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Verizon Launches Same Day Delivery Pilot Program in Philadelphia

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This morning, Verizon announced an exciting way for online shoppers to receive their newly purchased device(s) faster than ever. With the introduction of a same-day delivery option, customers that order a phone before 10am and select the same-day option, are guaranteed to have their new device before 7pm that evening. 

The cost for this service is $20, and as of right now, the program is only available in Philadelphia. Verizon claims that they are to push the service to other markets including New York City, San Francisco, and Pittsburgh. The option closest to same-day is Verizon’s overnight option for new devices, which currently costs $15.

Major online players have been pushing the same-day service for a bit now, with Amazon, Google, and eBay leading the charge for consumers. Verizon’s offering is a pretty forward-thinking step if you ask us.

If given the chance, would you select same-day delivery for your new Android phone?

Via:  Verizon

  • master94

    BS, VZW promised 40mbps internet over 10 years ago and some areas there dont even have DSL. Dont believe VZW will keep it’s promise. Probably even arrive late knowing them

  • robotturkey

    they offered it to me yesterday when i ordered a 5s for a sibling and im in nj not philly

  • sk3litor

    Cmon people get some sunlight and just get in 20 minutes for free at the store.

  • Larry the Toucher

    Same day shipping huh? Will your logo be all over that too Verizon?

  • MJ

    No… I am the type who chooses the free super saver option on Amazon every time as I was born before 1990 so have no need for instant gratification.

    • ThisGuyIsDumb

      im older so im soe mach kewler den all yalls.

      Yeah, next you’re going to say you’re better than the rest of us because of your country, then state, then town, amirite?

      Thanks for the insults.

      • ανώνυμος

        I like your username!

  • James Briano

    If they aren’t delivering the next NEXUS, I really don’t care.

    • Ian Smith

      they aren’t – so we don’t!

  • starnovsky

    I have no problems waiting an extra day for delivery. After all, I’ll be living with this phone for quite a while, so what’s the difference one day does?

  • roberthenderson

    If I was super busy, sure

  • Godzilla

    Freaky fast delivery!!!

    • Mike

      Jimmy Johns, is that you?

  • aBabyPenguin

    I love the benefits of Amazon Prime shipping, but I am not so impatient that I can’t wait 2 days for my phone. Thanks Verizon, but I will gladly keep my $20.

  • Bill Hill

    <3 LG G2

  • Godzilla

    I will never purchase another device directly from Verizon. Best Buy see’s my business now.

    • Adrynalyne

      There are few advantages to buying from Best Buy these days unless they have axed a price.

  • Jim890

    Or you can just pick it up at the store, unless it’s sold out but there are other options for that. BEST BUY, STAPLES, WALMART ETC.. YOU GET THE PICTURE HERE

  • Ian Smith

    i’m surprised that the vast majority of DL readers are still insistent on sucking off of Verizon’s money grubbing, diamond-encrusted teat.

    +(truly) unlimited data: cool – plenty of other carriers are offering that.

    +coverage: understandable but that’s becoming a weaker argument every single day that passes as the competition expands their networks.

    i am finding less and less reasons to stay with Verizon as time goes by. yes, i understand that your tiny little town only gets Verizon service or you travel to rural areas a lot – you are not the person i am addressing. with T-mobile’s new international incentives and Verizon’s severe lack of… everything besides the points mentioned above i expect (and severely hope) for the Nexus 5-induced, mass Verizon exodus of 2013 to occur for most DL readers.


    • FAL_Fan

      By plenty of carriers offer unlimited data, who might you be implying? And who else has coverage even close to Verizon other than AT&T?

      • Timothy Sternig

        Sprint has unlimited data, T-Mobile has unlimited data, U.S. Cellular was offering unlimited LTE in certain areas (I don’t know if they still are or not), and countless small time companies are offering unlimited…

        Seems like Verizon and AT&T are the only ones who don’t offer unlimited.

        • T4rd

          Sprint and T-Mobile are the only ones still offering true unlimited data plans. All other MNVO’s unlimited data plans are throttled after a certain amount of usage.

