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Verizon Currently Allowing You to Upgrade and Keep Unlimited Data?

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We left a question mark on that title because we’re not exactly sure if Verizon has meant to allow customers to keep unlimited data when upgrading or if there is simply a glitch in the system. But yes, at this time, a number of our readers (including us) have been able to walk-through the upgrade process on Verizon’s site and keep unlimited data while purchasing a phone at a subsidized (discounted) price. 

As you all know, Verizon killed off unlimited data some time ago and has since tried every trick in the book to get those of us hanging onto unlimited plans to give them up. But yesterday, we received a couple of tips suggesting that you could upgrade to a new phone and switch over to Verizon’s newly introduced $30 6GB plan (called Verizon Max) that was previously tied to Verizon Edge, without having to actually sign up for Edge. As we looked into it, we walked through the upgrade process and didn’t see the option for 6GB at $30, but instead found ourselves at the final steps of checkout with our unlimited data package intact. At no time were we asked to switch off of our unlimited package or told that our plan no longer exists.

See the screenshot below.

keep unlimited

In previous upgrade attempts, we hit the screen above and were shown a current plan along with a new plan. The current plan showed our unlimited data package, while the new almost always showed that our plan was being changed to a tiered package, usually 2GB for $30. But as you can see, that’s not the case here.

To make sure we weren’t imagining things, we decided to sit tight on this info and see if others were seeing similar results. As it turns out, they are. We have now had at least 5 or 6 readers who have gone through an upgrade process on Verizon’s site and been able to keep unlimited data. Well, at least Verizon’s website is making it seem that way. We would be semi-hesitant to believe that this isn’t a glitch in the system that Big Red won’t correct before long. I just hope that they don’t catch the bug and try to swap plans around later or when the phone arrives and customers activate them (or swap in a SIM). At this time though, we don’t know how that will play out.

Not that this makes the situation any clearer, but I did chat with a customer service rep for a few minutes who seemed to believe that with the information I was seeing, that I was going to keep my unlimited data plan. I asked if there was a special promotion going on, and they said that they weren’t aware of one. Had I finished checking out, the rep was willing to hang on the line to make sure that everything went through properly.

And last, remember that the “VERIZON30” coupon code still works, so $199 phones are $139.

Sooooooo, are you willing to upgrade and see if you can keep your unlimited data? At this point, we have had a whole bunch of people see similar results to ours. Is it worth the risk?

Update: As of 3:00PM Pacific, it appears as if Verizon has removed the option to keep unlimited data. I guess we’ll see how this all unfolds over the coming days. Will they let you all keep unlimited data or not?

Cheers Derek, BKShaw23, David, John, and Peter!

  • J
  • StevenB

    Upgraded a friend’s son’s phone last month at Best Buy using her upgrade (from a unlimited line) His line was, and still is 2GB, her line was, and still is unlimited. It’s been 4 weeks and a billing cycle and account still shows unlimited. (not that she goes over 2GB herself anyway) I thought for sure that when the new bill came out, it would change, but no. This “glitch” may have been around for longer than anyone thinks

  • Hugh Messenger

    Is there any chance in hell I can add a second line to my unlimited plan?

  • xuser

    If I’m upgrading from a Droid bionic to a moto x, will I have to cut the bionic’s sim card into a nano or can I use the new nano sim that comes with the moto x and still keep my unlimited?

  • James Cliff

    Make sure to call Verizon’s customer service to complain to fight and keep your upgrade and unlimited data!

  • Nathaniel Newman

    Man I wish I had visited this site over the weekend! I have unlimited data and that line has had an upgrade available for a while. Atleast I still have ALT upgrades.

  • 1TallTXn

    Just checked, I *can not* upgrade and keep unlimited data.

  • Jenroton

    Do any of you know if this has worked with any unlimited grandfathered-in Corp accounts? I could not do so with mine.

