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HTC One Max Spotted In the Wild, Looks Enormous


The One Max  from HTC is by no means a small secret. The company has done a terrible job at keeping the newest addition to its One lineup hidden from us, but we won’t exactly knock them for that – we enjoy it. We first heard of this device because of the reported fingerprint scanner that it will feature on the rear, but since then, we have seen numerous peeks at the the 5.9″ device. It may or may not be launching next week, but it seems that at least one Max is already out in the wild. 

Packing a 5.9″ 1080 x 1920 screen into any device is going to make it look big, but adding in your BoomSound speakers on the top and bottom make it look huge. Underneath that we are expecting a 1.7GHz Snapdragon 600 and 2GB of RAM to keep everything running smoothly on that large canvas.

The WSJ believes that we could see the One Max get announced as early as next week. If people are already using it like this out in public, that could be a pretty good prediction.

Via: Phone Arena

  • oh well htc

    Snapdragon 600 or less is not something I am interested in. I will pass on the one max. Soulds like htc is not trying very hard. If they want to keep their company strong they should listen to their customers. But from what it sounds like htc wants to fail. too bad.

  • radiotrib

    Snapdragon 600 eh ?? … All the leaked specs so far are based on one spec sheet by that french blog, and if you research the processor and RF modem chip specs you find the following, which I have already posted on at least two other disinformation sites:

    QUOTE _________
    Sorry but as far as I can see the APQ 8064 isn’t even an S600 its the S4 chipset. The S600 is the APQ 8064T (and other ones with several other letters after the 8064). Additionally the RF Modem chip MDM8215M is a non-LTE processor..
    Does ANYONE in their right mind expect HTC to release a NON-LTE, S4
    processor Phablet in Europe and the USA ?? Come on guys …

    The specs above are the same as the OPPO Find 5 … here’s a quote from
    the AnandTech review of the OPPO Find 5 … note the reference to
    “designed for Asian Markets” …

    “The Find 5 relies on Qualcomm’s Fusion 3 platform, which in this case
    is a combination of APQ8064 and MDM8215M for cellular and voice
    communication. We’re pretty familiar with the 28nm MDM9x15, after seeing
    it in basically all of the Krait handsets last year. The MDM8215 is
    also a 28nm baseband, with the primary difference being the lack of LTE
    capability in the DC-HSPA+ only MDM8215. That’s the primary ding against
    the Find 5 hardware, though for a phone that was designed for Asian
    markets (except Korea), this is unsurprising as LTE networks have yet to
    hit China and the coverage is still very limited in India. ”


    Snapdragon Model Numbers – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snapdragon_%28system_on_chip%29

    Anandtech Review – OPPO Find 5 – http://www.anandtech.com/show/6920/oppo-find-5-review/5

  • skzion

    I was going for the Note 3 until I learned of the region lock BS. That was quickly defeated, but then we learned of of a “fuse” that once blown upon rooting the N3 could not be reset and would cancel the warranty.

    It would have been my first Samsung. It won’t be. These guys have gone over to the Dark Side.

    If I intended to stay on Verizon, I might even have considered another Motorola (not the X).

  • randy odell

    I am very disappointed in these specs on the one max. By adding the snapdragon 800 it would make streaming video, playing games and running apps alot smoother as well as quicker. But what the hell. Placing an substandard processor in this phone will work. It surely will. So htc I guess you prefer dialup and not high speed internet. Right? Look at the just released Pantech Vega Secret Note. Everything that samsung thas in the note 3. It is going to be an awesome competitor to samsung. And another one bites the dust.

  • Pakmann2k

    Strange that the person who took this picture shared a screenshot instead of just the photo. Also strange that the person is supposedly standing behind the woman being covert in his attempt to take this photo, yet his phone indicator bar shows that it is charging. Also, I think that user that “randomly” spotted the phone in the wild is a freelance photographer.

    • Guest

      ever think that the photo was taken earlier and a screen shot was sent in at a later time?

      • Pakmann2k

        Yea, but why wouldn’t he just send the photo. Why bother with the whole screenshot thing?

  • randy odell

    Lame lame lame. 1.7 ghz snapdragon 600. It’s like putting a 4 banger in a formula one race car. I thought htc was really starting to shine. I’ll pass. If you want a real samsung competitor try pantech vega secret note. Everything samsung note 3 has but more. So that is where I am going. See ya.

  • Charlie Val

    Dat action menu tho.

