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Verizon Appears to Have Closed the Unlimited Data Keeping Extravaganza

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Well, our weekend of upgrades with unlimited data appears to have come to a close. Within the last hour, we received word that Verizon systems in stores were no longer allowing reps to select unlimited data packages as options during upgrades. We are also now being forced off of unlimited data while walking through the upgrade process online that previously left our current plans intact. Was fun while it lasted. 

verizon data fix

The question now remains – will Verizon honor all of these upgrades with unlimited data once phones arrive within the next couple of days? We know that many of you upgraded online, chose in-store pick-up, and then activated the phones with great success over the last two days. Good job on that move, folks. But what about those who upgraded and are having devices shipped to their homes?

Those phones will show up on doorsteps within the next day or so. Will Verizon do the right thing and allow them to keep their current plans, exactly as the checkout and online contract-signing process showed? If not, then they better get ready for a whole bunch of returns. Because if your phone shows up and attempts to change you off of unlimited data during activation, feel free to return the phone and get your old plan back.

Did you get in on the unlimited weekend bonanza?

Update: Some readers are still seeing the option to upgrade and keep unlimited data this morning. Not sure what Verizon is up to, but this deal (assuming it sticks) is probably worth looking into. Then again, we don’t know how this is going to play out yet. Will Verizon simply cancel all orders? Will they honor them? Will they switch you off of unlimited? We just don’t know.

  • msokad

    Looks like the unlimited data package is still available if you try to upgrade on-line.

  • Preach2k

    Some people on some of the forums orders are being canceled by Verizon after the glitz got fixed.

  • Brock fletcher

    And Verizon cancelled my order:(

    • Scott

      Did you get an email or something?

  • Kyle

    Has anyone that Upgraded gotten a text/email stating you needed to accept new terms before your device would ship? I did, and it shows I still have unlimited…. I’m concerned about getting moved to tier by accepting this.

  • David Benson

    Still showing up for me. I tried at 7am this morning and it was gone. Just tried again at work at 9:25am and it is not there again. Weird

  • Armus

    I agree, it was a trap. When the new phone comes in they will axe the unlimited data. “Sorry we don’t offer that any more”. Then try to return the phone and they still don’t let you go back to your unlimited plan. Only safe option is buy it out right.

  • DailyPlunge

    So apparently the glitch is up an running again?

    • Scott

      Mine worked first try this morning. I was bummed because I knew I should have jumped on this last night.

  • Scott

    Yeah I waited until last night and missed it. Tried it this morning and BOOM! 9:03 AM EST

  • Suralin

    Has it occurred to anyone that maybe Verizon is rebranding their 6GB data plan for us unlimited users as the “Unlimited” data plan?

  • fitzgerald52

    I just did it a few minutes ago

  • Phil

    next question is where I can purchase the motorola skip pack at?

  • Phil

    Its 830am on 9/30/2013 on the east coast i was just able to order a moto x with the verizon 30 discount code and was ABLE TO KEEP MY UNLIMITED DATA. it did not ask me to choose a new plan.

  • Super Shep

    Ordered online, Picked up in store, Now have unlimited on a Moto X

  • tabsaz

    Can someone actually confirm for certain when exactly the 14 day period to refund and revert to your old plan / phone starts? I saw someone on a different site tonight saying that it’s from the time you place the order. If that’s true then that period’s going to be up before a lot of people even get their phones. It says Ships by 10/10 for the Note 3 I ordered, but that’s cutting it pretty close assuming the shipping takes 2 days etc.

    • Tim242

      It’s from time of shipment, which is when the contract is extended.

  • Erin

    Verizon customers can they still upgrade their phones and keep unlimited data plan or did they fix the glitch?

    • Tony Kuligowski

      you realize your asking this on a story that says they fixed the “glitch”

      • Erin

        I wanted to know the answer if it was fixed or not lol

        • ToddAwesome

          wakey wakey eggs and bakey

  • M3D1T8R

    I placed my Moto X order nearly 24 hours ago, got the immediate email confirming my order (was able to charge it to my account), which is supposed to be shipped to me free 2-day, but when I check my order status I get:

    Order Status:

    The status of your order is not available yet.
    Please check again later.

