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Verizon and Asurion Hosting Open Enrollment on Protection Plans Until December 2

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If you missed out on the opportunity to enroll your newly purchased Verizon phone in some sort of protection plan through Asurion, now is your chance to sign-up. Big Red and Asurion are currently hosting an open enrollment for protection plans that runs from now until December 2. 

You’ll be able to choose from all of Verizon’s protection offerings like the newly introduced Total Mobile Protection (TMP) or a basic extended warranty. TMP will cost you $10 a month, but is the “most comprehensive” as it includes replacement, support, and security services. From there, you could drop to $8 per month and choose Total Equipment Coverage (TEC), $5.18 per month for Wireless Phone Protection (WPP), or $3 per month for an extended warranty.

We see open enrollments like this happen quite often, typically around the beginning of each year. That’s not to say that this won’t be your only chance to sign-up for a protection plan for the foreseeable future, we just wouldn’t be surprised to see this happen again in a few months. But if you need protection and missed your initial opportunity shortly after purchasing your new phone, now is the time to think about signing up.

Also, Verizon’s site shows a date range that isn’t correct at the link below. Once you click “Enroll Now,” you’ll be taken to an enrollment page with correct dates. We have also verified with Asurion that they are hosting an open enrollment.

Does everyone pay for a protection plan from Verizon?

Via:  Verizon

Cheers Brian!

  • Chris

    I Pay for the 10.00 plan for my Samsung Galaxy S 4!

  • Ryan Tallerthanyou Dao

    Would this apply to the Moto X Developer Edition on Verizon?

  • Quint

    I have the $5.18 insurance on my Verizon account. For whatever reason, the $8 TEC isn’t available to Florida residents. So in FL, the insurance doubles as the TEC

  • s0uth

    i got mines with my note 3!

  • HarvesterX

    What a load. Two months ago I asked a customer rep when open enrollment was and after checking she came back and told me it started in March, 2014 (for Assurion). Luckily for me, I just bought a new phone (LG G2) and haven’t been happier ^_^

  • Alan Hardin

    The only thing worse than paying $10 per month for phone insurance is getting a crappy “certified like-new” phone as a replacement. Damn it, I bought a new phone, replace it with a new phone!

    • My “CLN” phones have been better than new ones

    • blootz

      assurion is a joke… sent me 3 broken phones, and charged me 100$ for my gnex replacement and wanted m y old phone back. after the 3rd broken phone , I just picked up a used one one eBay 75$ shipped and came out good with warrenty from seller. why was I paying them in the first place if I could just buy my phone used for less than the deductibles. what a joke I told them of my problem and they didn’t do a thing for me… crooks not worth getting.

  • Rammstein

    The LG G2 can’t be added? It doesn’t show up under Asurion’s device model selection. The iPhone 5S/5C are present so I doubt it’s cause the device is too new.

    • Isaac

      yea idk whats up with that

    • jarbar

      I think they just need a little time to stock up. I sawThe same thing happen with the s4

  • BTLS

    Can anyone confirm that asurion is replacing the Genx with S3s?? Read it in another post & if true I’d jump all over that!

    I’ve always had both extended + insurance and the last time I got my Gnex replaced, it was out of the manufacturer’s warranty… The screen was cracked, however I was able to file it as an extended warranty issue because I said the screen had burn-in or ghosting way before I cracked the screen, and therefore saved on deductible! I’m in the same exact boat now, with another cracked screen and a lil burn-in on the screen, so I’m curious if I can get a free S3 (to sell and get a G2 or note 3)!

  • Intellectua1

    I filed a claim on a Galaxy Note with At&T and they told me the phone was back ordered for a week.. How can I be paying insurance on a product you can’t replace when I need it. Asurion sucks..

    • Detonation

      Should have demanded a Note 2 then. Normally if they don’t have stock on something they’ll give you the next best thing.

  • umbrellacorp

    Is there any savings to be had upfront or does this just soften the blow of having to get a replacement phone?

