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T-Mobile Makes Unlimited International Data Official, Also Takes LTE Network Nationwide to 233 Markets

tmobile shakira

After letting word slip through a Shakira fansite earlier today, T-Mobile has gone ahead and made their new UnCarrier announcement official. As expected, international unlimited data (2G speeds) and text are now free to “most” Simple Choice plans in more than 100 “Simple Global” countries across this vast Earth. Canada and Mexico are included, in case you were wondering, but you’ll also find countries like China and the United Kingdom as well. 

Customers on Simple Choice plans will automatically see these benefits, meaning they do not actually have to sign-up for anything and will see the global feature added to their plan on October 31. The only global fees you will see going forward will be from voice calls, which run 20 cents per minute.

Outside of this major international news, T-Mobile announced that their 4G LTE network is now nationwide and in 233 metropolitan areas, which covers more than 200 million people. They are three full months ahead of their schedule and claim that they have faster speeds than AT&T in 10 of the top 20 metro areas. They also pointed out in a press release that their LTE network covers 91 of the top 100 largest markets by population. Here is a list of T-Mobile’s LTE networks.

Oh, Shakira too. Multi-year deal.

Simple Global dirty details.

  • Starting October 31st, eligible Simple Choice individual and business customers automatically get unlimited data and texting in more than 100 Simple Global countries worldwide, and will only pay an industry-low flat rate of 20 cents per minute for voice calls when roaming in the same countries.
  • And, for customers in the US wanting a saner, more affordable way to stay connected with friends, family and colleagues worldwide, T-Mobile’s announced a postpaid industry-low feature for discounted calling and texting from the US to all Simple Global countries – called Stateside International Talk & Text.
  • Customers never pay more than 20 cents a minute to any number in any Simple Global country, including mobile-to-mobile calls.
  • Unlimited calls to landlines in over 70 of these countries at no extra charge. Unlimited texting is also included. Stateside International Talk & Text is available to customers for just $10 a month. 

How it works.

  • Existing Simple Choice customers with qualifying plan option will have global coverage automatically added to their plan by October 31st.
  • There is no need to add a separate feature or service to your account or call Customer Care before you travel. International roaming with unlimited data and text is now included in qualifying plans at no extra charge.
  • Global data coverage with capable device; not for extended international travel. Data at up to 2G speeds.

The 100 countries.

tmobile international countries

Promo video.


T-Mobile Makes the World Your Network – at No Extra Charge 
and Now Delivers Nationwide 4G LTE

T-Mobile customers to enjoy unlimited data and texting worldwide – at no extra charge

Also slashes calling rates from U.S. – now never more than 20 cents per minute with Stateside International Talk & Text feature

Announces multiyear partnership with international superstar Shakira

NEW YORK – Oct. 9, 2013 – T-Mobile US, Inc. (NYSE: TMUS), America’s new No. 1 choice in wireless, is again upending and innovating the wireless industry, delivering unlimited global data at no extra charge in 100+ countries – making the company’s home data coverage area larger than AT&T’s and Verizon’s combined.

Tonight, at a concert event for thousands of its customers at New York’s Bryant Park, featuring international superstar and new T-Mobile collaborator Shakira, the Un-carrier announced that it is tearing down borders and walking away from the U.S. wireless industry practice of charging exorbitant international roaming rates.

“The cost of staying connected across borders is completely crazy,” said John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile US, Inc. “Today’s phones are designed to work around the world, but we’re forced to pay insanely inflated international connectivity fees to actually use them. You can’t leave the country without coming home to bill shock. So we’re making the world your network – at no extra cost.”

Americans take about 55 million trips to destinations outside the U.S. every year. When U.S. customers use their phones abroad the way they normally do at home, their costs often total $1,000 a day or more. So more than 40 percent of customers turn off data roaming completely. Another 20 percent more say they would if they knew how. The toll these roaming fees take on individuals and businesses is huge. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, wireless customers face a hard choice – use their phone when they need it and pay through the nose, or cut off communications to contain costs.

“It doesn’t have to be this way,” Legere said. “The truth is that the industry’s been charging huge fees for data roaming. But what’s most surprising is that no one’s called them out – until now.”

T-Mobile tonight announced that it’s expanding the home data coverage for most Simple Choice customers to include more than 100 countries, at no extra charge. Starting Oct. 31, these Simple Choice individual and business customers automatically get unlimited data and texting in more than 100 Simple Global countries worldwide, and they will only pay a global flat rate of 20 cents per minute for voice calls when roaming in the same countries. Eligible customers on T-Mobile’s popular Simple Choice plan won’t have to activate anything or pay an extra monthly fee.

