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The Droid Life Show: Episode 37

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Episode 37 of The Droid Life Show goes down tonight! Due to some traveling, we had to skip last week’s show, so you can expect a topic-filled show this evening. Kellen and Tato both have Galaxy Note 3 devices, so you can expect plenty of discussion surrounding the formation of the Note 3 cult, as well as Tim’s thoughts on the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. In addition, we will go over all of the recent leaks surrounding the Nexus 5 device, and of course we will give you our weekly app and game recommendations. 

The show kicks off around 6:00PM Pacific (9:00PM Eastern). A live video broadcast will be embedded below closer to the start of the show. Until then, feel free to hang out in the Droid Life IRC room.

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  • Can you please dedicate a good 2-3 minutes on whether or not you find
    the Note 3 a ” necessary” upgrade from the 2 or if its more a Apple S
    upgrade ? Thank you so much!

  • Derek Duncan

    on that note, why does Ron even write for Droid-Life? Nothing is exciting him from 4.4, Nexus 5 or a Google watch? Sounds like Android isn’t the place for him to be.

    • 1. A Google watch isn’t exciting because we know nothing about it. It’s vaporware until it’s announced.
      2. Nexus devices are usually not available to most people and have historically had some sort of tragic flaw. It’s not surprising that I’d be more excited about a device like the Moto X.
      3. We know the name of 4.4. Everything else is rumor until it’s announced, and even when it does get announced most people probably won’t see it for more than a year.

      If you disagree with those reasons that’s fine, but Eric agreed with them too. Should Eric not write about Android either? To write about Android do I have to be super excited about products that haven’t even been announced yet?

      • Derek Duncan

        yes, you should be.

      • wmsco1

        I have always respected your opinion and enjoy your perspective and insight into electronic’s. What works, How realistic, and how it relates. This is what i like about you. And the rest of the team!! Been here since the OG.

  • Derek Duncan

    So I guess Ron doesn’t like the screws on the bottom of the last 2 iPhones?

    • I don’t. Thankfully they aren’t on the front of the device.

  • MikeSaver

    What is better to you guys, keeping unlimited data, or getting timely updates?

    I’m really considering just switching from Verizon to AT&T so I can get updates faster.
    I want to buy the Moto X, and I want to customize it. Since the bootloaders locked on customizable ones, that means I’m going to be stuck on 4.2.2 with a crappy camera for 1000 years on Verizon.

    Is that all worth ditching unlimited data on Verizon? (I would buy off-contract)

  • umbrellacorp

    Are you holding a fetal stage R2D2 in your hand?

  • Anon

    Just give me an N5 with X8 Chipset and Active Display and Touchless Controlls and I’ll be golden.

  • I’m on the fence about upgrading. I’m on Verizon, I have a note 2 and I love the G2 I played with he other day. But i cant deny the specs and screen size of the note 3 and with the odds of a nexus on Verizon being slim to none i’m so not sure witch way to lean.

  • wmsco1

    Hey Tim is that a mike stand where your guitar usually is? what brand is your guitar? do you play gigs? i own 7 guitar myself 2 amps and harmonizer. just asking?

  • Colin Huber

    Tim, did you go to Oregon?

  • tomn1ce
    • i think they’re on to something with that though, all the smart phone features except data, only wifi? that’d be a dream come true for people who just cant get rid of their feature phone fix.

  • vincent scala

    my nexus 4 with LTE had great battery
    i’m rocking the LG G2 now great phone

  • jaybar

    I have a Zune…still

    • JoshGroff

      I have a 32GB original with a broken hard drive in my dresser. No idea why.

    • umbrellacorp

      Me too. Broken screen, still works.

  • Pdiddy187

    I’m looking forward to 4.4, the nexus 5 &10, and my experiment with prepaid. Choices are a good thing.


    Google.com finally updated to the new version for me….Gmail black bar is gone too!

