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If You Pre-ordered the Note 3 Through Verizon, Were You Able to Keep Unlimited Once It Arrived?

samsung galaxy note 3

Two weeks ago, a “software glitch” in a Verizon system kicked off a weekend full of upgrades for many of you. The glitch was allowing (or at least showing) that upgrades were being processed with unlimited data still intact, something Verizon had killed off long ago. Once the weekend had finished, though, Big Red patched up your path to upgrading with unlimited data, but did issue a statement to us suggesting that they would honor all upgrades processed over the weekend. They would also allow those who upgraded to keep unlimited data.

Most of you were able to keep those upgrades and unlimited data as online orders arrived at your homes a couple of days later. But what about those who pre-ordered the Galaxy Note 3 and are just now receiving devices? 

We’ve heard from a dozen or so DL readers who seem to be having issues (not all but enough to grab our attention). Galaxy Note 3 orders are arriving, but details in their shipments reference 2GB $30 plans rather than the unlimited data packages they were hoping to keep. Upon activating, they are indeed seeing their accounts change over to tiered data plans. Some have had success switching everything back by calling in to Verizon customer service reps, even escalating to supervisors, while others are hitting dead ends.

We are pretty sure that customer service reps were supposed to receive an email that detailed the situation and how to deal with customers who called in asking to have their data plans switched back over to unlimited. At least three readers have confirmed this after talking with reps who were actually in the know. They were successful in keeping unlimited data, even after a temporary switch to tiered. I don’t want to suggest continuing to call back into Verizon’s customer service department until you get the right rep, but some have had to.

We’ve begun conversations with Verizon to see how we can get you all taken care of, but wanted to start this post to gather all of you who seem to have been bumped onto a tiered data plan. In the comments, please let us know if you have been switched over to tiered and have had no luck getting your unlimited data back. Also, if you were moved to a tiered plan and then managed to get it switched back to unlimited, feel free to provide help in the comments. Let’s see if we can’t help each other as a community, while we work with Verizon to get this all figured out.

  • babygirlga

    I was able to keep my unlimited data plan. I have 3 phones on my account (2 regular phones and one smartphone with the data plan). I used the upgrade from one of the regular phones to purchase the Note 3 (had to select a data plan for it since the phone on that particular line has no data). When the phone arrived, I called Verizon and a rep helped me activate the Note 3. He activated it on my line with the grandfathered data plan leaving the other lines as they were. So YAY!! new Note 3 with unlimited plan intact!!

  • Kevin

    they cancelled my order, because there was an ‘error’ and called them twice, telling me it had something to do with the SIM card. They also told me i can re order it but would not be able to keep unlimited data. CSR also told me i have an option of device payment plan(not edge), paying full price + tax over the period of 12 or 24 month, or switching to 6GB for 30$ and get 2 year contract price. I got trolled

  • andrew

    They tried the same thing when i received my G2. I just popped the SIM card from the gnex into the G2 and i was good to go.

    • Such

      Has your billing cycle restarted since then? Curious to see if your unlimited stayed intact once your new month started.

  • the.cyber.trekker

    Hi everyone.. I was not so brave to try upgrading during the “glitch”
    time.. however when I called VZW the other day to ask questions about
    upgrading and keeping my “unlimited” data and getting the Note 3.. one
    rep said I could with VZW Edge and 2 others said no I could not I would
    have to migrate to a shared plan.. so what I did was waited and called
    back in the evening and got someone who was very knowledgeable and would
    fixed it to keep unlimited data.. how ever I am not in desperate
    “need” of unlimited data even on a heavy use month I used no more than
    3.5 gb so that being said I asked for the 8gb w/ hot spot for my line
    for $50 and got my wife’s line 6gb for $30 we don’t share the data
    because they did not change my rate plan, but was told that Verizon
    plans to sunset unlimited data when the 3g network goes dark.. so I
    upgraded and got 2x Note 3’s one black, for me, one white for the wife.
    I feel better knowing that my lines are future proof now and I won’t have to fight anyone to keep what I have for now. Just figured I share my story.
    Have a good evening all!

  • Jason Parr

    Saw this post and was super pissed for a second…..but all is good on my end!

  • forgiventhief

    Here we go. If anyone gives you a hard time, you need to tell them to contact the internet order department. They are the ones who have the emails saying they will honor the orders.