  • Michael Valadez

    I ordered my Moto X, it showed Unlimited data, and I was able to use the Verizon30 code. Got the phone for $139. So, hopefully it’s legit. I love this site, there’s always a ton of helpful information, but sometimes it’s too much data. Right now, I am not sure who to believe. But if I lose my unlimited data, I’ll blame Kellex. JK

  • detr0yt

    I talked to a rep yesterday. .. and they said it s legit. . There is no glitch it’s just a promotion for unlimited data customers. . But it’s not being promoted at all what so ever…

  • pallain

    I just tried to switch an upgrade from last year to mine that is due in 6 months and the salesman told me I cant do it, you must keep that number on the new phone for 180 days and most likely lose my unlimited or have to pay full price.

  • Scott

    As of 9:03 AM EST it worked and I have a Note 3 on the way!

  • Seneca

    As of 8:40 AM EST on the 30th, and I can still “keep” my unlimited data if I upgraded right now….

  • aaron

    Sprint has unlimited everything 4g in my area now so I’ll happily leaving vzw and for le$$. PS… I drain about 80Gb a month off my single device.

    • Jenkem Huffington

      I was considering jumping ship, but their fine print did say that they would throttle heavy user’s data. I was actually going to switch a month ago, but they don’t have data up my way.

  • Brenda Priddy

    We get so much better deals in the UK than the US! O2 Customer service UK

  • Erin

    @sundeeps:disqus Did Verizon fixed the glitch or can customers still upgrade and keep unlimited data plan?

    • Sundeep S

      they fixed it last night, but it looks like some are able to upgrade it today. Try upgrading it, you dont have to upgrade it if the confirmation page doesn’t show unlimited data. but its worth a shot i guess.

  • Sundeep S

    Well, I upgraded my phone today. I got an iphone 5s, so it takes a month for them to ship it. I hope they’ll honor it, or in the worst case scenario, at least reverse the order and not mess with my unlimited plan!!!

  • JanetMiller88

    working way. Start working at home with Google! It’s by-far the best job I’ve had ℬ­o­w­6­.­ℂ­ℴ­ℳ

  • jrbmed08

    OK, so I ordered the Moto X in the morning, got shot down by the VZW rep during my attempt at in-store pickup, and reordered online, this time choosing shipping. I got an order confirmation, but no change in my contract end date on My Verizon (as expected, since the phone isn’t activated yet). When the phone comes, I presume I’ll have to do some sort of online activation/contract renewal process considering my credit card hasn’t actually been charged yet. I’m fuzzy on this because I’ve never actually ordered a device online. What are the chances that they’ll force me off unlimited during this process? I can’t be the only one who ordered with shipping rather than in-store pickup, right? So I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering about this.

  • carluverdrm2004

    Does anyone know how long the Verizon30 is supposed to last? And, when we’re supposed to get Motomaker? 😉


    I don’t think this was accidental. This was a pilot program, to see how many people will renew, if they could keep their unlimited data. Verizon might bring back Unlimited if enough people jumped the gun.

    • JDotAdam

      No way on this earth would they bring back unlimited this soon after their CEO said we would never see it again. This was no pilot.

      • paradyme

        It might be after some class action threats from people who lost their unlimited plans this past weekend while upgrading with VRZNwireless in-store.

  • pengko

    well when the i phone 5s comes home i will see. Not even gonna activate it. Selling it. So nano sim or not, doesnt apply to me. Was gonna upgrade from note 2 to note 3 but i just got the damn phone 4 months ago. Not worth the 300 dollar upgrade.

    • Nathaniel_G

      Wouldn’t using a Nano sim cutter on your current sim be a way around that?

    • slow88lx

      True, can definitely sell it!

    • Chris

      I recently used my Grandpa’s upgrade in the summer to get me the S4. I am personally eligible for an upgrade, but wanted to keep my unlimited. If I had used this trick when I first read the article, I was going to use my upgrade and buy a iPhone 5S, and immediately sell it on Swappa for $700. I’m so mad I missed it!!!