    Hopefully it’s just because it’s Sunday and it will go through tomorrow. Anyone else have the same situation?

    • Sean F.

      Well I picked up my Droid Maxx today from store and it was all good. The receipt even shows unlimited on the plan details.

      • M3D1T8R

        Yeah I’ve read all the comments. I’m wondering about people who chose to have the device shipped to them instead of to the store, if they’ve received any update on their order status yet.

        • Suralin

          Yeah, I had it shipped because there were stories of some stores not honoring the online orders. I figured it was safer to just have it shipped with the nanosim. Maybe I was wrong? :

    • Tim242

      Yes. Orders will process Monday, order will ship, and your contract will renew at that time. That’s if they don’t cancel the orders instead : /

  • StandardXI

    Intact. How could I take any of this seriously after that?

  • Sean F.

    So I picked up my Droid Maxx and discovered that because of the change to the new phone and new SIM they had to activate my phone and cancel out my old one upon pickup. Was a real PITA as I intended to just pickup and swap SIM’s from my Droid Razr Maxx. I’ve checked my account and it is still showing with an “Unlimited” data plan, so it appears to be working just fine, but I’m REALLY conflicted. I’d rather return the phone and save my plan than fight with verizon over it, since i’m still within the 14 day grace period.

    Additionally, I have a chat log and confirmation screens of the order and I’ve also verified on my bill it shows “Unlimited Data” on the receipt. So I think I’m well within my rights to make a stink if I want to. However here’s my question… lets say they resolve this and decide everyone has to switch. Do they do the switch to tiered at the next billing date? In which case we will be screwed as we’re past the 14 days return. How do they typically handle the swap from Unlimited to Tiered currently? Just invalidate the old and activate the new?

    I’d really like to know their current process with the regular switches they do, as it might give some idea of what VZW will do.

    • JDotAdam

      People did this well over a week ago and are in the clear. I think we’re likely fine. It’s a small handful of customers. I doubt Verizon will raise a stink.

  • outgoingbot

    I upgraded 5 times somehow. so i have 5 phones being shipped to me this week. LOL. paid 180$ each. wonder if i actually get any. funny thing, I only have 1 line. either way i dont really care. I received 3 emails (of 5 purchases) that my order will be processed within 3 days, i got 5 emails with purchase confirmation numbers. my guess is they are gonna cancel 3 of my orders or all 5.

    I kept buying them and it kept saying eligible for upgrade. thanks for that verizon

    did anyone else try buying more then one upgrade?

    If you didnt jump on this then you have no sense of adventure. who knows where this will go, vice president of the continental united states of america??

    joebidenphone.com – 250 minutes!!! for EMERGENCY(see drug deals)

    • Tim242

      They will cancel all but one of them. They don’t set the contract or charge your card until it ships.

  • JanetMiller88

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  • jrbmed08

    Here’s what I don’t understand…I placed my initial order today for in-store pickup of a Moto X, but got shot down by the VZW rep, so I reordered online to have it shipped. I got an order confirmation with an order number via email, but my contract end date did not change online, and my phone is still showing up as upgrade eligible when I log in. I presume the contract and upgrade eligibility will change when I activate the new phone. Once they send me my phone, people are saying I can just put the old SIM card into the new phone and start using it. But supposedly Verizon hasn’t charged my credit card yet or put my new contract into effect (as it had not the first time when I had chosen the pickup option). So unless I go through some sort of online activation, how does Verizon know I’ve received the phone and started using it, so it can set a contract end date? Maybe someone here can clarify this for me, because I guess I’m just not getting something.

    • Tim242

      They will charge your card and set your contract at time of shipment. When you get it, you just put your SIM in.

