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Verizon Galaxy S4 Already Rooted After VRUDMI1 Update

verizon galaxy s4

Some of you were probably holding off from updating your Verizon Galaxy S4 to the latest VRUDMI1 build until someone had rooted it, am I right? Hold off no more. “Root de la Vega” by @OpenGears (ported to the GS4 by @BeansTown106is now available for download. It requires Odin and a set of very specific steps to accomplish the task, but I’d imagine you are up for it if keeping root is something of importance.

You can find the file and instructions below, but I’d highly recommend hitting up the XDA thread for support. 

File Download:  rootdelavegajfltevzw.7z


How To Enter Download Mode

Method 1: in command prompt or terminal enter: adb reboot download
Method 2: Pull the battery out, unplug the usb cable, reinsert the battery. Hold Volume Down + Home + Power. Follow the instructions on the screen.

Rooting Instructions

Remove the external sdcard (if you have one)
Boot into bootloader mode (see methods above)
Flash VRUDMI1_Root_de_la_vega_jfltevzw.tar.md5 with Odin v3.07 (put in PDA slot, don’t change any other settings, click start)
Let your device fully boot after flashing has completed
Copy the contents of Rootfiles.zip to the root of the internal storage

  • /My Computer/SCH-I545/Phone/
    • root_de_la_vega.sh
    • root_files (folder)

Reboot (very important!)
After fully booting delete the files from the internal storage that were added previously

  • /My Computer/SCH-I545/Phone/
    • root_de_la_vega.sh
    • root_files (folder)

Reboot (extremely important!)
Reinsert the external sdcard (if you have one)

That’s all! Enjoy Root!

Via:  XDA

Cheers Steve and Open1Your1Eyes0!

  • miles

    Doing this just fried my phone…what the hell did you guys put in that zip…and yes I did everything 100% correctly

  • Anonymous

    Well, I used this method. Now I need to unroot to install the newest OTA update. Any ideas?

  • neha

    If you are not rooted automatically then you can use the following method to root your galaxy S4.

  • kidbudi

    Is vrudmi1 the 4.3 update?

    • Fubecão

      No, VRUEMJ7 is the 4.3 update.

  • dan

    hey do i need to unlock my bootloader in order to root my phone for this procedure? ive been looking for an answer to this question and i cannot seem to find the answer anywhere

  • Ryan Hargrove

    file doesn’t work. not an md5 tar file. help?

  • Ryan Hargrove

    the file is not a md5 tar file. it ends in .7z will not load. fails after a few seconds of attempting to flash odin. please help. phone currently bricked

  • Brad

    I was rooted before this update and it forced the OTA update onto me. Now I’m in VRUDMIL with no root access. Can I still use this method to become rooted again?

  • Trilandun

    So can an aftermarket ROM be installed after a recovery is put on using this method?

  • Jeff

    My S4 was basically stock and rooted, and I use SuperSU as well. Turned on Survival Mode in SuperSU and took the OTA this weekend. Still had full root post-OTA, no need to re-root at all.

    • Casey

      Did you keep an sd card in when you did this? I’m fairly new to android and want to be certain I am doing this correctly. Simply turn on Survival Mode after purchasing SuperSU Pro and then close all apps and take the OTA?

  • Asianflavor

    @droid-life…it’s not opengears, it’s designgears.

  • Ryan Goldsmith

    can i install cwmr after rooting using this method.

    • Stylz

      You can install SafeStrap, it works just as it did on ME7. To me a recovery is a recovery. I can’t answer for CWM. I personally installed SafeStrap on MI1 and all is good.

      • Ryan Goldsmith

        are you running a 4.3 rom?? thats what i’m trying to do but can’t get a decent set of instructions anywhere…

  • 21chip

    Well, It updated and you get root. But You Will Not Get Any WiFI tether. Foxfi or hotspot!!!!! Anyone have a fix?

    • Jimmy Leang

      Im glad i didnt update yet. I use it religiously. Keep me updated.

      • Mike

        Well FoxFI works after the update, no root required. To get past the pop up just hit the home key and tether on.

        • 21chip

          How did you get your wifi and wifi tether to work?

        • Jimmy Leang

          I guess im more worried about all the mods i had with Xposed. Will those save or will i have to redo it all again? And more so, what will happen if i update when i am rooted? I will lose root and just have to redo it?

        • jesse demers

          thank you for the tip. the home key does work

        • John Fragoulias

          I did that and it still does not work after the 4.3 update.

    • Justin Bontrager

      First thing I did is try tether after the update and it worked. It’s called Fast WiFi Tether Free. No root needed. When it pops up with subscription check, click the home button.

    • Mindchatter13

      I’m having the same wifi tether issue. Doesn’t matter what wifi tether app you use, Samsung had it blocked thanks Knox!

  • mecevans

    Ota rootkeeper work?

  • rthvk

    I think Verizon just feels bad about the fact that nobody cracked the VRUAME7 bootloader

  • Mike Aurin

    Anyone get the OTA yet? I’m rooted and every time I try and pull the update it says Verizon Software Service is unavailable. Can’t get around it.

    • Justin Bontrager

      I had to use ODIN and flash the update rom, 1.8gb. It was no wipe rom.

  • Taylor Abrahamson

    Root, yes. But Bootloader unlock / bypass… nope :/

  • Bigsike

    I ask anyone with the S4 and using this new root method to give a thought to donating to the devs. It was originally created for the Note 3 and I know they put in a ton of work. #GoDevs!

  • Pierito

    YIPPYYYYYYY!!!! for whoever owns this phone anyway lol