    • holdthiscat

      “Dat” menu button bar can be turned off.

  • lye

    I wish it was bigger, it still fits in my backpack.

  • alzeis

    I would like a 6.4″ screen but no bigger. The Ultra looks perfect.

  • MafiaMM

    So I guess it is true that Asian women prefer having large phones

  • akhnaten

    Can anyone tell me how the call quality is on this device? I would love to buy one, but the last two HTC phones (2 droid incredibles) I had were incapable of making a voice call where both parties could actually hear the other.

  • flosserelli

    The ONLY reason I’d get this over a Note 3 is for the front facing speakers. Everything else is meh.

  • JohnBergman

    The first thing I noticed on this is the black bar…

    • holdthiscat

      Black bar can be turned off. No worries.

  • roberthenderson

    Sorry to see it come to the market so late. Four or five months ago, it would have been seen as premium. Now, it’s obviously a generation behind. Fortunately for HTC, most people who are going to buy will not be reading these types of blogs. For most people it will come down to a preference for four some combination of the premium feel and the speakers. If these 2 things carry great significance to a buyer (and they haven’t already purchased a Note 3) they will purchase A Max. HTC also has to make a decision to spend enough money on advertising to overcome the Samsung juggernaut.

    • roberthenderson

      and what exactly about this statement peeved you into a Down vote?

      • LionStone

        I didn’t down vote you, but I don’t see how it’s a generation behind? Everything after that I could agree with.

        • roberthenderson

          I meant the 600 processor as opposed to the 800 processor and having a camera that is actually stunted compared to the HTC One which has image stabilization.

  • Daistaar

    Her hands make 6 inches look huge!!!

  • Destroythanet

    “1.7GHz Snapdragon 600 and 2GB of RAM to keep everything running smoothly on that large canvas.”

    Will that processor be enough to keep it running smoothly?

    • Adrynalyne

      Yes it would be, despite the naysayers. The Nexus 7 (2013) is higher resolution, larger and perfectly smooth.

      • Horus Jarilo

        Basicaly its the same phone as the One but with a bigger screen. The same innards save for the finger scanner. And the One runs smooth, on par with Nexus.

    • Gnex

      I doubt it. How will it even manage to turn on without a Snapdragon 800 and 4GB of RAM?? The Note 3 with its better specs and terribly bloated software will surely be faster.

  • Tim242

    My new Note 3 points and laughs : )

    • Knlegend1

      Your Note 3 isn’t laughing its stuttering from all that sickness it got from touching its wiz!

  • deskjob

    Hope it’s not true, but sad if it Snapdragon 600 is really in it. But it’s not HTC’s fault per se – apparently they couldn’t get their hands on Snapdragon 800 from Qualcomm because of their diminished status as a premiere android maker. I wonder if Samsung had something to do with this… it’s the AMOLED screen incident from the original HTC Incredible all over again, where Samsung choked off supplies of the screen when it saw how well the Incredible was selling.

    It’s low, but I suppose that’s what business is all about.

    Thing is, the stereo sound is much needed for larger devices.

    • Joe

      I don’t disagree with you, but if this phone was a Moto with a gen old processor, everyone would be okay with it.

      • deskjob

        Yeah, well the thing is, I’d like to see the Snapdragon 800 in the Max not for the speed increase per se, but more for the battery life bump. Anandtech did an in-depth review of the G2 and the 800 SOC’s power efficiency improvement over the 600.
        Honestly, the 600 will be more than fast enough. But battery life increase is always good to have!

      • Adrynalyne

        Nobody had a problem with the Note II or international GS3 coming out with an old GPU, so I fail to see your point about Moto?

  • s0uth

    i think this phone will be a big hit at 199.99 new contracts or 499.99 off contract.

    eh? eh?.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Snapdragon 600 clocked at 1.7ghz what a industry joke.

    • holdthiscat

      You, sir, are the joke. Constantly trolling stories that have nothing to do with your precious Samsung. Get a life.

      • Gnex

        Hold this cat? I think I see what it is you did there.

      • Brian Utne

        Just go to his disquss page and read his comments. EVERY single one of them is slobbering all over Samsungs knob, lol. Hilarity at its finest.

        • holdthiscat

          I’ve seen it…so sad. I understand loyalty, but this is just blind ignorance.

          • Brian Utne

            Yeah it is. Complete disregard for anything that exists besides the precious Note 3. If he didn’t say anything about I wouldn’t care, but damn he’s got something negative to say about EVERY thing that isn’t that phone.