  • StuckOnVerizonForever


  • optimus prime

    Fail! Did the store pickup and the rep knew about the glitch and wouldnt process my order unless i did the 6gb tier plan. He said verizon would change the plan to tiered anyways. i didnt pickup the phone which he said would cancel if I didnt activate. so close, yet so far 🙁

    • JDotAdam

      I would contact the district manager or VZW corporate. That’s not an employee’s decision to make. You placed an order and it was ready for pickup. I’d probably embellish the inconvenience a little when I call too 🙂

  • slow88lx

    iPhone 5s/c buyers are going to get caught as they need a new nano SIM card. The only hope is if you have a phone with regular or micro SIM card. You get your new phone and drop the SIM in and it works. If you need a new SIM card you are screwed, they will force a plan change.

    • slow88lx

      Or you just sell the iP5s/c. Which you should do anyway… 😛

    • Nathaniel_G

      Can’t you just use a Nano sim cutter?

      • slow88lx

        AFAIK you can turn a full size SIM into a micro SIM with a cutter. But a nano SIM is too small and must be purchased new.

        • Nathaniel_G

          Found a Nano sim cutter on amazon http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B009ERXEDK

          • slow88lx

            I stand corrected.

          • jrbmed08

            Just bought this. I really hope this whole thing works – either that or I’m out $35 and have a sim cutter for nothing!

        • skylog

          you can also turn a micro into a nano. kellex put a tutorial up not long ago. all the cutters seem to offer lots of choices and are “cheap”

  • NeX

    I upgraded my phone today, from the D4 to the Moto X.. did it online, no change in my plan and kept unlimited.. I just went into my account to make sure, it still says I have unlimited! Everything else is right, shows my new phone and new upgrade date! SWEEEEt

  • s0uth

    so if they dont honor this…. customers should be able to get a refund and verizon should just reverse all the changes right? or will they take this chance to kick everyone off unlimited. if so… that was a nice trap they just pulled….

    • Nathaniel_G

      Anytime you purchase a phone you have 14 days from when it was activated to return phone and get your plan put back to the way it was.

      • s0uth


        thank you,

  • Eric Soriano

    I thought about it all morning but decided to jump. Set for in store pick up. Asked the CSR to tell me if my UDP was still showing and he said yes but it would ask him to change to 2gb. He goes through a few more steps, still shows UDP. He says he would check with his manager, comes back a few minutes later and said I probably had some promo link sent to me.

    Checked the verizon app in store before leaving and it showed the new phone and unlimited data. Receipt in my in box and account online all say unlimited. Can’t see how verizon can call me about anything as I’ve already signed my agreement!

  • bryan

    To all the doubters. If you get the new phone and the paperwork says unlimited data then activate it. If it says tiered data then call and or send it back. Contact doesn’t changed until that sim card is put in!

  • Christopher A Ryan

    worked on my smartchoice plan

  • Chyea

    I just upgraded to keep unlimited with iphone 5s gold. Realized ship date is November and my trade in May not be the same price then. So I canceled the pre order and tried again. Guess what they just fixed it. Fml fml fml

    • JDotAdam

      Try with a different browser. Sporadic reports of people still getting it to work.

  • SleepySensei

    One of my greatest consolations is that i paid in full for my G2 and don’t have a contract. I agonized over this and am glad I chickened out and did not do this. That is my experience anyway. 🙂

    • I just bought my G2 as well, haha. I decided to get the Note 3 though using this glitch, if it works out I can either keep it if I like it or sell it on Swappa.

  • Unlimited Data For All!

    Fix confirmed. Now I’m interested to see what’s going to happen to those that took advantage of the glitch.

    • JDotAdam

      Last I heard, they were threatening castration.

      • ASV505

        I just called and the rep said to specifically tell JDotAdam he’s first. The rep said so dude. Sorry.

        • JDotAdam

          I talked to another rep. They said I’m in the clear.

