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Verizon Galaxy S4 VRUDMI1 Update Rolling Out OTA, Here is the Full Changelog

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 11.35.25 AM

Yesterday, we alerted owners of the Galaxy S4 on Verizon to a new update that was at the time only available via Verizon’s Software Upgrade Assistant. The update jumped users to build VRUDMI1, but without a changelog, we had no idea what to expect other than the phone remained on Android 4.2.2 afterwards. Both Samsung and Verizon have now posted changelogs which we have included in this post. 

The update introduces Galaxy S4 owners to Samsung’s Optical Reader application that allows users to find contacts, addresses, and business cards with “real-time recognition.” You can also convert words to sentences from one language to another or search for words quickly in a preview screen.

Outside of that new addition, the update improves WiFi connectivity, changes verbiage on a couple of items (Call Block and Factory Reset), and tweaks other apps from S Voice to S Memo. It’s not a major update by any means, but does weigh in at around 150MB, according to Samsung. We don’t necessarily see anything related to “Security fixes,” but I think rooted users should be careful as always.

The update is also rolling out to a number of our readers over-the-air at this time. To check to see if the update is ready for you, head into Settings>More>About phone>Software update>Check new.

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 11.35.31 AM

And here is the changelog according to Samsung:

Here are a few facts to keep in mind:

  • System update size – 150.3 MB
  • Estimated software download time – approximately 5-7 minutes
  • Estimated software update time – approximately 5-7 minutes

Device Enhancements:

  • eSE Removal
  • Optical Reader (Stub)
  • Abbott WiFi Profile Fix
  • My Video Settings Update

Below new versions of Pre-load application included in SU2:

  • WatchON
  • Air View
  • Samsung Hub
  • Story Album
  • S Health
  • S Translator

Cheers Zach and Jon!

  • screwed Mc duck

    I have updated my S4 and I CAnNot use Portable wifi hotspot app that I d loaded for free before I updated my phone now I Double tap the app comes up Fine at the to L hand corner by default then on its own I shuts off completely disappears and I get the same vzw subscription message I hit my home button as the “TRICK” but do not work anymore sucks I have d loaded other free apps and don’t work either way

  • kranthi

    i am not getting my notification panel when i drag it from the top after updating my s4.when i restart my phone then its working for some time and again after some time the same problem is happening.please help me,is any one out there facing the same problem?

  • Jayson

    This new update screwed up my battery life big time. It won’t even last a day and it will not connect to wifi now… I want the old one back

  • Russel Lade

    Updated my rooted gs4 to MI1 today with the paid version of SuperSU. I was able to keep my root after update. So happy I don’t have to root it again

  • Jerry

    Why is my battery dying so quickly now? I think it has to do with it now having problems re-connecting to any wifi. If I lose the wifi, it won’t reconnect until I turn off wifi & turn it back on. Is there any way to roll back an update?

  • Dazy

    Was so happy to buy my galaxy 4…only got to enjoy it a few weeks till the upgrade yesterday and my bright beautiful icons are mostly turned into greyed out unclear buttons that I know have to get it up close to see what app it is. If it’s on sd card…can’t see it very well…and very unattractive! Rest of my apps are still bright and beautiful!
    Im so disappointed. …thats why I left motorola…because they also had a fancy update that changed everything good about the phone…even did away with my speed dial! This stinks! Plz fix?

  • Mike

    FYI – this install was sent OTA to my phone yesterday. After running the update i got the “SD CARD BLANK” or file format not supported error. Phone wants to format card. Surprised to discover that putting the card into a computer shows all the files are there. Better result than most of the blank SD card error threads I was reading.