    Google Play store still has not updated the logo 🙁

  • Christopher A Ryan

    You guys should talk about the whole verizon unlimited bonanza!

  • El_Big_CHRIS

    Good to see you guys are back

  • And GTA Online!

    • Fozzybare


      • Works for me :^)

        • Fozzybare

          I guess I haven’t tried yet. 🙁

        • Fozzybare

          I think there should be a DL crew. I’d totally join that

        • EvanTheGamer

          Works for me, as well. Played quite a bit of it yesterday ON launch day of all days.

          Although the damn thing kept saying “Sending to Facebook…” or whatever as I have it linked to my Facebook account. Guess there are still a few hiccups.

      • umbrellacorp

        Wokka Wokka.

    • Gnex

      You guys should look through your server logs for new Android versions :p

      • rthvk

        Kinda random, but YES.

        I mean, which top secret Google tester wouldn’t want to be looking at DL for the latest leaks for the phone in their hands?


  • heldadavid

    Hey guys! Can you please dedicate a good 2-3 minutes on whether or not you find the Note 3 a ” necessary” upgrade from the 2 or if its more a Apple S upgrade ?

    • Tim242

      Every single review has said it is worth upgrading to. Having the best display on the market is the main reason. But, all of the improvements make it a worthy upgrade.

      • Pedro

        says a guy who works for a wireless carrier… always.

      • heldadavid

        Every single review ? That’s a whole bunch of reviews;) I’ve most certainly read reviews that say after a 4.3 update to Note 2 it might not be that imperative. Obviously screen/specs are great, but the Note 2 is still a beast is all. I love the Note 2 …so I’m sure I’d love the Note 3! That’s not the question. The question is in the justification after a 4.3 update and/ or ROM.

        • Tim242

          I had a Note 2. I sold it and bought the S4 full price, mostly for the camera. I miss my Note 2. I definitely jumped on that weekend upgrade and keep unlimited wagon to get the Note 3. The Note 2 is no slouch. It’s just a matter of deciding if you can live without the improved display and better camera. You’ll upgrade, I just know it 🙂

          • JoshGroff

            I upgraded to the DNA and really miss my note, contemplating getting the 3. Only reason I upgraded was the S4 pro and 1080p. Currently running a One on T-Mobile, but sold off a few tech toys so I could get the 3.

    • flosserelli

      I love my Note 2 and honestly have not had an ounce of phone envy since I bought it…until today. I played with a Note 3 at T-mobile, and it is definitely more than an “Apple S upgrade”. The massive 1080p screen is amazingly crisp and bright. I put my Note 2 next to it, disabled auto brightness & maxed the brightness on both, and the Note 3 was noticeably brighter. I can see pixels on my Note 2, but not on the Note 3. TW was surprisingly fluid. I don’t use my N2 S-pen because I haven’t found much use for it. But the N3 S-pen seems *much* better integrated and purposeful, unlike the N2 stylus (which always seemed like an afterthought to me). I did not test the N3 camera or speaker, and I didn’t play any games. But I had been debating whether to get the LG G2, or just keep my Note 2 for a little longer until the next “gotta-have-it” device appeared. Well, I think I’ve found that device 🙂

      • heldadavid

        Thanks for the insight ! I love my Note 2 ( aside from the Verizon tramp stamp) especially for gaming / media. The one major knock I’ve read about is poor speaker quality and placement. That would be a deal breaker for me . I’m nervous to play with one …as it will probably result in an impulsive buy. Hope Kellen and Tim discuss these points as I have Indian food on the way and am a huge nerd .

        • wmsco1

          haha lol .DO IT!!

  • Tim242

    My Google Drive just hit 25 GB…just FYI.

    • Reginald Jefferson

      Does that mean the extra 10gb from QuickOffice is starting to go through?

      • Tim242

        Yes : )

        • Reginald Jefferson

          Nice. Just checked mine. Hasn’t applied yet. I’m sure I’ll have it in a week or two. Good to know it’s starting to roll out now.