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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Unboxing

samsung galaxy note 3

It’s time to start our official coverage of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3! We have an unlocked international unit in house, have gone ahead and unboxed it, and will now be embarking on a journey into tablet-phone-hybrid land. As most of you know, I have never been the biggest fan of the oversized device craze, but because I try to keep an open mind for the most part, am fully willing to give the new Note 3 a fair shot. Actually, both Tim and I will be 100% committed to all things Note 3 over the coming weeks, so you’ll want to stick with us as usual to see how this adventure unfolds. 

Again, this is the international variant of the Note 3, which means I’m working on HSPA+ and with the Octa-core processor combo. Those really are the only differences over the U.S. variants, so we shouldn’t see much of an experience change from one to the other. We still have the same 5.7″ FHD Super AMOLED display, 3GB RAM, 13MP camera, and TouchWiz experience atop Android 4.3. We’ll more than likely have specific U.S. experiences to share once we get closer to launch.

So, enjoy the unboxing below! Then drop any questions you have or tests you’d like to see performed. This should be a fun couple of weeks, assuming this thing fits in my jean pockets.



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samsung galaxy note 3samsung galaxy note 3samsung galaxy note 3samsung galaxy note 3

samsung galaxy note 3samsung galaxy note 3samsung galaxy note 3samsung galaxy note 3

samsung galaxy note 3samsung galaxy note 3samsung galaxy note 3samsung galaxy note 3


    mine didnt come with headphones

  • little boi

    im a user of this NOTE 3. everything are great and useful. the only problem that i encounter now is that the mobile is having hot when i use on gaming and sometimes it also hanging. but the rest are ok..

  • NonAppleholic

    I can’t think of a lamer review of the highest quality and most expensive factory launched smartphone on the planet. If you don’t like Polycarbonate because you’ve been brainwashed by Apple saying they perfected and invented it, don’t do a review of it in the first place!

    So you help cure your Appleholism here’s the info for you on the Infino Brand Polycarbonate you’re dissing on. Infino Brand PC plastic was R&D at the Cheil Chemical’s World Class labs. It’s not just any old plastic either…… or Bugatti wouldn’t have chosen it for parts in their Veyron’s body or lightweight removable polycarbonate roof! 😀

    So now I’m going to tell you who owns Cheil and are the ones that have really finally perfected PLASTIC!!! ;-P ……ever hear of Samsung Group? Yeah…. Cheil is a 60yr old veteran of high impact, durable, flexible, high heat resistance, light weight crystal clear as well as having a whole Galaxy of colors available in their newest environmentally friendly Infino Brand Polycarbonate Plastic! ……so innovative that it’s been winning awards and picked to be used by nearly every Automotive Manufacturer on the Planet!

    Get Educated about this 60yr old Samsung subsidiary that is most likely in or will be into having it’s Plastics formula in nearly every phase of our daily lives. Whether we know it or NOT and these videos can explain that!


    Oh….. and of course mobile device makers like Motorola, Samsung….. and of course Nokia!!! lol…. as well as most likely Apple also as Cheil Industries customer!


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  • cynflux

    The charge/data port will break the day after the 1 year warranty expires and the mobile carrier will refuse to fix it.

  • sasthaview

    note 2 or note 3 which one is best to buy

  • Rahul Aggarwal

    For the last few months, I’ve been using Android phablets for various
    of the reasons: as a handy playback
    device for movies and music. And while I like the Note 3 but there are some serious limitations too which make life frustrating at times and here’s my wishlist that would make it perfect to use (not exhaustive though) (1) Integrated GPS (2) full sized USB (3) A better swining keyboard (4) daylight readable screen (5) HDMI output

    Last but not the least and as a founder of Mobile Application Development company, Endeavour, I would like to say that I’m pleased and constantly amazed by how much we already have on the phablets

  • alex

    No one else seems to be excited for the fact that this has a mini HDMI port.

  • Destroythanet

    I don’t mind Kellen talking about why he’s not a huge fan of bigger phones, even though I’m a Note 2 owner myself. I agree with him about that faux stitched leather back cover. Not a fan of that. That unfastened cover did drive me crazy though lol.

  • agenius

    dude. did you like smoke up before filming this?! : )

  • Mco

    The worst part is that this guy views himself as a professional. It’s sad to see someone so full of himself that he can’t understand that he is doing exactly the opposite of what he’s being paid to do: he is biased, not unbiased, and he’s starting his initial impression with conclusions already being reached.

    This is the last time I’ll visit this site. There are plenty of reviewers out there with open minds and honest, impartial input.

  • dmagicp

    It’s funny how when a large group of people like a phone, that particular phone is labeled as successful. When a large group of people like the Note line of phones, they are labeled as a cult. I think I’m going to start visiting Android Central for my android news.

