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Official Android 4.3 Update Reportedly Rolling Out to Galaxy S4 Devices, Brings Galaxy Gear Support

Galaxy S4 Galaxy Gear

According to reports from Europe and SamMobile, Samsung is currently pushing out the official Android 4.3 update to the international Galaxy S4 (GT-I9505), with a ton of new features included inside. The biggest feature, for anyone who is a fan of Galaxy Gear, is new support for Samsung’s smartwatch. Once this update goes live for all, the GS4 and the Note 3 will be the only two devices able to support the wearable. 

In addition to the support for Galaxy Gear, users will see OpenGL 3.0 support, TRIM support (which should increase the device’s output performance), KNOX implementation (bootloader and application security enhancements), improved RAM management, improved display color reproduction, an updated Samsung keyboard, newly released camera firmware, plus a ton of other goodies. The list is actually quite large, so be sure to check out the full changelog by following the source.

If the reports are true, and Samsung is finally rolling this update out, this means that the American variants could see the update before long. Once the code is released by Samsung, then each carrier begins their process of approving and testing, which could take some time. At least you can all sleep well knowing that Verizon, above all others, will make sure this Android 4.3 update will run flawlessly on their high speed network. *joke*

Even with Kit Kat on the way, it’s still a good time to be a GS4 owner.

Via: SamMobile

  • JungEnd

    I updated (OTA) my VZW Galaxy S4 to 4.3 yesterday. There is a bug that I confirmed with VZW support that affects BT connection to car stereos (at least audio, I don’t use phone too much). If that is important to you, then I suggest waiting until that gets patched. TLDR: 4.3 update can break car bluetooth!

  • Andre W.

    I love my gear can’t wait till the gear 2 it can only be better then the first

  • ida Branner

    what about GTI9500???

  • Drew

    Screwed by the T-Mobe! Let’s get it on for my damn HTC One! Frack!

  • Rich Flores

    I’m on Verizon and just checked, and my phone is downloading the update right now.


  • Tatsuo

    Wish they’d remember note2 owners

    • sk3litor

      This x1000. What are you thinking Samsung? Still their 2nd best phone and we get no love.

    • michael arazan

      Or GS3 owners.

    • Maliceful

      Side load Galaxy gear app to device and you can access most features without any extra labor including the phone, contacts, picture automated transfers from the watch, and much more…or go the root and rom path and get full access with minor bugs today (do so at your own peril).

  • Tony Byatt

    Ron still thinks Gear is ugly…

  • crazed_z06

    Wish the gear didnt cost so much. I’d buy one just to piss off haters.

    • Ej McCarty

      I bought one and I love it. And the battery is much much better than they say. I’ve used it all week and it’s at 45 % I just turn it off when I get home from work or school.

      • wmsco1

        Works Great in car.. Hand Never left the steering wheel and didn’t have to fiddle, with getting the phone out. Just one finger answer.

  • Droid Ronin

    I’m going to assume that the Galaxy S4 GPE, which has had 4.3 for a while now, still will not support the Galaxy Gear.

  • droidrazredge

    Hopefully this means the S3 4.3 Update is not to far behind….. I guess it all depends how Verizon handles this update. Most likely it will arrive 6 months from now after the soak test. I am assuming an April 2014 release date for the S4 and and July 2014 Update for the S3.

    • Mike White

      Unfortunately that will probably be the case. By then most GS3 owners, myself included will be upgrading their phones so it won’t matter anyway. It’s frustrating that I’m mostly happy with Verizon’s service, with the exception of their update process. I really hope the Nexus 6 next year is LTE

      • droidrazredge

        Yup, that’s the unfortunate thing by the time the update comes most people will be off of their 2 year contract and be eligible for a new phone. Hopefully VoLTE and the AWS spectrum will allow Nexus phone to be on Verizon’s Network once again.

    • michael arazan

      I’ve been seeing that the Note 2 and Gs3 might be getting updates in November on other sites

  • Pedro

    Yeah! I can use the Gear with my Nexus.

    Oops. Never mind. Shame.

  • Logan Jinks

    Hope AT&T pushes this out soon. Last update was released pretty quickly.

  • Ben Landwehr

    Nice! With Verizon recently just having a non 4.3 update on their S4, Verizon should have this by next year, just in time for everyone else to get Android 4.6-5.0.

    • monk

      yea I am so upset I want that 4.3 update

  • Ray Gray

    this might hit verizon by next year!

    • mabelgreenly34

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