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Log Shows Android 4.4 Screenshot With Grey Icons, Nexus 5 Specs

android 4.4 kit kat

A 10MB log file obtained by the folks at MyCE over the weekend has given us a screenshot of the LG Nexus 5 running Android 4.4 under its codename of Key Lime Pie and build KRS74H. As seen in the screenshot, we’re looking at a black notification bar with grey icons, similar to what was seen on allegedly leaked pictures of Kit Kat (official name of Android 4.4) and an official Google Keyboard screenshot. Other than that, the Android 4.4 news is light. What we do have, though, is a potential confirmation on Nexus 5 specs, which were gathered throughout lines of text in this log file. 

key lime pie logo

The crew at Android World was able to look through the same log file that MyCE had on hand and was able to figure out what they believe are the official specs of the Nexus 5. According to their findings, this is what we’re looking at:

  • Display:  5-inch Full HD display, 442 ppi (potentially 4.97-inch)
  • Processor:  2.3GHz Qualcomm Snadragon 800
  • RAM:  2GB
  • Internal Storage:  16GB (could be another model too, this is what was in the log)
  • Camera (rear):  8MP (no idea if it has OIS like the LG G2 camera)
  • Camera (front):  1.2MP
  • Sensors:  accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, proximity, light, barometer, orientation
  • Battery:  2300mAh (via FCC) and wireless charging
  • Other:  LTE, NFC
  • Model:  LG-D820

Most of that we already knew thanks to the FCC, but the camera is certainly new news. Will it have optical image stabilization (OIS) or not? From this log, it appears to be an 8MP sensor, which differs from the 13MP shooter with OIS in the LG G2, a device that the Nexus 5 is thought to be based off of. Would Google cut out an OIS camera to keep the price down? Possibly, since Nexus devices are always meant to be on the lower-end of the price model.

The rest of the spec line-up sounds as good as can be, but again, isn’t necessarily new or surprising info. Is it enough to get your money? I think you know my answer to that question.

Via:  MyCE | Android World

  • Moonister

    Battery life and camera are deal breakers for me based on the above leaks. I had Nexus 4 for nearly a year and what I definitely learned over this time is that I do not want a phone which needs to be constantly connected to a charger. N4 battery life is disgraceful. It never lasted me 12 hours of moderate use (1h browsing on the way to work 20min phone calls a few emails). It’s basically 3h of screen on time or even less if you use it for 3g browsing on the move, with gaming it’s about 1h. I have not noticed any difference with custom roms (which surprised me) and I tried a few of them. Sold the phone in the end as it was constantly attached to a charger. What’s the point? It supposed to be a mobile device not wired phone! If Nexus 5 has less than 3000mah battery it’s going to suck in this respect. Full stop. Don’t be fooled with this optimized chipset or what not, nothing more than marketing talk to boost sales.

  • bachinphx

    Other than the dreaded “bloatware” the G2 specs are FAR superior in every regard!

  • kinghill

    Does anyone have an idea if it’ll have the same crappy speaker as the Galaxy Nexus? Will it be on the back so you can’t hear it if you lay the phone down?

  • Oleg Konovalov

    What is a price tag? Would it be cheaper in Play Store than T-mobile? Last time I checked it was $249 vs. $425. How can T-mob do such thing?..

  • Sean Bello

    disappointed in screen size as well. too big. also disappointed in the camera. I know MPs don’t matter, but the Nexus is THE flagship, it should have at least a 10 like the X has, preferably with OIS.

  • Rafael

    Disappointed with the screen size. It’s just too big.

  • Frank

    does anybody know for certain if it will have a Micro SD Slot ?

    • Piyush

      All leaks hint that it won’t.

    • jack peters

      Have any of the nexus had a SD slot? No. So the N5 won’t.

  • Stephen Vanderwarker

    I would also like to point out the Bluetooth being added to Google 2 Step Auth app! I my self use it for a plethora of devices. It’s exciting. Not as much as Kit Kat of course 😉

    Source – http://chromeos-cr48.blogspot.com/2012/07/coming-soon-to-chrome-os-auto-2-step.html

    Edit – Could just be a Googler :/ I hope they release both very soon!

  • Kevin Phillips

    The growing trend here seems to be the battery that doesnt seem feasible, but what everyone seems to forget is that the updated OS should be lighter (it has to be if its supposed to be able to update way back to GB)

  • Orion Pax

    Mmmmm….. vanilla.