  • eibyer

    I set up an ING account that draws $10 a week from my checking. I am my own Asurion, of course if I break/lose the phone twice I’m screwed LOL. But if I don’t, I have cash to buy another phone out of contract 🙂

  • De Nguyen

    I wonder what will be the replacement for a thunderbolt…;)

    • Adrynalyne

      Hydro ELITE


  • JW

    Asurion is a racket that Verizon has drug me into at the rate of almost $30 a month to cover my family’s phones. My daughter cracked the screen on her iphone 5 and Asurion wants a $169 deductible to fix a $149 screen. Same for my wife’s iphone 4 and my Galaxy SIII! If you crack your screen, you might as well drop it from the Empire State Building!

    • jnt

      For iDevices, I’d go with Applecare Plus every time. Less than half the cost for 2 years of coverage (including accidental), and half the deductible. No it doesn’t cover theft, but damage is MUCH more likely to happen than theft, in general.

      • Dlang123

        And for me personally, I go with squaretrade, they run 30% off coupons every Tuesday.. deductible is 50, covers 4 instances, water damage is included. Got a 2 year plan for 89.

        • slainte

          Unfortunately, I think they just raised the deductible for smartphones to $100. I just replaced the screen on my wifes nexus 7 through them (no issues by the way) for $0. Those days are gone.

          • Dlang123

            Actually I think iPhones are $50 (which is what I bought it on, for the wife) and all other Android devices and smartphones are $100. Guessing that Androids break more often than iPhones (either that or the broken iPhone sells for more than a broken Android as refurb deals, which is very true).

          • shadowstewie

            8GB/16GB iPhones are $169
            32GB/64GB iPhones are $199
            All Android Smartphones are $99
            All Basic Feature phones are $49

            The prices are on Verizon’s site 🙂

    • blootz

      assurion is a joke, look it up, theirs a web site called assurionsucks.com. for good reason, had them for 6 years, the day i needed to use them they screwed me. sent me an old refurbished broken phone 3 times in a row!!! for what ?!? the deductable was higher priced than buying my phone online. 100$ deductable and had to return my old phone or 75$ purchased online used . commonsense told me to cancel after they screwed me. its a billion dollar crook company.

  • SmokeNMirrors

    Extended warranty is among the best money I have spent. Great if you have a sealed battery as it’s covered too. Also no deductible and free overnight shipping. Highly recommend it if you can get by without full coverage.

    • Bob Smith

      Been through 4 Gnex phones in the past 5 months, all replaced, next day air, refurb but meh…. it’s like new and comes with an 90 day.

      The wife has the insurance, same phone she pays $100 deductible and 5.99 a month. I was paying 1.99 a month and got by far the better deal.

  • Kyle Lehman

    Can you get coverage on secondhand phones (i.e. from swappa, ebay, craigslist)?

    • Futbolrunner


    • jnt

      Most, as long as they’re not too outdated. That’s the beauty of open enrollment!

  • Guest

    dumb question, will the $8 plan cover dropped/cracked screens? I went through terms of service, and it doesn’t exactly clear it up…

    • jnt

      It used to, but I’d double check. The new $10/month plan has me confused as to what exactly is covered. I saw a graph the other day that made it look like accidental coverage might be more limited on TEC now… but I could be blowin’ smoke.

      • Detonation

        I believe the $10 plan just gets you 24/7 instant support and device “security” for that $2 extra

  • Andy

    I dont see the difference between $5.18 a month plan or the $8 one.

    • Jason Stanton

      $8.00 per month is Total equipment coverage which is the same thing as the WPP (insurance) for $5.18 and the Extended Warranty combined. If you only have the $5.18 and you have a defect out of the 1 year warranty you won’t be covered by WPP unless you also happened to lose the phone at the same time.

    • Detonation

      After the manufacturer’s warranty runs out you’ll need to file a claim (and pay the $100 deductible) to get a manufacturer defect fixed. Basically the $8 plan is the $5.18 coverage + the $3 extended warranty.

      • John

        If you have TEC and you have a warranty defect after manufacture warranty expires you do not have to pay a deductible and you do get a new (reman) phone. If you want next day air shipping you will have to pay that difference. This applies to android phones.