    They tried to push the 2GB on me also. I told her I was content to wait until she could get an internet order specialist.

    Internet Rep acknowledged a company email saying they would acknowledge and honor the keeping of unlimited data.

    That having been said, I leave for work in 20 minutes, so we are going to get it activated tomorrow. Yes, I made sure I am not getting snuckered by waiting till tomorrow.

  • Just swapped SIM’s yesterday and online it still says unlimited

  • CurtisNic

    I bought a blue HTC One at Best Buy for 50$ and the rep there told me that Verizon would audit and catch anyone who took advantage of the glitch and downgrade them to 2gb so I went with 30$ for 6 gb. the next day i see that verizon is honoring the unlimited plans. I then immediatley call customer service and eventually get a supervisor. I give them the URL for the story on this site with the official statement and BOOM, ive got my unlimited data back. the only caveat is that they can switch it over to tiered data when they finally force everyone off the unlimited plans in 2014 (when all 2 year contracts are up). the supervisor said they would most likley offer a deal on data so i said “why the hell not if i can stay unlimited for as long as possible.” hopefully that data deal is 6-8gb and not 4….

  • Haroon Dar

    on hold with a rep fighting tooth and nail for my unlimited data

  • yummy

    When Furizon has me backed up
    againdt the wall, and all hope is lost,
    I demand Robin in Marietta.

  • J.B.

    Did anybody else have this happen to them with the Note 3? I used the promo code and ordered the Note 3 online. I picked it up today in the store the guy checking us out saw something he was obviously shocked by. He called the manager over then went in the back with their iPad that they use to bring up your order and checkout. He came back five minutes later with my Note 3 and started the activation process then had me show him my credit card. After he did all the setup and trying to sell me accessories he handed me the iPad to sign. I looked at the total amount that was to be charged to my credit card and it was $128.17! Signed it, said thank you and walked out the door with my brand new Note 3. I was so shocked I sat in my car for five minutes before leaving. Called my credit card company and sure enough I was charged the $128.17.


    Got my Note 3 yesterday and my customer receipt in the package indicated the 2GB data plan instead of unlimited data as my emailed order confirmation receipt had stated. Called Verizon customer service before activating and the guy I talked to was really nice and aware of that weekend ‘glitch.’ He stayed on the phone while I activated to make sure that I maintained my unlimited data plan after I activated…so no complaints on my end. Have a friend who had issues though, they offered him a 6GB plan for the same price, but he just called back later and finally got the unlimited. Crazy how there’s not much consistency over at Verizon customer service.

  • Michael Singer

    I’m arguing with them currently

  • James Hill

    You were told, it was a trap.

  • Such

    Received my N3 yesterday but I haven’t activated it yet. I have a N2 & I was planning on swapping current sim into the N3 but I’m waiting for confirmation from people whose billing cycle has ended to see if their unlimited stays on once the new month starts.

  • DJ SPY

    How can they take it away when Verizon has officially said “we will honour those orders and let them keep unlimited data.” ? It’s not a question of if you’ll get lucky and keep it.

  • umbrellacorp

    I just took the SIM out of my Galaxy S3 and popped it into the Note 3.

  • mshahan

    Just logged into my account, they changed it from unlimited to 2GB

    • mshahan

      Also, love how the reps on the phone try and act like they have no idea about their system allowing upgrades to take place while keeping the unlimited data plan.

      • Phillies3429

        I know. When we read them the direct policy statement…they had no comment.

    • Did you activate with a new SIM card, or swap in your old one?

  • Sporttster

    My N3 came with a 2gb $30 plan and it showed in my acct online, so I called them up and got a real nice guy who switched me back to unlimited and I bought a case through him and he overnighted it and waved the overnight fee, a $20 cost. Pretty nice….

  • 07aspnex

    Kept my unlimited even though they had to re-order the phone since I ordered it without a SIM card. When I got the phone on Thurs gave customer service a call and told them there was a note on my account to change my plan back to unlimited and it was done in less than 5 minutes. Happy camper here.

  • Ted

    Received my S4. Confirmation stated unlimited data but the receipt with phone said 2GB plan. I called VZW and the agent immediately changed my account back to unlimited data. The agent was prompt and courteous. Thank you VZW.