  • Mickmayi

    🙁 I just want a nexus with a good camera and battery. Im a Gnex user since the day it came out. Im a heavy user and i charge it about 3 times a day. I have to make sure i have 75%+ battery before going to the gym bc itll die with me there for an hour and 30 using google music and checking twitter/instagram between sets. it sucks.

  • 2300 or 2700 mAH…..

  • Robert

    I know what all of you are thinking BUT there is one thing to keep in mind, if all the rumors and hints are correct, android 4.4 SHOULD take up minimal ram on the phone causing significant battery life difference which will not make it necessary to put a large battery. Also, look at the galaxy s2 or lg g2; look how many things from the company runs on it,(touchwiz, etc..) These customizations use up alot of ram because if anyone looks at their galaxy right now, they will see that about 600-800MB of ram is used in its idle state. That is what drains the battery and why they required a large battery. Also anything stock is always the best, more customizations means more drainage from hardware.Remember that.

    • jack peters

      True. And I’m going to root my N5 and put setcpu on it. That way i can save even more battery life. 😀 (Only if i need it.. which i doubt)

  • RXG9

    Removable battery please.

  • shecalledmejay

    I don’t trust Lg, every LG phone I ever had the charge port messed up within a few months. I had to bend the wire in crazy ways to get them to charge.

  • Pierito

    It’s just about time to announce this MoFo already.

  • Harmon Jones

    Screen too small, RAM too small, Camera too small. I’ll pass.

    • Piyush

      Huh? 5″ is small? :O and 2 GB RAM? It’s the maximum you get in any phone today, except Note 3, which is having 3 GB of RAM – which I don’ think anyone needs for the mobile apps as of today.

      Yes, I agree 8 MP camera is kind of abysmal. Now if it is true, I just *hope* it is some HTC One “ultrapixel” kind of thing, otherwise I’ll be disappointed too. Though I may still buy it.

    • jack peters

      Nice troll. Come back with a better one.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    i went to this “myce.com” and they said today, the 30th, they are going to update their post with another picture. So look for that.

    no interest in the N5, still seems like the average 2013 device. That bluetooth G symbol is something i havent seen. I like the grey icons, to me it says “we’re changing notification panel”.

  • jbdan

    No mas JB blue yay!!

  • RedBeaVeR

    Best spec that I’m waiting for after actually holding a G2 on my hand…

    …what’s the thickness of the bezel?

    coz G2’s bezel is just down right sexy.

    • JD_26

      THIS^ !!

  • Ronald Bernard

    I just want to formerly apologize to everyone right now! Just because I pulled the trigger on Verizon’s little upgrade snafu over the weekend….the Nexus 5 will come to VZW. Because that is just my frigin luck. I waited and waited and not nearly enough news has come out so I had to take advantage of the situation and upgrade from my Gnex ( which I am very fond of but can not take the battery sitch..anynmore). So now I just know in my heart of hearts that the Nexus 5 will be announced in the near future and it will be headed to Verizon. Because that is how my life goes…FML!

    • Artune

      The G2 is a powerhouse and if you had held out you wouldn’t get the unlimited plan, plus if the nexus landed on vzw you would get stock android yes (vanilla) but you wouldn’t get instant updates so I’m happy with my G2 I got on saturday while retaining my unlimited. Be happy people.

      • Ronald Bernard

        I actually opted for the Motot X. But your right…I was hoping for a miracle to keep my unlimited and got it. So no need to be greedy i suppose. Could always sell my X off if the 5 does it VZW anyhow. Thank you for the positive reenforcement..lol

    • Steve B

      You’re a comedian

  • yummy

    If I can strap ot to my belly,
    and just flip it out to use it, ok.

  • Ryan D

    I’m extremely dissapointed to hear about the 8mp camera… This is not cool Vic Gundotra… Telling me dem lieeee

    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      But da megpixelzzzz dont matta

    • Ian Case

      I’d rather have the iPhone5S 8MP camera than just about any other camera phone.

      • Tim242

        I’m sure the pics look OK on that mini screen.

        • Droon

          And when I look at them on facebook on my large monitor (from friend’s posts, I don’t own one).

          I have no interest in iPhones, and there are many things I do not like about iOS, but it is hard to argue that the camera is bad.

        • jack peters

          Dude, 8mp is 3264×2448… That’s photo quality grade up to 20″. You ain’t gonna see it unless you get a big ass screen.

          • Tim242

            MP give the picture more detail that you don’t have to have a huge screen to see. Following your logic, less than 1 MP is all you would need.

