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Oh Boy, is This the First Look at Samsung’s Device With a Curved Display?

samsung curved display

Famed industry leaker @evleaks tweeted this photo this afternoon with the tag “Do not adjust your display.” If this is what we think it is, it could very well be a press render of Samsung’s soon-to-be-announced device with a curved display. The device was reportedly confirmed to exist by Samsung’s own CEO and other executives, with an expected arrival or announcement happening within the next few weeks.Β 

All I can say is, what the…? Why? Are we curving things just to say we curved them? I just assumed the curve would be from top to bottom to make the phone contour to your face as you hold it, not from edge to edge. Or I guess this could sit more comfortably in your hand? I wonder how swiping from edge to edge feels?

No details have been given thus far, only this picture.

Updated: Β Here is a second picture under model number SM-G910S @evleaks mentions that this is a Korean deal only, for now. You can also see an LTE-Advanced logo on a similarly textured back to what came with the Note 3:

galaxy curved display

I’m confused and dying to hear your thoughts.

Via: Β @evleaksΒ [2]

  • rishi
  • umbrellacorp

    Sweet Tech-Deck, bro! GNAR 720!!! WEE!!!

    It looks like someone melted a phone. That phone has been Salvador Dali’d.

  • it looks interesting. samsung forefront of design, this product is really nice, it’s probably pretty high price

  • alex drum

    let me just put my phone down on a table so we can all see this video… oh… um well alright. oh man… I’m trying to focus but my notification light is going off, let me just flip this over to ignore that… oh… so I’m eating breakfast and I am watching a youtube video, I think ill try out that new minimize video feature… let me just pull from the top left of my phone down to the bottom right… wow… well it wasn’t “that bad” now comes that challenge of typing google glass… not a chance, well how about cat? cant really work out the A… um… I might be able to get rut, gut, bug, tug, hut, rug… so maybe “bug hut” or “bug rug”?… never realized how boring the middle of the keyboard is till thats all I have access to.

  • yeah but why do we want such curved displays?

  • Rob Schoenfeld

    Almost looks crooked. And we all no that crooked things are bad.

  • puzzled

    I may be wrong but, didn’t the galaxy nexus have a curved glass so this isn’t the first from Samsung is it?

    • Trenton Wilson

      The glass was curved the display panel underneath was not, so in essence it was a curved phone but not a curved screen.

  • Matthew Rebmann

    Even though it’s curved it still… looks the same. I know they make great devices but they so freaking ugly (personal opinion)

  • Looks like Samsung is going from plastic to leather for all their flagship devices from now on…

  • Scott

    Is that a leather back?

  • David Wanless

    we’re all actually just looking at one half of the new “glass gear” from samsung. You take 2 of those, strap them together and they’ll wrap around your face.

  • Leif Sikorski

    Looks like a halfpipe for ants.
    This must be a fake – I can’t see any benefits in such kind of shape. Or is it the new cradle for babies?

  • EnX$$

    Samsung Galaxy Taco πŸ™‚ go home samsung you drank.

  • Droid 1967

    yeah it seams they made that only to say see were curved i really wouldnt want it .

  • SAMSUNG_innovates_like_beast

    considering how pathetic from innovation/design/tech standpoint Galaxy Gear is, this is just a BREAKTHROUGH!
    Bravo, SAMSUNG, bravo! #applauses

    Curved TouchWiz is a breakthrough as well.

  • Bowen9284

    Samsung is lacking some creativity.

  • joejoe5709

    Ummmm no. How is this useful? Something like the GNex curve or the below picture is the only reasonable application I can see in today’s market.

    • JMonkeYJ

      it seems like it would be really hard to keep your finger in contact with the screen of the device in that picture. i’m not sure even that is a useful form factor…

    • joejoe5709

      I see two major uses for a flexible display:
      1.) Obviously a thinner, lighter, more durable display. But have you seen the bezels on the flexible OLEDs?
      2.) Some along the lines of Samsung’s smart flip cases with a screen on it.

  • whatvine?

    maybe it has a new thing that plays a trick to your eyes when you look at it.. maybe 3D effects or hologram effect?

  • everettedl

    I don’t think I want a curved display on my phone like this….I’d rather have it on a smartwatch or something wearable.

  • James Hill

    Curves better to your face?

