year but I am going to T-Mobile and the Nexus 5 most likely. I’m going to try to get them to pay my ETF.

  • D.B.

    Leaving Verizon for the Nexus 5 on T-Mobile.

    • turdbogls

      same here. i am blessed with not making many phone calls, and living in a great t-mobile area.
      $30 unlimited plan here i come. Just waiting for the N5 to be announced is all that is left.

      • Scott Smith

        Data may be unlimited, but don’t you only get 100 minutes per month?

        • turdbogls

          yes, hence my “i am blessed with not making many phone calls” comment

          on average i use 65 minutes right now….over the past 6 months according to myVZW account. plus, with hangouts possibly (most likely) getting integrated VOIP, that is even less i will be using traditional voice calling.

        • Sjschwar

          5 gigs of 4g, then throttled

          • JoshHenry

            Thats better than 2GB of 4g then Charged $10 a gig @ Verizon.

          • I have T-Mobile post-paid plan (5 lines for ~$150) and I don’t get throttled at 5GB on my unlimited plan. What is this throttling that you’re talking about? Can you please elaborate?

          • Sjschwar
          • How did you find that $30 plan on T-Mo’s site? I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Do you have a link?

      • D.B.

        I am in the same boat. Barely ever talk on the phone so I can probably stay under 100 minutes but worst case scenario is paying 10 cents a minutes if you go over.

        • zachjen

          I left Verizon for t mobile and had that plan and there is no 10 cents a minute. I ran out of minutes and i don’t talk a lot. actually i hate talking on the phone but i digress. had to change to their post paid and love it. saving money and have unlimited which includes 2.5gb of tethering. Have a nexus 4 and plan on having the Nexus 5. Suck it Verizon!

          • D.B.

            I thought I read somewhere if you have extra money on your prepaid account you could pay 10 cents a minute for going over 100 minutes. Maybe I am wrong…

          • zachjen

            not sure about having extra money on account. I always paid the $30. Called them and there wasn’t any way to add minutes. Was told I would have to buy another $30 plan or any of their other plans.

          • Arnaud

            I have this plan and went over the 100 minutes. Yes it’s 10c a minute after that. Don’t forget to add credit on your account!

          • Arnaud is correct. As long as you’ve paid for/added credit to your account, add’l minutes are 10 c/min.

          • D.B.

            I saw this on Walmart’s T-Mobile site. Bottom right says: additional minutes avaiable at 10 cents/min.

          • D.B.

            I am trying to attach a picture but for some reason can’t do it.


      • Scott Wood

        Doing the same, but also so I can install Ubuntu Touch on the N5. No CDMA images for Ubuntu Touch.

    • Sandy Jones

      Thinking about the same.

    • Christopher Heuer

      Also considering this.

    • Michael Ouellette

      My wife and I are both doing this!

    • Allan

      Done deal. Already ordered a T-Mobile SIM. Just waiting for the N5 now…

    • Scott Smith

      I will probably do the same, but may decide to take Republic Wireless up on their 30 day free trial with a Moto X. $299 for the Moto X off-contract and their $25 per month plan is pretty enticing if you have good wifi coverage throughout the day.

      • dan0matic

        Me too!

    • Trevor Blain

      Same here. Probably going to go with their top tier plan, so I will probably end up with approximately the same monthly bill, but I want to avoid data throttling because I tend to use a lot of data. Feel free to correct me if my understanding of this is incorrect.

      P.S. – Hope someone from VZW reads these posts. You are hemorrhaging customers due to bad business policies. Terrible plan options and control practices that make phone manufacturers not want to support your network mean I as a consumer find little appeal to stay with you as a customer.

      • Jeff C

        something tells me vzw is content letting all us tech people go to other carriers. they wouldnt mind having all regular joes who overpay for data plans and never use all that they are allotted. saved them money.

      • 1MPR0BUS

        Being a realist, Something tells me that Verizon staring at their cool Q3 2013 Earnings of 30.28B ( B for Billion) don’t give a rats ass about a few thousand phone nerds (me being one of them) jumping ship because we don’t like they way they do business.

        • MrWicket

          sadly I’m sure this is spot on..

    • 1MPR0BUS

      I want to do this but the T-Mobile Coverage in my Rural Pennsylvania area is horrendously bad, so I either I keep my GNEX with my grandfathered unlimited data (Need this I tether often usually use 8-10GB a Month) until it dies in its fiery blaze or I throw out the shekels for a phone with an unlockable bootloader and good developer support.

