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Google is Refunding Unused Google Offers Deals, Choice of Cash or Google Play Credits With Bonuses

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If you had previously purchased a deal through Google Offers, but forgot to redeem the offer or use it in a timely manner, Google wants to give you a refund for it, plus potential bonuses. We (along with other readers) received emails within the last day, notifying us that we had unused purchased offers that Google will automatically be refunding us for. 

Starting October 7, Google will begin refunding unused offers in 1 of 2 ways. You can take no action and wait as Google refunds you the cash value of your unused offer back to the credit card used to originally purchase it, or you can take Google Play credit plus a bonus.

For example, Google wants to send me $9 for an unused offer, but if I go with Google Play credits, they’ll toss in an additional $2. Another reader of ours has a refund of $20 coming, but could get $24 should he decide on Play credits. Sweet deal, right?

If you have unused offers that Google has qualified as refundable, you should receive an email like the one pictured below without having to do a thing.

To claim the Play credits, you’ll see a “Click here” link in your email that automatically sets you up to receive the amount of your refund plus the bonus. The credits should appear within two weeks.

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 9.53.27 AM

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 9.54.31 AM

I think I’ll take the extra $2, thank you very much.

Cheers Shane!

  • gofferrefund

    Did anyone get the refund yet?

    I got the email on Sept 27; but no refund as of yet.

    • J. Gilbertson

      not yet… anyone else?

  • Ryan Mattison

    I received the email about the refund, but didn’t have an option for the play credit. Anyone know if it’s possible to request the play credit instead of the cash/credit refund?

  • Pay Up

    I wish google would refund my prepaid card balance. They may need my cash now that the government is no longer giving them a discount on their jet fuel. 1 percenters living large on the taxpayer.

  • shb

    I’ll believe it when I see it. I purchased and used 3 Google offers but rather than the line at the end many are quoting here (if you already used the offers, please enjoy), I’m looking at the intro line: In the next few weeks we will be refunding your previously purchased offer(s) that we believe you have not used. It’s that “we believe you have not used” part that gets me. Their information should be coming from the vendors where these coupons have been redeemed – not from purchasers who check or more likely don’t check the “I already used this” box. When I redeem LivingSocial or Groupon offers, the vendors usually have a printed list that they’ll match your offer to, mark it as used, then frequently I’ll get another email asking me to rate the product or service. If anyone’s keeping track, I got offered a $153 credit but not the Google Play offer. That’s okay…I’d rather have the cash, but I have a feeling it’s not going to come.

  • Overground

    I’m getting $263 back. I only had 1 unused and that was bought for a friend who never used it. As far as I can tell (and remember), they’re refunding every goods purchase I ever made. I didn’t get the credit offer, but. I’m not complaining in the least. Thanks Google! 😉

  • Larizard

    This is weird.. I always thought, with Google Offers, you just “store” an offer, and use it at the store when you can. I didn’t know you have to BUY the offer first! In exchange, the offers are only have as decent as say, from Groupon.


  • Cedarson

    So does this work with our Google All Access Music payments? If so, this is mega sweet.

  • james456

    I’m getting a $75 refund, but no offer for play store credits.This tells me that I’m wasting a lot of money on pre-paying for these offers and not redeeming them.
    I didn’t realize it was this much just for Google (It’s probably
    several times that for Groupon). From now on, I’ll use Google Offers
    more and Groupon less. Could that be part of Google’s plan?

  • Ken

    i hope this doesn’t mean they’re shutting down google offers because i actually like it and use it.

  • Pedro

    Maybe they are just practicing on how to move money around their system.
    You know, before they release a new phone or tablet.

    Or, they are spending not so much money to get some good publicity.

  • Leonardo Rojas

    Isn’t there going to be apps on sale in this Google anniversary like there was last year?
    There isn’t a word of celebration in the Play Store 🙁
    Last year I purchased a dozen of apps for $0.25 each.
    What am I missing?

    • SparkysShocker

      Was it for Google’s anniversary that they did the sales or was it Andorid or the Play store?

      • Leonardo Rojas

        I can’t remember exactly, but looking my purchases record from the Play Store, for example:
        World of Goo
        Date: September 27, 2012

        A year ago, on this day, there were these “on sale” apps celebration.
        No celebration this year or what! 🙁

  • ChrisCorp

    Does this also count towards the free $25 we got from buying an OG Nexus 7? I know those “monies” expire at the end of this month (9/30/13)

  • Andy Stetson

    I have ~$47 that’ll be returned to me, and if i go with the Play credit, they’re tacking on an extra $10! booyah!