  • schoat333

    Not a fan of grey icons, but that can always be changed easily.

  • joejoe5709

    Man… It seems this shares less and less with the G2. Smaller screen, different button placement, smaller battery, less MP camera, what next?

    • Just_Some_Nobody

      At what point do we stop saying it’s based on a G2? How many features have to be different?

      • Jon

        Yeah I’m with ya there. Camera, battery, screen are all different. Its made by LG and uses the same processor, that’s where the similarities end.

      • joejoe5709

        Not that I’m disappointed. I mean at least it’s still got the S800 processor which is really the heart of the thing. And if if the smaller screen still carries a great looking 1080p resolution, that’s definitely fine. Let’s hope they keep the bezels semi-slim. I expect it to be very similar size to the S4. The camera is disappointing but that’s relatively minor in my book given they have to cut costs somewhere. And who knows… MP isn’t everything. The battery size is alarming, but several other phones sport similar sizes and specs with a good day’s worth of usage. I think I would not complain if it were a little closer to the S4’s 2600mAH. Hoping to match the G2’s 3000 is a little far fetched. And best of all, it’s still a Nexus which makes up for a few specs.

      • JD_26

        personally i wish it was slimmer and lighter like the g2 .., ph and not to forget the miniscule bezels .. hope it carries those 🙂

        • joejoe5709

          Not likely. I’m thinking Moto X-esque bezels seem as how that was also designed partially by Google. Not that it’s a bad thing. The Moto X fit a 4.7″ screen into something smaller than the GNex. Good stuff.

    • decidedtochangename

      Just think “based on a trued story” type of ‘based on’ if it makes you feel better

      • joejoe5709

        Lol. Right. I think we will soon have to start saying “inspired by…” instead of “based on”.

  • Joey Sandoval

    I always did find it odd that the status bar is blue and the nav icons are gray, hopefully now there is at least some sort of uniformity in android!

    • Raj Bhatt

      That’s why you get AOKP and set the nav bar icons to Holo Blue!

      • Stewie

        +1, I happen to like the blue notification color, at least if they do go with grey, the modding community can and will give us other options …

        • Joey Sandoval

          I like it too, but if one part is blue all should be blue, if one part is white all should be white, I’m talking about ui accents of course

      • Joey Sandoval

        I go with PA where its per app color!

        • Raj Bhatt

          I want to give PA a shot but I thought it’s main feature was the tablet UI. My Gnex doesn’t really have room for that. Is it possible to keep the phone UI on PA?

          • Joey Sandoval

            It doesnt have tablet ui enabled until you select it.

          • JD_26

            yes it does have phone UI and latest rc is super stable

  • Me

    Kinda glad I bought the N4 while it was on sale. Although I do really wish it had LTE 🙁

    • Droidzilla

      I’ve been using LTE on my Nexus 4 for some time, now. Battery life is pretty good, too.

      • David Henry

        How? I’ve seen a few comments about you using LTE on the Nexus 4 yet it doesn’t support LTE.

        • JD_26

          its a pretty straight forward mod .. just google it .. only tmobile though i believe

          • David Henry

            Huh, right on. I had heard that the hardware was actually there and there were ways to get it to work. Never actually tried it though.

    • Ian Case

      Same here. I love my N4 and my Moto X. I just wish the N4 had LTE and it’d have been the ‘perfect’ phone for me.

    • jack peters

      The nexus 4 has LTE, you just have to enable it via a mod.

  • Once KitKat launches, I hope the Google Play Edition phones get it within a month of the Nexus device OTAs. So far, the update frequency on those have been pretty good…averaging 2-3 weeks. I hope it continues! I have a GPE Galaxy S4 so I’m going to be chomping at the bit to get it once it launches.

  • duke69111

    That 2,300mah battery worries me. The g-nexus sucks at battery life and I was hoping they would follow suit with the 3,000 in the G2.

    • Ian Case

      The MotoX has a 2200mah battery life, and it lasts 24+ hours. If LG can manage 18-22 hours on a 2300mah battery, thats more than acceptable, especially given the battery lives of the HTC One and the Galaxy S4.

      • jack peters

        We are talking about a 720p, oled and dual-core phone with a 2200mAh battery clocking 24+hours… against a 1080p, lcd and quad-core phone with a 2300mAh battery… Unless Kitkat has some good battery opt, then i doubt it.

