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Leaked Builds of Android 4.3 Update for Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S4 Hit the Web

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Who cares if Android 4.4 aka Kit Kat is just around the corner? Most users on stock firmware are still waiting to get updated to Android 4.3. Samsung made sure that the Galaxy Note 3 would launch with Android 4.3, but so far the Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S4 are still on 4.1.2 and 4.2, respectively. Although today, a leaked build of Android 4.3 for both phones have been released for those adventurous Galaxy owners that don’t mind flashing sketchy firmware builds. 

According to SamMobile, Samsung just started testing 4.3 on the older Note 2 and newer Galaxy S4 last week, but this is the third build of 4.3 already. Reports say that the UI that Samsung has moved towards with the Galaxy S4 and Note 3 have made it into this new version of Android. Traces of Samsung Knox and Samsung Wallet are also present in this build, but beware, this is not for the everyday flasher.

This is still a very early build of Android 4.3, so installers should be wary of bugs that still need to be worked out. If you are feeling froggy, head to the link below for download and instructions on installation.

Via: SamMobile [2]

  • Hari Prasath

    plz….give this android system defaults…….by link

  • Nadeem Ansari

    YOLO!Guys its better if you don’t install android 4.3 pre release or the test versions for GALAXY NOTE 2 GT-N7100 coz it won’t get rooted. The only way to revert back is here http://goo.gl/FH73hn

  • Nadeem Ansari

    I read here http://goo.gl/uIAyhP a better way to update to Official Android 4.3 for Galaxy Note 2!!!

  • G1andonly

    Use Jedi x 17 or Jedi master 17,both rock solid and fast as well as all the bells and whistles you will ever need. Just make sure you set up Viper audio and trickster mob.

  • youha

    but when i want to come back to official 4.1.2 i lost my imie and got message not registired on net work
    help me please

  • Arjun

    I have installed it and now installed the Note 3 launcher and weather widget.The only problem I had was the knox waening or something which always appears in the notification bar. I removed all knox files from the system using root xplorer and now I really love this rom.Next I will try to install the deodexed version of this rom and install all Note 3 functions and tricks…..

  • Abdulhafee

    it’s useless, because I am unable to copy game files from pc to my device in obb folder for example Asphalt 7 or Asphalt 8

  • sabari

    Android system is consuming 24% of battery what is the problem iam lossing battery very often s3 I am using

  • Larry Morris

    What’s the big deal, you can have the best of both worlds with jedi x19. This is how i have mine setup: Jedi x 19 with the trickster mod set to eco mod, with a blacked out wallpaper. the greenify app hibernating 99% of my 240 apps. My battery with active use lasts 1 1/2 to 2 days before it needs to be charged. And I have all of my s pen apps & abilities while customizing the phone with nova laucher & uccw. Btw i installed the new themer app since i got the code. it’s rockin.

  • Mr E

    c’mon s3!

  • flynn74

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  • BrothaDave

    it’s supposed to be released to the GS3 also, I’m interested to see what improvements will be made. I’m debating on getting the Note 3 at the end of the month but I’m still waiting to see what the Nexus 5 will have

  • shamatuu

    Need a well step by step video on how to do this?.That would help a bunch thanks. Put a valid link for me.

  • droidrazredge

    Does this include the Galaxy S3 as well ? or just the Galaxy N2 and Galaxy S4 ? I was just wondering since the N2 is and older based phone and the S3 should be similar to it in terms of the hardware specs with just a clock speed difference and RAM.

    • Yooouuuu

      From what I’ve seen posted around S3 is supposed to be getting the same update. That said, CyanogenMod has been working flawlessly for months.

  • ccrsems5

    I think it is for European model only… don’t think this will work for Verizon Notes.

  • zach wheeler

    I’ve tried Nova launcher on my S4 and it tends to freeze or need to be restarted like, at least once a week. Or it freezes after using an app like the camera when I go back to the home screen. I’d love to keep using Nova but it’s super annoying having the phone lock up once a week. Is this normal or is my phone jacked up?

    • Adam

      Been using Nova on my S4 for the past couple of months with zero issues. I don’t think I’ve restarted in weeks, certainly not for any performance/freezing problems.

      • BaconEater

        Agreed. It’s f’in solid on my S4 too. I just realized my uptime for 200+hours. That never happened on my gnexus. You can deal with TouchWiz if you replace that awful stock launcher/app drawer

    • KleenDroid

      Hey Zach, something needs looked at on your S4 as what you describe is not normal. Are you fortunate enough to be Loki patched? First thing I would do is go into recovery and clear your cache, dalvik and fix permissions..