And, for customers in the U.S. wanting a saner, more affordable way to stay connected with friends, family and colleagues worldwide, T-Mobile’s got them covered, too. The company announced tonight its new Stateside International Talk & Text feature for discounted calling and texting from the U.S. to all Simple Global countries. Customers never pay more than 20 cents a minute to any number in any Simple Global country, including mobile to mobile. Calls to landlines in more than 70 of these countries are unlimited and included at no extra cost. Unlimited texting is also included to all countries. Stateside International Talk & Text is available to most Simple Choice customers for just $10 a month.

In network news, T-Mobile tonight also announced that its latest-generation 4G LTE network is now nationwide, reaching more than 200 million people in 233 metros across the United States.

“We’ve not only delivered nationwide 4G LTE months ahead of schedule,” said Neville Ray, chief technology officer for T-Mobile. “Our nationwide 4G LTE is right on top of our already nationwide 4G HSPA+ network – which translates to one wicked-fast combined 4G network experience.”

In recent third-party tests involving millions of results from real customers nationwide, T-Mobile’s 4G LTE nationwide network delivered faster speeds than the 4G LTE networks of Verizon and Sprint. In addition, T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network already has faster median speeds than AT&T’s 4G LTE network in 10 of the top 20 metropolitan statistical areas. In fact, T-Mobile’s new nationwide LTE network delivers 4G LTE speeds more consistently than any of the national providers.

Making global connections and bringing the world closer together is also a key value for global artist, songwriter and Grammy Award-winning music icon, Shakira. T-Mobile is working with the musical powerhouse to bring that message to people everywhere and announced the collaboration through a new multiyear partnership agreement to include the creation of unique content, fan engagement and exclusive access to her new music.

“Today is all about bringing the world closer together,” Shakira said. “I’m excited to partner with T-Mobile and look forward to being able to share my music in new and innovative ways.”

As part of the relationship, T-Mobile will support Shakira’s upcoming single and album releases to create unique T-Mobile customer experiences. T-Mobile is breaking the traditional sponsorship mold and creating a unique partnership where the company and the artist will work together to help amplify key messages and initiatives for each other, which will also include a select number of special events for the public and exclusive fan engagement activities.

These announcements build on months of momentum since T-Mobile kicked off its Un-carrier consumer movement earlier this year. Since then, the company has enjoyed a groundswell of support from U.S. consumers signing on in record numbers, making T-Mobile America’s No. 1 choice in wireless since its Un-carrier launch in late March – with more net new postpaid customers than AT&T, Verizon and Sprint combined.

No. 1 choice in wireless based on T-Mobile’s net postpaid subscriber additions vs. those of the other major national carriers in Q2 2013. 4G LTE speed claims based on third-party speed testing data.

Taxes & fees are additional for services and features. Home data coverage is the area where customers receive data services included in their plan. Global data coverage with capable device; not for extended international travel. See details & included countries at http://www.T-Mobile.com.

About T-Mobile US, Inc.:
As America’s Un-carrier, T-Mobile US, Inc. (NYSE: “TMUS”) is redefining the way consumers and businesses buy wireless services through leading product and service innovation. The company’s advanced nationwide 4G and 4G LTE network delivers outstanding wireless experiences for customers who are unwilling to compromise on quality and value. Based in Bellevue, Wash., T-Mobile US provides services through its subsidiaries and operates its flagship brands, T-Mobile and MetroPCS. It currently serves approximately 44 million wireless subscribers and provides products and services through 70,000 points of distribution. For more information, please visit http://www.t-mobile.com.

  • sbxjap

    awh man… I was just in Japan less than a month ago, lol. Had to get a portable wifi since I was using a few devices. This would’ve helped … oh well. Good for next trip.,.

  • skzion

    Wow. This means that I will not have to get a new sim card wherever I travel internationally, unless I need more than 2G speeds. That speed limitation is an issue sometimes, though. But w/Wifi so common, I’m not worried.

    Glad I’ve decided to leave Verizon when my contract is up.

  • CHRIS42060

    It should really be 100 International locations, since 100 countries isn’t very accurate. Christmas Island is a territory of Australia. St. Barthelemy and St. Martin are French territories.

