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So is Verizon Going to Let You Keep Unlimited Data After Upgrading? (Updated)

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We’re still semi-waiting to see what the aftermath of this past weekend’s unlimited upgrade party on Verizon will be, but wanted to update you on current information. For those who did not choose in-store pickup (decided to have phones shipped) and finalize everything before yesterday afternoon when Verizon patched up what we can only assume was a glitch in the system, we are just now starting to see confirmation and shipping notices go out. At this point, we’re hearing about a couple of situations that you should pay close attention to. 

But before we get into this, know that we have word into Verizon PR and are simply awaiting an official response on how this will all shake out. For now, they’ve simply told us that they are aware of the weekend’s festivities and are looking into a variety of questions that we had.

In terms of orders placed with devices shipping, we’re hearing a couple of things from readers. The first, simply suggests  that orders have shipped with itemized lists showing unlimited data intact. Assuming these orders stay this way and the phones arrive within the next day, we could see upgrades with unlimited data. That would be awesome.

With that said, we have also heard from a handful of users whose shipping or order confirmations are indeed showing 2GB $30 tiered data plans even though their initial ordering screens never once mentioned that they would have to give up unlimited data. Below, you’ll find two screenshots showing a before and after.

Here is what checkout screens looked like (no plan change):


And here is what some confirmation emails are showing (addition of 2GB $30 plan):

vz add tiered

Again, we are patiently awaiting official word out of Verizon, but if you receive a confirmation email that shows you now have a 2GB $30 plan, you may want to go ahead and cancel that bad boy. I’m not sure that Verizon could make it any clearer to you that you are no longer keeping unlimited data. If your confirmation email does not show that a new 2GB $30 plan has been added to your account, you may want to consider waiting this one out. In the end, if you lose unlimited data, you can always return your phone and get your old plan back. There may be a re-stocking fee, just FYI.

We should point out that this Tweet from @VZWSupport is also scaring all sorts of people:

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 12.18.18 PM

They have a point, since that is technically how the system works now. However, we received the image below over the weekend from a source, which shows that sales reps did indeed have the option during checkout with a customer to keep unlimited data plans. Call it a glitch or a loophole, it was there and multiple store reps told us throughout the weekend that they were able to process all sorts of upgrades while keeping unlimited data. This wasn’t simply a website bug.

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 12.19.46 PM

Update:  We have the official word from Verizon and it’s a good one. They will honor orders placed this past weekend, allowing unlimited data users to receive discounted phones and continue to keep unlimited data.

Stay tuned…

Cheers Gary, Ley, Tyler, Dan and everyone else!

  • umbrellacorp


  • Stephen Hicks

    I ordered my phone through Amazon and my current bill updated my plan changes. However, unlimited data is still there. Maybe I’ll see a reflection in my next bill?

  • djtrousersnake

    Guess the president of Verizon is making these decisions on how good/bad his/her lover is in the bed the night before. So damn RANDOM

  • B

    Just Talked to Nick from Verizon, his ID # 47623. He says that he guarantees that anyone who did this update on the so called Glitch will lose the unlimited data.

    • DodgingDonkey

      And Nick, Verizon ID # 47623 is wrong.

  • Damn everyone who upgraded!

    A really bitter Verizon customer stuck with a Droid Razr for who knows how long!

    • umbrellacorp

      Don’t hate!

  • Sammy

    513-720-8248 call me so I can ask you a few questions if you pulled the trigger about grandfathered data

  • James Cliff

    Pretty sure Verizon consulted their legal team….Probably wasn’t worth the legal issues and bad publicity.

    Thank you Verizon!

  • Pdewet

    The update that states that Verizon officially stated that they will honor the upgrades placed over the weekend is the best news ever. I was nervous because I ordered the Note III which of course doesn’t ship until the 10th and so much can change in that time but the combination of my chat logs, print screens and this statement gives me hope.

    • Josh B.

      where did you see such an update because I too ordered phones this weekend and they have shipped today.

      • Pdewet

        I was referring to the update Kellen made to the droid life post sharing Verizon statement…at the bottom of this article

  • pappy53

    Posted on another site:

  • duke69111

    Lucky dogs!!! Nice job.

  • Elite

    Yay…. thanks for the update.. Love you.. Droid – Life. 🙂

  • AmandaLea5521

    I upgraded online the beginning of September, and I was able to keep my unlimited data. But when I got the confirmation email, it did say 2GB/$30. That worried me, but I waited for my phone to arrive. Once it did, I activated it. I checked “My Verizon” several times over then next few days and my unlimited data never went away. I ended up returning that phone and buying a G2 at full price because I was afraid my luck wouldn’t be so good the second time around and didn’t want to take the chance. But it worked for me, even with the plan change in the email.

  • James Cliff

    Don’t give up folks! Don’t cancel just yet….keep up the fight (complain to management over the phone on their customer service number)! Worse case scenario…you’re back to your same unlimited plan with your same old phone.

  • Phillies3429

    Droid Life just tweeted “Good news for Verizon Upgrades” probably writing story now.

    • PaulSchroeder



    I’ll be this was someone’s idea of a joke.

  • Michael Valadez

    I received both the order confirmation and shipping confirmation. There are no changes to my data plan listed on either (not that I would expect it on the shipping conf). I checked my account and all my lines are unchanged with the exception of the line I upgraded today that still shows Unlimtied data but with a new contract date of 2015.