    • Stephen Proulx

      I just did the update also and the same thing happened to me. All apps I transferred to my SD card have icons that are greyed out. This is for the home screen and in Apps. Hitting the icon in either place gives a popup that the application isn’t installed. I tried unmounting and mounting the SD card, I tried turning off my phone and started it back up (which did popup, unexpectedly, “Optimizing Apps 1 of 1” during the bootup even though the phone already rebooted itself and did the optimizing after I installed the update), and still the my phone says the apps aren’t installed. I tried moving the apps back on to device memory and it says the application isn’t installed but yet it lists it … go figure. And holy crap my battery died a half hour ago! I have been able to use my phone from a fresh charge all day and if I forgot to plug it in that night still have a decent amount to get me through the morning. It is currently dead and charging …. this update really whacked my phone … I am so disappointed. If it keeps acting like this I am wiping it and going back to my Nexus. It’s an older phone but I never had these stupid bloatware problems sucking the life out of my phone. Samsung needs to realize these aren’t laptops. It’s nice to have the enormous amount of functionality in your hand but there needs to be a line in the sand or at least give us a choice on what we want to install and use …. this means you too Verizon …. grrrrrrr. Whew … so can anybody tell me how to fix this SD card problem 🙂

  • bigb118

    Foxfi does not work with this update comes up with an error and tells u to contact verizon hopefully thry can correct this issue

    • Guestonthatguest

      I have read some posts suggesting that “if you hit the home button instead of ok it would still launch and FoxFi would still work” but no one has responded to say whether or not this works. I have also seen posts saying “For everyone who has the issue with it going to verizon hotspot request page. As soon as you turn wifi mode on turn on airplane mode. Wait a second and turn off airplane mode. It will bypass the verizon request page. Works perfectly after that” but no confirmations of this either.

  • Philscbx

    Update In Progress

  • LC

    Curse Verizon/Samsung. The changelog didn’t mention that Google Maps was updated as well. I purposely avoided the redesigned Google Maps b/c of the poor UI and loss of functionality. After the update I’m stuck on the new GM without a way to fall back. I could side load the old version but just stinks I have to go through that trouble. I’ll try to use the new GM with all of the updates to see if it’s improved, but just an fyi to everyone else in case you still rock the old Google Maps.

    • MK

      Did you get this solved – I fell into the trap 🙁

  • kyle

    atfter update battery is dead after 9 hours wtf i want the old way back

  • Jay Gaudette

    something left out of the changelog is it comes with the framework for the knox security suite 🙁

  • bretjutras

    Not only did this not fix my wi-fi connectivity issues, it brought back an old issue that they had already fixed. Now when I hover over emails in the exchange app some of them won’t show me the preview.

  • LucasMonroe

    I hope the WiFi connectivity is actually improved. I have trouble staying connected to WiFi at work.

  • Dude

    Biggest improvement I’ve noticed: The clock no longer takes 2 seconds to reload the correct time when the home button is pressed while the screen is off.


  • Nathaniel Newman

    Pass! I’ve got my GS4 rooted and installed Safestrap for backup/restore. Once both of those are running on the OTA update. Then and ONLY then will I update the FW!

  • IgotGAME

    I’ve never updated my Verizon GS4 thank goodness. Rooted, got my wifi toggle back, got my wifi tether toggle, Circle battery, removed useless icons in the status bar and notification pull down, and changed toggle colors to blue. No need to rom or ever update. I get great battery life and have no issues.

  • rlarson_mn

    Upgrade downloaded with no issues. Upgrade installed with no issues. applications optimized with no issues.

    • rlarson_mn

      /In addition my tether application still works just fine by hitting the home button. Tested it out with my Ipad 4 connected to my phone.

      • Guestofthatguest

        Are you using FoxFi?

  • Mike

    I took the OTA and I still have root. No issues here. Now if you took update via KIES or ODIN you normally will lose root….But OTA I was able to keep root. NO issues.

    • jmsbwmn

      Can anyone please second this?

      • Mike

        I also use Voodoo OTA RootKeeper for what it’s worth.

        • jmsbwmn

          Are you saying that you used Voodoo, updated, and still have root?

          • Mike

            That’s what I am saying

          • jman

            Root keeper worked for me as well….

  • SixTen

    The only thing I’ve noticed is an annoying “Not Charging please use original charger…” message that happens when I plug in one of the 20 other chargers I have/use.

    • Moriarty7

      Same issue with mine. Even my Samsung 2 amp car charger is “slow charging” my device. This is crap.