  • Edwin M

    Yay Ecuador!

  • Joe Mihalich

    Unlimited data at 2G speeds? wtf is 2G? Is that like verizon’s 1x data speed? That’s just about useless, which is why they’re probably giving it away.

    • Jon

      Have you traveled lately? I was in Spain in January and would have killed for any data connection on my phone at all. With 2G data you can get Google Maps up and running, browse websites, and even stream Pandora OK. And you can use chat services like What’s App or Google Voice.

      This is huge for anyone that travels. You may not get that, but it doesn’t take away from the awesomeness of this feature.

      • Joe Mihalich

        I do not travel internationally. Point taken. 🙂


    Coverage in Ann Arbor? Sold.

  • rabidhunter

    Now to find out how Verizon will screw this one up in their half hearted attempt to retain customers.

  • JoYu

    Global data coverage with capable device; not for extended international travel. ***Data at up to 2G speeds***

    Unlimited unusable data for the masses!

    • skzion

      Look, get a local sim for extended international travel. If you’re going to work somewhere, for example.

      Point taken on 2G, but I was in France recently, when it was only 3G. Unlimited data was throttled after 2GB for 4 weeks or so to … 2G.

      Where 2G does suck is streaming media, but one is not going to bother with that generally when one is traveling. Web browsing can be a pain. Fine, use a browser like Opera Mini.

      This is big, especially when one travels to countries where natives do not speak English.

  • Eldorath

    Bah.. not what I hoped for (nor what I was told to expect) but cool, nonetheless.

    *crosses fingers for the other thing*

  • Herach Andrews

    No LTE in Calabasas/Agoura Hills California yet. Still waiting.

  • Zach Armstrong

    How about upgrading rural areas from 2G

  • JoshGroff

    They were working on towers near my house, had service cut out a few times. I assume I’m part of the LTE rollout then.

  • Daistaar

    Hey guys, I just switched to T-Mobile from Verizon nearly a month ago. I have a question about throttling. I hear people say that on unlimited you get throttled after awhile. Is that just on LTE? Are you bumped from LTE and have to fall back to HSPA after a certain amount of data or do you get restricted to just Edge?

    NOTE: I haven’t been throttled yet. Just wondering what’s the worse that can happen. I have no qualms with unlimited HSPA as a punishment as it’s more than comparable to LTE.

    • NexusPhan

      If you have the unlimited plan (not the 2.5GB or .5GB) then there is never throttling while on the T-Mobile network. Ever. If you have the 2.5GB or .5GB + unlimited the throttling begins (down to 2G only) at those amounts which reset every month.

      • Glenn Urrea

        No Travis had it right. Even if you are on the unlimited plan you will be throttled once you reach 10GB of data. I know, its happened a couple of times to me. But I rarely use that much in a single month.

        • NexusPhan

          Nope. Per my T-Mobile account page “Up to 9765.6 GB high-speed data” So fine they’ll throttle you after 1TB. Good luck using that in a month on a phone.
          They will only throttle if they catch you tethering (Kinda BS, I know).

        • JoYu

          Umm Travis posted 9,999GB which is like 10TB, I wouldn’t mind that kind of a limit 😉

          • NexusPhan

            Running full LTE speeds 24/7 for the month won’t even get you to 10TB. Awesome.

    • Travis Sorenson

      When you are on unlimited data on T-MO (Truly Unlimited) Your data cap is 9,999 GB of Data per month before being throttled. So if you use more than that you will be but…

      • Daistaar

        So we’re looking at 10TB and not 10GB before the hammer drops? That’s insane and I’d imaging unlikely but I love the idea. Realistically I seldom go over 7 or 8 GBs but that’s some good wiggle room either way. Sucks that it drops to 2G though. HSPA would have been sweet if it ever came to it. Thanks guys!

  • bass74

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  • Tyrone Washington

    Whats a shikira and why cant it afford a new pair of pants?

    • SA_NYC

      Ha ha ha, well said.

  • galen

    There is a whole lot of bitching in this thread for something that is for all intents and purposes, ‘FREE.’

    • SA_NYC

      Welcome to this site, and I guess more generally, the internet. It’s ridiculous, I agree. I’m not a T-Mo customer, but this is a great bone they’ve thrown their subs. People, be happy!

    • Dan Letsch

      I think the “bitching” stems from people (me included) who would love to use T-Mobile and support everything they are doing, but without service, it is useless. I wish they would add coverage so I could switch to them.