  • Radgatt

    What would the battery look like? Or would this be the Samsung phone with a non-removable battery?

  • We spend 10 years on research to create flat displays, and now you want it back?

  • jer85008

    Other than pulling mini 720 airs with one of those finger skateboards…what’s the point?

  • el oso borracho

    Reduces width in hand. Makes movement side-to-side equidistant from center. Reduces glare from lights on side. Fits better against leg in pocket.
    Not sure why curving length-wise would make any sense.

    • hkklife

      All superb reasons listed. If nothing else, I immediately thought of the pocket/leg-friendly shape.

  • Brian Walker
  • zurginator

    Really interested to see what the internals look like – I wasn’t expecting the entire phone to be curved.

  • Adrynalyne

    Can’t wait to see the next model that has wings.

    • Pedro

      Wasn’t that the iPad?

      • Adrynalyne

        Yes, but this is curved to prevent leakage. So…


  • viewthis66

    That’s ridiculous.

  • cns2007

    It suctions to your face for hands-free calling.

  • James Briano

    But they haven’t figured out how to jettison that physical home button?

    • Adrynalyne

      They will as soon as Apple does.


  • ahhh yes

    uhm why is my question. I would use the curved display this way…Let it wrap around one side of the phone. so if you set it down it has a ticker along the left or right side of the phone. you could see music lyrics, stock ticker, weather, if you get a text it could scroll. you could touch it then to light up the front of the screen with what ever the ticker is showing. This way when its laying on my desk i could just glance at it with out picking up and unlocking the entire screen.

  • Ben Murphy

    It’s not real if it doesn’t come in gold.

  • yummy

    Oh man… Oh man…. This is gonna
    work great for the army of samurai
    robots my neighbor is building. He is
    gonna be stoked when I tell him.

  • n11

    I wish Samsung would get rid of touchwiz, its so effin ugly, not to mention resource-heavy. Also, update the phone design, its stuck in the past like the apple phones.

  • Daniel

    Remember when it was a huge big deal when flat-CRT screens came out and had less-glare and less-distortion…why would we go back to curves?!?! Makes no sense unless the device rolls up or folds in some way

  • C C

    just because it can be done, doesn’t mean it should be (classic samsung)

  • dcdttu

    Dear Sammy (and possibly LG):

    “Yeah, yeah, but your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn’t stop to think if they should.” – Dr. Ian Malcolm, Jurassic Park

    • GoBlue

      Love this quote and it fits perfectly!

  • AJ

    Looks like an S4 just adjusted to have a slight curvature. Easy to create in any photo application. But seeing as this is from @evleaks, that’s really something…

  • Rob Cossin

    Could be used as a parabolic “death ray”. Who didn’t use their grandpa’s magnifying glass to kill some ants? Today’s kids just use their smartphones.


  • sk3litor

    A concave curve like this will always have a glare in the same spot.

  • TheOiulkj

    “We do what we must, because we can.”

  • radiohead14

    looks like it could double as a spoon

    • flosserelli

      And a shoehorn.

      • Justin W

        I’ve been looking for a combination shoehorn-phone for a while – this will be PERFECT!

  • flosserelli


    1. When the phone is lying on a table and you tap the side of the screen, it will rock annoyingly.
    2. Constant vertical glare *somewhere* on the screen.
    3. Only fits one way in your front pocket. Won’t fit anyone’s back pocket (unless you are built like a toothpick).

    Who comes up with this?

    • GoBlue

      Don’t get me wrong- I think this is an awful design. But the lying on the table thing they actually use to their advantage- when you rock the phone to one side, it will display notifications and the time on the screen.

  • Adrynalyne

    But will it blend?

    • Andy Taylor

      And purees for delicious and nutritious smoothies at home!

    • Acorns

      No…but it will bend

      • Adrynalyne

        Not uh.

  • Mordecaidrake

    I fail to under the point of a curved display. I’ll pass.

  • crazed_z06

  • Fresh360


    • Adam Truelove

      Because fake

      • Fresh360

        Oh how I wish you were right : (

  • Bionicman

    yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaa no. i actually liked the GNex subtle curve. so something along those lines would have been cool. this though. well lets hope its not real

    • Jon

      except that it was hard to find a good screen protector for it because the curvature complicated the effort.

      • Really? I never had any problem finding good protectors for mine. I’ve used three different brands, all have been great.