  • NeilOMalley

    I went ahead and updated. Sure I may not be able to root or not but at this point in my Android career I need a phone that just works. That may sound bad, but my GN was rooted, ROMed, the works, and I just had way to many issues. Yes it was old and slow but i’m tired of having to tweak everything. I can deal with Touchwiz after some Nova Launcher and icon packs.

    • James Hill

      Not for me, I need root. Even if you stay %100 stock/rooted, having root privileges gives you many more options in android. Root is important, Verizon just wants to control it’s customers.

      • NeilOMalley

        Everyone’s needs are different. What do you use root for?

        • Like a mobile hot spot w/o Verizon getting their hands in the till.. DUH!

          • NeilOMalley

            I can do that without root.

      • MicroNix

        If you are happy with stock, there is very little that having root is going to do for you.

    • Chris

      Same boat as you. Verizon S4 I got in May. I did, however, decide to finally root it about two weeks ago. I got tired of the Verizon bloat, I wanted the Wifi toggle, I wanted infinite scrolling, and I NEEDED Google Wallet. Since then, I fixed everything Verizon broke (all of my above problems), and NOW I’m super happy with it haha.

  • REMP

    Should i point out that the samsung-provided change log actually mentions its android 4.1.2 instead of 4.2.2 as mentioned in this post.

    • Philbert

      mine shows 4.2.2 under About Phone

      • REMP

        That is true. My phone does too. What seems to be incorrect is Samsung change log.

  • RWW

    I could really go for a nice, integrated business card reader. The options out there right now are expensive and not very impressive.

    • MicroNix

      Google Goggles does a really good job reading business cards and offers the choice to add to your contacts.

      • michael arazan

        Google Goggles is great, works for almost everything.

  • Fazor

    Did anybody else lose Google Talk and have a forced update to Hangouts? I cannot seem to get Google Talk back!

    • rals

      Where have you been? This happened Months ago.

      • PaulSchroeder

        But where is Google Reader?!?!?!

        • Accidentally deleted Buzz – please help.

          • Google Wave is gone and I didn’t uninstall it!?!?

        • FknTwizted

          retired, use feedly works pretty good. as for google talk hangouts is the replacement for it

          • PaulSchroeder


        • Chris

          I seemed to have uninstalled the Android Market! How do I install apps?! Please help?11

      • Fazor

        I’ve had Google Talk this whole time and never switched over. Now I’ve been forced to switch!

        • JRUIV

          Google Talk is gone now

        • jmsbwmn

          I don’t know why you’re complaining about having to upgrade to something better. Sounds like a first-world problem. Can I get an AMEN?!?


        That did happen months ago, BUT, you could uninstall the updates and it would revert back to the old Google Talk.


      Yes! I can’t believe Hangouts is now forced on you with the Verizon software update. I gave them feedback expressing my anger with it this morning, to no avail I’m sure…

  • Armus

    Beware Romulans bearing gifts

  • cgmartin33

    …and we added even more encryption to lock that bootloader even tighter than we did on the last update…thanks Verizon!

  • Bill

    Does it screw up tethering for those of use with unlimited data – or does the home button trick still work?

    • Brad T.

      What tethering trick? I’ve been looking to use my phone for tethering and everything seems to fail…. any links?

      • Bill

        I just use Fast WiFi Tether Free – when the “you’re not subscribed” stuff pops up – you just hit your home button to close it and the hotspot is still active.

      • BananaBob

        FoxFi worked fine for me the few times I’ve used it

    • PaulSchroeder

      Home button trick?

      • jpippo4

        Please elaborate on this said “home button trick”?

        • DJ SPY

          I don’t understand how more elaborate his explanation can get. I don’t own a Samsung device and I understood it.

          • Edward Smith

            “Trick” seems to imply something more complex than merely pressing the home button once.

            Double click?
            Click + other button?
            Hold + other button?
            Click + screen press?
            Hold + screen press?

            Click while passing through temporal anomaly?