      Power User Problems…..

    • dawn m. armfield

      Same. Verizon doesn’t have anything to offer me anymore (even though I’m grandfathered in to unlimited). I want the Nexus 5.

    • palomosan

      I’m a Nexus guy, unless Verizon gets support from the upcoming N5 I won’t be seeing red for a long time.

      • BulletTooth_Tony

        They won’t be. Their bands were not in the device the FCC approved.

    • rreich49

      Me too. I’m fortunate in that I’m in a good T-Mobile area and I don’t travel much.

      • Larizard

        hmm how do u check if your tmo coverage is good in your area?

        • rreich49

          There’s an app called “Coverage Map,” which gives you fairly good information on coverage area. Also, I ask T-Mobile users in my area what their experiences are and the responses have been mostly positive.

    • marilynbright23

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      incidentally for machines to execute. Just turn to this way to make your
      dollars… bay35.com

    • MafiaMM

      This is exactly what I’m going to do

    • Simon Belmont

      I guess this poll isn’t geared towards me (I own a GSM Galaxy Nexus
      and I use it on T-Mobile). However, I’m going to grab a Nexus 5.

      My G’Nex will become a trusty backup phone. It has been and continues to be great.

      • Arnaud

        Same here!

      • A.Miller

        Does the GSM GNex not have the same issues that the VZW GNex has?

    • Michael

      no you wont. your a verizon sheep.

  • EC8CH

    I’m chained to Verizon through my work, so if I can’t get a Nexus 5, I guess it’s a Moto X via Moto Maker unless something better comes along in the mean time.

    • decidedtochangename

      The Moto X is a great phone. I ordered mine on ATT for the 32GB more than the custom color. Been quite happy. Only reason I may drop it is for the N5. but even then I’m not so sure.

  • shecalledmejay

    Well, my second choice was the Moto X only when the moto maker wooden version is made available for verizon

  • KB

    Dumped Gnex AND VZW. Got me a G2 on TMobile and can now upgrade every 6 months.

    • randoodle78

      I was thinking of changing carriers solely for the N5. How is your service and data speeds on TMobile in comparison to Verizon?

      • BuzzKillington

        I’d like to know this as well; It’s exactly what I plan on doing. Probably going to try out the $30 unlimited plan and if I can’t deal with the low amount of minutes, I’ll just get the $70 post-paid unlimited plan.
        I’d still end up saving money compared to Verizon.

      • KB

        I live in an area where coverage is as good as VZW was. Just did speedtest getting 18Mbps Down / 9Mbps Up.

  • Warwick

    OG DROID to RAZR, a few months later went to the RAZR MAXX. For some reason bought the RAZR HD (non MAXX) Now on the Moto X.

  • MotoRulz

    Still have the Razr Maxx, bought the GN2 full retail last November. Want the Nexus 5 if a cow jumps over the moon and Verizon gets it.

  • Andrew Haus


  • Louis

    Went from the RAZR to the MAXX for the battery life and wireless charging. Wanted the Moto X before it was released but then I found out they Ultra/Maxx/mini were the same thing minus the on screen buttons. Just hope Motorola and VZW decide to update the software at the same time

  • JuBagel

    I’m on Verizon w/ Unlimited Data, so I bought the Droid Mini off ebay (New for ~$375), very happy, same specs as the Moto X with a smaller footprint.

    It should hold me over until I find a flagship phone I actually want…

  • IrishSid

    note 3. Without a doubt

  • George Fayad

    Changed jobs about a year ago so I got an early upgrade to a RAZR MAXX HD by getting a work phone. Wish i would have just said “i’ll use my own” so i could get the moto X now.

  • Mark Roan

    Left Verizon (GNEX Unlimited) for T- Mobile and got a N4. I’m going to buy a N5 and switch over to AT&T (LTE in Des Moines) until the rest of my family decides to leave big red, then I’ll go back to T-Mobile.

  • gbenj

    Nexus 5, Walmark T-mobile prepaid deal, finally taking the plunge. Unless someone talks me out of it.

    • BuzzKillington

      Do it.

  • Logan Jinks

    Switched to AT&T and got an Galaxy S4. Not looking back at VZW ever again. I will be looking forward to a Nexus device when my contract expires.

  • chaoslimits

    Waiting on the Nexus 5 reveal (hoping against hope). Probably the Moto X.