          • Timothy Sternig

            Ah, I see…

            At least it’s still unlimited though. Going over and getting throttled isn’t as bad as going over and getting extra charges!

    • MaZeR4455

      “your tiny little town only gets verizon”. “insistent on sucking off of Verizon’s money grubbing, diamond-encrusted teat”. You sound very condescending dude. Don’t do that anymore.

      Verizon still grabs the most coverage title handily. As for the unlimited data, are you talking about sprint or tmobile? Sprint’s service isn’t all that great most places, so it’s useless. Tmobile is the same story, not to mention you will be paying what you are now with verizon for that unlimited data.

      What else is verizon lacking as a carrier? They offer you voice + data just like everyone else. It’s not like T-mobile’s international plan applies to anyone but businesses anyways. Every time I’ve travel outside of the country (with my verizon phone), I just grab a local sim and I have phone service on the cheap.

      In the end, you pay for what you get. Right now, Verizon still offers the most coverage out of the US carriers, and you will pay for it. Sure other carriers may offer some snazzy programs, but they need to do that to pull people in. Verizon has been rock solid for me in the last decade, and I don’t plan on moving until they pry my unlimited data away. Perhaps you can explain to me “Verizon’s severe lack of… everything”?

      • Ian Smith

        “dude”. “Don’t do that anymore.”. You sound like a very controlling bro, man. Moving forward, please reconsider acting that way.

        + Coverage, great – said it once & acknowledged that already. not sure what you’re getting at here as my entire argument completely acknowledged this fact?

        +T-mobile’s price – no. You are absolutely incorrect, MaZeR4455. I will save $30 every month w/ T-Mobile. over the course of a year this comes to $360.

        + “Verizon’s severe lack of… everything (besides the points mentioned above)” — if you’re going to paraphrase me then at least include the part which negates your pathetic argument that follows *immediately* after the phrase you so carefully chose in hopes of invalidating everything i was saying.

        Do you research, dude.

    • Adrynalyne

      Other carrier’s coverage may get better by the day, but not at a rate that makes a difference to many Verizon users.

      We are only here for the network coverage, I assure you.

      • Ian Smith

        yeah, i guess over the course of a 2 year contract it will be much more of a difference than day-to-day

        • Adrynalyne

          It hasn’t been yet.

          I’ve been waiting for Tmo to cover areas I travel for over 6 years.

  • T4rd

    Pay $20 to get it later that evening, or save $20 and pick it up at the store when you get off work..? That’s a toughy.

    • FAL_Fan

      +1 that’s exactly what I was thinking.

    • RW-1

      Spend enough time on the phone and you can get them to overnight for free … Never had an issue with it.

      • marybalk325

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      • XboxOne

        crybaby much?

    • me

      Online pricing is usually lower than over the phone or at a corporate store.

    • Mark

      If you upgrade earlier than your assigned upgrade date then the phone must be purchased online through a sales rep. So the “same-day” option would be beneficial to these customers

  • Nits

    Please verizon, fix your network congestion issues first… https://community.verizonwireless.com/thread/806838 pathetic 4G LTE speeds in DC Area !

    • T4rd
    • Greg Morgan

      I have this same issue in Seattle. I’ve reported it and they opened a ticket with their tier 2 tech support. But because the engineers don’t see any network disruptions, they don’t care. Even though my wife and I both average the same speeds of less than 1mbps, they say its us and not them.

      • KPunk

        same here in philly. just super congested. and down a lot. (maybe thats galaxy nexus radios)

        • Greg Morgan

          I’ve tried it on several phone on VZW. GS4, Droid DNA, Razr HD…all with the same results.

        • EC8CH

          Same issue in Fargo.

          Sub 1Mb speeds consistently with good LTE signal.

          Verizon does not care.

    • michael arazan

      It;s congested everywhere, they only installed the bare minimum of lte towers to label an area covered. We have 3-4 times as many 3g/ standard towers than we do lte towers here in St.L, looked like 7-8 lte towers for all of st,louis and st.Louis county, only 2 cover the main city.

  • Walter Partlo

    I usually buy my phones with same day delivery. By this, I mean that I buy them at the store.