    • M3D1T8R

      All the newer gen phones batteries last much much longer due to better LTE chips vs the G.Nex and similar gen phones. Even my DNA, which I was very worried about with only a 2020mah battery, lasts literally 3x my G.Nex. Screen on time of around 3.5 to 4 hrs, and over 13hrs overall. Vs 90 minutes/maybe 4hrs overall on G.Nex.

      You will be very pleasantly surprised with any of the new phones coming from the G.Nex.

      • Allen Yates

        Having used both the GNex and DNA, this is very true. Battery will not be a problem except for the heaviest users.

      • Maxim∑

        2300 still seems low GS4 is 5in 1080p and is 2600mah, still does not have excellent battery life. I don’t understand why they couldn’t put the 3000mah SIO battery used in the LG G2 on the N5

        • M3D1T8R

          One word: Cost. Nexus program Google has to cut costs in some areas to offer the device for such a great price. There’s a reason the Droid Maxx is $100 more than the Ultra for just a larger battery. Also part of the reason why Google likes to skimp on internal storage capacity, save money.

          Also realize the S4 has Touchwiz bloat which drains the battery more than stock Android. Have you actually used any of the new phones for a day or more? I was actually in the same boat last year around when the DNA and Note 2 came out, I was afraid of poor battery life (on the DNA) because of the relative numbers (didn’t get a Note 2 for many other reasons). But there are many more factors. After I ended up getting a DNA “free” from Asurion, I have been pleasantly surprised by the battery. Sure it could be better, but at least I can get through the day 98% of the time w/o chargin. The G.Nex, I could never get through a day.

  • 2300 mah battery that is non-removable won’t come close to cutting it for me.

    • Cowboydroid

      Of course, your expectations are calibrated to the way your current device operates. The size of the battery is relative in how well the rest of the phone is engineered to use power.

      • jack peters

        And kitkats meant to boost battery life in itself… so it should be ok.

  • John Sanatar

    Anyone else confused by the authenticator icon with a bluetooth logo?

  • chris_johns

    i mean…if it comes to verizon…id be tempted…but im just not a fan of these 5″ phone designs their just to big i dont see the need for a screen that size i still think 4.65-4.7 is the sweet spot…esp with a footprint like the moto x has…thats how a phone should be i got a 7″ n7 for media n such i dont need a phone with a screen so big

    • Droidzilla

      The overall size of the device is about the same as the Nexus 4/Galaxy Nexus, so it’s just a bigger screen. You’d be fine with it if you’re fine with a 4.65-4.7″ phone, unless of course you’re a big fan of bezel. In that case, what you said still holds.

      • Diablo81588

        Larger screens with the same phone size means you have to reach further. Its not the same as a 4.7″ screen.

        • Droidzilla

          So you’re a bezel fan. That’s cool.

          • EC8CH

            He likes big bezels and he can not lie.

          • Droidzilla

            You other nerds can’t deny,
            when a phone’s on the scene
            with a itty bitty screen
            and the biggest borders you’ve ever seen
            you get sprung;
            wanna buy you one
            ’cause you noticed there’s space for your thumbs!

          • JD_26


          • Diablo81588

            Not at all. All I’m saying is increasing screen size without increasing the phone dimensions doesn’t mean usability isn’t affected. It’s still harder to reach certain sections of the screen, which is why many people including myself prefer no more than 4.7 inches or so.

    • Tim242

      Some people, like me, don’t want to have to worry with 2 devices.

    • joejoe5709

      The Moto X will definitely be smaller than the N5. But hopefully it’s in N4, GNex, and S4 territory. I’m 100% on board if the phones stays smaller than a G2 or a HTC One.

  • Tyler Kevin Powell

    An 8mp camera???? And smaller battery than the G2???? Please be wrong.

    • Sherlock Holmes

      It’s not about the mp. iPhone cameras prove that since they’re almost always one of the best in the smartphone market even though they don’t always have the highest mp count.

    • carlinscuderi

      8MP is decent. You don’t really need more than that in a phone. Also, MP is not a reliable way of measuring how “good” a camera is. The battery, on the other hand…

      • Jeff

        Yep, my old 5MP standalone camera still takes fantastic photos, it’s not really the MP count but everything else about it that matters. Phone camera just aren’t that great no matter what, which is why it continues to be the last thing I worry about when buying a phone.

    • jack peters

      8mp is the same as the iPhone5s, and that takes good pictures. The battery will be fine. It’s running on kitkat which has battery opt.

  • Steve B

    Grey icons look much more polished. Blue was getting old.