      • jrbmed08

        OK, so the real moment of truth happens when they ship. Thanks…now that I know when they actually charge and do the contract extension, what people are saying about the SIM exchange makes a lot more sense now. I’ve never actually ordered a phone online, so I’m new to this whole thing. I’ve activated a warranty replacement phone, and that required going through an online process, but that’s the extent of my experience.

        • Tim242

          That will certainly be the moment of truth. We all have our fingers crossed. Just an FYI, if your address has a line 2, it probably won’t be in your shipping address. It left my apt # off, even though it was on my account. If that is the case, you will have to have FedEx hold it for you to pick up.

          • jrbmed08

            I always put my apartment number in the first line in case that happens! But sometimes it’s actually better to have Fedex hold packages than deliver it to my apartment building’s office, which closes at 6PM when I’m usually still at work. The local Fedex is open later. It’s nice that they sign for packages, but I’ve often had to wait until Saturday to get something that was supposed to be delivered earlier in the week. So hopefully that won’t happen since the phone has an ETA of Wednesday.

          • Tim242

            Be sure to check your confirmation email if you don’t do a hold. I put the apartment number in the first line on my second upgrade. It was cut off. I put APT 603, the email says APT 6. Ugggh!

          • jrbmed08

            Bummer! Hopefully it won’t be a big problem for you. Looks like it’s all there on my confirmation. Thanks for the tip though.

  • Ludwig Leota

    I did. I did it today around 2pm. I was, supposedly, able to keep my unlimited plan and upgrade to an HTC One phone. However, I am paying a full price on it through the Verizon Edge program. I hope it works out. The worst case scenario is that I have to send it back. Oh well. Crossing my fingers.

  • tyguy829

    What phone is that in the picture?

    • Josh Speed

      looks like the rear end of a crackberry

  • JDH1969

    Regarding suit; if you have enough money, you can sue anyone for anything. Mandatory arbitration does not stop all suits against Verizon, a Judge still has final say. Plus, if you trip up a rep on the phone and record it, it will hold up in a court of law. Good day all.

  • D Nice

    This is one of the reasons why I left them suckers and went to T-mobile.

    • Scott

      How’s the coverage? I travel all over, so I need it to work in more just the town I live in.

      • D Nice

        Payup I won’t lie to you it can be better and it is getting better. I would have a rep look up the places you go to on a regular basis and see how the coverage is (research, research, research) this method is very accurate. I’m very pleased myself, the data coverage isn’t as impeccable as VZW but it’s on its way to being better.

  • PayUp

    A slightly different perspective on the matter, say Verizon decides to honor this sudden flood of upgrades and deal with a whole bunch of people on newer, fancier devices who will be pulling down unlimited data from their network for 2 more years. Maybe they decide to introduce some other superfluous fee or raise prices on data or services to recoup their losses, and we’ll all just further vilify them as the big evil phone corporation.

    For all the wrongs Verizon has done over the past few years I’m not saying I’m against a few people scoring an unlimited upgrade for themselves this weekend, but I kinda have mixed feelings seeing how ravenously the community all tried to jump on something that has widely been acknowledged as probably being a mistake or a glitch. You can justify it all you want or compare it to a mislabeled price on a store shelf, but in the end it all rolls down hill and maybe Verizon customers will end up paying the price for this mistake anyway.

    And it’s been hilarious to see all the people acting so confident and defiant about how they have their screenshots and conversations printed out. For one thing it shows you’ve never read your contract. Verizon can change whatever they want, and the only out you have is that you’re allowed to leave the contract, but you’re not going to strong arm them into upholding the terms of what was offered to you just because you printed it out. They can change terms, and they will if they want to. Read your contract before acting all high and mighty about what you printed out or how much of a fight you’re going to put up with some poor Verizon employee come Monday, you come off like a real dbag.

    Ultimately I’m just left with a creepy feeling about this sense of entitlement that consumers have these days. “I know this is wrong but I printed out this screenshot that says otherwise, so I’m good”. Such a simple tenet of life, treat others as you wish to be treated. Would you want a flood of hundreds of people taking advantage of you because you made a mistake? And this sure as hell wasn’t a “promotion” or it would have been advertised.