      My guess is you are having other issues or things are not running as smoothly as they should. Who knows, but you should not have any issues with Nova on your S4.

  • ccrsems5

    My verizon Note 2 has 4.3 already. I am on illusions rom, and it is great!

    • mrjayviper

      which is probably a kang of cm10.2

      • ccrsems5

        Illusion is BACK!!! We’d like to give HUGE credits to SlimRoms for an incredible base! We’d also like to give credit to CyanogenMod, Paranoid Android, Root-Box, TeamBaked, AOKP, BeerGang and UltimatumKang. These teams/people, in some way, helped make what you guys are using (about to use) what it is today

        At the top of their page.
        Runs really smooth. Had the Focal camera from CM but for some reason pics are sideways.. But the other camera works great and pen works, too.

      • blahblahblah

        Which is a kang of AOSP. So what’s your point?

        • mrjayviper

          ALL ROMs are a kang of AOSP. just throwing it out there

          • blahblahblah

            Ok so why even comment to say that something is probably a kang of CM? Like I’ve said 100 times, we get that you LOVE CM. Not everyone does though, and you’re only annoying people by trying to force it down their throats by mentioning it in almost every comment you’ve made on this article.

          • mrjayviper

            I just said illusion is probably a kang of cm10.2. Does that look like forcing it down someone else’s throat? just stating a fact

        • ccrsems5

          I was just saying it because it sounded to me as if you were saying that in a negative way…. I was just saying that is what all rom’s are, bits and pieces of others. Some almost a copy, some a good mix. That’s all. I like this rom, and the guy or group of guys that did it should be thanked, in my opinion. That’s all.

          • blahblahblah

            My reply was to mrjayviper lol, not you.

    • epyon

      Illusions, Michael!

  • Twofourturbo

    The Verizon Galaxy Note 2 is the only Android phone I’ve been content on leaving stock and rooted with no desire of needing to jump ship and start going flash happy. I’m pretty sure I’ll just sit back and let everyone else do all the flashing on this one.

    • flosserelli

      Same here (sorta). Note 2 + JellyBeans’ rom apparently cured my flash addiction.

      • Respen

        Same, I’ve tried a few of the 4.3 ROMs, and as much as I want to use them, none have been anywhere near as stable as JellyBeans.

        • Stephen Cox

          I updated to 10/1 nightly of CM10.2 and it has been leaps and bounds more stable than before.

          • blahblahblah

            Since the 9/30 update? LOL! I think that’s what they call the placebo effect.

          • Stephen Cox

            No, I was running 9/23 before that and it had horrible data connection problems with mobile data. 10/1 hasn’t had one hiccup yet, however, I’ve noticed something is eating the battery a little more than usual. Not a deal breaker, though.

      • T4rd

        Yup! Been running Beans’ ROM pretty much since I got my Note 2 at launch. About to update to v22 as soon as I get time. I hope he comes out with a 4.3 based ROM soon now!

      • napes22

        I’ve been on Clean Rom since I bought the phone, but with development stopping for the Note II, I’ll have to hop over to JellyBeans.

    • Prince Campbell III

      I just started using the Nova launcher. I used to flash the hell out of my GS2. I decided not to even root my Note 2 and just wait for the official updates. I’m good for now.

      • rutgersjaffo

        I always use Go Launcher. Any particular reasons to switch to Nova? Thanks.

        • Prince Campbell III

          No, I have Launcher Pro as well but I have the paid version of Nova and I decided to give it a try. I’m still trying to learn it, but so far I like it.

    • slmhofy

      If you feel this way now, go here and be prepared to feel that way for another year or two.


      Like everyone else has said, beanstown + note 2 has been the best ROM/phone combination I’ve ever used. The thread has almost 2 million views. I’m having a hard time justifying getting a G2 or the new Nexus. I was seriously tempted to jump on the “sale” over the weekend, but this combination is just too good.

  • shamatuu

    No point of doing this for the GS 4 since its going to be out next month.Note 2 make more sense.

  • hoodieNation

    Man, TouchWiz is so damn ugly.