    • Adam Truelove

      Hoping that it will come to Verizon?? HAHAHAHAHAH, not gonna happen. Sorry, but there is absolutely no way.

  • jgemberton

    Waiting to see what, if anything, is going to be announced for the holidays. If nothing, then it will be a toss up between the MotoX (once there’s a 32GB version) or the Droid Maxx. Going to pay retail to keep unlimited. Other carriers aren’t really an option due to Verizon’s superior coverage in Michigan (and the fact they have repeaters in the buildings I work in).

    • JoeTi

      Went from GNex to Maxx. The battery life seems magical after the horrible battery life of the GNex. MOTO build quality (radio/antenna setup) keep the 4g on where my GFs S4 goes to 3g and my GNex never would have found 4g. LG G2 was my personal runner up but the X8 is for real. Camera/screen is not as good as the G2 but near stock ui and moto software sealed it for me.

  • napes22

    Dumped my GNex for a used Galaxy Note II. One of the best decisions I ever made.

    • slmhofy

      One of the best decisions I’ve ever made as well. I even just bought one for my girl to replace her Skyrocket. Which it itself was even better G nex.

  • Walter Partlo

    Why no poll?

    • Added poll.

      • socarwolverine

        Why is there no, “hurry up and wait” option?

      • Raj Bhatt

        It won’t let me vote for some reason. It goes right to the results.

      • Walter Partlo

        Why no free phone for Walt?

        • GentlemanScholar

          Added phone for Walt.

          • Walter Partlo


      • Bigwavedave25

        Where is the option for “use a work around trick” to keep unlimited and stay with Vz? Check.

      • Vince

        You should have a “Got in on the Glitch Sale” option on the poll.

      • Christopher A Ryan

        Kellix add upgraded with glitch as option 🙂

  • EDNYLaw

    Scout out T-Mobile service and dump VZW and save $70/month while gaining unlimited voice and messaging. Then pick up an Nexus 5.

    • BuzzKillington

      Are you talking about the T-Mobile $70 unlimited plan? What Verizon plan do you have now that costs you that much more?

      • EDNYLaw

        So, right now my mom and I have unlimited data on each line, and we share 700 minutes. I have 500 out of network texts and unlimited in network (which sucks because my best friend and my fiance both are not on VZW, hello Google Voice) and she has 250 texts. We pay like $165 per month. I have a Galaxy Nexus and she as my old Droid Razr. If we wanted to keep this we’d have to pony up and buy new phones (well me, she doesn’t really care) at full retail.

        On T-Mobile I can get 3 lines (me, fiance, mom) for $120/month. All lines are unlimited talk and text, one line is unlimited data (me), one line is 2.5 GB LTE (fiance, she’s never gone over that, ever), and one line of 500 MB LTE (mom, she only reads emails and stuff, she racks up about 60 MB/month). I also really like the fact that if you go over on T-Mobile, they just slow you down but don’t cut you off or charge you more.

        My fiance is on AT&T (grandfathered unlimited plus 1000 minutes a month) so once her contract is up, we can just unlock it and put in T-Mobile SIM card and I can get my mom a Nexus 4 for pretty cheap and I can pick up the Nexus 5.

        So basically, if all were to remain status quo except I wanted to upgrade my phone we’d pay $165/month to VZW (me and mom), $600 for new phone, $66/month to AT&T (fiance). So that’s $231/month plus $600 any time one of us want to upgrade. Versus, $120/month for 3 lines, plus $300-400 per upgrade. Granted, we have 3 unlimited lines now, but I’m the only one that ever uses even close to enough to justify it. So long as T-Mobile has good service where we end up moving, I’m pulling the trigger. Oh and by the way, that VZW amount was with a 19% discount from my previous employment, so the actual total (when VZW figures it out) will be $203/month bringing it up to a total of $269/month paying for VZW and AT&T.

        • BuzzKillington

          Sounds like you’ve definitely got everything figured out. I’m also on a grandfathered unlimited plan, but I’m the only person on it; paying $85 per month with a 22% corp discount. This is for 450 minutes/ unlimited texts/ unlimited data.

          If it weren’t for Verizon’s excellent network, I wouldn’t hesitate to leave, but I think this time, I definitely am. I just want the Nexus 5 so damn much and I’m really tired of Verizon business practices. So I think I’m going to try out the $30 unlimited plan on T-Mobile for a month and see how that goes. My biggest concern is the reception and the 100 minute limit; if it weren’t for nights, weekends, mobile-to-mobile on Verizon, I’d probably go over my 450 minute limit. VOIP is always a possibility, except I heard that call quality is spotty-at-best, while not on wifi.