  • Reginald Jefferson

    Well I’m back on contract another 2 years (added a line for fiance to get her iphone) so maybe when it ends their coverage will have improved. Being in a coverage area where you can’t even complete a call and only experience edge isn’t fun or productive.

  • MatthewSimmons

    LTE finally in Kzoo Mich…Well Verizon it’s about that time we go our separate ways.

    • NexusPhan

      It’s been there for a while. Just not advertised. T-Mobile considers an area covered only after it’s 90% rolled out. Unlike Verizon/ATT/Sprint where it only has to be 40% live and they call it a 4G city. Was in the area a few weeks ago for a wedding.

  • I can get data in Ghana, but not 30 miles west of Wichita, KS.

  • Hey Tmo’s HSPA was enough for me and my friend to play LoL….
    seriously no joke… we played like two or three rounds before my phone caught itself on fire xP

  • Mallahet

    This will simplify global plans and will allow them to cut the BS of having people who travel a lot switch plans and add/remove features all the time. I like the idea.. Let’s hope they can continue on execution of getting better coverage.

  • PhilD41

    No love here in Iowa…. If there was I would probably jump ship and join in a heart beat. Their affiliate here just doesn’t have the same plans or service. My GNex is getting old though so I will have to do some serious considering with the N5 coming out.

    • Mark Mann

      iowa has i-wireless that runs t-mobile coverage..if i-wireless wasn’t crap i’d recommend them

      • Dan Letsch

        Hence why he said no love in Iowa. It has nothing to do with I-wireless or any of the other post paid, cause T-Mobile has no coverage outside of a couple of cities here in Iowa.
        I would love to switch, but I see no plans to expand, and I actually need service for my phone (otherwise what is the point). I really like what T-Mobile is doing, I hope it helps change the industry, or at least they expand to get coverage everywhere.
        I was in the same boat as Op, my gnex was getting old, but I knew there was no hope in the nexus 5 coming to Verizon, and wanted to keep my unlimited, so I got a G2 before they figure out how to lock it down and take away root possibilities, and so far, I love it.

        • PhilD41

          Bingo! I am really looking at the G2. Will have to wait a little long till I can get one used at a more reasonable price. Can’t justify dishing out $600+ for a phone when I still have one working. I have a hard time justifying toys that expensive just because. Glad to hear you are enjoying it though!

          • Dan Letsch

            I used an alt upgrade to get it for $130, which also locked my unlimited line up for another 2 year contract. The G2 is awesome in my opinion, even if some of the things they did are silly. Nova Launcher fixed most of the issues.

          • PhilD41

            Yeah, I have 4 other lines with available upgrades. part of me really like the idea of staying “off contract” so when something else better comes up I can jump. I should probably be smart and jump while the alt upgrade still works and call it good. To be honest, I am also waiting to see what type of dev support the G2 gets. I would miss my ParanoidAndroid features. 🙂

  • Now if only Croatia was included in that list.

  • fratch73

    The list is missing eight states so not really nationwide. Getting only 2g up here in maines second largest metro area. (i know i know its maine but still)

    • SA_NYC

      Where is maine?

      • rabidhunter

        Mainly on the east coast.

  • duke69111

    I can get data in Ghana, but not 30 miles west of Wichita, KS.

  • duke69111

    Should t mobile focus on expanding their overall coverage in the US before getting us coverage over the rest of the world. I Just a thought.

    • Glenn Urrea

      I don’t think they expanded anything, they’re simply not charging you for text and data now.

      • duke69111

        That’s my point. They should be focusing on expanding their network in the US, instead of worrying about signing contracts for service overseas. Here in the US is where their money will come from.

        • Elizabeth

          T-mobile began in Europe! They are a German company. We are their secondary market.

  • Scott Ricketts

    Ugh. Still no LTE love for Cincinnati?

    • willzzz88

      Still working on it. Cincinnati is special because you have Cincinnati Bell (another competitor) using AWS spectrum but it’s coming. Just be patient.

      • Scott Ricketts

        Oh, I’m not going anywhere, just whining. Plus every time I visit my girlfriend in Dayton I see that LTE light up on my phone and get a little jealous.

  • David Van Cleef

    How does the 2G-data-only clause work for Japan and South Korea which are covered countries, but have no 2G GSM networks (only WCDMA and LTE)?