    • Taylor Abrahamson

      I’d much rather have the choice to pick my color. Also, in the past, the signal icon and the wifi icon would remain grey until the phone has actually obtained an IP connection and is connected to google services. Now how will I know if I lost connectivity?

      • Ian Smith

        it’ll turn blue

        • Taylor Abrahamson

          But completely switching the scheme would be hard to remember. I would see blue and think “I’m connected” not “I’m not connected”. If anything they should make it turn red if there is an IP issue and you don’t have a connection.

          • JBartcaps

            I think he was making a joke

          • Ian Smith

            yeaaah, i was being a bit facetious :/

      • Steve B

        I agree, choice would be preferable but I don’t think Google is there yet.

        In terms of connectivity, see above. Dark grey vs. Light.

        • Taylor Abrahamson

          I’m not seeing the dark grey / light grey. If you’re talking about the number of “bars” then yes, i see the light grey means there is signal and the dark grey means there isn’t signal. But there is a difference between having signal, and having actual internet connectivity. In android 4.0-4.3 if you don’t have an IP but have signal, then it uses the light grey/ drak grey scheme, but as soon as your phone picks up an internet IP address and connects to google services, then it turns to the blue color scheme. So if there is no way to telling visually if you are connected to google services, that is a feature lost.

  • Alwin Crasto

    Lack of that 13MP camera is a huge bummer. Whatever happened to “making Nexus devices insanely good cameras”…..

    • TheWenger

      Hopefully they keep the OIS. iPhone camera is only 8MP and it’s pretty awesome honestly.

      • This is true, the iPhone camera is largely thought each year to be one of the best in the business and Apple has stuck with 8MP sensors.

      • Alwin Crasto

        While I completely agree with the fact that the Megapixel count doesn’t matter, I was really hoping for a camera that’s as good as that on the LG G2. That camera is a real winner. And now with the news that the camera sensor in the Nexus 5 is gonna be a different one, I’m not so sure of it’s quality.

        • j

          Nexus camera is never top notch, that’s not the point of the device. The cost is purposefully kept slightly lower.

        • palomosan

          All you need is a good sensor with a good f stop and some software tweaks

    • a.d.AM

      I find it hard to believe they wouldnt upgrade the camera from the N4. I hope they do!

    • A good camera isn’t all about the most MP… There’s a ton of other factors that make a camera good or bad.

    • Ej McCarty

      When has a nexus ever had a camera that you would consider to be insanely good? Even for the time it came out.

    • joejoe5709

      Well… “insanely good” is very subjective and vague especially compared to prior Nexus phones. Here’s what interests me – the Moto X had a somewhat disappointing camera while running a nearly stock Android. Update the software and all of a sudden it doesn’t suck so bad. On the other side of the coin, take a GS4 that has a pretty great camera. Turn it into a GPE and it’s not so great. Sometimes software can make or break a camera.

      That said, OIS would help A LOT. Let’s cross our fingers!

  • Artune

    If this is true (Specs) I don’t feel too bad jumping up and grabbing the LG G2, a little higher specs overall and I kept my unlimited by upgrading this weekend. And who knows if verizon will ever get a Nexus again and if they do it would probably be a gap in updates like my GNEX

    • joejoe5709

      I could care less about gaps in updates as long as the devs take good care of it. And yeah the G2 is probably top of my list if the Nexus doesn’t come. I know there’s always something new around the corner, but I might just sit tight this season and see what Samsung does with the S5. And with AWS LTE coming, we might see a Verizon Nexus mid-to-late 2014. My Gnex sucks but I think I can hold out for the post holiday rumors.

  • red014

    The debugging icon is a slice of pie with android antennae… They even kept the KitKat thing a secret from the dev team…

    • mrjackson

      They sure did, only a couple people knew about it. And now the dev team is frantically changing everything to get it ready for release with the correct name.

  • crazed_z06

    This sounds like what the Moto X should have been..

    • Bowser

      Moto X is still a great device…even though the price should have been lower.

      • chris_johns

        169.99 on verizon right now if u upgrade 2 year…not a bad price

        • Jeff

          The price I’d be paying on contract vs what I’d be paying on T-Mobile off contract is what makes that a bad price for me personally.

      • chris_johns

        but i know u mean full retail…and i agree with you fully

    • dtraini30

      My Moto X is amazing, I have not had one bit of lag yet, with 100+ apps installed. You’re entitled to your opinion, but it isn’t fact. The Moto X is a fantastic device.

