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Google Hangouts 1.3 Could Introduce SMS and MMS

hangouts mockup

The image above is just a mockup, but rumor has it that Google will finally bring SMS/MMS support to Hangouts in version 1.3. According to sources who sent images to Android Police, once integrated and the option turned on, users will see a “via SMS” notation to show how the message in Hangouts was sent. There may even be the option to send videos. 

The current version of Hangouts is 1.2.018.

There is no definitive confirmation at this time that 1.3 will introduce SMS and MMS or when we’ll see it, but Google told us shortly after the introduction of Hangouts that it would be the future of Google Voice. Adding in the oft-requested integration of text and picture messaging would help complete that promise. Actually, it one-ups Voice since Voice has lacked MMS support on everything outside of Sprint phones. It also helps turn Hangouts into a 1-stop shop for messaging.

It certainly seems like the time is right, especially with Android 4.4 “Kit Kat” around the corner. With that said, I wouldn’t be surprised if Google held off on announcing SMS integration until they unveil Kit Kat and the new Nexus phone. Then again, if it’s ready, why wait?

I know that many of you have been waiting impatiently for this feature to arrive. Now that it appears to be close, how excited are you?

Via:  Android Police

  • yungqb7

    Been waiting since hangouts was first announced. I would like to my have sms/mms integration please

  • J Harrell

    Oddly, I just went to enable Hangouts on my S4 (it had been disabled and uninstalled down to still being Talk). When I enabled it and updated it, one of the permissions I was asked for was the ability to read SMS/MMS and send SMS. The changelog was still from Sep 30th however, and normally I don’t get stuff at the beginning of a rollout (I only just got the flat Google logo early this week/late last week).

  • Aran Miller

    I am happy and terrified about this!
    I have been using Google Voice since EARLY Beta days! So with Google Voice being my main phone number for hte past 4+ years it brings up questions. When I first saw Hangouts was going to replace Google Voice I was a bit warry about it to begin with.
    What I am really wondering about is, if we turn on this feature to send SMS and MMS with Hangouts, will it be the phone SMS/MMS or will it use Google Voice SMS/MMS? That is a big difference, I have had people send me pictures via email or a different phone number (because Google Voice didn’t offer MMS) for years, I would love if it was infused so I could give someone my Google Voice number and have no problems reguarding Calls, SMS, and MMS, however if this is a feature to allow your phone to use your mobile provider to send SMS/MMS I am out, becuase I typically do not like to give out my cell phone number.
    Will it work like the iMessage app, where it will use data if aviliable but use your cellphone service if data is not aviliable? At that point does it use your Google Voice number if you have data, and your mobile number if not? So many questions to be answered. I have grown acustomed to using Google Voice, as I am sure a number of people have since it’s public release 3 years ago, as my main phone number, and the number that I not only give out to all my friends and family, but to work, and anyone else that would have the need to contact me.

  • NYAvsFan

    Please make this a reality. Tired of telling friends I didn’t get their pictures because GV doesn’t support MMS and to please email it isntead.

  • jzwerlz43

    my only question with this is, would this update allow for sms and mms to be sent to anyone in my contacts or just anyone that uses hangouts? i dont know a single person who uses hangouts so unless it lets me send texts to anyone i wouldnt rly be able to use this feature.

  • Chippah

    Update provides native SMS-MMS Free via Google voice/Hangouts.


  • Chippah

    Hate to say this, and be “that guy” but!

    “Work as good as Facetime or GTFO!”

    Its also unfortunate that certain family members refuse to use anything BUT facetime.

  • Frettfreak

    Seriously though, if they dont bring ALL THE SAME FEATURES from the current Sms / mms stock android app, this is not going to go over well. The wording “future of google voice” is what has me scared. SMS through that is complete and utter crap. Messages never get threaded properly. I end up with multiple conversations for the same contact, its just a miserable experience. Let hope google is smarter than that and really brings an all in one messaging app to rule them all… would be even better if they come with it like that, AND make it available on android, iOS and the web!!

  • cvgordo

    ive never used hangouts and am quite happy with handcent for sms/mms. is this a big deal? honest question.

    • Droidzilla


    • duke69111

      Yes for people who do not subscribe to messaging plan.

      • cvgordo

        oh OK that does sound like a big deal then.

  • Orion Pax

    How has Samsung not copied/created something like this for their Galaxy devices yet? S-Message

    • The Phenom

      They have thier own standalone called Chat on

  • DKowalsky2

    Really looking forward to this. I don’t use Google Voice for anything except voice mail, but I hope for the sake of those of you that do, Google will merge it correctly without huge loss in functionality or phasing it out entirely.

    Here’s my primary concern, and I think someone who commented above was trying to convey this as well:

    In order for this to work seamlessly and be accepted, it will have to be pre-installed on future devices. From there, the protocol has to default to sending via the Hangouts channel first, the SMS channel second. Now, for our iPhone friends who we correspond with via Hangouts (or in their case, gChat, on the Gmail homepage), how is our message conveyed? Will they receive it on the computer, and not as an SMS on their iPhone? Will it display in both?

    I’m curious to see how Google handles that, but it should be a seamless integration for Android-to-Android communication as a robust iMessage replacement.