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Is T-Mobile’s Next UnCarrier Move to Give You a “Data Passport” and Free Global Data in 100 Countries? (Updated)

tmobile data passport

T-Mobile and Shakira have a third UnCarrier announcement to reveal this evening in NYC, but thanks to a Facebook fansite for the artist, we may already know the plan. As seen in the image above that was captured by one of our readers, it looks like free global data is the next step. The image doesn’t provide many details, but does reference your T-Mobile data plan as now having a “passport.” The next line states that global data coverage in over 100 countries will now be included at no extra charge. 

The fansite that posted the image also included a link to a virtual autograph with Shakira, which redirects to a “coming soon” page. The site appears to be on hand for Shakira’s concert tonight in NYC, with all sorts of access to nearby staging areas. That doesn’t necessarily mean the image above is 100% legit, but it certainly helps the idea that it could be.

The international tie-in matches the partnership of T-Mobile and an international star like Shakira. With that said, this is all still unconfirmed until T-Mobile makes an announcement. We should know it all by this evening.

Update:  T-Mobile’s website confirms that free global data is coming this month. The rest of the details have not surfaced yet.

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 2.44.14 PM

Via:  @NS_Patriota | Facebook

Cheers Matt!

  • cvgordo

    while an awesome concept..i will lose all data a mile from the freeway in certain parts of the sf bay area..i don’t want to think of what the coverage will be like in a rural south america or wherever else the 100 countries are.

    • willzzz88

      It’s 128Kbps on foriegn networks with FULL coverage. So far I don’t believe they are restricting carriers so you can theoretically use the feature in the GSM phone and search for networks and connect to the network with the most coverage (e.g. Rogers in Canada, Telcel in Mexico).

  • BulletTooth_Tony

    I think this is the trend it’s moving anyway. AT&T searching for acquisition targets in Europe, India and partnerships with Canadian carriers… Verizon testing the waters to enter the Canadian market. They’re looking for the presence T-Mo has baked in. Most people will never use it. But it sure sounds awesome as a selling point.

  • David Tyler

    I only wish I had good T-mobile coverage at home, I would switch in a heartbeat.

  • Jon

    Wow! I travel to Europe 1-2 times per year and this is awesome!

  • Bradley Michael

    Getting a Nexus 5, but I can’t decide whether to go with T-Mobile or to get the Straight Talk AT&T LTE plan. Any thoughts?

    • ssl48

      Straight Talk has bad reviews. Why not go wit AT&T GoPhone? That plan has LTE now along with 2gb LTE date, unlimited talk & text for $60.

  • kpom

    This makes unlocked phones just a little less attractive than before.

  • dtraini30

    That is pretty awesome! I just have to wonder, anything new for U.S. customers?

  • gadget_hero

    This is pretty huge, for business users that are mostly in urban areas and happen to travel abroad, I foresee a lot of worrying from Verizon/Sprint and to some degree AT&T (obviously they could buy Vodafone UK like some rumor sites are saying and they have the the cheapest rates for most places internationally).

    • Jon

      Yep. T-Mobile uniquely has an international footprint. This is not something the other carriers can just copy.

      The failed AT&T purchase was the best thing that’s happened to US wireless industry in a long time.

  • Shon

    HELL YES!!! …Hopefully I’ll be able to take my note 3 to Japan next year

  • Now if only they could provide data coverage on their home US network that’s better than EDGE speed outside metro areas.

  • Daistaar

    …and I jizzed in my pants…

  • xXAaronSXx

    I left VZW for Tmo in May. I would recommend it to anyone in the Tmo coverage area. The only bummer is when I travel outside of the coverage area I’m usually stuck on the Edge network where I used to have at least 3g with Vzw. That being said I’m saving $90 a month and hopefully tonight’s announcement will be I’ll be saving even more. After months with Tmo, I really feel like they are customer focused. With Vzw, I felt like they were trying to suck every penny out of me and wanting to give me less and less in return.

    • Defenestratus

      Just made the switch this weekend myself. So far I totally agree with you. The Tmo sales guy even told me “Dude you don’t need to pay for tethering, just root your phone and get it for free…thats what I do.”

      How can you not like that.

      • jscofi

        Wait do you even need to root? Or can you just download an app?

  • Intellectua1

    Man this makes me really consider T-mobile but their service is soooooo crappy..

    • Blue Sun

      The article or the Shakira image?