    • squiddy20

      1. The highest (official) clock rate the 600 goes is “1.9 GHz per core” (source: http://www.qualcomm.com/snapdragon/processors/600 Taking it down just .2 GHz saves that much more on battery consumption. Regardless of the device/battery size.
      2. Until you see this thing action, you have no basis on how fast (or slow) it will be. The Moto X, for all intents and purposes, is only dual core, and it performs just as well as some stupidly powerful Note 3 with it’s quad cores each at 2.3 GHz, most of which is completely superfluous. Sure, the Moto X may not score well on benchmarks in comparison to the Note 3, but with all the benchmark cheating Samsung’s been doing lately (not to mention how benchmarks don’t necessarily stand up to real world usage), it’s no wonder. What an industry joke yourself.

      • Adrynalyne

        Logic and intelligence has no place on Discus. How dare you?!

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    things i want other oems to adopt from htc:
    Dem speakers
    The standby mode
    Wide angled front facing camera.

    • Gucci

      Why not just buy a HTC? Idiot

      • Daeshaun Griffiths

        cuz moto x

  • trwb

    Great Scott! That’s what she said. Threat Level Midnight.

    • roberthenderson

      Any obscure Office reference automatically gets a thumbs up. B-)

  • pbolton70

    You lost my interest when you said snapdragon 600. So much for competing with the Note 3

    • SA_NYC

      Yeah, what’s with that??

    • CasperTFG

      I’m probably alone on an island but, I want to give the 600 the benefit of the doubt until I test drive it at VW store. And if it comes in blue? Holy, bejesus.

      • pbolton70

        Well since they were trying to compete with the Note 3 going backwards in the specs department does not hold well. No Pen. Plus we all know sense adds some overhead and that snapdragon 800 would have gone a lone way in helping in that arena. Look at what the 800 has done for LG G2. Their touch wiz clone has been clunky in the past at best. But I had one for a few days as my daily driver and it was fast and smooth. I just could not give up the extra real estate of my note 2. Its shame had high hopes for this hand set.

        • deskjob

          I agree it’ll be a hard sell against the Note 3 from a specs perspective. But to be honest, the snapdragon 600 will be more than adequate for what we’re doing now. The phone runs at the same 1920×1080 resolution as the HTC One, which is running the 600. HTC really refined Sense with the latest version, and from my personal experience with the One, the UI was buttery smooth with absolutely no lag. I had the Galaxy S4 over the weekend (holding the phone for a family member) and while it was great, there were some random stutters in UI. And the S4 is actually running a 1.9Ghz Snapdragon 600.

          I really doubt HTC is that stupid to not go with the 800, unless it was forced to :-/

          • RoninX

            As someone who is on the fence between the Note 3, One Max, and Nexus 5, having a Snapdragon 800 (along with a micro SD slot) would clearly put the One Max on top.

            With a 600, I’d still consider it, but the choice would be tougher. I’m actually more concerned with the lag that reviewers keep reporting on the Note 3. It seems like a phone with these specs should not be lagging…

          • deskjob

            I think the lag – or more like random stuttering in my experience – is from Touchwiz and all the other stuff Samsung put on there. I experienced the same playing with my friend’s S4 too.

            I haven’t heard anything about the One Max receiving extra software compared to say the HTC One. If anything, Sense 5.5 is suppose to allow you to disable Blinkfeed. So it could even be lighter overhead than HTC One. I am split on this – on one hand, this means the device will likely be buttery smooth, since it’s really just a HTC One with bigger screen (same resolution). But on the other hand, that means just that – it’s just a HTC One with a bigger screen, without any additional features to take advantage of its phablet status. I’d guess battery life would be better despite the bigger screen thanks to the huge battery. And watching video and movies would be amazing with the IPS screen and stereo speakers.

            Then again, if it comes with microSD and/or a removable battery, and perhaps a better Ultrapixel camera…

  • bigjohnson

    “HTC One Max Spotted In the Wild, Looks Enormous”
    That’s what she said!

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      Lol I don’t know what HTC is waiting for to release this phone.

      • roberthenderson

        I think they’re waiting to fall 2 generations behind in their processors

        • azndan4

          Are you talking about Motorola?

          • El_Big_CHRIS


  • Anthony_Armando

    It only looks bigger because she is Asian. Thus the reason I am looking for an Asian wife.