      • zk7841

        Download a hotspot toggle widget, add it to a homescreen, press it, and when it checks your subscription status, just hit the home button and the hotspot will stay on. Then just tap the widget to turn it back off.

        • hockeydog12

          this is great! What is the default password?

          • zk7841

            You have to change it yourself in Settings -> More Networks -> Mobile Hotspot -> Configure

        • Carla

          This is great to know! Many THANKS!!!! I had no idea about the “home button trick”. I’ve been using FoxFi (aka PdaNet+) on my GS4 with no problems until this latest update that screwed up everything:/
          But now (since I read your post) I just click home button and it works!!!! Hallelujah

    • Russ

      Just updated and tested SVTP and still working with the home button trick.


      FYI – Called vzw and they allow pro-rated hotspoting. example: i just pay for the days i use it (99 cents). for the weekend, i will be charged $5 (thurs-sun). i do know free is better, but if you dont feel like skirting your way around, this is an option.

  • Adrynalyne

    Gotta love the “Location is being Shared” consent being removed. Sounds like a good idea to me…

  • David Quinones

    Blocking mode?

    • T4rd

      Would be nice, but I wouldn’t expect it until the 4.3 update since the Note 3 on Verizon has blocking mode and it’s on 4.3.

    • DG6

      Yes! Found it with quickshortcut maker. The only annoying thing is that the icon stays there at all times even if you only have it enabled between certain hours.

      • David Quinones

        YES! It is there! but the persistent icon is the same on my Note 10.1 so no big whoop there.

        • Mike

          I can confirm Blocking Mode is there.

  • Murph

    downloading now….

    • Shaunwin

      Let us know if you lose root.

      • Adrynalyne

        That is a given on virtually any OTA unless you use an app to preserve root.

        • Shaunwin

          You are correct so let me rephrase. Let us know if you are able to obtain root again after the update.

          • John

            You are not. Someone already updated & found out he cannot gain root again. It’s on XDA. I’ll try & find the link where he tried every way possible to reroot.

          • DanSan

            and you’re surprised?

          • John

            Nah. I was just informing others.

          • Toasty

            This does break ME7 root,, but a new roit method is tested working, and will be released soon per posts on XDA

      • JMAN

        I wonder if OTA rootkeeper would work. Ive used it over the years, it just doesnt support 4.3 & this update isnt 4.3. Ill just probably wait….

        • Mike

          I used OTA Rootkeeper and it worked for me

  • Steve B

    IT’S A TRAP!

    • I don’t think there’s been a single “update rolling out” announcement where this hasn’t been the top comment. May as well just start including the meme in the article itself at this point.

    • sueerickson24

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      • SuperSam64

        How original

  • Bunklung

    Adds LTE AWS support?

    • schoat333

      I’m betting it always was there. Probably just going to require a new sim card.

      • Verigoth

        I’m currently in NJ. And AWS was enabled last night for a little bit. I was able to get about 56mbps down. I don’t have a new SIM and I don’t have this update. 🙂 http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/a/620811399

    • Open1Your1Eyes0

      Certainly does. 🙂


      • Adrynalyne

        I get that at full signal now on a phone that isn’t AWS capable…

        What are you comparing it to?

        • Scott

          What’s the trick to see what frequency you’re connected to? I’m sure you know.

          • DanSan

            that screenshot is from an iphone field test. apparently u can do the same kind of thing from android phones by dialing *#0011# but i cant get it to work. im using a GS4 running cm10.1.3

            phone dials the number and i get some voice recording from verizon

          • Adrynalyne

            That screenshot is definitely Android.

          • James Hill

            I got those speeds last night in Scottsdale on my DNA. Actually, I used to get those kind of speeds when I had the DROID charge. You know, before everyone had 4G phones.

          • DanSan

            Definitely losing my mind. Was commenting on a pic from a different article

          • Adrynalyne

            You give me too much credit. I have no idea.

        • Joder

          Agreed curious to see a band screenshot.

      • James Hill

        DROID DNA, I don’t think it supports AWS. Scottsdale AZ

      • jnt

        ever get any more clarification?