    • They will probably throttle…. besides I’m sure these guys know what they are doing… for god sake Koreans are working on LTE-A(or already have)

  • T-Mo is pretty much the polar opposite of VZW at this point

    • Defenestratus

      Precisely the reason I switched. I have excellent 4G LTE coverage here in town and its only getting better.

  • Defenestratus

    Sweet! Iraq!

  • jbdan

    Love my tmo. Been very pleased. In Atlanta. From Atlanta to Greenville and Atlanta to Destin had 4g and LTE 95% of the time. Small pockets of edge on the road through a few towns with one stop light. Have 3 lines unlimited data (throttled after 2.5GB per line) unlimited everything else. All 3 GS4’s on JUMP insurance and our bill is $201 a month. Verizon was not only more $, and by quite a bit, but their coverage was worse in my area & their speeds (LTE) slower (than both tmo LTE and hspa+). Why am I saying this here…..

    • William_Morris

      My major problem is once I go to Orange Beach from Pensacola, it drops to 2G. Orange Beach and Gulf Shores are tourist hotspots that could use decent 4G coverage from someone other than ATT and Verizon.

      • jbdan

        Odd thing. I was in Destin for a week, on the beach (rental). My 2 sisters and Dad are on VZ, me tmo. They had to use my GS4 (cell not wifi calling) to make calls as their Lucid, GNex, and GS3 on VZ couldn’t complete a call. It’s all about location, location, location :p

  • Shamu

    Why no solavei get LTE already!?

  • MikeSaver

    Droid Life, getting me my daily fix of Shakira news.

  • Taylor Abrahamson

    So what about roaming onto AT&T? Still 50MB limit????

    • Of course. T-Mobile does it to keep costs down. You get what you pay for.

      • Brian Himes

        Ok everyone gets it you hate Tmobile and had a frustrating relationship with them. Could you please stop. Your only making yourself into a troll.

        • Dominick White

          no, cause he speaking the truth.yes you are paying less with tmobile, but most of that is service you cant use if you live outside of a major city

          • NexusPhan

            They cover 200 million people with just LTE alone. It’s really a non-issue for almost everybody. Sure you have to roam on ATT when you travel to the really remote places, but it’s not a big deal at all.

          • Brian Himes

            I completely understand the spotty coverage outside the city. But instead of using them pick a carrier that has better coverage in your area. It makes no sense to complain and troll about it when you are perfectly capable of fixing the problem yourself.

  • Justin W

    Take that, Verizon and J-Lo.

  • Sean Plantz

    I REALLY wish T-Mobile had any sort of coverage where I live… I visit my parents in barbados every year, and thats covered under this… imagine that.. better coverage abroad than in the states…

  • Ray Gray

    Up to 2G speeds huh?

    • Just like their US network outside a metro area.

      • TheDrunkenClam

        Okay, we get it.

      • hans wee

        as someone who lives in a metro area… well, who would want to go to one of those places right?

        works for me.

        • Reginald Jefferson

          Land owners? Farmers? Hunters? People that like open spaces? People who dislike metro areas? People that like peace and quiet? Walter White? NSA?

          • NexusPhan

            You hunt with your cell phone?

          • Dominick White

            yes, just in case you are attacked by a animal or get in a accident

          • malcmilli

            those people seem to be in the vast minority.

          • Glenn Urrea

            Why would they want a smartphone if they like peace and quiet? They have landlines and cordless phones. 🙂

  • NexusPhan

    223 markets?! T-mobile is in full hyperbeast mode.

    • Justin W

      Now if only they could get consistent coverage in cities larger than 100k people… My city doesn’t even have T-Mo coverage yet 🙁

      • tmofan

        if your city has att coverage than you can use tmo

        • Tojen1981

          Only on postpaid accounts, not prepaid.

          • NexusPhan

            I’m not sure I understand the point of their prepaid accounts for a primary line anymore. They cost the same with no contracts so I just don’t see the point anymore unless it’s a secondary phone and you rarely use it and want to pay by the minute.

          • Pedro

            Where is that post-paid $30 plan?
            If you can find it, I’ll go that route.

          • NexusPhan

            Edit: Sorry I see what you meant now. My bad. I forget people need individual plans and not family plans.

        • duke69111

          Yea, 50mbs worth Of data. Worthless.

        • Justin W

          Roaming on AT&T’s 2G network. While, technically, we are covered, we aren’t covered by T-mo. T-Mo would easily be able to capture a pretty big market share here by advertising their network if they had one.