  • DJyoSNOW

    How do you feel about ultra pixel (deal breaker for me)

    • roberthenderson

      I heard that the Max might get an extra 25%in ultra pixels going to 5.That might make a significant difference in picture quality. Now about that 2gb of ram, 600 instead of the 800 processor and not being able to take my 64gb card……

  • Adrynalyne

    So women do like it larger.

    I’ve been lied to! 🙁

    • ToddAwesome

      If you want it to look bigger, simply have an Asian woman hold it. Just sayin….

      • Adrynalyne

        My wife is Korean….I already knew that :p

        • ToddAwesome


        • Sherlock Holmes

          Koreans are the hottest Asians. Just my 2 cents 😀

    • Adrynalyne

      Judging by the downvote, apparently one woman out there does like it smaller.

  • viewthis66

    if a female can use it just fine, a male can. enough with the “its too large of a phone” nonsense.

    • Shane Redman

      So….if it’s pocketable, it’s good to go? Or shall I go get a man-purse or a satchel?

    • Adrynalyne

      Spoken like someone who would have no shame in putting a Nexus 7 to their ear.

      I’d stick my foot out as you passed by.

      • viewthis66

        you don’t belong here. move along.

        • Adrynalyne

          no u

    • Asianflavor

      Then,,,,it’s too small of a tablet.

    • Chris

      a male can use it just fine. now if hes wearing skinny jeans, then we need to have a talk….

  • anezarati

    would the size of the device really be an issue if this was marketed as a tablet and not a phone? what if she was messaging someone in hangouts and not a text? obviously this woman is going to drop the phone into her purse, so it doesnt really matter how big it is.

    • Adrynalyne

      Thats gotta be a big…purse for her to just drop it in.

      • Grizzly Atoms

        Have you never seen a womans purse before? They are usually 3x what they need to be.

        • Adrynalyne

          I think you missed what I was saying, but not saying 😉

          • Grizzly Atoms

            I think you are missing the point that only a minority of people feel the same way you do or else they wouldn’t be making phones this big. I use a Note 2 and am not even average height. Yet somehow this monster of a TV fits in my pocket and is easy to hold. Maybe you have tiny girl hands or just wear skinny jeans but I don’t see what the issue is. Apple will always make tiny phones for you if you don’t like the direct that Android is going.

          • Adrynalyne

            Way to go to change a joke I was making about dropping something large into a…purse (omg, getit, getit?!?!) and making it a personal attack against me.

            You sir, win the Internet.

            PS–Android has nothing to do with larger devices…being an OS and not hardware.

          • anezarati

            to be fair, that joke is pretty lame

          • Adrynalyne

            A lot of jokes are lame. It is no reason to create a personal attack due to being too dense to understand.

          • Grizzly Atoms

            You can play victim all day, but just because you aren’t good as a comedian doesn’t mean you get to sit here in a pool of pity.

          • Adrynalyne

            What pity?

            I was just pointing out how dense you are to make personal attacks because you can’t understand when someone is joking.

            The fact that you came back to keep goading me on further shows how sad and insignificant your life is.

            If I was to pity someone, it would be you.

    • litobirdy

      um its not being marketed as a tablet. It’s a phone so yes it’s enormous for a phone

      • Tim242

        It simply has a phone app.

  • Shane Redman

    Droid Life poll: What’s the largest device you would buy?

    Not screen size, but actual footprint of the device. This seems a little out of hand 😉

    • Ben Murphy

      You have to be more specific. I consider my TV a device. And it’s huge.

      • Shane Redman

        Touche, good sir.

    • I bought a Sony Xperia Z Ultra off of Swappa. That’s the 6.4″ screened device with pretty big bezels on the top and bottom. Strangely enough, it fits in my pockets comfortably – probably because it is so thin. I ordered a Sony SBH52 that I am going to try and use in conjunction with it (NFC/Bluetooth handset that clips on shirt). So to answer your poll, I am on a 6.4″ screen right now and really enjoy using it. I also have a Note 3 which seems like a very handy size, by comparison. For reference, I am 5′ 10″, so average.

      • Tim242

        That screen cover would drive me crazy! The smudges!

        • Mine is white, has a plastic sticker cover on the back and a glass screen protector on the front. Noticeable smudges are at a minimum. But I know what you mean, on the black one especially.

      • shooter50

        Ultra is the best phone available right now.

        • Yeah, I pretty much love everything about it except for the camera. I am convinced that most of us will move to these larger devices eventually.