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Oh Boy, is This the First Look at Samsung’s Device With a Curved Display?

samsung curved display

Famed industry leaker @evleaks tweeted this photo this afternoon with the tag “Do not adjust your display.” If this is what we think it is, it could very well be a press render of Samsung’s soon-to-be-announced device with a curved display. The device was reportedly confirmed to exist by Samsung’s own CEO and other executives, with an expected arrival or announcement happening within the next few weeks. 

All I can say is, what the…? Why? Are we curving things just to say we curved them? I just assumed the curve would be from top to bottom to make the phone contour to your face as you hold it, not from edge to edge. Or I guess this could sit more comfortably in your hand? I wonder how swiping from edge to edge feels?

No details have been given thus far, only this picture.

Updated:  Here is a second picture under model number SM-G910S @evleaks mentions that this is a Korean deal only, for now. You can also see an LTE-Advanced logo on a similarly textured back to what came with the Note 3:

galaxy curved display

I’m confused and dying to hear your thoughts.

Via:  @evleaks [2]

  • rishi
  • umbrellacorp

    Sweet Tech-Deck, bro! GNAR 720!!! WEE!!!

    It looks like someone melted a phone. That phone has been Salvador Dali’d.

  • it looks interesting. samsung forefront of design, this product is really nice, it’s probably pretty high price

  • alex drum

    let me just put my phone down on a table so we can all see this video… oh… um well alright. oh man… I’m trying to focus but my notification light is going off, let me just flip this over to ignore that… oh… so I’m eating breakfast and I am watching a youtube video, I think ill try out that new minimize video feature… let me just pull from the top left of my phone down to the bottom right… wow… well it wasn’t “that bad” now comes that challenge of typing google glass… not a chance, well how about cat? cant really work out the A… um… I might be able to get rut, gut, bug, tug, hut, rug… so maybe “bug hut” or “bug rug”?… never realized how boring the middle of the keyboard is till thats all I have access to.

  • yeah but why do we want such curved displays?

  • Rob Schoenfeld

    Almost looks crooked. And we all no that crooked things are bad.

  • puzzled

    I may be wrong but, didn’t the galaxy nexus have a curved glass so this isn’t the first from Samsung is it?

    • Trenton Wilson

      The glass was curved the display panel underneath was not, so in essence it was a curved phone but not a curved screen.

  • Matthew Rebmann

    Even though it’s curved it still… looks the same. I know they make great devices but they so freaking ugly (personal opinion)

  • Looks like Samsung is going from plastic to leather for all their flagship devices from now on…

  • Scott

    Is that a leather back?

  • David Wanless

    we’re all actually just looking at one half of the new “glass gear” from samsung. You take 2 of those, strap them together and they’ll wrap around your face.

  • Leif Sikorski

    Looks like a halfpipe for ants.
    This must be a fake – I can’t see any benefits in such kind of shape. Or is it the new cradle for babies?

  • EnX$$

    Samsung Galaxy Taco 🙂 go home samsung you drank.

  • Droid 1967

    yeah it seams they made that only to say see were curved i really wouldnt want it .