      • Jeff

        My main concern with the Moto X is how long it will continue to get updates. My next new phone I want to be as future proof in the software department as possible.

        • dtraini30

          I agree with you. I have a feeling that the influence that Google has on Motorola would want Moto to update their products often. We will just have to wait and see what happens with 4.4. I have a feeling that they are testing 4.3, but could skip it in favor of 4.4, which I know a lot of people would not mind.

          • Ian Case

            I don’t think Motorola is going to be the problem. The carriers are. The camera update has been out for a week and T-Mobile has it, Sprint is rolling it out, no word on Verizon yet (of course).

  • Jeff

    Hopefully that 16gb is only one of the models, and there will be at least a 32gb option… That might push me more towards a Moto X if the Moto X comes down in price.

    • Would be nice to see 16GB and 32GB like their tablets.

      • If you recall they started the Nexus 7 with 8/16GB and did a refresh to 16/32 midway through the run of the first release. I think that 32GB is going to be an option or Google will turn a LOT of people off to the Nexus program.

        • Todd

          I hoped this would happen with the Nexus 4 and it never did. The lack of a reasonable storage option for those of us that don’t want to be stuck with only 16GB is the reason I didn’t own a Nexus S nor a Nexus 4. It’s also why I got sucked into Verizon for the 32GB Galaxy Nexus. I’ll have to hope that Google is not as ignorant this time or I’ll be looking at other options.

  • NickA

    Not too sure about a 2300 mAh battery on a Snapdragon 800 and a 5″ HD display.

    • sean.yesmunt

      That thing is going to be dying fast.

      • Flat_Stanley

        Hasn’t every Nexus device had miserable battery life? (bitter GNex user here)

        • David Henry

          My Nex4 has outstanding battery. I had the Razr Maxx HD that would sometimes die out faster.

          Not having LTE was an unpopular choice, but is wonderful for battery life. With my Razr Maxx HD I would often be areas where it would need to switch back and forth between LTE and 3G. Damn thing would get crazy hot and the battery was losing significant levels.

          Maybe just my example, but I am happier with my Nexus

        • Charles Rogers

          I’m a bitter EX-gnex user. I didn’t know what i was missing using that thing. Move on when you can, brother.

        • sean.yesmunt

          Yes. 🙁 GNex user as well. But Note 3 is coming my way soon!

        • My Nexus 4 can go an entire day of regular use and still be at 30-40% battery when I plug it in before bed. I love that thing.

    • Brandon Schlack

      Along with LTE… There better be some serious software optimizations to pull this off considering the Nexus 4 had 2100 mAh

      • Droidzilla

        I found my Nexus 4 was about the same on LTE as it was on HSPA+.

        • DP

          i don’t think Nexus 4 has LTE.

          • Charles Rogers

            It can if you flash a special something.

          • Droidzilla

            It has an LTE radio, but it’s turned off by default due to not being disclosed in the FTC paperwork. You can very easily enable it; go check it out on XDA.

          • spicymeatball

            I flashed my Nexus 4 to turn on LTE. The other day i was getting 30Mbs. 33Mbs is the max I’ve seen. 12-20 is normal. Granted you have to be on T-Mobile and in an area that LTE is available to be worth your time. Battery life is great or is what others are reporting here.

    • Josh Rahn

      Snap dragon 800 has quick charge 3 though? allowing you to charge 75% faster than normal. Is that right? I could deal with that since over the years I have a charger at home, work and my car, back pack. If I could charge my phone in an hour. Who cares?

      I’m more bummed that i’m going to miss another nexus since i’m stuck on VZW with unlimited data and VZW is the best provider in my area. :'(

      • StuckOnVerizonForever

        That logic is very poor

        • Jeff718

          Nothing wrong with that logic, as it’s what works for him. It’s his logic, not yours.

          On that note, I feel the same way. Most of the time I’m at my desk or in my car. For the times when I’m not near a charging station for a while, I’ll be sure to make sure my phone is fully charged.

          • malcmilli

            thats fine, and i do the same, but there would be times when i leave work fully charged or mostly charged, and need to turn off my data/maybe even toggle airplane mode if i wanna get home with some juice at 3/4am.

            But how pissed would everyone be if an OEM released a phone with a 1000 mah battery n they were like, most people come in contact with an outlet at least once every 3-4 hours, so our phones do not need more than 5 hours of battery life. You’d be pissed.

      • Diablo81588

        Might as well just leave on the charger continuously then huh? Hell, just take the battery out.

