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Droid Life Show Episode 39 can Serve as Your Nexus 5 This Weekend


On episode 39 of the Droid Life Show, which went down this week, we had a lot of Nexus 5 and Kit Kat rumors and leaks to lead the discussion. Those topics only sparked others, like whether or not this next Nexus is important enough and how Google wants us to think about its flagship phone line overall. And are Nestle and Kit Kat trolling the hell out of us?

Outside of Nexus chatter, we also talked about losing your unlimited data through a letter from your carrier, how ridiculous it is that Nike continues to drink Android hater-ade, and why the HTC One Max exists. We threw out some apps and games of the moment as well. There is plenty there to take you into the weekend.

We’ll be back live on Wednesday night at 6PM Pacific! 

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  • AnotherAndroidKid

    Just wanted to correct you in your part of the show about fitbit.

    You have to do more than wait for 4.3 on the motox to get it working with the fitbit app. The GNex is running 4.3 and it doesn’t work because the app checks for the device type and only their short list of devices work with the app, even though you’re running 4.3 with BT4. Of course having a rooted device and changing 2 lines of code fix this (tricking the app and everything else into thinking it is a s4 or s3.

  • mark

    Oh Ron you big fool…. I guess that wall garden apple has you locked in can’t see anything outside….

  • JeffColorado

    Neck beards need to be outlawed. They have never looked good on anyone, ever. They are a crime against nature.

  • kyle

    Ron has a point…The truth hurts!

  • Pdiddy187

    Ron is a hardcore Christian that drinks (proven to me on Twitter). And he’s too drunk to see the light. 😛

  • aDROIDfreeworld


  • Yaniv

    Great show guys’ beside..you know what. If a new Nexus 5 with Android 4.4 coming out isn’t enough to excite an Android fans, what is?!

    iRon did it again.

    Sadly sometimes this makes me want to stop watching this.
    This is not “Androids rage about the apple fanboy” At this point it’s just annoying.

    *Sorry for my English.

  • G.Jetson

    Has Eric joined the Taliban?

  • LewisSD

    Com on Ron…. You’re sticking you neck way too far out of that walled garden you are trapped in. You don’t even have that great of an argument. Did you ever consider the price point of the Nexus 4? Nope. I am not one for trying to get someone fired, but you need to help yourself out next time you want to bash on the Nexus 5…..

    • Starting at 30:39 I specifically addressed the price as a legitimate reason to want a Nexus device.

      • LewisSD

        I stand corrected. I just didn’t make to far enough in the argument as I skipped past it after the about 8 min. Going back and listening to the entire Nexus “argument” I noticed you did backtrack a lot from your initial argument/Nexus trash talk. I dont think the majority of people were able to make it past that first few minutes when you came out swinging at the Nexus. Nexus 5 hype is at an all time high right now and a lot of this hype is bringing new and regular readers/listeners to DL to get your guys opinion on all these leaks, I doubt they want to hear that the Nexus line is not a bit deal.

        • I don’t know that I backed down as much as I explained why I don’t think the Nexus 5 is a big deal. It’s not that I don’t think it’s a good phone, but rather that it should be pushing the envelope more like the Nexus One did. It’s not trash talk. I want to see Nexus mean more than it does today.

          • LionStone

            The Nexus 5 hasn’t even been announced so how do you come to the conclusion its not a big deal? With what we do know, the S800 brings LTE-A capability which futureproofs the phone quite nicely. The OIS cam and built-in wireless charging, etc. also certainly pushes the envelope.

            The Nexus is an affordable, unique world phone designed for development (unlocked bootloader), crosses platforms (Hangouts), brings powerful mobile payment services with Google Wallet (send $, tap to pay) which is way more than Touch ID which only lets you pay for itunes, books and apps. If you think outside the box you may be able to see why the Nexus program is relevant and important. It may not move as fast as some would like in some areas but we here fully support it.



  • LionStone

    Talking about the One Max:
    Best line of the show, Tim, “Gonna feel like a spaceship in your hands, that’s awesome!” 🙂

  • Kyle

    Okay, Ron. The “My next phone is going to be an iPhone, but you should buy this” thing was funny for a while, but you are really starting to annoy me in the Droid Life Show. We all have our own opinions, but for an Android blog, you’ve got to be a little less outspoken about yours.

    • Kyle

      P.S. I DON’T think Ron needs to leave, and I think all of you that said so should feel a little ashamed at yourselves. Your opinions are just one side of the coin, and all opinions are meaninglessness if they can’t be criticized.

      That said, I don’t think Ron’s opinions are wrong, so much as they are presented too narrow-mindedly. An opinion is an opinion, and nothing more. I want Ron to stay, he just needs to make sure he understands the Android fans’ opinions equally as much as his own.

      Please be a little nicer Droid Life fans, we’re better than this.

  • John Smith

    the huge white ball microphone and bad facial hair are very distracting. and the bad facial hair also includes the kid with the Amish beard.

  • ToddAwesome

    Dude, shave that mess off your face, go outside and get some sun, do something with yourself!

    • Gnex

      “Dude, shave that mess off your face neck”

      There, I fixed it for you.