          Another option is something that uses AT&T’s network like Straight Talk, but I also heard they like to throttle data. And then there’s AIO, except it was announced yesterday that AT&T is going to eliminate that company.

          Decisions, decisions.

          • EDNYLaw

            I’m planning on getting a cheap GSM phone to try out on their network for $30/month and we’ll see. If it’s nearly as good as VZW I’m sold. We’ll be around cities, never really going out to the boonies so I’m not concerned about that.

            I considered AIO but from what I recall it was $55/month for 2.5 GB LTE and it was throttled to 8 mbps whereas T-Mobile is significantly better. I had no idea AT&T was planning on eliminating the company. By eliminating, I’m assuming sell, and not just dissolve?

          • BuzzKillington

            To be honest, I’ve never heard of AIO before this thread. Checked it out and it sounded like a very real possibility until someone posted this: http://www.channelpartnersonline.com/news/2013/10/at-t-to-shut-down-aio-wireless-move-customers-to-cricket.aspx

  • BlackMaGiC1o0

    I’m gonna either upgrade to the Moto X when the custom builder comes to Verizon OR the Droid Maxx. I said my next phone has to have superb battery life and I think both these phones fit in that category.

  • NOCHnoch

    MotoX if I can get 32gb, otherwise Maxx

  • Rich D

    Getting an iPhone 5S. So sick of waiting for Verizon updates / having to unlock in order to get the latest software.

    • Droidzilla

      So you “upgraded” to a phone as feature rich as FroYo; well, not even that. Have fun having the latest “updates” with stuff Android had three years ago.

  • JasonWhite

    I bought the LG G2 at full retail. I used 17GB of data last month and I’m not about to drop down to 4 or 6. I want my freeeeeeedooooommmmmm!!!!!!!

    The battery life blows me away compared to my GNex. I’m pleased.

    • Andrew Haus

      I was amazed with the G2 battery coming from the gnex. Feels good to not have to worry about having a charger around constantly. Plus the LTE actually connects

      • JasonWhite

        I know, right?!?!

        This was from Sunday on into Monday. I used it somewhat lightly. Texting, Facebooking, a phone call, some Asphalt 7 racing, and took/edited some photos. This would NEVER have happened on my Gnex.

        Oh and 4G was on this entire time. No wifi.

        Sheesh! Wow.

  • Brandon

    Moto X via Moto Maker (when available for VZW)

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      I should have waited for wood.

      • Adrynalyne

        Thats what she said.

        • PhoenixPath

          How do I get chili out of my keyboard?????!?!

          • Adrynalyne


        • ⓂMarikel Lika

          notice how everyone stopped upvoting after it hit 69 upvotes…

          • Adrynalyne

            Ah, they made a liar out of ya!

      • Warwick

        I was impatient as well. I recently put the Skinomi light wood skin on my X and it came out pretty good.

        • TheDrizzle

          For At&t? Are the wood ones available?

    • Jeff Mowbray


    • TheKaz1969

      one more GNex owner waiting on Moto Maker on VZW (with a 32gb option, hopefully)

    • carluverdrm2004

      Same here, I’m not worried about unlimited data, and I’ve been trying out different color combos for a few weeks on the Motomaker website. Ready for November 11th.

  • deadsix

    Have a GNex and I’m going to get the Moto X once Verizon gets Motomaker

  • MisterFrancisco

    RAZR owner here, I’m really looking forward to see what the Nexus 5 will bring. But aside from that I’ve only really considered the Moto X to possibly be my next phone.

    • MisterFrancisco

      Oh and I’ll likely head over to T-Mo :/

  • Cory_S

    Dumped the Gnex for a GS3 which I dumped for a Nexus 4 which ill dump for a Nexus 5

  • J84

    Not the Nexus 5???

  • Collin Chapin

    Already got rid of the Nexus for a DNA… and already got rid of that for a Moto X…

    • randoodle78

      If you don’t mind me asking, why? What was the Moto X lacking for you?

      • rawfulwaffles

        He got rid of the DNA for a Moto X…

        • randoodle78

          Oops. I’m glad someone is paying attention (because I’m not!)

      • Collin Chapin

        No I said that I upgraded from the DNA to the Moto X.

        I’m very happy with the Moto X… the only thing I would want more is the Nexus 5 if it does come with a huge battery.