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SwiftKey Updated to Version 4.2.1, Just a Bug Crusher Build

swiftkey galaxy s3

SwiftKey was updated to version 4.2 not too long ago, bringing a ton of new features for third party keyboard lovers. As you would imagine with a major update release, there were plenty of bugs inside, but thanks to SwiftKey’s awesome community of users, the development team was able to track most of them down and squash them in the newest 4.2.1 release. The update is now available as a free update through Google Play, or you can still go check out the keyboard for $3.99. 

What’s New:

  • Fixed the issue with your personal language being lost
  • Backup & Sync will not keep your phone awake and use all your battery
  • Reduced network usage when Trending Phrases are turned on
  • Predictions in right-to-left languages should now be displayed the right way round.
  • Fixed Evernote return key problems
  • Restored “^” as m-key secondary in Azerty layout
  • Spanish punctuation now available on Qwerty layout (if Spanish language is enabled)
  • Fixed a number of crashes, including: flowing two words together quickly, repeatedly pressing “update languages” button, and a number of others
  • Fixed some translations within the app

Play Link ($3.99)

Via: Swiftkey

  • Bruce Wayne

    Don’t care. Swype is where it’s at.

  • Eion

    The only thing I really hate about this app is the fact there are no options for keyboard click sounds. The old “typewriter” noise is just beyond annoying after all these years.

  • Jorge L

    I’m sure the Amazon AppStore will have that available some time in 2014.

    • Jack

      swiftkey actually updates their app really quickly in the Amazon AppStore. other app makers on the other hand…. rarely

  • beerme828

    I’ve been having issues where swiping from the period to the left produces a question mark about half the time instead of the prescribed exclamation point. Hopefully this is fixed…

  • Don’t tell anyone else, but Samsung’s stock keyboard in the Note 2+ blows Swiftkey out of the water in terms of predictions, and with much less training data to go on. Swiftkey is pretty good at predicting stuff if you’ve typed the same phrase before, but awful at predicting brand new phrases. For example, on my end typing “just at the car w” doesn’t produce “wash” as a suggestion. Also, it still doesn’t predict expletives as well as it should. Yes, Swiftkey, people say dirty words. A lot. Start predicting s* & f*.

    The 2 things I am happy they’ve implemented are:
    1) Cloud so my customizations don’t get blown away with a reinstall or Clear Data
    2) (FINALLY, recently), proper prediction of possessives such as “John’s” and “bathroom’s”

    • NastyEmu

      The possessives thing has bothered me for so long

    • rutgersjaffo

      Absolutely. I continue to fail to understand at all the love for Swiftkey. Tried it twice and went back to stock Swype on my Note 2. Couldn’t be happier.

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