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Watch ABC Streaming App Adds Support for Few Galaxy Devices, HTC One, and Nexus 4

Watch ABC

This afternoon, the official Watch ABC app was updated to allow support for a number of devices from Samsung, the HTC One, and Google’s Nexus 4. Previously, a few tablets from Samsung and the Nexus tablets were supported, so if you are into any of ABC’s fantastic fall/winter programming, this is big news for you.

The full list of newly supported devices can be viewed below. Unfortunately, we don’t see the Galaxy Note 3 listed, but hopefully soon for any new owners out there. 

Newly supported devices:

  • Nexus 4
  • HTC One
  • Galaxy Note
  • Galaxy Note II
  • Galaxy S II
  • Galaxy S III
  • Galaxy S4

Has anyone here watched Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? Is it any good?

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  • RoadsterHD1

    Download it and watch it on any devise.

  • elemeno

    I really want Aereo to release an Android app…

  • morpheus282

    SHIELD is decent so far, but with only two episodes out it has a lot of potential to be great or to utterly fail. It could be as good as Heroes season 1 or as bad as Heroes season 3.

  • John

    “U.S. based Internet connection required.”

    Damn, this was my chance to watch some quality ABC programming, because we can’t watch ABC here in Canada. As far as I know ABC is only available in the US and no where else in the world.


  • kaufkin

    Might want to add Nexus 7 (2012) to the list – downloading now.

  • jamisles02

    App doesn’t work in Phoenix or with DirecTV, so still useless to me.

    About Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., I’m sold on the show. It’s a great spin-off of the Avengers & in both episodes they made a mention of the Avengers, but still keep it as something seperate.

  • ανώνυμος

    Chromecast is tempting to get but I’ll just stick to my torrents and OTG USB. :]

  • hfoster52

    Good show and its getting better.

  • billy

    Great show!

  • James Hill

    That shield show is good for anyone under the age of 10. It’s not a good show.

  • aBabyPenguin

    I liked it a lot! Hopefully the rest of the series will be as good as the first two episodes.

  • Droid Ronin

    The ABC app is chock full of FAIL. The Play Store says that it is not compatible with my Xoom, so I go to XDA, download the apk and install. Everything runs okay so far. I tap on Agents of SHIELD and begin watching.

    It’d be nice to mirror this on my TV and since there is no Chromecast support, I hook up the HDMI cable from the Xoom to my TV and the app stops the video and says “Please remove secondary output to continue watching”. The app blocks us from watching it on the big screen? ARRRGGHHH


    super glitchy so far..

  • spunker88

    Why does a free over the air network want you to use a cable login to access content. Seems like any IP that is located in the markets they support should work without any login.

  • Alexander Garcia

    Yes I’ve watched the first two episodes and so far I like what I see. =)

  • BrianLipp

    why dont streaming apps ever support the actual devices youd want to watch things on, ie tablets?

  • Andrew Sharrow

    Unfortunately, we don’t see the Chromecast listed…


  • Jason13L

    What does this app offer over just watching ABC shows on Hulu?

    • NexusMan

      LIVE streams of ABC shows

      • The_16th_Doctor

        but you have to select a tv provider for something that is already free on basic cable

        • NexusMan

          Don’t understand your point. You don’t have to be a subscriber of said tv provider, as you don’t have to enter your credentials. The app asks for your zip code and television provider so it can a. let you know if the live stream is available, and b. so it can provide you with the correct live stream from your area. It’s obvious that ABC programming is free over the air. The point of the app is if you’re away from access to a tv, you can still watch ABC (on demand AND live programming) on your mobile device.

          • The_16th_Doctor

            whoops my bad. just tried it out. I just misread the description of the app. i will show my self out

  • KG

    Maaaan, so is every channel going to put out their own app now? Just what everyone wants, 100+ individual channel apps on their devices. Someone needs to team up with a couple of channels and develop a single app with their support, then work on getting other channels on board. For the providers, the benefit is that they don’t have to develop and support an app of their own and get a chunk of advertising revenues. All they have to do is share their content. For end users, it’s a single, familiar app with a single confirmation process to access all channels and programs the providers make available.

    Sorry for the rant..

    • Adam

      You mean like Hulu?

      • jonzey231

        As I was reading down these I saw this right as it crossed my mind. Kudos to you Adam.

      • Droid Ronin

        Thought the same thing too. +1

    • John Davids

      Or you can just torrent any/every show you want from BTN and instantly serve it out to any browser, smart TV, android device, ios device, Roku, xbox 360, or PS3 via Plex.



  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Shield is the typical mainstream superhero type flick… very BLEH!.

    Now if you’re a SCI FI (SyFy sorry) fan…. Sleepy Hollow is surprisingly really good.