        • Adrynalyne

          Ghost Armor was all you ever needed.

      • dcdttu

        It was so impossible to find a screen protector that actually fit the curve of my N4’s edges I opted not to have one. This, on the other hand, shouldn’t be a problem to cover with a protector.

  • Godzilla

    Not sure I understand the point to a curved display. Some girls do like a good curve though.

    • Ian Smith

      that was a really bad attempt at a sexual innuendo

      • Godzilla

        you are a really bad attempt at life

        • Ian Smith

          i like you, G, i really do

          • EdubE24

            He was more interesting as Bionic…

          • Pedro

            And just as inaccurate.


          • Godzilla

            i like you to, homie, we coo

  • deskjob

    So… I guess this is the start of the curvature degree spec war?

    “The new Samsung Galaxy S6 – now with 2 degrees more curviness than the S5!”

    “Introducing the all new Samsung Galaxy S7 – the same perfect design, but now with 1 degree less curviness for that perfect thigh-hugging goodness!”

  • mustbepbs

    The new Galaxy S Durr

  • Chris Hilbert

    You’re holding it wrong.

  • Paul

    My 20 year old CRT television has a curved display. Glares almost as much as my wife.

    • Zach

      That’s curved the opposite way of this screen. I think this would actually reduce glare and give the phone a more comfortable fit in someones hand. As someone else said, it may also feel better in your pocket (assuming you have it turned the right way haha).

      • BSweetness


        • Big Johnson


          Your head -> O C=======8 <- My dong

        • EnX$$

          Samsung Galaxy Taco πŸ™‚ go home samsung you drank.

        • BaconEater

          Better representation


    • Greyhame

      Comment of the day!

      • michael arazan

        We need some Droid-Life awards for best comments every month

      • umbrellacorp

        Of the week!

    • jose

      You win!

  • arparaspolo

    Just another crappy “innovation” That is going to make people feel the need to keep up with the “In” crowd and spend more money on the same crap. I see absolutely no need for this other than for what I have already mentioned.

    Stupid! I wish they would start working on the bugs in phones now and stop trying to be the first out of the gate with something new. “New” doesn’t mean “Better” Build a perfect phone with what we’ve got now, then innovate.

    • Adrynalyne

      What bugs are you referring to?

      • arparaspolo

        Freezes, reboots, lags, redraws, audio skips…There are more that I can’t think of. I have had all of these issues on multiple Android devices. My current phone razr maxx hd has audio skips and redraws like a sumabich

        • arparaspolo

          lol who voted my issues down? jerkass!

          • Adrynalyne

            Downvoted because you talk to yourself.

          • arparaspolo

            I was talking to you moron. You asked me a question. I answered it. Jump in front of a moving bus. Thanks.

          • Adrynalyne
          • arparaspolo

            You say I’m not smart based on what? Cause you’re a jerkass? Then so be it. I’m not smart and you’re a jerkass. I’d rather not be a jerkass. Jerkass!

          • Adrynalyne

            Say jerkass…one more time.

          • arparaspolo


          • Adrynalyne

            You also do whatever strangers tell you to do. Nope, not smart at all.

            Monkey see, monkey do.


          • arparaspolo

            Keep thinking that. You only think I am not smart. I know, you’re a jerkass. I am ok with that. Good day jerkass.

          • John Galt

            I’m downvoting too, because I CAN! NO REGRETS. SORRY I’M NOT SORRY

          • arparaspolo

            Good John, exercise your rights. Just don’t be a jerkass like this other douche.

          • Adrynalyne

            I can’t be a douche, because a douche cleans crap out vaginas, and you are still here.

          • arparaspolo

            That’s right, you can’t be a douche cause they actually get up in vaginas.

          • Adrynalyne

            Are you saying I don’t? Because unless you are peeking into my windows at night and watching me and my wife, I don’t see how you could know either way.

            Which makes me pause and ask…how would you know so much about me and my sex life without being a voyeur?

          • arparaspolo

            I’ve been watching quite some time now. You’re curtains suck by the way. Not for me, but for you. And as for your wife, she has a bigger dick than you. It’s like watching two animals mate on natgeo or something. So strange. Can’t look away. It’s like a train wreck.

          • Adrynalyne

            You know what I find amusing?

            That you have spent all this time with personal attacks, and nothing else. Now you have moved onto insulting my wife, a person not even participating in this discussion.

