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Dolphin Browser Sets Eyes on International Browser Market, Forms Anti-Google Alliance With Top Search Engines

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Everyone knows that the US browser market is currently dominated by Google and Apple, but in emerging and continually developing markets, those companies’ hold is not nearly as strong. With this in mind, Dolphin Browser, a popular third-party web browser app that is available for Android devices, has partnered up with some of the world’s leading search engines to form an Anti-Google Alliance.

The companies that formed the new partnership are Baidu in China, Yandex in Russia, DuckDuckGo in the U.S., and Yahoo! Japan. Now, the idea of waging war against Google on its own turf may not seem like a brilliant idea, but the goal is to benefit the people of the world that are truly “mobile-first users.”

Dolphin is leading the charge in emerging markets where hundreds of millions of users are discovering content via mobile web for the very first time. These are truly ‘mobile-first and only’ users that have no context of a desktop experience, which is more prevalent in the U.S.

Dolphin will currently work with these search providers to cater an experience built solely for those that consume most of their data through cell phones.

“Dolphin has partnered with each of these leading search engines to allow for a more personalized and localized experience to mobile browsing. Most importantly, Dolphin is bringing culturalization in markets around the world by tailoring the offered Dolphin Browser to the needs of each specific country.”

To top it off, Dolphin took this time to announce an update for the American version of its browser, which is now live on Google Play. The update, according to the currently listed changelog, boasts customizable themes and wallpapers, a language selector, and a toggle add-on for desktop/mobile views.

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Via: Dolphin

  • Jesse Blacklock

    if you can’t beat them, try try again?

  • feed me Seymour

    Dolphin updates make it worse each time. Time to make tuna sandwiches with that porpoise.

  • Gr8Ray

    Dolphin is like the 7-up of browsers: never had it, never will.

  • addicuss

    blah blah dolphin browser forming anti google alliance blah blah browser now available on google play.

  • Haha, Yahoo!, still trying to compete with Google. I remember back in the early 2000s when people thought Yahoo was way better than Google… I never saw it.

  • starnovsky

    Dominated by … Apple? Safari market share is 5%.

    • Casey Maines

      I was wondering the same thing!

  • billy

    I love dolphin…fast and the least buggy of browsers with flash!

  • Timothy Anderson

    Chrome rules!

  • Chris

    Wow this makes me want to stop using Dolphin. If Chrome adds add-ons to the mobile browser, I will easily switch. That’s why I use Dolphin. I like having a blue theme, and I like having a Desktop toggle add-on. I can have it set so every website thinks I’m on my desktop, so I don’t have to waste my time with terrible mobile sites!

  • Frettfreak

    You know.. Seriously.. and “anti-google alliance”… google should kick their app of android and see how far it goes. Didnt it start on android? WOW.. I honestly havent used dolphin since chrome came out, but wont ever again now.

  • Patrick Crumpler

    So if they are waging war against Google, shouldn’t they pull their app?

  • HenryVII
  • Gnex

    Dolphin is trash. The AOSP browser is easily the best Android browser out there.

    • KleenDroid

      On my Gnex yes I agree with you. But on my S4 the stock Android browser is not as nice as Dolphin. The resolution of the S4 just doesn’t work well with the androidbrowser. Dolphin works much better.

      Trust me I wanted nothing more than to stick with the stock browser which I used forever. I just tried it again to see if it has improved and it’s still not nearly as nice.

      • Gnex

        What kind of problems does it have with 1080p screens? Are things not rendered correctly?

        • KleenDroid

          I read many of the stories here and many of the responses are sized differently. When I resize the text it won’t size to the screen properly. With Dolohin everything sizes correctly.

          When in Dolohin when you double tap the screen all the text will auto size. In stock browser it goes from too small to too big. Even after going into settings and increasing the initial text size.

          Google has not made the experience nice for higher resolutions.

          Unless it is just the S4 that doesn’t work the way I would like. This I don’t know.

  • trwb

    This privacy warning was posted on xda a while back.
    Have not used Dolphin since. Software from China is a little suspicious anyways.

  • KleenDroid

    On my S4 Dolphin is my preferred browser. I would love to get rid of it but it is the only one that works properly with the resolution. The stock google browser was my favorite on my Gnex but it’s not as pleasant on my S4. I guess I’ll have to try them all again to see if I can find a replacement.

  • Chippah

    Sorry for going a lil off-topic but anyone try the newest version of MAXTHON browser?
    I have been pretty impressed with its new interpretation
    of “Fullscreen” mode with its with cool version of quick controls,

    It displays pages much better than dolphin,firefox, etc as well.

    • Tim242

      I tried it a while back. It was pretty good, but I flashed the AOSP browser instead. On a side note, Maxthon is a silly name, especially for a browser.

  • I will just stick with Chrome thanks!

    • Tim242

      Chrome sucks.

  • Jeremy Martin

    Uh Oh you know what this means! That’s right…absolutely nothing.