      • Intellectua1

        Lol.. Definitely the article.. I know Shakira is way outta my league.. She wouldn’t date me and I don’t concern myself with/drool over celebs or girls I can’t get.. It’s all about the money..

  • Ian Smith

    Amazing offering. Can’t wait to cut Verizon’s life-sucking umbilical cord from my Gnex & represent T-Mobile with the N5.

    • NexusPhan

      It might be nothing but, all of T-Mobile’s data plan pages are down. Are they about to change all their plans? Is step 3 about to be bigger than we all realized?

    • oldboot37

      My thoughts exactly!!

    • J Dub

      You’d be better off going with an AT&T prepaid offering. While T-Mobile had decent data speeds in city areas their road traveling coverage is terrible. No streaming on the road or using apps like Waze. Building penetration is poor too. Can’t even check price check while inside the local Target due to dropping to 2G.

      • Sqube

        Alternatively, you could go with AIO. They’re offering 7GB for $70/month (LTE throttled to 8mbps IIRC).

        • Aaron Clow

          Building penetration has been much better with AIO, but god help you if you have issues for which you need to contact customer service. It’s god-awful.

  • Chrisdroid

    Wow, I just switched from EVIL verizon to T-Mobile and I couldn’t be happier, and after reading this article I’m happiER!

  • Matt Bailey

    Argh, I already ordered my data sim from Keepgo for my trip to Europe in a couple weeks…Time to check their return policy.

  • Rammstein

    T-Mobile always tries its best to please customers while Verizon keeps drilling us from behind.

    • The Phenom

      Verizon just drills doesn’t matter from which side the go in from.

      • theizzz

        no lube

  • Fresh360

    T-Mobile is truly doing everything right…I can not wait to become a customer again…

    *Coverage is great in my area and their HSPA+ alone is over 5x faster than my VZW 4G…We have LTE coverage also but no1 I know has a T-Mobile LTE devices all Nexus 4s

    • Grizzly Atoms

      I live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas and I have a Note 2 and get two bars for 4g coverage just about everywhere unless there is a large amount of concrete blocking the signal. I think LTE has a hard time penetrating concrete structures because my phone drops to HSPA+ when I am at work.

    • cyclistmetrodetroit

      ha. I have TMO LTE on my nexus4

  • thedonxr

    Shakira vs JLo for hottest cell phone Latino girl!

    • Daistaar

      If Sprint brings out Eva Mendez my head is gonna explode!

  • NYAvsFan

    I used my N4 in Europe when I was there a few months ago but on Vodafone’s network. They do have TMob in the UK but I honestly don’t know if they do on the continent or if it would be through affiliate carriers.

    • MRM

      If I recall correctly, T-Mobile is actually a German company — again, aside Virgin who licenses bandwidth from other carriers, I think they’re the only major carrier in the U.S. that is European. That said, whether or not they’ll be leveraging that to make this happen is a question mark still.

      I’m actually on AT&T right now, and pay for an international data package every time I travel. But, the increments are horrifically small ($60 for 300MB). If the T-Mobile package provides international data roaming without having to buy a package and/or the data included is more reasonable, I’m definitely making the switch…especially if they get the Xperia Z1.

    • Defenestratus

      I know they have T-mo in Hungary – I just used it last summer.

  • bitbank

    The next question to ask is if this will include voice minutes and/or if it will be possible to use voice over data to avoid the absurd international roaming charges.

  • Tony Stark

    Holy Shakira… Why aren’t you DL guys there live??

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    big move

  • J Dub

    Does T-Mobile perform better outside the US than it does here? Also what about prepaid plans? This is without a doubt game changing if you sign up for the 5GB $30 plan before you go overseas. Well worth $30 to go to Europe and get data easily and cheaply.

    • Weber

      I’d imagine you’ll just connect to the networks outside the country, since T-Mo phones are unlocked to begin with.

      • J Dub

        I meant more like do they have better frequencies outside the US. Here in the US they don’t have the right frequencies to get good building penetration. After the update to the article though it’s not that big of a deal. 2G speeds are going to get you email and simple data services like Hangouts only. No real data usage.

    • I seriously doubt they’ll apply the global data to just any data plan, let alone a prepaid plan. It’ll be a separate selectable data plan for postpaid.

    • Pedro

      The ‘Update’ above points to a T-Mo page that specifies ‘qualifying post paid plan’.
      I’m not sure exactly what qualifies, but I’m pretty sure it’s not the $30 pre-paid plan.

