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Disney’s Alice in Wonderland Hits Google Play – Help Alice Stop the Red Queen’s Evil Plans

Alice in Wonderland

Disney launched a new game onto Android this week, a classic title by the name of Alice in Wonderland. In the game, you play as Alice who must work to restore order to Wonderland by becoming the White Queen’s newest champion. To help thwart the Red Queen’s evil minions, you must explore interesting environments, solve riddles, craft tools, and befriend some of Wonderland’s most memorable characters like the Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit. 

The game is free to play, but according to some of the comments on Google Play, there appears to be plenty of IAPs available. If you know of some kids that might enjoy a fun challenge or you fancy yourself a fan of this franchise, then go check it out.

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  • Damon C. Walden

    Anyone else remember the dark sort of twisted Alice game for PC years ago… They should make more of that.

  • possomcrast1

    I don’t understand how people can get into these “Push to place building…now wait for it to build…buy these to make it speed up” games.

  • Ben Murphy

    Is this real life?

  • Yooouuuu

    Disney should partner with the “Alice is Dead” team to make an adult game series!

  • OneForTheGoodDays

    In that clip it looks like Alice is gasping for breath after running a few steps…. that can’t be a good sign.

    • TheKaz1969

      Air is an IAP…