    Good luck everyone. I might just laugh a little if it’s announced that they won’t be allowing these to go through.

    • SD

      I was thinking the same thing last night. Think about it – if Verizon honors this ‘glitch’: while there were a ton of unlimited customers that took advantage of this, there are many more who did not. Verizon would be putting itself on a slippery slope, because what would stop other customers from demanding the same type of upgrade? I’m not saying that Verizon would have to honor it (for those who missed out this weekend), but still…it’ll make it even harder for them to do away with unlimited plans.

      Ultimately, I see Verizon offer to accept returned phones, and allow customers to keep their unlimited plans. No inside information, just a guess.

      I’ve been a customer for 13 years. Yeah, there’s good and bad. But from a quality standpoint, I feel like you get what you pay for. To date, I haven’t had an issue with customer service or quality of service. The only issue I ever had was the delaying of the GNex – but that was just me being impatient.

      Either way, good luck everybody. I know that no matter what the answer is from Verizon, some group won’t be happy. It’ll be interesting to see who that group is…

      • It would really just be bad PR for Verizon at this point.
        Imagine Verizon telling 10,000 customers that they need to return their new devices.

        Companies make mistakes like this all the time. Remember when:
        -BestBuy gave five iPads to the lady who ordered one
        -Razer honored the half off coupon even though it was never supposed to be leaked to the public

        People remember things like this. If Verizon honors the deal, they have to let a few more people stay on unlimited but it may positively influence public perception of the company. It may end up ultimately benefiting them.

        • Robert Macri

          Also they would have a lot of Refurb devices on their hands.

        • Todd Brown

          Yeah. but how many of those devices have actually even been shipped out? They won’t have to deal with the returns, unless you went and picked it up in the store.

          • Joe

            Yes, like many of us did.

    • C-Law

      I went through the process twice today, had my credit card entered and screenshots taken and just needed to hit submit. I could not get myself to pull the trigger though

    • Chris Hannan


      I mean, poor Verizon with all these people trying to take advantage of them. 🙁

      • NemaCystX

        yeah, poor verizon they can’t rip us off of all our money when this should still be available.

        • Chris Hannan

          They’re only the second most profitable carrier in the world. They’ll never be first with all these greedy customers.

    • calculatorwatch

      I agree with you that people who think they’re pulling a fast one on Verizon probably need a reality check, they’re either gonna be nice and let you keep unlimited data or they’re gonna make you choose between a tiered data plan or returning your phone, simple as that.

      However, I think you got a little off-track when you suggested that Verizon would need to “recoup their losses”… there’s no such thing as losses when you’re Verizon, only fewer profits. What I really mean is I think there’s a reason why everyone is so defiant against Verizon which is that they feel they’re being systematically screwed over as it is. Most of us don’t think Verizon really cares about their customers well-being so we’re happy to take advantage of mistakes because we don’t really care about Verizon’s well-being, the golden rule in action.

      • MikeCiggy

        The real problem I see with Verizon taking the return your phones and get a refund plan is for all of the people who have their phones already because of in store pick-up. Verizon can no longer sell those devices as brand new.

  • NexusMan

    It’s been so long that I’ve been stuck on this damn phone…I forgot…Moving forward, is Verizon still allowing you to keep your Unlimited plan if you buy a phone off contract? Or will buying a phone at full retail not even save your unlimited plan anymore?

    • Omar Amer

      no, verizon cant stop you from buying off contract and moving your service over. you can do that forever or until verizon forces you off unlimited data, whichever comes first.

      • its just a matter of time.

        I have one line unlimited and two without. All three have upgrades, but i’m worried about locking any of them in for another two years and then they strong-arm me out of my unlimited line.

        • but man i’d love to uprade to a note three. the pain.

  • Josh Speed

    I was one of those that got in under the ‘glitch’ wire and just canceled my pre-order. I smell a rat here- I called customer service and they said if I go to activate I’ll be pushed to the 2gb plan. Theres is a likelihood this was planned in hopes of shaving off some unlimited customers who will be so starry-eyed when they get their new phone theyll reluctantly give up unlimited in order to keep their shiny new toy

    • Jeremy Wray

      I picked mine up in the store today and all my info still stays unlimited.