    I guess we’ll know better in the next 24 hours.

    • derbo

      This is exactly the same situation for my Moto X.

      • M3D1T8R

        And mine.

  • everettedl

    I’m just waiting to see what will happen to those who have unlimited data, when they start offering VoLTE.

    • J2886M

      What advantages will the VoLTE have over 4GLTE now? I still have unlimited and was going to try and upgrade a feature line to get the new moto X but motorola was nice enough to send me a brand new razr since my previous one started malfunctioning.. waiting game has begun

      • middlehead

        VoLTE has no advantages over 4GLTE, it IS 4GLTE. VoLTE is short Voice Over LTE, meaning phone manufacturers can finally dump CDMA radios and have all traffic go over LTE.

        This will make Verizon more like AT&T and T-Mobile are right now, where you just pick your phone and plug your SIM in, they won’t get to drag ass on certifying devices like they do now.

        • umbrellacorp

          They’ll probably still drag ass, they just won’t have a legitimate reason to do it anymore.

      • everettedl

        Well, mainly it’s everything will be over LTE. No voice minutes needed anymore – which is perfect for me because I only have 500 daytime minutes with no option to add more because they don’t offer my plan any more. I suspect the voice quality will be better as well.

  • Robert Boluyt

    Wonder how many devices are going to get returned over this. Seems like enough people jumped on it to generate some internet buzz.

  • My confirmation e-mail says “Unlimited Email & Web for Smartphones (personal email)”, I also took screen shots during the entire checkout process, hoping I get to keep unlimited with the Note 3 pre-order!

    • James Cliff

      Same here…

    • moelsen8

      see that’s weird.. been wondering that all day. nothing on my email confirmation mentions anything about plans or anything. nor does the receipt on vzw.com

      edit: i lie, it says this, but nothing specific:

      Plan Details

      One-time Activation Fee:
      (charge and credit appears on first bill)


      Contract Renewal: 2-year contract

      • Trust-Me-Im-A-Lawyer

        Mine says the exact same thing. I am attempting to renew an old Alltel plan though. I have a phone being shipped and MyVerizon lists my contract end date as 9/30/2015.

        • moelsen8

          same boat, phone in mail, unlimited data remains and contract end date is up to same date. can’t wait for the first devices to arrive so we can figure out just what the hell is going on.

  • Dan

    Why can’t they just let the small amount of people with unlimited data keep it while upgrading? Just don’t offer it for new lines or people trying to change to it.

    • Omar Amer

      because verizon wants everyone to play by the same rules. if new lines cant have it, then upgrades cant have it either.

      • Dan

        This is why I paid full price for my Moto X.

  • they call me Rob

    I was close to pulling the trigger but I had a feeling they were not to be trusted and frankly, I can’t decide on a phone. If AT&T is willing to make me a hell of a deal, I think I’m going to move my three-device family plan over and get new devices all around. I’ve been with Verizon for the better part of 20 years but I’ve just about had it.

    I realize AT&T is not much ‘better’, but if the price is right and frankly, their LTE is better in my area, I’ll live on their network for the next two years.

    Based on the response to this glitch you would think Verizon would say “wow, people would give us money if we kept unlimited” – so much for that.

    • moelsen8

      or at least ignore the people who managed to get this through and just take the guaranteed revenue for the next two years.

  • Shad

    Anyone still getting the glitch to work?

  • VT_mnt3

    So right now I’m trying to upgrade a line to a G2 on Verizon’s website and it doesn’t even give me the option to keep my current plan and switch to 2gb of data. It is only listing share everything plans.

    • Colin Huber

      Right. They’ve closed it down, as reported.

      • Dustin Casper


      • VT_mnt3

        Like I said in my comment, I’m not trying to keep unlimited data. There is no option to switch to a 2gb / $30 data package, only share everything plans are listed.

        • Colin Huber

          Ah, my bad man.

  • Dustin Casper

    My order shipped and I did not get an itemized list of things. Just a notification and tracking information. Looks like I’m in the clear since I won’t be using the phone I ordered. *knock on wood*

    • Nathaniel_G

      You selling it?

      • Dustin Casper

        Its going up on eBay as soon as it gets here. I have no use for a bootloader locked, ROM-less phone.

    • M3D1T8R

      Same boat. My only question is, can I just go ahead and sell it w/o opening the box, or do I need to “activate” it with my sim first? …which would mean I’d have to cut down my current sim size to fit the motoX. Rather not have to do that.

      • Dustin Casper

        Nope, the phone comes ready to go. You can sell it anywhere, anytime once you get it.

  • Damn this sucks

    Damn I really do hope they let us keep things the way they are if not then let me return the phone so I can keep my unlimited. Don’t know why they just don’t let you upgrade like AT&T does with their unlimited users.

  • T4rd

    Just FYI: When I transferred my upgrade to my other 2GB line so I could keep unlimited data, the checkout process said that I kept unlimited data on my line, but my confirmation e-mail said my line was on the 2GB plan afterwords. BUT I was actually still on unlimited data and I WAS NOT moved to a 2GB plan. So even if you’re getting an e-mail saying you’re on a 2GB data plan, it DOES NOT mean that you lost your unlimited data! I would recommend logging into your account and checking your plan constantly to keep tabs on it though (as I did).

  • Shane Redman

    In short: No.