  • Kokila

    It was such a hassle.. Document with the phone had 2GB/$30. After about 7 calls to different reps who not only had no clue, but kept pushing me to take 2GB. One even said that I was lying and didn’t have an email id that I could send the confirmation mail to. Another asked me to send the email that Verizon sent saying they would honor the glitch.

    One final try late in the night, I was finally able to get one lady who even understood what was going on. It looks like an email was sent out to the CSRs, but most of them never read it. She was very helpful and helped me in getting my unlimited back.

    To say the least, IT WAS A HASSLE, but totally worth it in the end.

    • Phillies3429

      This was my experience as well. But, we win in the end!

    • cg

      That my friend was exactly WHY I didn’t upgrade during the glitch. Didn’t feel like dealing with that headache.

  • Dollyllama

    Got 2 Galaxy S4. Receipt said unlimited data kept. One of the new devices shipped with a new sim card. (We were coming from 2 Galaxy Nexus and I specifically selected that I would use existing sim card when ordering).

    My phone activated with my existing sim card with no trouble. My wife’s new phone would not activate under her existing sim card, and the MyVerizon page showed “pending order” after I tried to activate it. I called customer service and the rep stated that my phone was showing unlimited but my wife’s was prompting them to choose a tiered plan. I explained that this was definitely not acceptable and was transferred to tech support.

    The tech support rep was VERY helpful and we used the new sim card that came with my wife’s phone and unlimited data was kept on both lines. No other issues.

  • ushneb

    Received my Note 3 yesterday. Document enclosed stated 2gb/$30. I’ve checked numerous times online since yesterday and my account still reflects unlimited data.

  • bonanzalarry

    Using a alt lines upgrade on my account I was able to keep unlimited on all my lines yet yesterday. Happy Day!

  • Jeremy Wray

    I picked mine up in the store but the girl did ask me how did i still have unlimited data.

    My unlimited data is still intact though I did have to do a warranty swap within 4 days since there was dead line of pixels on the screen and while the store wanted to switch it out for me but it was trying to force my plan to tiered so called up support and all they wanted to do was either make me pay $100 for an insurance claim or switch to tiered and the best they’d give me was the 6gb for $30 so after multiple supervisors and managers later I got one that agreed with me that what everyone else wanted to do was bs and over nighted me a brand new phone to swap out and I kept my unlimited

  • Christopher Robinson

    I got a G2 and everything went as planned until there was a technical problem with the device. After switching the sim and trouble shooting with tech support for a few days, I was told to bring it back in the store and swap it out, yesterday. Well, when I got home I suddenly noticed my unlimited data was gone. I talked to 4 different customer service reps and one supervisor for over an hour. They all said there was no more unlimited data and no way to switch me back I explained that I upgraded ten days ago, that I had a defective device, that nothing changed, that up until that moment I had unlimited data. I offered to send them an email with my new contract showing unlimited data. They told me to return the device, pay a restocking fee and go back to my old contract or go on 6GB plan. I threatened to leave after over 10 years of loyalty. The woman said, “we’ll be sorry to see you go, but you need to do what makes you happy.”

    I went into the store to rerun the device. The rep who had switched it out earlier in the day apologized profusely. He didn’t understand what happened. He suggested I try calling again. I called one final time and the guy immediately said, “Oh yeah, that happens automatically. Let me switch it back for you.” No fight. No argument. It took two seconds. I was just completely dumb founded. I now have my new G2 and my unlimited data.

    • crazed_z06

      Wow lol… Im guessing there’s some internal process or guidance at Verizon that says no one is allowed to be placed on unlimited. Clearly it’s possible and easy to place someone on unlimited since all these people are getting fixed quickly, but I think CSRs and Techs have been instructed under no circumstances to do it.

      This is a glitch in the Matrix and throwing everyone for a loop at Verizon. I’ve worked in support and NOC enviroments like this before and usually a mass email goes out to support staff and notifies them of isssues like this. Guess Verizon isnt as organized as they should be, OR people dont read their emails lol.

  • JoeInMO

    The way to do it is to NOT call Verizon. Just switch your old SIM card to the new device and you will keep unlimited data. If your new device uses a different size SIM just order a SIM cutter or adapter from Amazon (or anywhere else) for under $10.