  • Silver Veloz

    …..and don’t forget to watch Tim’s Pantry Ghost around the 30:30 mark. He said he was alone and what were we talking about.

  • Zachary Wood

    If you follow how kitkat is posting its countdown photos, it counts down to Googles “Google play ONLY…” event and you know Google has that “one more thing(taking it from Steve jobs) ” idea going on to surprise everyone. What’s the chance they have an event the day kitkat counts down to the day, “accidental nexus 5 posting, and no other events going on this month. Its coming on the 21st. Promise!

  • Tim242

    Send Ron packing! He’s too out of touch to be relevant.

    • Thomas

      Good to you again friend. We have spoken, but will Kellen listen??? *holds breath*

  • Miki

    Please shave the neckbeard.

  • HerpDerp

    Please get rid of Ron. He has no idea what he is talking about.

    • emmagardner342

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  • Ahmed Dada

    How about from a developers perspective? This is a FULLY unlocked and rootable phone. Being able to develop apps on a cheap device, especially for a new developer could be what their going for.

    Also, its a DAMN sexy device and I cannot wait for it

  • Butters619

    Oh Ron. Don’t be so butt hurt.

    Also, if you want to see what their sales numbers are, from the looks of this info-graph it outsells every other Android device besides a handful of Samsung phones.


    • NexusPhan

      Ron proved to me today that I don’t want to watch these anymore. He is condescending and out of touch with Android users. I don’t want to hear his whining. He’s an iPhone bigot. I made it to 26 minutes. Last one for me for a while. Sorry Kellen.

      • Thomas

        Glad folks are starting to speak up. It’s time for Ron to go, he is totally ruining this show for a lot of folks. Kellen, please listen to your readers on this. Thank You.

    • Based on count Google’s devices (assuming that’s what “it” means) are actually not in second place. View the original graph here and switch from screen size to count: http://opensignal.com/reports/fragmentation-2013/ Based on Open Signal’s data Sony-Ericsson (which doesn’t even exist anymore) is actually second to Samsung in terms of sales.

      Yes, I use an iPhone, but that has nothing to do with whether or not the Nexus program is as good as it could be.

    • tyguy829

      Actually he didn’t even get a fingerprint scanner. He bought a 5C! LOL!

  • El_Big_CHRIS

    I’ll catch up on this. I tuned in when Ron was going at it with Tim. I want to see how it started

    • Tim242

      Ron being Ron…a total jerk.

      • At least your distaste for me is nothing personal, right?

        • Tim242

          You are out of touch, irrelevant to this site, and argumentative.

          • Gnex

            Shots fired pew pew

        • NexusPhan

          Nothing personal on my end. You’re more than entitled to your own opinions, I’m just sick of hearing you whine about them on this android focused blog. It’s just not the place.

        • Butters619

          You just seem to be arguing just to argue in the video. Making a point or a counterpoint is one thing, but you sound like the kid saying “I’m right. Your wrong. I’m right. Your wrong,” over and over. I feel people throw fanboy out too often, but that really is what you are being. It’s like when I joke about IE with a friend and just unjustly trash it, but at least he knows I’m joking. You aren’t though.

        • Butters619

          Also, you say Google doesn’t even need to do an event for this because it’s just an “incremental” update, but you get a bigger/better display, the addition of LTE, a better camera, more storage, and a new version of Android. That’s a MAJOR upgrade in my book.

          Or let’s relate it to Apple. Do you remember the iPhone 5? You got a bigger (not even better) display, LTE, a better camera, and a new version of iOS. Sound familiar? I’m sure you weren’t opposed to Apple making that announcement. But what about the 4->4S? You got a faster processor. Did that deserve an announcement? By your standards, they should have done a silent press release.

          • I didn’t say Google doesn’t need to do an event. I said I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t do one because the Nexus 5 is not substantially better than the Google Play editions of the HTC One and Galaxy S4. Compared to the last “Nexus” class devices, the Nexus 5 is a minor upgrade. I don’t care what Apple did. I didn’t mention Apple at all when we were discussing the Nexus 5 on the show. I want to see the Nexus program mean something more than it does right now.

          • Butters619

            Maybe Google should be more clear about what their Nexus line means, but AFAIK it’s the first normal sized phone (less than 5″) with a Snapdragon 800 in it. That’s got to count for something. Also, IMO, it is substantially better than the GPE devices, if for anything cost. GPE devices offer top tier hardware but at top tier prices. The Nexus 5 brings top tier hardware at insanely reduced prices.

            I get that maybe Google hasn’t been so clear as to what the Nexus line means anymore. Maybe it really is just about offering cheap pure Google phones to all the nerds that want one. Why does it matter? Google does all sorts of things with no direct end goal in sight. That’s sort of there thing. In the DL Show it just comes off like you are unjustly trashing them, regardless if that was your intention or not.

          • Butters619

            Or maybe is Google is so passive about it because they don’t want to impact OEMs too much, considering Samsung has looked at other options and they own an OEM. If Google wanted, I’m sure they could get it on carriers and market the hell out of it, but surely that would impact Samsung and Motorola. Why not just leave it as a pet project.