  • ReggieReg

    How can you even hate on the way the plug looks??? hahah

  • Eric H

    This will be my first Note, although I have had the top phone out every six months. This guy sounds like a total a hole. He doesn’t like Android, or is it Samsung, or is it the leather back, or is it the removable battery. Yes a lot of phones are going that route, but not all. And who wouldn’t prefer a removable battery. Let me guess, he doesn’t like upgradable storage. And the faux leather…I have heard some not crazy about it…BUT everyone looked at it as an upgrade. l hope he is reading this and notes carefully how many rave reviews he got for his unboxing…NOT

  • Pete

    I just wasted 9 min and 38 sec of my life by listening to this guy being a total tool.

  • Mr. Raider™

    damn.. my first visit to this site and already want to kick this guys a**!! I tend to look at all phone reviews/unboxings with an open mind, you would think they can perform them the same way! I personally am waiting patiently for this phone and will get it when it drops on Oct. 4th!


    The thing he wasn’t sure of what it was is the tool to change the S-pen tips, of which you get extra. I do not like being a hater but this guy was so unprofessional in the first five minutes I stopped watching. I would love to have his job. Ridiculous.
    This is supposed to be tech porn and that was ackward.

  • whysamsungwhy

    Why does Samsung continue to think that the volume rocker is best suited to the top half of the side of these giant phone? How about putting it where people can comfortably reach it.

    • agenius

      you cant reach it? what’re you, a smurf?!

  • Dave

    kellen is disappointing….. already hates it before he turns it on

  • chris420o

    I think kellen makes good points…that phone looks flippin stupid with the back…u put a case bla blah but still if im buying a 600 piece of hardware i want it to feel like its worth 600…yeah nice screen and lil s pen features but other then that its lackluster and oversized(opinion…cry about it)

  • LionStone

    Aww Sammy boys so sensitive…I guess they’re mad Kellen didn’t stroke it and coddle it the way they do 🙂
    I watched it a second time just to be sure and it was actually funny. He was straight up like he always is even with phones he likes he’ll mention points about it that he doesn’t like, this unboxing was no different. Get a grip guys 🙂

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    I’m not picking up on any new Kellen hate. He doesn’t like big phones, we knew that. He doesn’t like touchwiz, few people do. He doesn’t use the s pen, neither did i. We got his take on the leather back a month ago. I like the leather back though, it’s different and provides more grip. He took a couple jabs at sammy, because the plastic thing is true, being Kellen with so many phones it’s probably annoying. Usb 3.0 is an ugly port, no doubt. The new s pen can be put it anyway, which is reason enough to upgrade from the note 2. I guess some of the software can impress him. Pie controls for the pen seem useful. The battery life is another that can be enjoyable. But it’s sort of a perfect note 2, not the next gen note 3. Maybe next year.

  • CraigBoyte

    Nice job, now if the Nexus 5 would just come out I can make the decision on what my next phone will be.

  • yankeesusa

    My goodness, that is a good locking phone. If the sides were actual metal it would be even more awesome. Either way if I could afford a full price note 3 after selling my note 2 I would be all in.

  • The Chosenn 0ne

    People saying that Kellex is a verizon/stock android fanboy sound ridiculous. If anyone sounds like fanboys it’s you guys complaining about his unboxing. so what if he doesn’t like the backing of the phone or touchwiz. Maybe the faux leather really is a turnoff. How would we know most of us have never touched it. And we all know touchwiz is the worst so stop getting all butt hurt because he doesn’t like the phone that much. You guys sound like fanboys, defending something you have never used.

  • Rob

    I believe those silver tongs in that bag in the box are possible for grabbing the stylus point to change it out for a new one. Have that in my stylus bag for my panasonic toughbook cov tablet at work. Also this was a Brief un boxing as stated not a indept review like the links the people offended have posted.

  • Jason Melling

    Aaaah, please don’t say “in house” We have a Galaxy Note 3 “in house”. It’s trying a bit too hard and comes off a bit smarmy.

  • Gasaraki

    What a crap back. I hate Samsung phones.

    • yankeesusa

      Then don’t buy one. There are millions of other people who like it and will buy it.

  • Not gonna lie, this is a beautiful device.

  • Chris

    Can’t wait to get mine. I already bought a case for it…so, I don’t care how the back feels either way. 🙂

  • shooter50

    Here’s the problem. This is the 3rd Note. They all look the same.I’m bored with the look, so I bought an Xperia Z Ultra and there’s no looking back.I rarely used the pen, so no loss there. The Ultra is awesome

    • yankeesusa

      I can see that. But Like my note 2 and the way it looks. My biggest complaint was the glossy back. With then note 3 this was resolved. Too bad most people put on a case so non of this matters.