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30+ Galaxy Note 3 Tips and Tricks

samsung galaxy note 3

With the imminent release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on carriers across the U.S., today seemed like the perfect day to push out our tips and tricks video for the device. In past episodes of this series, we stuck to a “20+ tips and tricks” limit, but there are so many new features in the Note 3 that we had to extend it beyond 30. And truthfully, these 30+ quick hitters are just the tip of the iceberg – this phone is packed full of features that would probably require two or three more videos to cover. 

In this 23-minute clip, you’ll see everything from managing your lock screen to utilizing the S Pen to the fullest to becoming a multi-task powerhouse with Multi Window. You’ll also see basics, tricks for navigating around the settings menu, and even ways to use some of Samsung’s air gestures. If you have the time, this is the video that will get you started on exploring one of the most feature-packed phones ever made.

Once you are done, be sure to check out our Galaxy Note 3 unboxing.


If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our tips and tricks sessions for the Galaxy S4, HTC One, and Moto X.

  • Dingell

    does anyone know a way to hotspot or tether the note 3 for Verizon,I tried foxfi,stvp,and pda net. Im still grandfathered in to the unlimited plan and there’s no roots for this phone yet

  • Dan

    My menu does not have that settings search.. wtf? Does anybody else? Was this not implemented in the VW ver.?

  • Ruel Smith

    Okay, as a soon-to-be convert from iPhone, and totally ignorant of Android person, if I changed the launcher, how much of this stuff would be affected? Would I lose some of these, which I admit seem pretty cool? I love the customization options of Android, but I’m concerned that I’ll lose features in the process.

    BTW, stuff like this makes the iPhone seem stuck in time.

    • Jeff C

      no. if you use nova launcher for example, the only thing ive lost is the swipe up for my magazine. it’s not really that big of a feature that it needs a swipe shortcut. even so, nova launcher will allow you to create a swipe up command if you miss it so much

  • Spatula

    Is it October 10 yet???
    I can’t believe Verizon is 8 days behind the earliest US release (TMobile).
    BTW: Not that this is not a good one. There are more videos on YouTube for tips. just type “note 3 tips”.

  • XSI Wireless

    Samsung is the fastest growing company in the cell phone industry we have a cell phone accessories wholesale wwww.xsiwireless.com

    • M3D1T8R

      Congrats! That’s the most hideous case I’ve ever seen. Actually is that a case? It looks like the bottom of a shoe.

      • XSI Wireless

        it is one of the best selling products, you may not like it but many others do

  • tyguy829

    I loled at sweet site bro

  • M3D1T8R

    Played with the Note 3 for 15 minutes at the ATT store today. The design with that plastic fake leather back is simply god awful. Even the metal band around the outside seems cheap like some bit of chrome on a cheap appliance. S-Pen randomly didn’t respond many times I tried “clicking” something with it, and writing with it was very strange, felt nothing like a real pen (would probably get used to it I guess). Physical home button is terrible as per Samsung’s usual. And the reception was somewhere between slightly worse to no better than the S4, which itself is slightly _worse_ than the S3, which wasn’t good in the first place. Happier every day with my DNA (other than 16GB limitation). Even with a Moto X coming in the mail Wednesday from the weekend fun, I will probably just sell it and stick with my DNA a while longer. Maybe get an X phone when Verizon gets Motomaker for 32GB or just get the Dev. Edition, or wait for next year’s phones.

    • bizi

      Now that you’ve trash the S3,S4, and Note 3 do you feel better now?

      • M3D1T8R

        Troll much? Not sure how I’ve “trashed” them; I offered some of my honest impressions bases on my first hand experience. Nobody is paying me. This is the kind of stuff I appreciate from others, actual information from a person’s experience. If you’re a blind fanboy of anything, not open to any slight criticism, you’ll miss out on actual innovation.

        • 1Los

          I own a Note, Note 2, And just got my Note 3. I have to agree with M3D1T8R. on the battery cover and the outer bezel issue. But once you put that protective case on, you will never see the phones back or sides until you have to remove it. I love my note 3, it’s runs smoother than my 2. The camera is a big improvement. The draw a window multitasking is great, I opened 5 apps at once just because I could. There’s more I haven’t played with yet, but its fun figuring it out. Yes I’m a fanboy. But I admit, There are a many great phones out there, Iphones, Nokias, Htcs, Nexus etc. But I prefer The Note series because they suit my needs.

          • lrmat

            I bought a Note 3 over the weekend to replace an iphone 5. I don’t have a problem with the back at all. i like the way it feels…. which is important with a phone this size… I am still trying to get a gri of this beast…. no pun intended… well… maybe a little. the chrome band is a bit much but i am digging this phone. i don’t even carry my ipad mini with me to work anymore!
            I will say, the screen is gorgeous, but washes out when outside (which isn’t a problem with the iphone) i wish the music player was a hair louder. Love this device, just need to get a decent case for it. waiting for Samsung’s flip cover.

          • guest4567890

            You should definitely check out PowerAMP for your music issue. It has a preamp setting that allows you to get the volume you need without distortion.

