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Feedly for Android Receives Update, Includes “Support for KitKat”


And we thought only Android blogs were to blame for the abundance of Android 4.4 hypebeasting, but no, Feedly has jumped into the arena. In a blog post tonight, Feedly has announced the newest update to their popular feed reader application, grabbing our attention thanks to a note that says “support for Android Kitkat.” 

Who knows what they mean by “support” since Google hasn’t released anything that we are aware of for developers to use to prepare for Android 4.4 outside of a default SMS API. But hey, we like the enthusiasm!

The update also brings a new widget, makes the app 300% faster, and adds more fluid scrolling, better fonts, search for Feedly pro, a new discover section, support for Galaxy Gear, and more. It’s actually quite the update, even if the “support for Android Kitkat” headline is stealing the show.

Go get it!

  • New version of the android widget
  • 300% faster start time
  • More fluid scrolling experience
  • Better fonts and visual design
  • Search in my feedly (pro)
  • New discover section
  • Enhanced feed search
  • No auto-refresh on restart
  • New Facebook SDK integration
  • Support for Samsung Gear
  • Support for Android Kitkat

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Via:  Feedly Blog

Cheers Adam and Jon!

  • … still using FeedDemon on the desktop, and archive my RSS feeds to Feedly every now and then. At least I don’t have to pay for search with FeedDemon.

  • IDLE0095

    What is the support for the galaxy gear? I have a gear but what does this now support for the gear?

  • StuckOnVerizonForever

    Just what i want. A widget that displays religious nonsense.

  • Simon Belmont

    Yup. Light Flow also received Android 4.3 support months before Android 4.3 was released.

    So this really means nothing in terms of release nearness. But it does perhaps outline performance enhancements in Android 4.4.

  • MikeSaver

    Oh, thank god it finally supports Galaxy Gear – said no one.

  • TheKaz1969

    Great. Now I have to hit two buttons to refresh in the app…

    • TheKaz1969

      ok, I am a tool. I was in the wrong view…

  • George Davis

    Aaaaand the Feedly server is down.

  • Matt

    @Kellex They have removed the KitKat reference now. Ooops!

    • Matt

      Screenshot from Feedly blog post below with no more Kit Kat note.. Also gone in Play Store notes.

  • Arshley Giraldo

    i’m thinking, based on the kitkat google+ post and the new nexus 7 commercial “study hall”. Everybody dance now, released 10/18/1990, and the length is 4 minutes and 4 seconds. and in the Google now card on the study hall commercial the numbers 242.. if worked around it could be 4.4, (adding the extremes) and also, it says “Friday, 8:00 pm, remind me in 1 hour” again, numbers worked around, can state 18, which happens to be Friday. Yes, I am crazy and looked too deep. *shrugs* #hopeful

  • Cowboydroid


  • Ryan

    Were all being trolled lol

  • Dombfrsh

    They may use this as showcase app for the KitKat guideline of design at the keynote?

  • trwb

    I’m glad the widget is back

    • Brian Walker

      The widget doesn’t seem to do anything for me. It’s just a large blue tile with the Feedly logo. Does it do anything for you?

      • Steve B

        Working here.

      • George Davis

        I’m using a custom launcher (Apex) and I had to restart the launcher for the widget to start working. Since then it’s been fine.

      • trwb

        Using Apex on At&t S3 running AOKP and it is working fine for me. I had to go into feedly and re-login again though.

  • RC

    Have you considered the fact that maybe, just maybe, they have access to something you wish you had? Developers sometimes have access to new APIs and secretive stuff when they’ll be showcased on a show (think Apple keynotes).

    Edit: I think I’m right on track. Their blog says “Special thanks to the Google Android and Google Chrome teams for their coaching.”

  • cjohn4043

    Give me a break and just release KitKat already!

    Ha, get it? Cause…yeah…

    • marybalk325

      my Aunty Avery got metallic GMC Savana by working part time off of a macbook air… useful source http://www.works77.com

  • jbdan

    Great update btw wow its fast and smooth. Nice UI changes looks kit-kat’ish

    • Steve B

      Looks even better than before.

      • jbdan

        Much better

  • PolarBear

    “300% faster start time
    More fluid scrolling experience”

    KitKat smells like iOS smooth Android experience.

  • Zach B.


    • They’re waiting for Halloween to announce.

      • Kane Stapler

        I told them this Yesterday and got hammered. Goodluck

        • well… it’s getting so late in the month, that’s the only thing that makes sense now. Even they can’t argue this point. #stayStrongBro

          • zurginator

            Iirc every Nexus phone has been a November release, so an October announcement makes sense…

        • Ryuuie

          Look at my post, it might just be Oct 18th.

      • Ryuuie

        Actually, that may not be true.

        KitKat posted this just today on their official G+ page:

        Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) came out on October 18, 1990. It is exactly 4 minutes and 4 seconds long.

        Google could EASILY announce 4.4, Nexus 5, and new Nexus 10 on Friday without a press conference just like they did last year for the Nexus 4 only allowing in one press site in (The Verge last year).

        Yes, they did this last year because of Hurricane Sandy but they could easily just do it this year too.

        We’ll see.

        But this speculation has more credible sources than October 30th.

        • zurginator

          Maybe they’ll send out the invites to an October 30th event on the 18th?

        • Shane Redman

          I feel like you ruined his Halloween joke with your speculative theory…

          • Ryuuie

            I’m sorry. 🙁 Well…Kellex ruined it more…he made a post about it all and is theorizing the 28th which still isn’t the 30th. 😛

          • Shane Redman

            Yes….Yes he did. That darn Kellex, helping google and nestle hold ppl’s minds and wallets hostage for a month.