          • ASV505

            No, you’re a towel

          • JDotAdam

            You’re a towel!

          • Jonbo298

            Oh yeah? Well, I called 3 times and spoke to a manager twice and they can’t come to an agreement! So clearly I’m right because this is the internet.

  • moozicmon

    I hope everyone did shipping vs. in store pick up. They basically redo the whole transaction and it kills the glitch. I’m so mad I can’t see straight.

    • Tim242

      They probably did that to get credit for the sale. : (

      • moozicmon

        That is exactly what they did. I worked in mobile sales a bit and called them on it, but they refused. I also watched the reps lie to customers faces, bully them into accessories, and exhibit an appalling lack of knowledge about devices. I took care of it on my end as I have an order confirmation, and I’ll be contacting some “friends” in the biz to get things addressed at the Williamsburg, Virginia store. Oops, just outed the culprits…my bad.

    • Andrew Davis

      Me too….in store they said it would bump to a tiered data plan. Very pissed. Anyway, though, we could have our phone shipped instead, because we do still have our order number in our confirmation email..?

    • jrbmed08

      Same here. They told me it would bump me to a tiered plan and wouldn’t even try to go through it at my request, just to see if it would or wouldn’t. So luckily I reordered one to be shipped to me. The question now is will it suddenly change when I put the sim card into the shipped one?

    • moozicmon

      When I called to A.) report the store and B.) figure out a resolution, I was told that as long as you have an order and/or confirmation number they have to honor the transaction. Your mileage may vary depending on the CSR… best advice is to call until you hear the right answer. As I said, I worked in the biz and it all comes down to who you talk to and how seriously they take the idea of customer service.

    • M3D1T8R

      Funny thing is, I wanted to ship to store, but didn’t see the option when I initially put my order through, so it’s shipping free 2-day. Then I went back and tried the process again and found the ship to store option, but no way to change my initial order. After seeing many reports like yours, I’m pretty glad now I didn’t see that option the first time! Verizon’s terrible web site FTW!

  • Chris

    So mad I didn’t do this when I saw it a few hours ago. Now it doesn’t work and I just barely missed it…

    • JDotAdam

      Keep trying with different browsers. They’re bound to break something while fixing things!

      • Chris

        I tried Chrome and Firefox but nothing ):

  • Balls

    Fixed confirmed

    • DailyPlunge


  • stoosh95

    Yep … just went in just now (after visiting store to checkout the G2vsS4vsONE and … it forces me to pick a “tiered” plan … #nutters

  • SleepySensei

    whatever it was is over…fixed

  • DailyPlunge

    Just noticed my data on my confirmation says: “Voice: LINE ACCESS W/TEXT $9.99 0711” Unlimited no where to be found. Looks like the glitch ended during the processing and I didn’t notice. Might be return city.

    • JDotAdam

      That’s common. The unlimited plan shows up for some on confirmations, doesn’t for others. You’re likely still good at this point.

    • Tim242

      No, that is common. Only the preorder emails show data plans.

      • JDotAdam

        Stop hijacking my answers! 🙂

        • Tim242

          Didn’t you hear? It takes a village!

          • David Wilson

            think they will cancel the orders if it doesnt get honored? cus i think im going to try to activate with the new sim card before i put my old one in and see if maybe ill get to keep it

      • DailyPlunge

        Hope, you’re right. Is there something I should be looking for when the phone arrives?

        • JDotAdam

          A box

          Edit: I couldn’t help it. Sorry 🙂

          • Tim242

            LoL I just spit out my drink.

        • Tim242

          Just insert your current SIM, assuming it fits

  • Damnitshouldhavedoneitlastnit

    Ok guys against my better judgment I did it lol. So listening to you guys better pay off.