  • Colin Huber

    Ordered during the glitch, but receipt in package said 2GB. Called CS and the representative had no idea, but advised me to send proof of my preorder email receipt (that said I had unlimited) to her Verizon. She called me back five minutes later, saying “This is exactly what I needed” and switched me to unlimited. Took about 10 minutes of initial explaining, but it all got sorted out. Unlimited for two more years.

    • forgiventhief

      My CS rep said they “don’t have email.” Right…

  • Ben Ninety-four Nunez

    I received my note 3 yesterday. .I noticed that my shipping before I activated the phone I called Verizon customer service at got a rep who advised me that if I upgraded my phone I would get a tiered plan…After explaining about the glitch and that Verizon would honor it he put me on hold..He returned and helped with the activation and I kept unlimited…just, explain your situation and that Verizon stated that they would honor…I told him my confirmation order reciept stated unlimited…my towns Verizon store new nothing about the glitch…

  • Tatsuo

    Verizon: Now hold on there, Professor. We…Fixed…The Glitch.

  • chris

    Preordered Note 3, kept unlimited, also was able to get “verizon30” applied to my next bill and the upgrade fee waived. Called a few times and was polite.

  • jr

    My receipt with the phone said 6 gig but I talked with a representative and told him I had screen shots of the order and he asked for a copy to his supervisor and he authorized the unlimited again. Took like 20 mind but they straightened it out and they honored the keep unlimited .

  • panicswhenubered

    Yes. Ordered Note 3 and Galaxy Gear. Got here today and I still have “Email & Data Unlimited $20” under Features on my receipt.

    • panicswhenubered

      I’ve ordered 73 smart phones from Verizon in the last two weeks, they all kept their unlimited data.

      • Ian

        Doesn’t sound like you’re the “normal” user. 🙂

        • panicswhenubered

          CIO at a national construction company. The Note 3 and Galaxy Gear are my personal devices though 🙂

          • Jkdem85

            even after the glitch closed?

  • Nick Bell

    I kept my unlimited by moving upgrade to a shared data line, ordered the N3 online and selected store pickup. and all was good. Here is the kicker. I used the VERIZON30 code expecting to get $90 off. Instead only charged me $90 for the phone! I walked out of the store with a N3 on a unlimited data plan for $127 after upgrade fee and taxes.

    Sounds like I am not the only one either


  • crazed_z06

    Called before even activating the new device and notified them that the included paperwork said 2GB. Girl on phone had no clue what I was talking about when I told her it was supposed to be unlimited. Explain the whole situation and she escalated to a manager and still had no idea. I asked if I could just return the device then and she put me on hold and came back and said whoever proccessed my order actually put a note on the account that I was to keep unlimited..

    I tried to activate the new Note3 with the included SIM and it just sat there forever. I got tired of waiting and put my old Note 2 SIM in and it activated the phone. My account is still showing unlimited and it shows I have a “Note 3 in White”. My contract end date is 10/8/2015, so I assume everything’s good..

    Im just going to leave good enough alone for now lol.. This was a cluster though. Like I said in another post, there is a massive thread on slickdeals.net about this.
    Here is the thread:

  • Porkchop

    I swapped the pre-installed SIM for my existing SIM (which I actually did because the pre-installed wasn’t activating…), and I kept unlimited, as of this writing, about 20 hours later.


    no but after a huge hassle yesterday, an awesome rep on the phone gave me the 90 off per phone and removed the 30 dollar charge for 2 phones and free Saturday delivery. so i walked away paying 450 for 2 note 3’s. pretty happy.

  • Jeff C

    from my experience with verizon, if they say all they can do is 6gb for $30, say no thanks and call back at a different time of day the next day. some call centers suck and don’t like to play nice.

  • Ben Murphy

    Long live Unlimited!

  • Jeff Torres

    I preordered and was able to keep up unlimited. Granted I had to take a pair of pliers to the preinstalled SIM card I told them I didn’t need… I was able to keep. My account is showing my line has a Galaxy Note 3 and I’ve used 3GB of Unlimited/

    • Jeff C

      you talking about trying to get a SIM card out of the note 3? my god was that painful. had to do it in the car with my fingers, almost died.

      • Jeff Torres

        Yes exactly!

