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Samsung S4 Mini for Verizon Render Leaked, You Won’t Believe What’s on the Home Button

S4 Mini Verizon

Well, there it is – the Galaxy S4 Mini from Samsung for Verizon. If you couldn’t already tell that it was for Verizon, then I suggest heading to your local eye examiner as soon as possible. As we can clearly see, Verizon has gone ahead and pimped out this little device’s Home button with their gorgeous logo, plus plastered on some logos to the backside, just incase you still forgot who you were paying every month. We haven’t seen the Home button logo’d out like that since the Note 2, and we were really hoping they killed that idea. 

Guess not.

Via: @evleaks

  • chris_johns

    Why… And why would anyone choose this offer the droid mini

  • JoeTi

    Tons of BLOATWARE, a VZW tramp stamp, AND VZW home key? Low class.

  • Gnex

    When one logo just isn’t enough?

  • Liderc

    I don’t know if I’m even surprised anymore. Verizon is possibly the worst company I’ve ever been involved with.

  • tomn1ce

    So this is where the home button branding of the Note 3 disappeared to o_0

  • Yooouuuu

    Damn, I forgot what network I am on again! Better look at my home button!

  • rabidhunter

    I guess that they’re making up for the lack of branding on their own DROID line (only one logo on the back).

  • Stewie

    If the build quality is as good as the other phones, it will be a jiggly check mark ….

  • LionStone

    boo! Keep it classy VZW dang!

  • Chris


  • MikeCiggy
  • Guest


  • CaptainCaleb


  • Pierito

    Early reports were that the Verizon logo is a thumb print reader, but it has now been confirmed to be a middle finger to all Verizon Customers.

    • Scott


  • Guest

    Verizon’s reaction to the home button

  • KB

    Verizon. Doesn’t. Get. It. Completely out of touch with their customers. So glad I am no longer one of them!

    • Josh Carroll

      They don’t care. They’ve proven they are 100% focused on making money. Granted, that’s what a company is supposed to do for their shareholders, but most don’t do it while also virtually mooning their customers.

      • Khary Anderson

        They also make most of their money from iPhones anyways so they are “mooning” less than 50% of their customers.

  • Peter Mansour

    This is for the 12 people who actually buy an s4 mini

    • sc0rch3d

      edit: they were probably paid to carry it around

    • Yooouuuu

      My hope is they follow suit with Motorolla, who made the entire new line of Droids have the same specs. If Samsung does that as well and produces this with the same specs as the S4 Big, then this would be a fantastic contender for a small phone spot.

  • Josh Carroll

    Screw you verizon. Is it January yet?

  • Ray Gray


  • Erik Cho

    Not surprising. Guess those guys making the gel home button stickers are going to get a boost in sales when this makes it out lol.

  • Philip J. Fry

    Lol atleast they left the galaxy note 3 button alone!

  • BrianLipp

    i feel like Verizon doesnt want to sell this phone, and they put the logo on the home button just to dissuade more people

  • roosterk506

    They keep this up there phones will start looking like NASCAR vehicles!!!

    Come on Verizon your better than this!

    • Flat_Stanley

      Except consumers won’t gain any financial benefit from the advertising.

    • Blue Sun

      NASCAR fan grammar for the win.

  • Greg Morgan

    I swear they do this just to troll us.

    • rals

      This is actually Samsung’s own doing. If they had a grown a pair, and protect their entire galaxy line, they wouldn’t be Verizon’s B*tch.

      • StuckOnVerizonForever

        Oh right, cause they have a logo on the Note 3 and S4….

        • rals

          Of course they don’t have it on those or the S3 as these popular devices for Samsung. I’m sure they got an earful for the Note 2’s Verizon’s branded tramp stamp on the button. All I’m simply saying is, if Samsung wants to be a serious contender with Apple, they need to protect their Galaxy line which includes their Camera line. Not selected few devices because they are best sellers.

          • Grizzly Atoms

            “All I’m simply saying is, if Samsung wants to be a serious contender with Apple…”

            Contender in what? Last I checked Sammy was doing quite well up against the fruit company.

          • zurginator

            It’s actually because of the popularity of the Galaxy S/Note lines that Samsung is capable of saying “No logo”. With the mini the market isn’t near as large (yet) so Verizon has all the power.

            That’s why the first Verizon version of each (before popularity was established) had logo overload.

    • Ej McCarty

      I think it’s a way for Samsung to make more money. Brand the home button then sell home button covers. Genuinely douchey

      • michael arazan

        And battery covers

    • Big Red Dong

      Yep, ugly button, crappy reception and significantly slower 4G speeds than ATT. Verizon blows.

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  • Caleb Loop

    The tweet that went out with this image had me laughing so hard. “Galaxy s4 mini, carrier unknown”

    • Peer Linder

      dito 😀

      but Note 3 = awesome device

      • JBartcaps

        but this isn’t the Note 3

        • Peer Linder

          I know, but as it was mentioned in comments here, I had to stated that 🙂

  • possomcrast1

    FINALLY! I was so mad when they took the Verizon logo off of the home button on the Galaxy Note 3.

  • Andrew

    I recently left Verizon. I hope they do this on all their devices.

    • sc0rch3d

      VZW should go ahead and commission a cell phone in the shape of a ‘checkmark’

  • jbdan

    I’d believe it….horrid!

    • Grizzly Atoms

      Look at the button too it looks janky with those slots on each side. My Note 2 doesn’t have any slits in the outline in the button. So they chopped the button up just to put that doodoo logo on it, then it looks like they tried to salvage the chrome that they removed to place the logo there.

      • Drummer62

        maybe those are guides to keep the button straight so that it does not get crooked like on the Note 3 ?

        • Grizzly Atoms

          It looks like a turd from a design standpoint. If it is because of the wandering button then their solution is just as bad as the issue. I bet you anything that the casing around that button will cut you after it gets some wear.