        I had a lengthy conversation with a VZ operator about their TEC coverage. I ended up paying the extra for TEC because I wouldnt have that option to upgrade my coverage outside of the 30 days of purchase of my new phone. Unless, an open enrollment popped up like this and I decided to upgrade my coverage after manufacture warranty expired. I didnt want to take that chance.

        I previously bought into Neweggs sham of equipment coverage company. I read nothing but horror stories about being without a phone for up to a week or more to be repaired by authorized dealers. These same dealers sometimes claimed negligence on the users end and the insurance refused to replace phone!

        Jason is correct but I have integrity. If you are a dirtbag and abuse the system we all will end up paying higher insurance fees and deductibles because you wanted to save ~36 bucks a year.

  • Dale

    $5.18 a month comes out to about the same price as SquareTrade.

  • Boblank84

    Just looked and I am paying for it and still using a gnex. i think i could buy one on swappa or craigs for less than the deductible…..

    • Dale

      I usually don’t hang on to insurance after the 1st year for that same exact reason.

  • MichaelFranz

    i pay for one and always have so i wont get rid of it. I will say though that best buy has a great plan if you can pony up the $$ right away. When we got my GF her Iphone5 last year it was a new line so instead of insurance which is insane for iphone they offered us their in house. Basically for your 2 year term it covers anything and everything, water damage, theft, broken, etc etc, you just got to go in, they give you a loaner phone, always a smartphone, might not be LTE though. and make you pay a small deductible in case you steal it, but they refund it after.

    2-3 days later, new phone is in store, you go pick it up and everything is set. I know with asurion its usually $100 deductible on top of what you already pay into each month. with the best buy plan its a flat $200+ and no questions. yea you pay a deductible, but its refunded once you return the loaner phone

    • ryan savini

      the only really good think about working for BBY was finding out about this. buy the 2 year plan, get covered for literally anything, get a free battery replacement after a year and one free charger… almost pay for itself! i might have “Dropped” my phone “By accident” a few time just for a shiny new GNEX…..shhh

    • Stephen

      Michael…just an update. The best buy plans dont cover theft. I had my phone stolen and go nothing from them…

    • tomn1ce

      That’s good to know, because I’m planning on buying the G-Note 3 anywhere but from a vzw store or their website. At least they won’t be getting any $$$ for the device from me….I’ll have to confirm if they theft/lost.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Pretty sure Best Buy doesn’t cover theft.

    • Steve

      best buy has a 150 dollar deductible now, doesnt cover theft, doesnt cover submersion, and has a limit of of three swaps total…aka its pretty much useless

      • abrego47

        That changed at the end of august! I got it before then and I got grandfathered in just paying ten a month and no deductible when replaced.

    • Dusty

      Thats how it was before… unfortunately for everyone who signed up with bestbuy’s protection plan after Sept 1st? or so now has to pay a $150 deductible and is limited to 3 claims a year. So not as great as it use to be considering lost & stolen is not covered. =/

    • bjcroteau

      With best buy you have to pay a $150 service fee for any new phones you get which are damaged.. No it does not cover theft/lost. That it’s also if you past the $200 up front.. You still get refunded for loaner phones but the $150 for replacement you do not. If it’s something you would be covered under manufactures warranty than its no charge if during the first year. Again their plans changed September 1st. And yes I work in mobile not just pulling this out of no where.

    • ahsan96587

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    • Adrynalyne

      I’ve found Best Buy’s rapid replacement refurbs to be pretty poor quality though. At least with the Gnex, (which wasnt great quality to begin with).


    I’m on the $5 plan…I figured I won’t need the total protection until my one year manufacturers warranty expires on my Moto X

  • robertlwalters

    If I purchase a Moto X Dev Edition and am enrolled in TEC and WPP if there is an issue with the Dev Edition phone a) will they replace as I am paying monthly b) will it be Dev Edition received.

    • MichaelFranz

      i’d find out, i doubt you would get another dev edition. but i could be wrong

  • jonzey231

    I used to pay for it before I switched to T-Mobile about a month ago. It never came in handy for me but it did save my brother’s ass a couple years ago at Virginia Beach, when we went into the water with his phone in his pocket lol.