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Google Maps Rolling Out New Features, Includes Multiple Destination Directions

Google Maps

The Google Maps team announced a new feature and a couple of tools to help make your excursion planning a whole lot simpler. Starting today, Maps users can place multiple destinations inside of a trip, allowing you to only input information a single time when planning. When selecting directions for either car, walking or biking, just hit the new “+” icon and add another destination to your trip. From there, Google will do the rest. 

In addition to that highly requested feature, users can now also find their flight, hotel, and restaurant reservations right inside of the desktop Maps application. As long as you are signed into your Google account, accessing this info to help your planning process is very easy.

Last but not least, you can now view upcoming events by simply searching for a particular venue or theater. For example, if you search “Warfield San Francisco,” you can select “Upcoming Events” and see shows that are making their way through town. It’s a great way to keep track of all of the music acts/stage shows taking place right in your own city.

These new features are currently rolling out to U.S. users and is currently only available in English.

Via: Google

  • Frawlz

    I’ve always been puzzled on why we can’t send directions from my PC to phone… anyone have an answer?

    • Dave858

      If I look up driving directions to some location on my PC, it sends the information to Google Now so that it’s a suggested destination. I have to be logged into my Google account on the computer for this to work, but it does work for me.

  • SMD

    Okay…where is the ability to check ALTERNATE ROUTES for traffic while you are in the middle of a trip!!!! Here in LA, you can all of a sudden get stuck in traffic and the old Navigation it was two clicks and you had a comparison of 3 separate routes right from where you are to compare new routes and traffic times. That was the single most useful thing to me.

    Now it sucks. It takes so many steps and gives you alternate routes from the START of your trip???!!!! What is the point of that when you are no where near the start.

    Fail. Rollback. Wait.

    • Dave858

      Absolutely agree. This is the one feature that has prevented me from upgrading. I live in San Diego, but am in LA often and that multi-route traffic view has saved me a lot of time. Having a clear view of multiple routes, including where the traffic is and trip time estimate makes it all work perfectly well… the newest version of Maps/Navigation misses two of these factors, and so is basically useless.

  • Aaron Clow

    Is “Layers” still there? I can’t find it on the latest version of Maps. Was trying to view traffic last week and it’s just gone. Only thing I could pick is Satellite. Also, when will Google allow you to configure your route via Google Maps (in a browser) and then easily export to mobile Maps so you can go via the route you choose? I’ve been waiting for that one for years. I want to pick a route ahead of time, then just have Maps read it back to me turn-by-turn.

  • sheenajessen

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  • Ronald Lockwich

    I gave gmaps a 1 star on android months ago asking for multi-point destination and I’m happy that this is happening now. My Garmin had broken and while doing some part time pizza delivery I loved adding multiple destinations in my GPS and it would take the best route in order. When my garmin broke, this is a feature I really wanted out of gmaps.

  • Mike

    Why can’t Google Maps have smokey reports. 10-4

  • Sporttster

    Still using the ‘old’ version of maps. Not updating until it’s a actual ‘update’, not a degradation of usefulness…..

  • chocolate8175

    Is this only on the desktop version, the app on my phone doesn’t give me this option

  • JoshHenry


  • Glad they finally fixed the graphics artifacts bugs and added multiple destinations.

  • hiway12

    the ‘Share’ feature went away. invaluable to our company and employees in the field. Google suggests cut&paste, duh

  • Piotr G.

    Great, now put this into the mobile app

  • Now if only they had multiple destinations support in the app. My old GPS would allow me to say “by way of X” before, like gas stations, and as soon as I got there it would start routing to the next.

  • Tomek G

    I am still on old version of maps, which includes that “new” feature

  • Flyinion

    Now if only they’d bring back the distance measuring tool!!

  • KPunk

    about time! this has been such a pain doing my expenses without this!

  • David Benson

    FINALLY! I was tired of only going one place when I went out.

  • David Peterson

    I can finally use this! It was so horribly useless before without the multiple destinations

  • Michael Contreras

    Thank you baby Jesus, it didn’t make sense why it wasn’t included to begin with

  • coolsilver

    Toss in the Lat/Long marker and traffic data and I’ll be happy with desktop version. Mobile still a disaster with Navigation. Route overview is so hard to pick apart traffic with roads not in your route. Not to mention takes 3 extra steps just to get going. Rerouting has to be insane difference in time before it suggests a new route. 🙁

  • a3uge

    Now all they need to do is add back traffic predictions at a specified time and we’ll be okay.

    • Edward Smith

      Google ToDo List: cannibalize Waze.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio


    • Rob

      I think this is for the web based Maps and not the app, at least that’s what I would guess from the screenshot above.

  • Guy Pierce

    They need to add speed limit information. IMO

    • Jared Denman

      I Sooooo agree!

      • Guy Pierce

        What would make the speed limit addition even better is if it were to speak to you when the speed limit has changed + or – .

        • One An9ry N00b

          Google knows the speed limits in most places, and actually has them logged, but you con only see them when using google map editor. Why they refuse to use it is beyond me

          • Higher_Ground

            I guess because it’s unverified and they don’t want to deal with people complaining about tickets. I started adding the speed limits around my town but got tired of doing it basically block by block.

      • estellahorlacher

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        I can finally use this!

    • With Waze now in their ownership, I’d say sit tight. {{-_-}}

  • faganm24

    I love new “features” that were in Maps before…

    • darensdorff

      hahaha..I see what you did there!

    • Adam Truelove

      I think you mean: I love “new” feature that were in Maps before…

  • Blair


    • KB

      Came here to say the same thing

    • darensdorff

      EXACTLY!!! Why the hell did they even remove this functionality in the first place. Thought updates/upgrades were supposed to “better” the previous version…? I was losing my mind thinking I was an idiot cus I couldn’t figure out how to add another destination! hahaha

      • Michael Quinlan

        I hadn’t noticed it was missing, but Google is not alone in leaving out let features in a major update, only to add them in later. Imagine the outcry if Microsoft were to update their web-based Office and leave out commonly used features.

  • Yooouuuu

    Did you mean to say they were rolling out old features?

  • Mordecaidrake

    Finally! So aggravating that they took that feature out!

  • PhilD41

    It is about time… That is all I have to say about that!