  • Andrey Pankov

    I had spent $47 on Offers and used all of them! Yet google still wants to refund me every single one + play credit….hmm. Dont know what happened there but I’ll take it!

    • Drome

      agreed! happened to me too!

      • DiegoKokomo

        Same thing as me. The email even says “If any of these offer(s) have actually been used, don’t worry. Please enjoy!” but it makes me feel uncomfortable as I definitely used all of them. Oh well, thanks for the free massage plus extra credit Google.

    • MrWicket

      probably because you didn’t mark them used? that would be my thought because if I remember correctly it has that option.

  • Caleb Martin

    I got this email as well, for an offer I had already used. I wondered if I should somehow let them know, but then I saw the note saying not to worry if you had already used it. Thanks, Google! Definitely taking the Play credits so I can buy some apps.

    • Sarpedon1069

      I was thinking the same thing until the email stated it was a gift!

  • nerds

    so does this mean google is getting out of the “offers” business?

    • Sarpedon1069

      No, they are just being generous. They did not have to refund anyone’s money. It is our fault for letting the Offer expire… What I think they are doing is trying to get more people to actually spend money on the Play Store. By giving people extra money if they choose the Play Store credit, more people will take the credit than the credit card refund. If someone buys something on the Play Store once, they are more likely to continue buying things on the Play Store. It’s actually pretty smart.

    • Andy Stetson

      It’s because they’re moving away from the groupon style experience, and into instant coupons, so that you can grab the deal/coupon for free, then walk into the resturaunt/store/whatev and use it immediately.

  • Sarpedon1069

    I got an email from Google. I actually bought something on Google Offers and the distributor went out of business before I could order it. Long story short the manufacturer gave me another like item plus a free gift and to top it off refunded my original Google Offers money.
    Now, I get a email from Google this week with the same deal plus extra Play Store dollars (I got an extra 20%). So I got refunded twice!! I love Google more and more. Plus, their Offers help support was very easy and courteous to work with.

  • Ed Waters

    Maybe Groupon will follow suit.

  • tquest

    What order does your play credits get used in? Will it use the free $2 and then start using your $9 or do you have to use the $9 before the $2 is used?

    • warenmac

      Yea I was confused about this as well. Will I have 2 different credits to use or will it be compounded and it just uses the $9 on things it applies to before it uses the rest?

      • boogie_monster

        if it’s anything like Amazon’s system, it uses the promotional credit first then goes to the other one. **It’s just a guess, I didn’t read it anywhere, so don’t take my words for it. **

    • MrWicket

      I’d think it’s all lumped together but if you don’t spend at least the promotional amount by the expiration date it’ll subtract that credit. never used a gift card on the Play store though so someone can correct me if I am wrong, just seems logical to me.

  • I have some unused but I haven’t got an email. Has anyone gotten an email yet?

  • Robert Macri

    Am I the only one that keeps coming to Droid Life to see if there is any news of a Verizon update on the Moto X? This may be a daily routine for a month or so.

    • JRUIV

      I would like that update as well. I follow DL on twitter and get a notification whenever they post an article. I read them all anyway.

  • jwildman16

    It should be noted the Play credit cannot be used on hardware (Nexus 5 :-(… ). There are a couple other restrictions I can’t remember.

    I appear to be getting refunded for some deals I used. The email says something to the effect of, “Already used your offer? Don’t worry, enjoy it!”

    • Andy Stetson

      Can’t use for subscriptions either. I had the same thing, already used one of the ones getting refunded.

  • Joey Sandoval

    Sharing, not really, all they are doing is giving 2$ to get 4 times the money back

  • Matthew Fura

    Damn, I have an offer I never used but never got the email. Would be nice to be able to get that back. Any idea how I can do this if I never got the email?

  • Jeff718

    I love how Google likes to share things on *their* birthday.

  • warenmac

    I received the email a day or 2 ago. I wanted the cash, but chose Google Play credit because you never know when you’re really gonna want to download several $7 apps

  • Smeckle

    Good ol’ Goog…my guess is Apple would not be so generous in a similar situation.

    • Pratik Holla

      Thats definitely NOT true. Last time I checked, a plastic version of their phone costs 600 dollars. They are very generous with taking your money!

  • bqluong

    I got the email and I already used the offer too.

    Offer(s) to be refunded are listed below. If any of these offer(s) have actually been used, don’t worry. Please enjoy!

    • BrianRoskamp

      Same here. I’ve purchased 2 offers in the past. I used one, the other expired. I asked for a refund for the one that expired and it was marked as refunded but I never got it. The email I received stated I get a refund for the one I did use and it cost $5 more. Thanks Google!