      • Josh Speed

        I chickened out because once you’re back under contract it makes it easier for them to yank your unlimited…they have reserved the right to make any plan changes they want

        • tabsaz

          They can do this anyway though – there’s no guarantee that you can sit on your current plan forever with unlimited. I think everyone’s under the impression that at least some day they’re going to just force everyone off it.

        • Nathaniel_G

          You still have 14 days to return the phone and get your plan reverted back. Worst case scenario is that you return the phone and have to pay a $35 restocking fee.

          • Jeff

            Used my amex card so the restock fee will be credited if it gets to that point

  • KH

    They should honor it. That’s there fault not anyone else’s. This is the same thing as if a store employee tags a product with a lower price than the rest of the merch on the shelf. You are the lucky one who gets to walk out with paying less… and usually the store clerk who mis-priced the item gets left holding the bag (no pun intended). It is not your fault you have a good eye. This falls under the same category of “Buyer Beware,” except I don’t know the Latin for “Businesses double-check your inventory.” If vzw doesn’t honor it, it’s a problem.

  • Ben Baird

    Just spoke with customer service, I know everyone’s story varies, but she seemed really confident when my g2 arrives and I activate it I will remain on unlimited.

    • Josh Speed

      Definitely don’t bet on it. I canceled my pre-order just now because the rep told me when i go in to activate it the computer system wont even have unlimited as an option

      • Ben Baird

        Not betting on it, I figure worst case scenario, use the 14 day grace period and return to where I am now.

        • Josh Speed

          You’ve got tougher guts than me man lol

          • Ben Baird

            Hopefully it will pay off, the phone is supposed to get here on the 3rd

          • truthful

            I ordered mine as well and it still shows being processed…I saved all screen shots

      • Tim242

        The plan is tied to your active SIM, not a phone You lost..

        • Josh Speed

          Add another line on my account? no

          • Tim242

            Add another line? Huh? You don’t add another line. You order the phone, and put your current SIM in it. All done.


    I upgraded a feature phone (no data) on one line to a GS3. I then transferred the GS3 to another line that had a Rezound with Ultd data, and then switched the feature phone back to the original line. I did it all with the help of a friend who worked at a verizon store and it all went off without a hitch.

  • Travis

    I pulled the trigger on an iPhone 5S late last night and it worked without a hitch. I got screenshots of every step of my order. I also have an e-mail confirmation that clearly shows unlimited data. Right now, I have an iPhone 5 on my unlimited line, so when I get my new iPhone 5S (not scheduled until end of October), I’m hoping to just swap the sim from the iPhone 5 to the 5S. If it switches me to tiered data when I put in the sim, I will be taking the phone back and reverting my plan.

    On the other hand, I’m expecting an official comment on this from Verizon Monday morning. At that time, they may to decide to cancel orders that are in progress or not shipped. In that case, no harm no foul and I’ll just keep what I have.

    If Verizon was smart, they’d just let the orders go through and call it a limited promotion. This would give them a stroke of good will and really costs them nothing in the long run. We renew our contracts, and they look like the good guy for a change. On the other hand, if they force people into tiered plans or don’t honor it, then it’ll make them look even more anti-consumer, and could cost them some customers. I don’t see how Verizon gains anything by NOT honoring the deal. Paying the same amount either way, and it’s not like we would be giving up unlimited instead.

  • Hannibal

    No more unlimited data plan? Is Verizon fxxxing with my head or are they just making another dumb corporate decisions again? I’ve been trying to get a new phone over a month but Verizon is trying really hard to convince me otherwise… Maybe I should get a new carrier.

  • MatthewSimmons

    Only on Verizon are the most loyal customers the most hated.

    • Sporttster

      True of Comcast customers as well…..

