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Instagram Updated to Bring Photo Straightening, Data Usage Controls

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An update is rolling out for Instagram today over on Google Play, bringing with it a photo straightening feature and a few data usage controls for video uploading. While it isn’t the biggest update we have seen (we would love to see some more filters possibly), it’s still on its way to being as refined as the iOS version. 

You can go grab the update on Google Play right now.

Play Link

Via: @Instagram

  • Things Instagram needs (on Android):
    1) Audio plays WAY faster that video in multi-clip video
    2) Switching between front and back cameras while taking a multi-clip video
    3) Force closes every time if you click “News” and then “Following”

  • Dave S.

    I’d definitely like to see an update that brings its overall look a bit more in line with the iOS version. There are still a few discrepancies as far as filters and their frames (the Willow filter, for example…on iOS, Willow has a fairly thick frame that is slightly transparent, where as on Android, Willow doesn’t have a frame at all.). And I like what they did with the latest iOS update as far as having the photo feed be full-width (no white borders, pics go edge-to-edge). On the downside, the latest iOS version also made all the profile pics circular instead of the normal square…and that just looks awful. There’s no reason the two versions shouldn’t look and feel the same between the two OS’s, at least so far as how and where everything is placed or accessed.

  • Droid Ronin

    Am I the only one who thinks that Instagram still needs an Android makeover? We want a refreshed app with a Holo UI instead of one that looks like it was ported straight from iOS.

  • Droidzilla

    Wait, photo “straightening”? Is that a filter that makes hipsters look less . . . uh . . . un-manly? Not cool, Instagram.

  • Too funny. Crooked Instagram icon for Instagram straitening announcement.

  • Yooouuuu

    Photo straightening – an actually useful feature from Instagram?

  • Mike Boodoo

    Does anyone remember before they released IG for Android the devs said that our version would be slightly better than iOS? What happened to that?

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