    • Dre Fay

      that’s what i heard

    • brkshr

      Agreed on Sleepy Hollow (haven’t watched Shield yet). I thought Sleepy Hollow looked ridiculous from the advertisements. Having seen it now, I actually look forward to watching it.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Yup it’s not cheesy at all like I expected. it’s actually really well written… and the “Evil” factor feels pretty real. I’ll definitely be keeping up

      • Prince Campbell III

        I haven’t watched it yet, but I think I will after reading how much most of you guys like it. I’ll just set it on my DVR.

    • Droid Ronin

      SHIELD is not about superheroes, that’s Avengers. SHIELD focuses on the agents, their skills, and tactics. Two different things.

      • Prince Campbell III

        At first I was like where are the people with the powers, then after thinking I was like okay, they are just investigating the odd stuff with gadgets not superpowers. I think that may be why some are on the fence about it. It is a good show. We will see if there is a second season.

  • works on my ipad mini just fine #fragmentation

    • Tim242

      Yeah, iOS is a fragmented mess.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      I dunno man I don’t remember you being such a troll? What went wrong in your life?

      • James Hill

        Too much chair time.

    • Jason13L

      I for one hate iOS 7 on my 3rd gen iPad. It has made it a laggy mess and the interface makes me literally sick. I obviously like apple products (and own 5 Android devices including a still barely-working OG Droid), but that update was not good.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Chromecast Support or GTFO

    • StupidPeople

      CrapCast doesn’t support HLS which ABC and just about every other content provider uses. So maybe you should learn that they can’t add support if Google doesn’t add the damn format to it’s worthless device.

    • cherylaiello33

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  • Jasonchance712

    It’s only two episodes in, but so far it’s pretty good. The Pilot was ok, but the second episode was a lot better. It’s building up slowly and it has GREAT potential.

  • Dre Fay

    It has potential but it needs more actual Comic Book Characters considering its a Comic Book Concept.

  • sski66

    Yeah it’s pretty cool,
    S.H.I.E.L.D. I’d say if you liked some of the movies like the Avengers, Iron Man, etc, I think you will like it. You have to like the lead agent in the Avengers, the one that looked like he died when Loki stabbed him, plus there’s a couple of hot chicks in it too, can’t go wrong with that. It’s a pretty fun hour of tv, just my opinion.

    • evltwn

      Couple of hot chicks and a sweet corvette hover car.

    • Guest

      Maybe he did die…

      • The_16th_Doctor

        could be robot coulson, with maybe his memories quickly extracted from his head

    • You mean Agent Phil Coulson? There is a theory that he did die and that’s the secret “he can never know” according to Agent Maria Hill (aka Robin Scherbatsky). I don’t know. I want it to be good cause i love the Marvel movies. but it’s letting me down so far.

      • sski66

        O, OK, Plus everytime Coulson is asked how was your “vac” or recuperation in Fiji I think, he says the same thing to anyone that asked, something like it was life changing, kinda like he was programed to say the same exact thing.

  • Its ok but they took the cheap way out with explaining how Agent Coulson lived!I mean the show is centered around super heroes with the ability to live forever and the best they could do is say they were able to resuscitate him after a few minutes…. kinda a let down!

    • Michael Black

      That is not what really happened, it is just what Coulson believes. They explained how it happened and they even used the tech from the comic books.

      • Dre Fay

        I think this “SON OF COUL” is an Android, like Vision.

        • Michael Black

          Dre Fay, you are absolutely correct. I can’t recall the name of them, but there are cyborgs, or androids, that have been used by Marvel in the past to “replace” dead characters.

          • Dre Fay

            LMD=life model decoys

          • Michael Black

            Thank you. I have been trying to remember that for 2 days now.

          • Dre Fay

            haha no problem Mike

  • Silver Veloz

    Only 2 episodes, so far, and it still hasn’t “caught” me. I will try one more.

    • The_16th_Doctor

      i know what you mean, honestly even if it never “catches” me, ill probably still watch a whole season just for the marvel universe references

  • Firelight

    It’s ok. The Wedon Curse is sure to set in about 7 episodes in (meaning it’ll just get good and then good-n-cancelled).


    Its meh…

    • GoBlue

      Upvote for Breaking Bad and for your opinion, which I share.

      • enigmaco

        oh lord its a ichigan fan

    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      So Sam Jackson is meh? Okay.

      • JRUIV

        60 seconds of Samuel Jackson is not enough to make the whole show watchable

        • El_Big_CHRIS

          Thank You.

          • StuckOnVerizonForever

            Walter White died. Time to retire.

    • Zach B.


  • Chilly O


  • kenkeyessr

    I keep waiting for agent 99 to call Max on his shoe phone.