  • Jenkem Huffington

    I pre-ordered Note III @ 5:30 PM Eastern time Sept, 29. Went right through with my original unlimited data plan intact.
    Reading the “contract” which I’m sure is the same contract they’ve always had, it occurs to me that Verizon can kick you to the curb or change your contract any time for just about any reason they like. They simply notify you of any change they want to push on you, and if you keep using the phone you “accept” the new contract…. or they can just dump you and make something up.
    Agreed that they’re trying to push us into tiered data plans, but if they REALLY wanted you out of ULD, they have plenty of wiggle room in their contract.

    • Tim242

      While that is true, they would have to waive your ETF if you choose to leave.

      • Jenkem Huffington

        I imagine there’s a department there that figures the cost of the phone they’ll have to “give away” (though I suspect it doesn’t cost Verizon much more than the promo price) vs. the cost of letting the heaviest users keep going with unlimited data.
        Verizon is the ONLY carrier that has data up my way, but I’d still drop them on general principal if they try to screw me out of my old plan.

  • Chris Kelleher

    Looks like the glitch may have been fixed… had to update the billing address on my card because the store I wanted to pickup from was over 50 miles away and just tried to go back in for the upgrade and it gave me the unlimited data error

    • Derek

      Yep, I was in the middle of my order after taking it all the way to Submit a little while ago to see if I could do it & this time got pushed to 2GB. I wonder if the “glitch” was timed to phase out at 6PM EDT. Dammit.

      • JDotAdam

        Maybe they hit their quota.

        • Derek

          I should have just pulled the damn trigger an hour ago when I got in and saw this article. The back & forth that everyone seemed to have w/ CSR & Support is what was messing with me.

          My own fault for having, as Bullet Tooth Tony would say, “mincy lil’ f**got balls”.

        • TheOneGuy

          Worker: uh boss.. 2,000 unlimited users just upgraded..
          boss: Excellent on Monday set them all to 2gb
          Worker: Should I let the CEO we hit quota?
          Worker: Sir, we’re getting rid of 2,000 unlimited users this weekend.
          CEO: Right on schedule..

          • Sporttster

            lol. I’ve been wondering if this was a sneaky back door way of pulling people off unl and dragging them to a lower tier deal. They probably didn’t get alot of unlims jumping on their ‘adjusted Edge 6gb for $30’ deal so they’re going to get them in a con job like this. But I seriously doubt this is the case. Too much bad mojo……

  • DailyPlunge

    Bought the Moto X and used the Verizon30 discount. I can’t see what Verizon can do other than fix the glitch. You sign a contract during the process. They can’t change the contract.

    • Tim242

      They can change the contract, they would just have to let you out without ETF.

      • JDotAdam

        We need a FAQ.

        • Tim242

          I’m not even sure it would do any good. “But this rep said this.”. “But this rep said that.”. At some point, these people have to use their own common sense and logic. There seems to be a lack of that haha

  • theycallmerayj

    I might wait until tomorrow to see if it’s been updated, but if this has been going on for weeks why hasn’t VZ commented on it one way or another. If they are going to allow people to do this they might as well just say you can do it, or if they are somehow going to screw everyone over why not just say don’t do it we are going to honor it?

    • theycallmerayj


  • Billy

    Went to the store to go pick up 2 G2’s for my girlfriend and I, the manager must’ve gotten a phone call and wouldn’t let us get the phones without switching to a tiered plan…there’s some lucky people out there! It’s too late in the day to go try the other stores now.

    • Tim242

      I would have shown the online order confirmation and demanded my phones.

  • truthful

    If it is a trap then this would be false advertising and receipts and screen shots to prove otherwise

    • P

      Bill looks same for me with unlimited. Upgraded 4 lines to note 3s. Verizon’s only option is to void the order if it’s a mistake and request the phones back to people who already have them.

      At this point with so many orders in it’s looking like a stealth marketing gimmick to boost Q3 phone sales before the end of the fiscal year. I figure they think people with unlimited are stubborn enough to stay on their network with older phones if they didn’t do this.

