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NVIDIA CEO Hints at SHIELD 2, Should be Powered by Project Logan


In a recent interview with Engadget, NVIDIA’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang was asked if the public could expect a new rendition of SHIELD sometime in 2014. Jen-Hsun replied that we should all expect a new SHIELD anytime a new Tegra chip is released, which should actually be fairly soon. NVIDIA already announced that the next Tegra chip, codenamed Project Logan, will be the first Tegra chip based on the same “architectural sophistication” that you see in a PC platform today. 

Jen-Hsun goes on to state that he would love the next SHIELD device to be the “first customer” of Project Logan, so could we see a SHIELD 2 in time for next year’s CES? This past January, NVIDIA unveiled Tegra 4 in addition to SHIELD, but unfortunately the device didn’t make it to the mass market until a couple of months ago. With a $300 price tag, and a PC streaming software launched in beta, we know that not many people were standing in line for this device.

If SHIELD 2 comes with Tegra 5, and its major bump in specs, would you reconsider your position on this device? Let us know what you would want to see in a SHIELD 2.

Via: Engadget

  • shield

    I use my shield everyday easily the best portable system I’ve ever used. You can do so much and 299 is petty change for all you get..

  • Killbot

    I love my shield and I still play it every day. I like the idea of a new shield with project Logan (tegra 5) in it because the Logan will have more processing power than a PlayStation 3i just wish they would give us some kind of trade in value or allow us to send in our current shield for the upgraded chip. those of you who think that the shield is a flop is dead wrong as soon as you play one you will know that you have been missing out.

    • kitkatkountry

      the market says it is a flop, not just the people here at DL

  • Rob

    I’m still happy with mine.

  • Goldenpins

    Maybe, in Tablet form , not game form. I will already will have a PS4 with games by the time that comes out.

  • Pierito

    The Shield 1 came out? lol

  • Mr E

    I’ve gone back and forth in my opinion on the shield, but have to admit that if money were no object, I would probably get one. That said, I’d be interested in seeing either a larger display or a form factor more like a PS VIta.

  • rutgersjaffo

    Much like the first…I can’t wait to not buy this.

  • Jason Downing

    To me, it’s a glorified gameboy. I don’t know how well a handheld device will actually do. I think people rather just play games on their phone or gaming system (PS or XBOX)

    • Freedoooom

      Good for you, to me its a companion device to a GeForce graphics card, which is what it was designed for.

      • Jason Downing

        well good for you too? no need to take it personally

  • Radgatt

    I’m betting this will have a screen that slides out like wolverine’s claws.

  • Real articles please

    who cares this is a stupid device!

  • Tyler Bowden

    Oh ya, almost forgot about the shield.

    “the device didn’t make it to the mass market until a couple of months ago.”

    Couple months old and it’s already forgettable?

  • Droidzilla

    Inside footage:

    • n11

      Next time, if you activate the invisibility cloak feature, why don’t you leave it on in case of an ambush. Oh, and leave the radars on as well for the same reason.

  • Godzilla


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  • thebot

    Needs a better price tag and more compatible games

  • Hans Dirk Kwazneski

    …because the 1st was a booming success…