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XDA Finds a Way Around Samsung’s Pesky Galaxy Note 3 Region Lock

sim locked galaxy note 3

The Samsung Galaxy Note line is something of a worldwide phenomenon. Here in the States we certainly have the Note cult, but overseas the phone and tablet hybrid enjoys very good sales. When the Note 3 launched last month, users were quick to find that once they activated their device in one country, it was SIM-locked to that region afterwards. They were understandably annoyed. Luckily the developers at XDA have our back with a workaround for rooted users.

It was the noted developer Chainfire that came through with the solution. He found that instead of the traditional SIM lock, Samsung blacklisted all other carriers depending on which country the SIM card was activated in. His solution was to make an app that, when given root access, clears that blacklist and allows the SIM to access other carriers as it should be able to. He also notes that buying a proper SIM unlock code also seems to be working for some users as well. Getting those codes around the internet are fairly easy.

The app, named RegionLock Away, has only been tested on Note 3 SM-N9005 and it isn’t clear if Samsung will be updating this blacklist in the future. For now, if you are needing to get your Note 3 region unlocked, hit the link below for download and installation instructions.

Via: XDA

  • Moe

    I have the Note 3, but notice that we don’t have the Multiple widget option for our version. Is there something that can be done about that?

  • gk

    i bought the application Region Lock Away but it says root access denied. wat to do???

  • sfasljkas

    There are rumors with the ota firmware update the region lock was gone can anyone confirm?

  • Chainfire is a BOSS! I don’t know where the Android community would be without him!

  • DevsRule

    Endless gratitude for the dev communities of all the various devices. Someone like me has no idea how they do what they do; the most I can accomplish is rooting my phones and installing ROMs without bricking. Every device I have ever owned has had its usable lifespan and features increased by great measures thanks to the dev support and communities. Device ownership would be an entirely less appealing thing if we were always stuck with whatever we walk out of the store with from day 1. My Bionic for example was always getting Android updates leaked out early and provided by devs while Motorola continued to fumble their promised update schedule. And even now that I keep looking for an excuse to get myself a new phone, I continue to find great ROMS to use and am currently running 4.3 while Moto will probably never update Bionic past 4.1.2. I can relate to those recent wireless carrier commercials where people are trying to lose or break their phones on purpose. I want to get a different device but I’ll be damned if my Bionic isn’t still doing everything I need thanks to devs.

  • Pedro

    Uhm, even according to referenced article, the phones aren’t SIM/region-locked.
    If you activate a phone in a region where it’s intended, then it’s fully region unlocked.

    This was a move by Sammy to slow down grey market stuff.

    By the way, go Chainfire. He’s good.

  • Justin W

    I bought a GN3 from “mercate group” seller on Amazon, and it’s the European model but I was still able to use it with a StraightTalk SIM. The seal had been opened but nothing was unwrapped in the box, so I’m not sure if they put in another SIM and removed the lock or what, but it doesn’t seem the region locking is very specific. The only problem is it doesn’t work on most LTE bands in the US, so I’m returning it for one I found on GSMNation that is actually the US unlocked one.


    • cvmos

      happy with your purchase from gsmnation? does it work on the LTE bands and is unlocked?

      • Justin W

        Yeah. It works with AT&T LTE bands, I believe it will also work with T-Mo’s LTE bands, and I’m using it on StraightTalk.

  • Armus

    Can’t wait to hear someone has unlocked the N3 bootloader for Verizon

    • schoat333

      Won’t happen. The updated S4 boot loader hasn’t even been cracked yet.

      • Bigwavedave25

        So far safestrap is the only option. Hopefully that will be available on the GN3 also.

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      • Kanaga Deepan N

        Disqus really needs the REPORT button…

  • Butters619

    I don’t know if they do it purposefully, but Samsung’s “security” has always been fairly weak. Hence why they make great phones for devs.

    • Paul Hansen

      While historically true in the past, this has been quite the opposite recently.

      • Justin W

        I think that’s because they want to push enterprise devices now. They’ve taken a strong hold on the consumer division and enterprise is the next market they need to get their hands into.

        • Paul Hansen



    F U Samsung! Ha!

    • M0nk

      I hope that a lot of people return the phones, the bad PR from the media continues and many keep giving bad feedback because of this stupid lock. If it hurts Samsung so much they will remove the lock with the next OTA. A S5 with this lock will be a customer support nightmare. Samsung crossed the line this time. Unlocked means unlocked…

  • endurotech