      • M3D1T8R

        I hope that’s what it is. Still waiting for my order to show an updated status..

  • Eugene

    Unlimited option not an option for me when I upgrade. Ugh. I couldnt do it earlier because i was traveling . seems like i missed out ;(

    • Not necessarily, make sure you go to your account, check for upgrade eligibility, then upgrade. Going right to the phone section will only show tiered data.

      • Chris

        That doesn’t work anymore though, not for me at least!

        • 🙁

          • Eugene

            Yup I went to upgrade device. I was on chat with a verizon rep and she was even trying to help me with the unlimited option. She confirmed that they fixed the glitch and I missed out

          • JDotAdam

            Try a different browser. Some people are still getting in.

          • DailyPlunge

            I just purchased a phone 15 minutes ago and it worked for me.

    • Deanorep

      Out of curiosity are you part of a family plan? I’m wondering if that might be a factor in my phone not being eligible.

  • donebrasko

    Its a trap!!!!! They are going to let it go through and then later on tell u it was a mistake and take ur unlimited away and apologize by giving you 6gb for the same price. I dont trust it.

    • Just return the phone then and go back to your old plan

    • JDotAdam

      If they were going to do this as a trap, don’t you think they’d just revoke our silly month-to-month contracts, since they’ve got no legal obligation to continue providing us that service? Think a little bit before you go off the deep end. There’s a lot easier way for them to get what they want.

      • donebrasko

        Since when has Verizon been straight up? Maybe its not intentional but what’s to keep hem from doing this? All they have to say is that 6gb is more than generous. And if they let you out of ur contract how many would actually leave? If you did leave how many would come back? i hope they allow this and it sticks. I just can’t take any chances.

        • JDotAdam

          I understand what you’re saying. I just think it’s a silly tactic when they could accomplish the same thing and probably create less of a headache for themselves (with all the returns, angrier customers, etc) if they just decided to stop offering all unlimited data, period.

          • donebrasko

            I honestly dont think they care about the customer. I’ve had so many problems with them.

    • Tim242

      If they were to do that, there would be a sh!tstorm. They can’t wiggle outof this

  • VAuser

    I took the plunge after reading and it says I have my UDP. I was thinking of getting an IPhone but the sim card is different than my Galaxy Nexus so I went with one that is just an easy switch out as it is tied to my contract. I did the pickup in store, we’ll look on here tomorrow morning to see what has happened, if it goes sour I’ll just let the 4 days go by.

  • Deanorep

    I can’t seem to get it to work. Every time i try to upgrade my iphone 4 to a Note 3 i get a pop up stating that my unlimited is no longer available and it defaults me to 2Gbs a month. I there a trick to getting it to work?

    • tyguy829

      are you on a mobile device? apparently it only works on the full site. Also, some people have suggested clearing your browser cache.

      • Deanorep

        Nope i’m on my desktop and I’ve tried clearing my cache and it still doesn’t work.

        • Chris

          Having the same problem. I’m on my desktop and I clicked “Upgrade My Device” and I get that same error.

          • What error are you seeing?

          • CBE

            Saying must select new data plan

          • I hope they didn’t fix it already, luckily for me though I place my Note 3 order this morning

          • Chris

            “Your current unlimited data offering is no longer available. By Default 76375 – DATA PACKAGE 2GB/$30 offering is selected”.

          • Jason Downing

            see above comment

        • Go to your verizon account, click on upgrade my device, then try it. Going straight to the phones doesn’t work.

          • Chris

            I tried that and I get the same error as him :O

          • Deanorep

            Yup, same here. I’m clicking upgrade my device and it still isn’t working.

        • Jason Downing

          what browser are you using. i originally tried chrome which didn’t allow for in store pickup option… IE said I didn’t have account owner status and firefox worked for everything

    • truthful

      You need to click on Phone upgrade if you are eligible for it

    • truthful

      If you go to buy a new phone and don’t go to upgrade…it will not keep the unlimited data option.