        • Josh Rahn

          I could… But if you use a phone as a phone, 2300mah should be more than enough to last the day(remember no bloat on plain android)… Like my S4 running Carbon will get 2 days if I use it as a phone. I’ve even gotten three days with the extended battery. Once I start playing games, watching youtube… Its a totally different story.

          • StuckOnVerizonForever

            So Then why buy a smart phone?

          • Josh Rahn

            I use it for the smart features mentioned above. ^ I still get a day on my stock 2300mah battery. So its not a deal breaker for me.

          • Josh Rahn

            oh and I use the stock battery on my S4, with geolog running all day and I stream music from the cloud on G music over bluetooth to my car too and from work and My stock battery still makes it through the day. (again… running carbon not touchwiz)

          • malcmilli

            well some people like myself can get a regular day of moderate to light use, 8am till midnight or whatever (watching movies for about an hour or so, and using only a few web apps periodically/texting) on my 2100 mah Nexus 4, but under any kind of activity that can be considered “heavy usage,” even if that activity only lasts a short while, then the battery struggles. GPS, web browsing, Games, if turned on for less than an hour battery life could struggle to make it to 12 hours. Which isn’t that great, especially if its the weekend/you go out at night after work. But we should all pray that the s800 is just crazy efficient.

          • Travis Keany

            Phones aren’t JUST phones anymore, and I would guess that many people use their phones for more non-“phone” uses than they do for phone calls.

          • Sqube

            “My battery life is great as long as I never do any of the things my phone is capable of doing” is the very definition of damning something with faint praise.

        • Adam Truelove

          Now you know what it’s like to own a Verizon Galaxy Nexus. I’m basically plugged in all the time.

          • michael arazan

            Thankfully my GNex fully charges from 20% in a little over an hour

      • James Hill

        If you can get a solid 8 to 10 hours out of the phone with quick charge then it would be ideal. That way the phone would last a work day. If it charged fast, you could leave it on a charger for 10 minutes before you left work and have another 3 hours, I could see the logic here.

    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      That’s why i love my G2

      • ImmaDroid

        Yea thinking G2 is looking better and better everyday. If someone wants to make it more Nexus like, just root it and throw on a stock rom. Plus its likely not going to be on VZW, which I have no plans on changing carriers anytime soon

    • mike dunham

      If the battery sucks on the next Nexus I am going to buy the Moto X. I really like what they have done with the Moto X so it is definitely a contender for me.

      • Daeshaun Griffiths

        Why are you picking the nexus over the Moto X anyway?

        • malcmilli

          direct updates/slightly nicer internals/larger screen, and all of that for a cheaper cost.

        • mike dunham

          I am holding out hopes for a good battery and decent camera. The Moto X has these if the next Nexus does not pan out.

      • Maxim∑

        I got a moto x last week, best android phone I have ever owned. Really recommend it, the price imo is justified when you actually use it!

  • Adam Wells

    If this comes to VZW I’m all in.

    • Robert Willis

      I would give up my unlimited data plan for it. Hear that Verizon?

      • Ian Case

        I don’t think its Verizon’s choice. Google doesn’t like dealing with Verizon as they try and take over everything. They hijacked the GNex ROMs/Updates, blocked Google wallet, are blocking Nexus 7 2013’s from activating on the network (despite it being illegal to block a device on the 700mhz LTE block due to stipulations agreed to when Verizon bought it), etc.

        IOW, AT&T seems indifferent to Google’s comings and goings. Verizon goes out of their way to be dicks. T-Mobile is the only one that actually seems willing to work with Google/resell Nexus devices and embrace the model fully.

        • Adrynalyne

          There is a difference between blocking activations (more like no way to do it yet), and blocking usage. I think its more a case of Verizon caught with their pants down and slacking (they should have prepared due to FCC regs) more than anything else. I don’t think they are actively blocking it.

          The Nexus 7 works fine on Verizon otherwise.

          • acras

            They are actively blocking new activation of the N7 , not blocking usage . You can put an LTE sim thats already activated in it and the N& works fine . Verizon will not activate a new sim for the device because they are “certifying” it (illegally) for their network. There’s no way it should take 6-8 weeks for them to input the N& into their system so it can be activated. Verizons pants might be down , but they aren’t the ones bent over the table.

          • Adrynalyne

            If there is currently no method to input any device of that sort into their system, it can take that long, yes. Its not always a matter of flipping a switch.

            So Verizon should have already been prepared, but I don’t count that as an active block. I count it as, “we were slacking and don’t have a way to implement it yet”).

