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Outlook App Updated for Android, Brings Colored Themes and Server-side Search


This morning, the Outlook team launched a major update for their email client on Android, bringing plenty of new features and even some customization options. Starting today, users can finally perform a server-side search, allowing them to track down emails with any words found within the email. In addition, themes have been added, letting you select a custom color from eight pre-installed looks, including green, blue, and pink. 

To top it off, you can now send emails using an Outlook alias, plus set vacation replies inside of the app. All of these features can be found in the update that is now live on Google Play.

What’s New:

  • Server-side search for easy access to all email, not just the ones synced to your phone
  • Unlimited sync of all email history for full off-line access
  • Capability to send emails from Outlook.com aliases
  • Eight new colors to customize the app interface
  • Ability to set and manage vacation replies
  • Traditional Chinese language support

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Via: Outlook Blog

  • jzwerlz43

    does this app work with office 365 email addresses? my college switched the servers over to 365 and the regular outlook.com doesnt work for it anymore

    • robert

      Been wondering the same thing.My college switched to 365 and haven’t been able to sync my email to that app.

  • jim

    This app is highly underrated. If you’re a hotmail user this is one of the best. Today’s update also adds rich Jelly Bean notifications for the first time ( the sender but not the message).

    • Lou_Sasshole

      I agree, of course the app had shortcomings but it has really improved. Though I doubt those people that gave it 1 stars will amend their review.

  • Dan

    That’s nice, and I actually got this one, unlike the Yahoo Mail update that I still am not able to get.

    • SA_NYC

      As a heavy user of Yahoo email, trust me when I tell you that you don’t want it…

      • SA_NYC

        Am I allowed to reply to my own post? Looks like it. So an update: my previous negative comment related to the desktop upgrade of Yahoo mail, which is pretty terrible. I just received the mobile upgrade last night, and actually it’s fine, very little change (which is why it’s good). So ignore my last comment, apologies.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    My school email is from outlook so i suppose it’s worth a look. School gives me free office 365 too. The install from web play store is a thing of beauty.

    • Mike Aurin

      Full Sail gives me a student account there too. Let us know how you like it

  • Joe Mihalich

    how the hell did i not know there was an outlook app on android? I’ve been using the standard email client to connect to exchange servers forever. wtf…

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      same, actually laughed out loud because i was too embarrassed to say it.

    • Joe Mihalich

      ahh, just looked at it, and saw it’s for outlook.com. figures…

    • BigDeeNY99

      Been using it for a year or so!

    • Ken

      umm… i didn’t know there was one either…

  • RW-1

    Cool, though the new themes do nothing for me, I like the Blue to begin with 🙂