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The Droid Life Show Episode 38 Will Lounge With You This Weekend


Episode 38 of The Droid Life Show took place at its usual time and place this week, and we had a blast doing it! In this episode, we went over Tato’s review of the Galaxy Gear smartwatch from Samsung, knocked on the Galaxy Round announcement, chatted T-Mobile’s latest UNcarrier move with Shakira (better than J. Lo?), covered the bases on the leaked Nexus 5 service manual, ran down our top apps and games of the week, and a whole lot more.

You can catch us live on Wednesday nights 6PM Pacific!

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  • JosephWells

    I want to watch it Episode 38.


  • Steve Ballmer

    Great episode as usual

    • donna8976

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  • Silver Veloz

    I need to watch. I only got the last 20 minutes this week.

  • Raj Bhatt

    What the… I always pictured Ron as a 65 year old man!