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Humble Mobile Bundle Adds Three More Games, QWOP For Android Included

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True to form, the Humble Mobile Bundle that we saw last week has done very well. Charities and indie developers both are enjoying this so much that they have added more games to it. Three more games: QWOP, Karateka Classic and God of Blades have been added to the bundle alongside the five games that launched last week. As long as you pay above the average (which as of this posting is only $4.50), you can get all 8. Users who bought the bundle before today should be getting an email about the downloads for their three new games.

If you have never played QWOP on your computer, I suggest you try. It is hilariously fun and should be even more interesting on Android with only touch controls. If you have not purchased your Humble Bundle yet, hit the link below to grab those games.

Via: Humble Bundle

  • JillWNew

    do they sell out quickly or do they only make 3 of them? these things look really cool and i always wanted one, but they sold out so quickly that i just gave up……www.jobs59.ℂoℳ

  • Sean Erik

    is the humble bundle site kinda broken for anyone else?

  • S2556

    And boom goes the dynamite.

  • Guest


  • Guest


  • Mort

    YAY, QWOP!

    • JRUIV

      Now that’s a scorpion