            The “certification” isn’t illegal because they aren’t blocking it from the network. They just cannot activate it yet.

            A dummy MEID (or whatever they use) could be used to activate it as a workaround, however for business reasons I can see why they wouldn’t want to do that.

          • acras

            It’s a matter of inputing the device into their system. Couple lines on a computer. Verizon has stated that they are “testing” the N7 for compatibility on their network , something the FCC already did , and Verizon has no business doing because of the regulations from the 700Mhz spectrum purchase. Verizon said they will not add the device to their approved list until the testing for compatibility is finished , 6-8 weeks if memory serves, so they ARE actively blocking new activations. Theres no neeed for a “dummy” MEID , if they can generate a “dummy” , then they can generate a legitimate one. Verizon most likely won’t be fined for restricting usage of the N7 on their network , but their certification process does go against FCC regulations. They just have enough clout to get away with whatever they want.

          • Ian Case

            The problem is that you can’t buy JUST a SIM card from Verizon. They simply won’t sell it to you and let you buy a plan for it. So in order to use a Nexus 7 on Verizon, you need to have an existing plan or be able to activate the device on the network. Since they won’t let you activate, you need a pre-existing data-only SIM to put into the N7.

          • Adrynalyne

            Holy schnikes this is an old comment to reply to.

            I am aware of the issue, but it is still because they are not setup that way yet(because they are lazy), not that they are looking to actively block it.

            A rep could just as easily use a dummy ESN and activate the account and then toss it in to the N7.

    • jaybar

      it’s not, so you’re all out.

  • dtraini30

    This isn’t directly related to the post above, but it needs to be said.

    Screw you, Verizon.

    • Take the jump, man. I just got off VZW a month ago and it’s been so great to be free.

      • dtraini30

        Trust me I would if I could, and T-Mo is pretty good in Columbus. Being in college and still being on a family plan that I am not paying for, I will ride that for as long as I can! When I have to pay for my service, I will switch to T-Mo in a heartbeat.

        • I’m right where you are. T-Mo is pretty solid in my college town and I just got off a VZW family plan to pay for my own. I just couldn’t keep using that damn Gnex.

          • dtraini30

            Understandable! I have a Developer Edition Moto X on Verizon and couldn’t be happier at the moment. This Nexus coming to Verizon could make me switch to it, but if not, I am perfectly fine with the Moto X.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          You….don’t…..really have anything to complain about there buddy.

          • dtraini30

            That’s what I’m saying! 🙂

      • Sherlock Holmes

        As much as most of us hate Verizon, it’s hard to leave especially if they offer the best coverage in our areas. In the meantime, we enjoy complaining how terrible they are to their customer base.

      • Ian Case

        I want AT&T back, but work started paying for us to move to their corporate plan… on Verizon. They offer AT&T as well, but if you’re in a ‘Vz area’ and you complain about coverage, they just throw a Femtocell at you and tell you to stfu. AT&T around Philly and most of PA is fantastic with 40-50mbit LTE speeds. Verizon, for the places I go, I have NEVER seen full bars, and LTE tops out at around 15mbit. Still fast enough, but when its 3x slower than AT&T with worse coverage…

      • David Henry

        I am right there with you, but fortunately I live in an area that has fantastic T-Mo coverage.

        No contract, finally get a Nexus, and spend significantly less. Love it

    • EC8CH

      Verizon could never allow a phone such as this on their network.

      It would compromise the industry leading network experience that they provide for their customers.

      We should all be thanking Verizon for being so dedicated to providing us with the absolute best network experience that they keep such dangerous devices out of our hands.

      • J Davis

        That, my friends, is sarcasm at its finest.. well done EC8CH

        • EC8CH

          It’s funny until you release that’s most likely the actual explanation Verizon would give for not allowing true Nexus phones on their network.

          • NYCHitman1

            Luckily, when Verizon inevitably switches to VoLTE – they won’t be able to control what devices can/can’t run on their network due to the LTE specifications and regulations. That’s a future thumbs up for all VZW customers.

          • Seth Merritt

            Where there is a will, there is a way.

          • TheWenger

            Future thumb up their ass?

          • EC8CH

            unfortunately their behavior surrounding the new LTE Nexus 7 isn’t encouraging.

          • acras

            They will find another way to keep control. VoLTE with CDMA “fallback” so they can restrict devices based on the CDMA portion.

  • Gnex

    It almost feels like I’ve read this before..

  • samosa king