    • Android Spy 007

      Funny a lot of people here complaint about VZW but yet every Q they have more customers than any other carrier. LOL I wonder why Sprint with so many ads about unl data still has not gain more customers than Tmobile? or why is it that between VZW and ATT both have 230 million customers but neither one offers unl data.

      • Quality and speed of service. And availability nationwide. In my area, everyone I know understands Vzw is the only way to go, unless you want super slow buggy service. We’re screwed.

        • LiterofCola


        • Rural resident checking in. VZW is pretty much the only choice here if you always want service and relatively good data speeds.

          • Terry

            Same here where I live in a town of 7000 people. 3 bars on one side of town, 4 to 5 bars on the other. (and I’m not talking about places to drink!) AT&T and the others just can’t beat that.

      • MatthewSimmons

        I personally don’t switch to Sprint or T-Mobile because the service is terrible around where I live and work. I feel most people on this site with unlimited data are in the same position as me. If T-Mobile’s service was good where I live I would switch in a second. I would love nothing more than to not give Verizon $150 a month.

      • nate

        strength and reliability of the VZW network

  • NemaCystX

    This is what happens when you publicize a loophole or glitch

    • Tim242

      Yeah…how else would anybody be able to use it. Hush.

      • NemaCystX

        Well its the same strategy iOS jailbreak hackers use. They don’t release a jailbreak unless the upcoming update still has that same bug because once they publicize the hole or glitch it will be patched, same goes for the android rooting community, rather than posting on a blog, its best put on a members forum or not as popular website, just sayin, i figured this would happen once it was made public for all to see. it sucks yes but its very true and sometimes they hope the public doesn’t know about these things and they let them slip by unscathed but in other situations like this one, they will close the loophole and make profit from it. its the sad world we live in

        • calculatorwatch

          Verizon would have noticed it happening anyways and probably would have closed it in a week at most if no one had publicized it. Better to alert everyone and have a flood of people take advantage so at the very least there’s a lot more backlash and logistic problems when they try to take it back.

  • Iyvin Benjamin

    I just finished talking to a manager from VZW customer services and he told me that once I receive my Note 3 I should take it to the store along with my receipt and confirmation order that shows I still have the unlimited data plan and they would activate it because it is a legal document.

    • Josh Speed

      Its also legal for them to snatch away your unlimited data at any time when you’re under a new 2 year contract. They reserve the right to change anything they want…be careful!

      • JDotAdam

        They can change anything already, two-year contract or not.

    • Omar Amer

      technically, they only agreed to provide service for two years with the contract. the terms of the service can change whenever verizon feels like it, but they are only required to give you proper notice and time to exit the contract if you do not agree with the new terms.

      they are legally allowed to switch you from unlimited to tiered data, as long as they tell you before the change happens and that you are given time to cancel your contract without the ETF.

    • Tim242

      You just swap SIM and go. The plan is tied to the SIM

      • Iyvin Benjamin

        But my current phone is iPhone 4s, I don’t have a SIM. What should I do? I have a sim card that I used before for my Samsung Galaxy S4 that I don’t use now, would that work?

        • Tim242

          In that case, the SIM will be assigned to your account, you will just need to activate it. I believe that can be done online onceyou sign in. It would prompt you if there needs to be a plan change. You could just call and do it over the phone. I think these options need tobe tried first. The store reps may give you an issue. But, you can try it.

          • tabsaz

            I’m in the same boat as he is and I’ll play guinea pig and report back on what happens once my Note 3 gets here.

        • CPUJediX

          You cannot reactivate a 4G Sim card on Verizon. They keep the card active for ‘Up to 24 hrs’ once it has been removed from the account.

      • YourFriendlyNbrhoodVeRiZoNreP

        Go onto your my verizon and do a device only change with the phone(s). you can also do this with amazon. If you buy the phone and do not activate it through amazon’s process and do a device only change you will keep unlimited data.. I know this because I have doe it for a few friends…I work at a Authorized retailer for verizon………………..