    • crazed_z06

      I pulled mine out with the point of a pocket knife lol

      • Ve

        If you look in the Note 3 box, it has a set of little black “pins” in a bag and a “metal” puller, just to get the sim card out. Made it a bit easier to say the least.

  • Goz

    my email receipt said unlimited, the paper one in the package said 2gb/$30. When I activated, my account got switched to 2gb. I used the chat on vzw.com and told the what was going on, and they restored my unlimited. Took all of 5 minutes at most. Even sent the the link to the d-l article that said they’d honor unlimited.

  • Daddo0711

    I got an LG G2 (after a rep cancelled my order while I was calling about a different matter) and kept the unlt’ data. My order had to be reissued the following Tuesday. My wife got an iPhone 5S which is not scheduled to ship until 10-14. I have been assured that since the receipt shows the unlt’d data it will be honored. Here’s hoping!

    • Joseph A. Yager

      Same here on the iphone 5S for the wifey. I’m not worried since it seems like they have been good (at least eventually) about honoring this sweet, sweet glitch.

  • Phil

    I got to keep my unlimited. All I did was call and say that my original receipt (from the email confirmation) said Unlimited data and that i was willing to prove it. After 15 minutes on hold they came back and gave it

    • PT

      Same here. I used the new sim card as well.

  • Joseph A. Yager

    If the receipt says unlimited data – fight tooth and nail until you get it. There would really be no reason why they wouldn’t give you what you signed up for in writing.

    • Android Spy 007

      If you upgrade during the glitch don’t worry your unl data is not going away. I am 100% sure!

      • dieing for a note 3

        how can i keep it now and upgrade today?

        • HitokiriX

          Buy your phone full price

          • Marshafarnsworth325

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        • cg

          upgrade a basic line, put basic phone on it, and device swap to your current line. There’s an article here that provides more detail. I did Device Payment Plan, but I paid that off with proceeds of my sale of my Note 2 so that I could do an “alternate upgrade” and get the Note 3! Yay me.

          I had a feeling there was going to be some bullcrap with “the glitch.” Was worth it to not deal with fighting tooth and nail (I’m waaay too busy for that.)

    • David

      What can you do if they just say “We don’t have an option to give you unlimited data in our computer.” and you’re already talking to a manager? You can’t talk to anyone greater, and they (for example) literally can’t select unlimited as an option in the data.

      • alex drum

        its obvious possible to give people unlimited data, they did it for that weekend, might take some doing, but it is definitely possible! you definitely can talk higher up than a manager of a store… managers of stores are damn near the bottom of the verizon food chain.

        • michael arazan

          I would also refer managers to android sites like DL and AC that reported this glitch as further proof as well as your own receipts.

          If they do not honor it, threaten to call the BBB and FCC. Also say you’ll call your local news agency, they love to publicly call out companies that rip off consumers.

    • myers08

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    • Richard Yarrell

      What’s tiered data??? Boy I am glad we don’t roll like that in my necks of the woods. Verizon sucks monkey balls….

  • SaintN

    I was unable to keep unlimited on my preorder. Spoke with customer service and they got me on the 6 GB for $30. That’s all they would do…

    • DanSan

      tell them you’re returning the phone then and want your unlimited plan back

    • dizel123

      quit being a little b***h. call them back, tell then Verizon said they’d honor unlimited for your upgrade, and politely demand your unlimited back. Grow a spine and quit acting like they own you.

  • Despyse

    Honestly, just hassle them… eventually it will happen. Just like the VERIZON30 coupon.

  • Shaunwin

    Got a S4 and a Note 3 and was able to keep unlimited data with no problems.

  • SaintN

    I was not able to keep unlimited. I called them and they put me on a 6 GB plan, that was all they would do.

    • Ej McCarty

      You poor thing. I’d be freaking out right now. Honestly. If I didn’t have unlimited I’d be gone.

    • tyguy829

      If your receipt says unlimited, get your issue escalated. They have to let you keep it, especially since they agreed to honor the glitch.

  • cheese

    Call a Care Representative from Verizon (800.922.0204)

    I’m pretty sure they will sort you out. I talked to them yesterday to see if I could get an unsubsidized phone (Note 3) along with Unlimited Grandfathered Data but he kept saying ‘Nope.’ He did say that those upgraded during the time of the glitch would be honored to keep the unlimited data.