  • MichaelFranz

    All we need now is the coverage lol

  • sadface

    haha, i walked past the place where they are setting up for the event today. didn’t see shakira though 🙁

  • Miguel Angel Portela

    This would be incredible. Revolutionary, even. I’m flying to Berlin and going to Prague and Munich. Even the most basic plans are just absurd.

    • Defenestratus

      Just buy an prepaid SIM when you get there. In Prague is cost me like… $20 for 500mb of data on O2. In Budapest it was only $7 for 250mb of data and 500 minutes and texts. It was incredibly affordable and having google maps and translate over there is awesome (although everyone speaks english)

      • teleclimber

        Yeah that’s the way to go. But unless you know exactly what you want and where to get it, it can be a huge pain to trudge through an unknown city in an unknown country looking for a sim from a company you’re not familiar, with all its details written in a language you don’t understand. It can be a huge time-waster while you just want to enjoy your trip.

        If T-Mo could relieve us of this burden thanks to intnl partnerships it would be most welcome.

        • MRM

          I agree, swapping out for a local SIM is the most reasonable option at the moment. The only reason I don’t do this is because I use WhatsApp extensively especially when traveling, and I don’t want to have to tell people to contact me at a different number every time I’m in a different country (last trip involved UK>Portugal>Switzerland>France/Monaco). If T-Mobile does a “true” free international data roaming, I’m definitely making the switch, especially if they get the Xperia Z1! 😀

          • Andrew

            I believe if you swap SIMs after Whatsapp is configured, you continue to send/receive messages at your old number, not the number of the new SIM.

          • roberto.elena

            If they haven’t changed it lately, that’s exactly how it works. Your SIM only matters when you activate it, than you can swap it and the app won’t notice it.

          • MRM

            Good to know!

        • Defenestratus

          Well in Budapest anyways, you couldn’t go around a corner without seeing a T-mo store. Our hotel was right next to a huge mall there in town and so I just wandered in there, took 5 minuites, paid cash for the SIM, put it in, put in the PIN and had data right away. Took all of about 10 minutes total.

        • Miguel Angel Portela

          Exactly. I’ve never been to Europe. Some European friends that live in the US now tell me it’s all pretty simple to just waltz into a local store and just pop in a sim. Still, worrying just going there and doing that successfully is enough to make me lose sleep.

      • Andrew

        I got a 500mb plan for only $7 in Prague on O2. It actually didn’t even cut off after 500mb. I got some automated messages in Czech but the data kept flowing. Best deal ever. You can even use your credit to pay for bus passes there.

        • Miguel Angel Portela

          I’d like to look into this option. Honestly, it’s my first time outside the US so my expectations are terrifying when it comes to finding a plan. I figure I’ll really need one. O2 you say? Thanks! I’ll look into it. I imagine I could find them in the airport?

          • Andrew

            O2 seemed to have the best deal in the Czech Republic when I researched it before. I’m not sure if there is an O2 store in the airport, but they have plenty of locations in downtown Prague. Their staff spoke English and had me out the door with a SIM in less than 5 minutes.

          • Miguel Angel Portela


    • Andrew

      Check eBay for prepaid SIMs for Germany. I found a guy selling Vodaphone Germany SIMs and they worked great for my trip.

  • tyguy829

    wait this actually solves a huge problem. they are killing it over there

    • NexusPhan

      Freaking awesome. I can finally use my phone on travel and not pay $15 per MB and $2.00 per minute. This really is huge. Or have to deal with figuring out how to get a local SIM.
      Attention all businesses where international travel is involved. Switch to T-Mobile now please.

    • Miguel Angel Portela

      Also, I couldn’t help but grin when I saw 100 countries. I instantly thought about hugging my Nexus 4. Granted any unlocked phone could but whatever. Also, imagine if the days of international data struggles become as laughable as minute bargains such as Rollover or Virgin Mobile’s “revolutionary” Penny Texting? That’s a future I want to be a part of.

      • NexusPhan

        But now it’s hassle free. No changing SIM cards. No paying a dime extra. No calling carriers requesting it to be unlocked for international travel. No worrying. It just works. T-Mobile gets it.

  • bogy25

    Huh?…wha?….the only thing I see here is Shakira – what is this article about?

  • DroidzFX

    Are there words on this page cause all I see is Shakira.

  • a.d.AM

    IT BETTER! Im going to Costa Rica in 5 months and I dont want to pay D1CK!!!