        • It’s not a blanket statement, yes T-Mobile roams off of AT&T in CERTAIN areas. There are still plenty of areas where AT&T gets service that you won’t be able to roam on with T-Mobile.

      • NexusPhan

        That’s unfortunate. They claim to cover 96% of the population. So you’re either the lucky 4% or they’re being deceptive.

        • Tojen1981

          They probably do cover 96% if you include roaming agreements and 2g coverage.

        • Justin W

          Yeah. We are covered by a “service partner”, AKA roaming on AT&T, and only on their 2G network.

      • malcmilli

        you mean consistent coverage in cities smaller than 100k? Coverage in NYC is great, and that’s almost 10 mil people.

        • Justin W

          No – my city has around 200K people, and we have “service partner” coverage, meaning we’d roam on AT&T’s 2G network in our area.

  • Now if only they could take 3G nationwide.

    • NexusPhan

      You don’t really see 3G anymore if you have a 4G compatible phone. HSPA/LTE or edge.

      • My point is that most of T-Mobile’s coverage area outside of metro areas is still 2G/EDGE.

        • NexusPhan

          True. I can easily deal with that cause I’m now saving $2000 a year with 5 lines. And I’m lucky enough to have excellent T-Mobile coverage everywhere I’ve been since I got it a few months ago.

          • I was a T-Mobile customer from 2001 (when they were Voicestream) until 2011. As much as I travel and as much as I take weekend road trips, T-Mobile just ends up pissing me off. haha

            As far as mobile tech goes, few things are as annoying as trying to find restaurants on EDGE speed when you’re in an unfamiliar town, hungry and looking for something decent to eat.

          • Cowboydroid

            If the town is really that small that you only get 2G speed there, stands to reason that you should just be able to drive around for a few minutes and find something. You’re not going to find many Zagat rated restaurants in small towns.

          • I just moved to SoCal 4 months ago and am still pretty unfamiliar with the area, so I can relate to Shawn’s frustration about poor connectivity away from the major freeways and metro areas. However, I’m not anywhere near frustrated enough to make me abandon T-Mobile after 13 years of their mostly excellent service.

            That said, you could just stop and ask somebody… Most small-town folk are pretty nice and glad to recommend their favorite place and getting the local opinion is often more authentic and valuable anyway. You can find some awesome hole-in-the-wall places with awesome food that way.

          • nickyb

            Why are you telling him how to find a good restaurant in a small town…the point he was making is that he doesn’t want to ask….he wants to be able to use his smart phone as it was intended to be used.

            Let me help you…. but but but….the data is still slow.

          • I just moved to SoCal 4 months ago and am still pretty unfamiliar with the area, so I can relate to your frustration about poor connectivity away from the major freeways and metro areas. However, I’m not anywhere near frustrated enough to make me abandon T-Mobile after 13 years of their mostly excellent service.

            That said, you could just stop and ask somebody… Most small-town folk are pretty nice and glad to recommend their favorite place and getting the local opinion is often more authentic and valuable anyway. You can find some awesome hole-in-the-wall places with awesome food that way.

          • estellahorlacher

            мy coυѕιɴ ιѕ мαĸιɴɢ $51/нoυr oɴlιɴe. υɴeмployed ғor α coυple oғ yeαrѕ αɴd prevιoυѕ yeαr ѕнe ɢoт α $1З619cнecĸ wιтн oɴlιɴe joв ғor α coυple oғ dαyѕ. ѕee мore αт…­ ­ViewMore——————————————&#46qr&#46net/kAgk

            better coverage abroad than in the states…

  • Ryan

    Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint will now launch similar plans in 6 months lol

    • Gnex

      Verizon making unlimited international data official? What kind of crack are you smoking??

      • Ryan

        LOL here is to wishful thinking. Plus im sure its limited high speed data then down to 2x or edge not to sure what is international.

        • I have read that the data when roaming is up to 2G speed… so its not that amazing 😛

      • antinorm

        Can you imagine how much Big Red would charge for that?

        • Gnex

          Over nine thousaaaand?

        • tomn1ce

          They would own you for the rest of your life. That will be their fee -_-

        • T S

          one hundred million dollars .. . .

    • user311

      would be nice, but I don’t see those cdma phones working in too many places :/

      • tomn1ce

        Well most of the phones that were released after the G-Nexus I believe are all sim unlock to work on GSM.

    • Ton

      AT&T already started, with AIO wireless.