    • evltwn

      Were you going to be starting new service with them? Because if you already had service with unlimited data, you can buy a phone at full retail (un-subsidized) and keep your unlimited data. I’ve done it twice at a VZW store.

      • cheese

        I’m aware of that. I just don’t feel the need to shell out $700+ for a top tier phone while keeping the unlimited plan. I will also be selling my existing unlimited grandfathered plan via AoL (assumption of liability) on eBay or Craigslist and make a decent profit off of that. Some are selling for $500+

        I’d rather spend $299 on a phone (Nexus 5) and pay $30/month (5GB LTE speeds, unlimited data, unlimited text, 100 min talk time, VOIP compatible) from T-Mobile than pay $80/month + $700 phone.

      • cheese

        My comment was mysteriously deleted? Suspicious.

        To answer your question again,

        I’m aware of that, but I don’t feel the need to shell out $700+ on a top tier phone and pay $80/month to keep my unlimited data when I can get a better deal at T-Mobile for $30/month (unlimited data, 5GB LTE speed cap, unlimited text, 100 min talk time + VOIP compatible). Not to mention, it gives me the option to buy a $299 Nexus 5 phone, something Verizon can’t do since Nexus 5 won’t be supported on their network.

        • Drew_VA

          Trying to find the $30/month deal online and don’t see it anywhere. Is that something that’s only offered in stores/over the phone. I can only get to the unlimited plans online and I’m starting to feel really dumb.

          • cheese

            Follow this guide here:


            It’s a web-only exclusive for T-Mobile and it’s for their prepaid network.



          • Drew_VA


          • James Heyneman

            The $30 plan hides under the “Which plan is right for you?” link. I didn’t know they still offered that plan. My SO has been looking to get off StraightTalk and this might just work when we move to an area with T-Mobile.

          • mike dunham

            You have to buy the sim card activation kit. You can get this from T-Mobile online only or Walmart in stores.

          • cheese

            you can also buy them online through the t-mobile store. there was a sale going on where you could buy the activation kit for $0.99

            enter coupon code TMOSIM to get the discount

          • nickyb

            You can actually call t-mobile and ask for it. I had them ship me the sim card for a dollar and change. It is actually cheaper than buying it at the store cause you don’t have to pay for the card itself just the shipping.

            Good luck.

          • GentlemanScholar


        • evltwn

          You’re assuming that the next Nexus phone is going to be $299. That’s all speculation. I don’t think any price points have been leaked, have they? Given what they’ve done with the Nexus 7, it’s almost certain that the next Nexus phone is gonna be more expensive. I can’t imagine it will be as expensive as all the other off contract prices we see.
          I saw one VZW unlimited data plan contract on ebay for $700. I emailed the guy, and found out that his contract ends on the 14th of this month. Kinda overpriced to me.
          TMo service in my area is not nearly as good as VZW, so I will stay with them. I know that’s not the same for everyone, so I wouldn’t blame others for switching. VZW has already stated that they will not be price leaders in the mobile industry. That kind of attitude may backfire on them one day.
          Good luck on your ebay sale.

          • cheese

            Personally for me I’m willing to shell up to $400 for the Nexus 5. I don’t think it will be priced that high, but if it does, I won’t be surprised.

            Also, for AoL, you’re taking over their existing plan. Even if the contract is up, you will still be able to use the unlimited data line/plan as long as you don’t upgrade via that line.

            Within a few years, I honestly believe that Google and Dish Network will have something ready to get their own carrier service going. Dish is aggressively buying out spectrum for LTE-A (<10ms ping, 100mbit) and will rival that of AT&T/Verizon years down the line.

          • michael arazan

            All the specs of the Nexus 5 points to a $600 retail at carriers, I’m wondering if they are going to sell this again at the Carriers like the Galaxy Nexus.

            Either way, with the specs alone, this phone is going to be a higher price than the Nexus 4, I’d be willing to bet.

        • Android Spy 007

          Idiot #1 posting crap!

    • brkshr

      When VERIZON MESSED UP my plan last year and unlimited data was taken off my account, they told me that there was ABSOLUTELY NO WAY to get back unlimited data. They said there is no option at all in their system to add it back. I talked to a few different people there and they all told me the same thing. Needless to say, I left vzw.