            What a sad little life you must lead.

          • arparaspolo


          • Adrynalyne

            Likewise, what?

            Aside from noting your proclivity to lack of intelligence, I’ve just been goading you on and watching you implode.

          • iLuvAdrynalyne

            Likewise as in, you have done nothing but throw personal attacks as well. You may think you are provoking me, I’m just sitting here laughing at this meaningful conversation. πŸ™‚ No emotion. No imploding. Just deep, thoughtful, life changing conversation.

          • Adrynalyne


          • iLuvAdrynalyne

            I replied to something I wrote. Yes. But it was to whomever(you) voted down the issues I had as an Android user. I’ve got no hard feelings. Like I said, I’ve been enjoying this break from all the monotony.

          • Adrynalyne

            I only downvoted when I said I did. It wasn’t me that originally did it, LOL.

          • Paraspolo

            lol jerkass

          • Adrynalyne
          • Paraspolo

            I will agree to disagree and leave it as a friend made haha

          • arparaspolo


          • Adrynalyne

            I bet you can’t say jerkass one more time. I dare you to.

        • Adrynalyne

          Much of those are specific to Android and drivers, not the OEM. It isn’t up to the OEM to fix those bugs. Instead, it is Google, and manufacturers of the internals releasing updated drivers.

          The only time it is up to the OEM is when they use their own UI, and it is causing the issue.

    • Tim242

      LG is coming out with it first…

  • jeff manning

    Well if it looks like that, then it’s a waste of time

  • jamdev12

    What is the point of this? Really!!! What is the point when this is now just a novelty. It doesn’t solve any problem. You want to solve a problem, make a tablet that looks like the tablets featured in Red Planet.

  • Kyle Miller

    Hopefully they hire some group to seriously update that ugly touchwiz! Its time for a change.

  • samosa king

    I still wonder how someone can use this properly?

  • Jarred Sutherland

    We made it curved .. BECAUSE WE COULD

  • Austin Ochoa

    All i ask is….why?why do we need this?

  • Curves to you leg while in your pocket, I guess…?

    …that’s all I got.

    • I like that. I could see that being something.

      • 1bad69z28

        Hmmm Because “They Can”!! LOl The next new selling gimmick I suppose!

    • samosa king

      Not a bad idea.

    • Dan

      Maybe they will have different models, one will contour your butt cheek and the other your leg…

      • Butters619

        Galaxy Ass-Curve Gear

        • T_Dizzle

          Drop the word gear and you have a great seller πŸ™‚

      • michael arazan

        Put two of them together and you could…. got to get mind out of gutter

    • Alex Boro

      A classic Samsung gimmick to attract consumers from iPhone. No must have features really.

      • cancerous_it

        If only they invented the finger print scanner like the Iphone did.

        • TheOgler

          No, you’re thinking of the Notification Bar.

    • kashtrey

      It also raises the screen off of any surface you place it on. I think it’s dumb and unnecessary but there are some benefits to it.

      • Detonation

        until pressure is put on it and the screen breaks that much quicker

        • zurginator

          That’s one of the reasons big bezels are good – larger structures underneath it. This whole “MOAR THINNER” craze on bezels is actually detrimental to the survivability of devices.

        • Ryan

          With flexible screens comes the ability to be shatterproof as they don’t use glass anymore but a plastic polymer. Go read up before judging.

          • Adrynalyne

            I suggest you also read up in that this is not the flexible screen tech.

          • Thomas guide

            If that’s the case why not just make it flat and call it shatterproof. Also, if a curved screen was desired by users or necessary it could just as easily be made from glass.

          • TSY87

            … plastics are pretty good at being shatter proof… they have pretty much been this way since they have been invented, the problem is plastics are very easy to scratch.

            My view on this is they made a phone with a curved display just because they can.

      • That’s why you buy the Samsung Flat Surface Dock for only $79.99!

    • Jonathan Bunch

      This would suck so much to use on a flat surface.

  • Jesse Blacklock

    damn it someone put that picture in the scanner wrong……

  • Mike Hilal

    Curved phones are the WORST. All it does is reduce visibility, especially when there is direct overhead lighting. This type of curve (whether across or top to bottom) guarantees there is always some kind of weird reflection/glare on the screen. It might look cool, but it totally ruins the phone

  • curvy