    • mrjayviper

      I’ve tried it a few weeks ago (had my note2 on cm10.2 on day1) and went back to cm a day after. can’t stand it x.x

      • Justin W

        Do you lose functionality of the S-Pen if you put CM on it? I don’t particularly want to lose that feature (or the multi-window/other S-Pen features) when I root/ROM the Note 3 I plan on getting, but based on reviews, TW doesn’t do much to help performance…

        • sk3litor

          Im pretty sure cm doesnt support it but theres other decent roms that have the look of android with the functionality of tw. On xda check out jediX rom or beans town. You can read reviews on galaxynote2root.com.

          • Justin W

            OK, thanks! I s’pose I’ll have to suffer with TW for a while until they come out with ROMs for the Note 3, but I think I’ll live.

          • Stephen Cox

            Incorrect. You do in fact get support of the SPen in CM, in fact stylus functionality is a standard part of Android since 4.0.

            I have run CM10.1 and now 10.2 on my Note 2 and love having the pen. The only gripe is you get the standard mouse pointer if you want to keep the pointer icon when you hover, but I know you can fix that by swapping out the PNG in the framework-res.apk in the system with the “dot” in the TW ROMs.

            You will lose multi-window, however.

          • Adrynalyne

            When you say support, do you mean (it acts as an input device), or do you get true s-pen support, such as pressure detection, and all the other goodies such as airview, battery saver, pen gestures, etc?

            Because it is easy to act as an input device…

          • Stephen Cox

            I know pressure sensitivity is there, as I have tested it with Sketchbook. I checked settings as well, and pen gestures is there as well – including support for the stylus button – but I’ve never used it so I can’t comment on how well it works. It also supports the hovering stylus as moving the mouse pointer as well.

          • hoosiercub88

            You get all the functionality you’d get with the digitizer, the hardware is still there without the software. So pressure sensitivity and input, but everything else is gone.

          • hoosiercub88

            False, you get the digitizer functionality, stuff unique for thre Samsung S-Pen is gone.

          • Stephen Cox

            I assume the SPen is the name of the digitizer/stylus hardware, not the software. The software is still just TouchWiz.

            If you say SPen is the software too, then yeah, AOSP won’t have all the propriety features.

      • KleenDroid

        As much as I like stock I keep coming back to my Touchwiz roms. The Google Play Edition rom is great on the S4 but I just can’t stay away from my Touchwiz based rom. Of course it is debloated and tuned to run better than stock.

        As long as your bootloader can be bypassed you can change what you don’t like and keep what you do.

        • mrjayviper

          and I did change what I don’t like by using cm10.x

      • blahblahblah

        Enjoy the bad battery life on those ROMs.

        • mrjayviper

          I work in a desk so I can easily charge my phone/tablet anytime. I also got a charger in the car. So whether cm had bad battery life is something I never noticed. 2 hours at the gym with constant use often equates to 15-20% battery charge loss. Good enough for me

      • hoosiercub88

        I’m on PA with my Note 2 right now. Everything is rock solid, I miss the camera software though AOSP camera software is garbage compared to Touchwiz

        • Michael Pahl

          Try Focal from the PlayStore.

          • hoosiercub88

            Garbage, no HDR without taking three, painfully slow shots. Also force closes a lot.

        • mrjayviper

          I’ve never used to the touchwiz camera so I can’t comment. The AOSP camera is good enough for me.

          • hoosiercub88

            Having switched, I can assure you it lacks in a lot of places the TW camera picks up. Pictures I took from my vacation last week to SoCal for a car show and some other things were considerably worse than previous shots I took with the same phone on TouchWiz.

          • mrjayviper

            I’m not really into picture quality. it’ll only be viewed in a small screen so ya 🙂

          • billy

            I thought I was the only one who noticed the lack in quality with AOSP ROMs. I’ve tried other camera apps. Its seems to be software not compatible with the camera driver or something??

    • Allen Byrd

      Totally agreed. It just looks awful.
      Why can’t the stupid manufacturers just put stock Android on their stuff?

      • Droid Ronin

        Because every manufacturer needs to differentiate themselves by software features and UI. If everyone just had stock Android, it’d be hard to push a customer to buy one product over another.

        Edit: but yes, I agree. TW looks terrible.

        • mrjayviper

          I also had a One X and I feel Sense is better looking. I guess I just like the green theme Samsung uses.

        • hacker

          What differentiates PC manufacturers when you put Windows on a PC? Why is this not a choice instead of “hard-coded” so to speak?

          There is no difference..

