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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear Now Available From US Cellular

galaxy note 3 black

This morning, US Cellular announced that they are now carrying the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear both online and in stores. The Galaxy Note 3 in Jet Black will run $299 on-contract (after an instant rebate), while the Galaxy Gear will stick to its wildly high matching $299 price. The Gear will be available in both Jet Black and Oatmeal Beige.

We have already reviewed both products, drawing complete opposite conclusions on each. In our Galaxy Note 3 review, we found few faults in the oversized phone, and generally enjoyed everything about it. In the Galaxy Gear review, well, this one got ugly.

  • remagharpy

    it’s my first time to e-buy, so I’ll need some advice! I was thinkin’ to buy note 3 + Gear device, but I don’t know how much is it or how to get?!

  • Ankit

    biased review

  • Andreina D’aversa

    I pre ordered my note 3 from Verizon and got shipment tracking on Tuesday afternoon and said it should arrive tomorrow. ive been waiting a over a month to get this device

  • Hatyrei

    I bought t-mobile’s Galaxy Note 3 last Friday …it looks nice, fast,responsive UI, multitasking epicness…but it’s really pricey and the built quality and materials seems kinda cheap; as if it feels like those knock-off china phones.

    Also the silver plastic that surrounds the phone scratches pretty easily,hairlike particles often get stuck at the side of the screen and because the back is wide and flat it slides pretty easily in your hand. I returned the GN3 after 5 days and got the LG G2. 🙂 I hope I made the right decision . lol

  • rutgersjaffo

    Honestly, I would rather have the shiny plastic back on my Note 2 as opposed to the faux leather back on this, but to each their own I suppose.

  • Bigsike

    Still before Verizon..

    • tomn1ce

      Came here to say the same thing….vzw first to announce that they’ll be carrying the G-Note 3 and the last one to make it available.

      • Kristine

        Maybe tomorrow it will be in stores…. NOT. Lol.

        • Larry

          No it will be. For sure

          • Bionicman

            interestingly enough i haven’t found any evidence of someone actually holding a VZW Note 3 so I’m hoping it does come out tomorrow. Not trying to be pessimistic or anything but it wouldn’t be the first time VZW has changed dates.

          • Kristine

            I good your right I want to look at it before buying…

  • Pierito

    Hey I care about this post!!

    JK no one cares about US Cellular heehee

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Since no one apparently cares about this post lol. . . . any word on US Cellular Service Kellen?

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    US Cellular seems to get a lot of attention from the OEMS… how are they as a carrier? Anyone have them?

    • Adrynalyne

      In two words:

      Limited coverage.

      It was kind of neat to see them start rolling out LTE before anyone else though.

    • Timothy Sternig

      I used to use them for a number of years before I switched to T-Mobile recently.

      In the Midwest where I live (Milwaukee, WI) the coverage was great and their LTE is quite fast, but when I have gone out to other states I was pretty much roaming the whole time.

      U.S. Cellular is also pretty expensive. I was paying a little over $100 a month (that’s including taxes, etc.) for a single line with 2GBS of data on LTE, 1500 mins. and unlimited texting. Tethering wasn’t included, but I got free roaming.

      The big problem with U.S. Cellular is their lack of premium phones and tablets. If you visit their site you will see what I mean. They really don’t have a wide selection at all. They usually get the current Galaxy S and will have one other premium device, but for the most part you wait around when it’s time for you to upgrade hoping they will get a device you’re interested in and they usually don’t get it lol

      They are slow with system updates for devices too, and there’s not a lot of love in the dev community for U.S. Cellular phones being that no one really uses them I guess…

      One of the big reasons I left is that U.S. Cellular recently sold off a huge chunk of their data network to Sprint and the U.S. Cellular costumers in the Chicago area that were affected by that sale were told that they would have to continue on with Sprint or find a new carrier. Sprint then sent letters out to those costumers stating that if the costumer decided to stay on with them that they would have to purchase a new phone from Sprint because their devices from U.S. Cellular would not work on their network. It was a pretty crappy thing for U.S. Cellular to do. Some of those costumers had just bought new devices and they had no forewarning that this sale to Sprint would happen…I think U.S. Cellular has been going downhill lately.

      • Snowbo13

        I have tested out some us cellular phones and the network seems OK my Verizon late was much faster. I will be switching this December to us cellular… My work is on it it runs us $50 per line. When my parents use to visit us in Seattle their us cellular phones worked just fine out there (roaming or using someone else towers I guess. We will see. So yes I like post of phones coming to this network.