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T-Mobile Not Honoring 30% Off Coupon Used on Galaxy Gear

Galaxy Gear

There had to have been a few people that couldn’t stop themselves from picking up a new Galaxy Gear watch from T-Mobile, when it was discovered that an online coupon for 30% off was usable, bringing the the device down to just $210. Usually priced at $299, the $90 off seemed like a pretty good deal. Unfortunately, T-Mobile felt that it was a little too sweet of a deal, and has now sent out an email to all of those who ordered Gear, stating that the incorrect price was listed on the device. T-Mobile went ahead and cancelled all of the orders and made sure that your credit cards weren’t charged. 

Here is the message sent out to those that ordered using the coupon code:

Dear T-Mobile Customer,

Our apologies. You recently ordered an item that was listed at an incorrect price: the Samsung Galaxy Gear™. We are unable to fulfill this transaction. Rest assured, your credit card has not been charged.

You can reorder the Samsung Galaxy Gear at the correct price here.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.  Thank you for being a T-Mobile customer.  We truly appreciate your business.

Thank you,

T-Mobile Customer Care

Did you place an order that was affected? Weak sauce.

Cheers David and Herach!

  • Neto

    true….. way overpriced…. and need the note 3 for it to work….. expect to spend close to a grand for both things

  • Mike

    No surprise here, TMobile is extremely good at not honoring their word. Mad a promise to me earlier for a rate that would stay the same, with no reduction in services as long as I remained a TMobile customer. Every month TMobile has tried to back out of the deal, and I can only assume they will try again in the next bill. Typical TMobile. But what can yoiu expect from a company, who tried to convince me last month that 2+1=4 (True Story). Typical TMobile.

  • Just_Some_Nobody

    Wow. They let those craptastic idiots at Verizon one up them. So sad.

  • G

    verizon would have just honored the ones that were ordered before the mistake was realized. Just saying

    • Victor A Colon

      I agree. That’s how I got my 2 free HTC DNA’s last year.

  • Peter Verver

    I don’t think it is legal. An order is an order. I think they have to deliver the order.

  • pbolton70

    Yes I did order it with the coupon and received the same email. However, I thought it was not right. I own a small business and if I accidentally quote and invoice my customer a cheaper price I cant go back and change it. Its not good customer service. So I called their corporate response team at their corporate office. They honored the price and also gave me free overnight shipping. So I will say that given the opportunity to make it right they did. Of course this was yesterday and I will not get the watch till Monday. So we will see The lady I spoke with did say they had approximately 1800 watches ordered using that coupon. Anyone get a cancelled I would advise calling their corporate response team

  • Armus

    Really seems like it should be illegal.

    • michael arazan

      In some places a purchase agreement is a contract, and by defaulting the agreement to a specified price a company could be sued over for not providing their product for said price whether or not they accepted and/ or returned the money.

    • Adrynalyne

      The fine print will get you every time with these places.

      Subject to change is listed with almost everything.

  • fyrfyter

    Junk. Just an accessory with limited use. I think the best smartwatch won’t be made by any of the big manufacturers. So far, the Omate TrueSmart looks like the clear winner to me!

  • MikeCiggy

    T-Mo is probably paying Samsung more than $210 per device. These things are over priced and almost useless.

    • HighTechToid

      T-Mobile subsidizes the least amount of any carrier, so you’re likely right. That’s where many of their phones have sometimes had steeper on contract prices than other carriers (some of the galaxy phones and blackberry even come to mind). Still, if you sold it at that price you should honor it regardless so that’s pretty weak of them because I really doubt they sold a lot of them to cause them to freak out.

  • hjr9890

    as much as i hate verizon, imagine the madness that would be happening if they did this

  • Joshua Bailey

    Bad press for T-Mo

    • Dope Detector

      Yes because millions across the country are concerned about a coupon for cellular accessories. I wonder if T-Mobile will ever be able to recover?

  • shamatuu

    You are wasting your money if you are buying this expensive watch that isn’t fully baked. Wait for version 2.

    • Cellphone Chris

      That’s the beauty of Android. I’m sure there will be updates for the device; I can’t wait to see what the devs over at XDA will do with it.

      BTW, I called TMobile and they are honoring the price by issuing credits after it’s reordered at the regular price, even allowing me free overnight shipping.

      They’re probably only doing this for subscribers, considering there must have been many who ordered online that use other carriers.

  • Franklin Ramsey

    And yet, in a month or two when sales aren’t what Samsung expects, these will probably be cut to $200 anyways.

  • Bearcat

    What is the Code? Thanks in advance.

  • Joe

    Wow, Verizon is actually nicer to their customers than another carrier?

    • Adrynalyne

      Momentary lapses of judgement != Verizon being nicer than other carriers.

      • Victor A Colon

        “Momentary lapses of judgement != Verizon being nicer than other carriers.”

        Disagree. Complete lapse of judgement on T-Mo and possibly illegal after order were taken.

  • Adrynalyne

    That was pretty nice of them to do that.

  • El_Big_CHRIS

    Good Kellen didn’t go thru the purchase

  • mustbepbs

    Even at $210 it’s still overpriced.

    • zmancbr

      100% agreed! Maybe if it was $149 I would consider it…

      • Adrynalyne

        With the limited phones that support it, I’d consider at 50 bucks max. If it supported any phone then I would consider 150.00.

        The craziness of it all is that a VZW store manager friend told me they are actually selling a lot of them.

        • IanKellogg

          I like mine! maybe not $300 worth of likes but like it none the less.

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          • Ej McCarty

            I just got mine today and I’m really loving it so far 🙂 oh and just so everyone knows the verizon30 deal no longer works with the note 3. They changed that this morning

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      • Jonathan Williams

        Hook ’em

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