        • What’s in a name ?

          Again ,personal preference. I will repeat myself, a fine-tuned system is much more valuable than an overblown user interface missing most of important and useful features for that sake of meaningless GUI that does absolutely nothing original. Since when is featureless called debloated ?

    • creed

      I know. As much as I would love to keep s pen functionality, I just can’t stand touchwiz. Therefore, cyanogenmod it is, and I do love stock android more than the s pen.

      • Osler T

        Whats the point of getting the note 2 if u dont use the pen…its like going to an asian country…then having maccas everyday

        • creed

          Hmmm, let me think… Oh, the large screen.

          • Osler T

            Hmmm let me see…oh samsung galaxy mega has a BIGGER screen and CHEAPER but hey just my 2 cents

        • Clinton McCool

          Big screen. I use mine in the car for music and navigation 90% of the time – the large screen makes using the device much safer in the car. I actually have no use for the pen – haven’t used it once.

    • Rob

      I like how you can toggle stuff on/off in the notification bar, but there are just way too many options now. And the rest of TouchWiz is hideous – I use Nova Launcher as a result of this.

  • pball_inuyasha

    I’m hoping safestrap doesn’t get blocked with this update. I haven’t really ran a custom rom for more than 10-20 minutes since I couldn’t get data, but I’m sure in the past few weeks S4 safestrap compatible roms have improved.

    • MrCrusha

      You need to go check out the forums… there are tons of people using SafeStrap with custom ROMs…. myself included and I have data. If you are already on ME7 firmware for stock then you need to flash the ME7 module after the ROM loads in the slot to get data. No issues here.

      • pball_inuyasha

        I did flash the ME7 module, would of had wifi issues other wise I think. But I only tried the GPE rom and haven’t had time or thought of trying some of the other roms since then. I actually like the stock S4 which is why I’m not highly motivated to get off it, but I still want to play around some time. I did notice on the GPE rom you can’t hide or reorder apps in the app drawer like on stock TW, but either there is a way to do that or i’ll just live without that and other stuff like it if I got more stock android.

  • rals

    Looks like the weather widget didn’t get updated

    • Gnex

      Looks like TouchWiz hasn’t been updated since gingerbread didn’t get updated either.

      • blahblahblah

        Looks like you’re a hater lol. Enjoying your 5 hours battery life on the Gnex?

        • Gnex

          Pfft, I got my Moto X a few weeks ago… and I think you meant 45 minutes lol

          • blahblahblah

            LOL touche sir.

  • David Nguyen

    Note 2 on 4.2??? Can someone shine some light on this? Never seen 4.2. Even with xda only 4.1.2 and 4.3(asop) is available.

    • Adrynalyne

      Yeah was gonna say…when did this happen?

    • Fixed. Sorry :^)

      • HR

        Not your fault, it’s Samsung’s fault for letting the Note 2 fall so far behind. It’s the main reason why I’m in full Nexus 5 mode.

        • sk3litor

          Theres two trains of thought here though. They could have giving us 4.2 a while ago but we would have had to finish the life on it.but now we had to wait sooooo long but at least we get to finish the life on 4.3. Kinda like which is the less of two evils.

  • BrandonP

    “Samsung made sure that the Galaxy Note 3 would launch with Android 4.3, but so far the Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S4 are still on 4.2″….. Note 2 doesn’t have 4.2…so 4.3 coming is nice to hear

  • kevin

    Eric, the note 2 is still on 4.1.2..cant wait for 4.3 though

    • Fixed!

    • What’s in a name ?

      IMO attempt to verify that NSA didn’t build a backdoor into it’s new software. Anglebits, the creators of 1Password and Knox swear they have nothing to do with the NSA suggesting that NSA would choose to go around their security than through it; however I am not persuaded. I do believe that security issues can always have potential to be double sided, you only need to know what’s assigned for your part, the other, if not unconstitutional, which is a lose term these days, any way, does not have to be disclosed, and may in fact be against your private interest and completely non-disclosed. Just do a little reading up about the security protocols and read up on Knox software…

      Best of luck

  • pd240

    It’s good to see the update being tested for note 2 owners since they are still stuck on 4.1.2

    • mrjayviper

      just to clarify your statement, only note 2 user still using touchwiz-based ROMs are affected. 🙂

      • blahblahblah

        Yes only users that are not on CM’s jock are affected. We get it dude, you prefer CM, no need for 50 comments stating that.