          • Steven

            You nailed it. I was actually hoping Samsung would make the note 3 look as cheap as possible (material wise) so I don’t have to pay too much for the device. Its a secret that I keep to myself while I hear people whine and complain about its plastic material. I’m only interested in the capabilities of the phone. And because I love the phone, I like to dress it up the way I want it. Casefanatics.com has a lot of cases that dresses up my phone the way I want and nobody knows it was a Note 3 until I show it to them. As a guy, there are 4 things that I use frequently everyday and they are my convertible ultra-book, my car, my watch, and of course, my phone. Therefore, I make sure these things are high quality and will not settle for anything less.

  • DC_Guy

    Kellen you have convinced me to get this phone. I only wish I had taken advantage of the Verizon “glitch” this past weekend 🙂

  • sk3litor

    Note 3 HAS ROOT. galaxynote3root.com also check out a channel on you tube ” lucid mike 78″ helped me a lot wirh my note 2

  • tomn1ce

    Kellen you forgot the one where you can make the screen smaller to use the Note 3 with one hand…

  • JoshHenry

    I think this design is horrendous.. They used better materials, and it still looks cheap.

  • sk3litor

    Even if you dont use half the features on this phone the other half is still twice as much as any other phone. Im getting it and no one can stop me. Muhahahahaha

  • sk3litor

    Great job kellen. You should do this for a living; ) and also thank you for being unbiased. I know you dont like this phone but your professionalism really shined through.

  • David Molina

    Anyone who pre-ordered their Note 3 from verizon know if Oct. 10th is the day we should expect our phones or later after?

    • Iyvin Benjamin

      It ships on Oct. 10th according to my pre-order confirmation

      • XDA leak says shipping on the 8th… we should get them on the 10th… maybe the 9th depending on your FedEx route!

  • Michael Suriel

    I would love to see the golf camera setting work for swinging a baseball bat or when I’m shooting a basketball. That would be extremely useful.

    • tomn1ce

      I was thinking the same thing. I would say if you use the golf shot with anything that’s moving it should work fine….I was actually thinking of using it while throwing a football or a baseball..

  • Michael Suriel

    The combination of this video and the likelihood that the Nexus 5 won’t come to Verizon pretty much guaranteed that I will be getting this phone. Bye bye GNex

  • Patrick Crumpler

    Tip 31 – wait for the Note 4.

  • Gasaraki

    Looks a little slow when going in to settings.

  • panicswhenubered

    Nice video. Best one I have seen so far on Note 3 features. I just hope I can turn off more than half of those features though. Some of them I really want, and some of them are so gimmicky.

  • Anthony

    Does anyone know why browser goes to YouTube when I click on a link. It use to open the YouTube app on my old phone.

    • Trenton Wilson

      If I understand you question correctly, it is because of the lack of flash on newer phones. Without flash you have to go the the native app for playback.

  • J Davis

    Would I be asking to much for all these functions to come to the Note II with update to 4.3? If not I have a well kept scratch and dent free Note II for sale..

  • Big e

    not sure why verizon wouldnt want you to use the blocking mode. verizon is so stupid

    • LionStone

      Because they have their own they want you to use…kinda like VZ Navigator, Isis, etc…

  • J Davis


  • Intellectua1

    I can’t wait to get this phone…



  • geocab

    Will the Note 2 be upgraded to any of these features?

  • viewthis66

    the phone looks very manageable in hand. another good sign. great job on the video btw. can’t wait to get it!

  • David Salsburg

    Kellen – seems like you struggled a bit, consistently, on seemingly simple taps with the S-pen on the screen, as well as bringing up the S-Pen context menu.
    do you feel it’s just lack of getting used to using it, or is there really a sensitivity issue that you are noticing.
    I want this device badly. Great video, thanks for posting it.

    • Just user error. I don’t normally have that many misses, but some times it can be tricky looking through a camera viewfinder. 😛

  • Great video! packed with features.

  • Maxim∑

    I no longer like samsung phones…

    • Dominick White

      I no longer like you

      • Maxim∑

        Well I guess I meant touchwiz…

        • Dominick White

          I know what you meant, not a fan of theirs either, but i do like some of the things they do.. Like removable battery

          • jjpotter

            slap on nova launcher and all you’ll really still hate is not being able to delete the in the background bloatware

  • XxXDroidRocXxX

    More features than expected, nice

  • Omar Amer

    wow, a lot more useful features in there than I thought there would be.

  • Thomas

    Thanks for this. Oct 10th ( Verizon customer here ) can’t get here fast enough.

    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      I wanted it but went with the G2 instead. Im sure you’ll love it.

      • TechTitan

        That G2 is a certified BEAST!

      • Gasaraki

        I love my G2

        • Mark

          I’d strongly consider the g2 if Verizon didn’t ruin the buttons on the back! The AT&T version is so much better.

          • Rob Farr

            Shoot i had went to the verizon store and they had them in stock i was happy as hell when i got mine yesterday

    • Jesse Blacklock

      same, i ordered mine yesterday and cant get it soon enough

  • Philip J. Fry
  • Video might still be processing. Give it a few and you’ll get HD.

    • frankie

      so kellex did you take notes from that link we showed you about the tricks and tips? thanks by the way lol

    • tomn1ce

      Kellen will the S-pen functionality still work when using Nova Launche or another launcher other then touchwizzzzzzzzzzz?

      • Jon

        It does.