    • TylerCameron

      Just ask for a SIM card and have them activate the SIM.
      It should be no different than if you went in with a Note 3 you paid full price for or whatever. The SIM may be tied to your account, but they doesn’t mean activstingnit can or should change your account.

  • I’d laugh if Verizon decides to force us to tiered data, and instead of them thinking they’re being clever the majority of all those people just up and leave Verizon 😀

    • Dave M

      yep I upgraded this morning w ULD. If Verizon turns around and screws me I’m jumping ship when Nexus 5 comes out and getting unlocked SIM care and going to Straight Talk.

    • Phillies3429

      We would for sure leave if they didn’t at least put us back on the original plan.

    • Doan

      A minority was aware of the issue, and only a portion of that minority took advantage. If every person who renewed their unlimited data left Verizon, it wouldn’t be noticeable.

      • LaughableAtBest

        People on these blogs think if the .0001% that they are do something it will make a big impact and force a multi billion dollar company to bend to their will.

  • chippah

    Glad i didn’t cancel my note 3 preorder.

    I originally ordered it on my current mtm dumb phone line and will activate on my current gnex line, I’ll then tVerizon, current gnex upgrade move it back to the dumb phone line I. Order to get the old lady her note 3 and both keep unlimited,

    This nets me 2 note 3s on unlimited for 1 launch day gnex and another we got for the wife 1 month later that Verizon took on the new ne2 pull scandal, (my wifes feb 2011 gnex was due to upgrade in febuary 2014 ffs!) fu verizon!

  • I can still do it

  • Dustin Casper

    I’m so glad that I jumped in. That is all.

  • Phillies3429

    When we were talking to the rep online she assured us that we wouldn’t lose anything on our current plan and that we could upgrade. I see that reps have said so many different things today. Hopefully Verizon will come out tomorrow with an official statement saying what they are doing. All hell will break loose if we lose our Unlimited Data.

  • yummy

    Oh. Heehee. So sorry. Just
    a tenny mistake. No hard feelings?

  • Big Daddy

    I’m glad that i have at&t and still able to upgrade my phone lines and keep my unlimited data plans.

    • Chris Hannan

      I’m glad I’m on Verizon and don’t get throttled after 5GB of data.

    • Tim242

      Throttling after 3GB must suck…

  • bbrutcher

    thank you droid life!! got my husband his G2 and my son his Commando 4G and kept our unlimited data!! ordered them online last night and picked up in the store today. Rep didn’t even blink an eye at the unlimited data!!

  • Anthony Bottari

    Ok I may have missed it but does this apply to anyone that buys a phone outright too?

    • JDotAdam

      No. That’s not considered an upgrade.

      • Anthony Bottari

        ah right right..I was gonna say ..good bye VZW..hello anywhere I can get a Nexus 5!

  • JDotAdam

    I’ve got my fingers crossed for everyone – especially me! I just sold my primary Moto X in hopes of keeping the one I bought today with my upgrade. Big thanks to Kellex and Droid-Life (and those behind the scenes) for breaking this news! It’s been a fun day. Tim242, until next time… 🙂

  • ElecEngineer

    I placed an order for an LG G2. Though I am not brave enough to activate first. I have a baby on the way and will need unlimited data for Netflix while on road trips.

    • SetNick

      As a father if two under the age of 4…unlimited data and the ability to stream whatever has helped keep cat rides silent. Well I have to credit XDA for all the wonderful root methods too.

    • Tim242

      Insert your current active SIM, done .

  • dude

    I just tried to upgrade through best buy.com to a lg g2 and it didn’t say anything about changing my data plan and let me keep my existing plan with no changes. I went all the way to where I put in my credit card info before I stopped… still unsure about this. Anyone have any input?

  • Scott

    I got in on it, but still waiting on the phone to arrive. I’ve been kicking around T-Mobile, but scared it won’t cover me as I travel back and forth across the country. If Verizon screws me on this, I guess I’ll risk it.

  • spin

    I may be SOL. i upgraded to an iPhone 5S, and it wont ship until the 14th of october, plenty of time for them to screw me.