  • HauteDoug

    Dolphin? Isn’t that the browser caught reading all user data a while back? I never liked them much anyway. Good riddance.

    • Tim242

      It was the best browser around for years. It was the first browser to allow pinch and zoom on Android. It was the only one for a while.

      • brkshr

        was, was, was…


  • droidrazredge

    Dolphin has official started The Browser Wars 3 with the Allies versus the Axis.

  • J2886M


    But I wanted to be #1

  • rabidhunter

    Dolphin is a shady browser to say the least. After reading a little bit about it, no thanks. I would rather not.

  • mustbepbs

    You know how f***ing hard it is to type duckduckgo.com? No wonder I never heard of them.

    • Abgar Musayelyan

      do you know how ducking hard it is to type fuckfuckgo.com?

  • Torrey Shelton

    Goodbye Dolphin, anyone anti Google automatically is off of my apps list for good. You are at the same low level as Apple in my book now.

  • Guy Pierce

    Their going to get “Scroogled”!

    • SchwannyT

      You get my upvote for the day. Only because I happened to see the banner ad on a clients computer the other day. It’s going to become my new word (maybe even replacing FACKWORS)

      • Guy Pierce

        It’s an honor good sir!

  • hldc1

    I used to use Dolphin back when stock browsers plain ol’ sucked on Android. I turned a blind eye to the fact that Dolphin comes from China (I don’t trust apps that come from China and I could care less about anyone’s opinion of my opinion) because the other browser options were just that bad. Partnering with Baidu, the ultimate Google ripoff, in order to be anti-Google? What a joke.

    Dolphin is dead to me now, especially considering how great Chrome is (both desktop and mobile versions).

    • Tim242

      I agree with you, except for Chrome mobile. It is not great. It is slow, freezes, and doesn’t offer true full screen.

      • JoshGroff

        This^ Switched back over to Firefox beta.

        • Chippah

          Gentlemen, check out the new Maxthon browser, the fullscreen is a breathe of fresh air, I HAAATED the old versions it was poo. But the newest is great and after testing most browsers back to back to back, Maxthon is more consistent in rendering pages correctly,.

          • Such

            Does maxthon have flash?

          • Chippah

            Why yes it does. I was pretty surprised as well!

            their fullscreen rocks. the quick controls are a tiny dot that also is the page load indicator, etc and expands to give you all your controls.. pretty sweet.

          • Such

            Niice. I’m gonna check it out, I’ve been growing tired of dolphin lately.

      • Droidzilla

        Works a treat on my Nexus 4; both regular and beta forms.

      • michael arazan

        Chrome mobile needs Flash integration too like its desktop counter part. Mobile phones are more than powerful enough now to use it, especially since Flash was paid, I mean has stopped mobile

      • hldc1

        Perhaps you should invest in a new handset because Chrome neither freezes or is slow on my year-old device.

        • Tim242

          Perhaps you speculate too much. I get a new device every 6 months. Chrome sucks on every one of them. Most people agree.

    • agujeronegro

      Just because it’s from China?? Please stop using compass and also Fireworks and a lot more.

      Please, don’t judge anything by from where it come from. BTW, you citizens of US, don’t you hear and learn anything about NSA?

      Also, I don’t like so much Dolphin but I know that is a good browser, I prefer keep using My Firefox for Android v27 AKA Nightly.

      • HenryVII

        His comment would be out of place if there wasn’t extensive evidence that China is always using their “free enterprises, i.e. state owned outfits with the trappings of the free market” as a means to infiltrate networks for competitors and governments alike. Yes, the NSA stuff is disgusting and we should work toward ending it, but that doesn’t mean we should turn a blind eye to what the Chinese govt does. That’s like saying, the Catholic Church has pedophile priests, but it’s ok, because there are pedophiles in society at large too.

        • jose

          • agujeronegro


        • Chippah

          “Dont buy anything Chineses MAAAAAN!” this is ridiculous like those occupy wall street idiots. your whole idea like its rebellious to not buy anything Chinese is dumb.
          Go ahead, look around you. Or do this TRY to have 1 day in your life that does not involve a chinese product. its impossibru.

          I look forward to your response typed on a Chinese Keyboard, hooked up to a Chinese computer while you look at your Chinese monitor, that’s connected to a Chinese router, that goes through Chinese wire, then goes to your local isp pop that runs off more Chinese equipment,. etc.

          • HenryVII

            No doubt, it is pretty much impossible to do a ton of stuff that does not involved parts made in China, but software is a different beast, particularly software like Dolphin browser, which has already had scandals dealing with their use of private user data. It’s not rebellious to say, hey there are alternatives, try to avoid Chinese software due to concerns regarding what these companies do.

          • Chippah

            Very good, well thought out and executed points.
            I never understood the draw to dolphin anyway…
            I was never impressed.

            As far as chinese code goes, there could be backdoors out there, but who knows what non chinese companies are farming it out too, atleast portions of it, you think android web browsers are bad? you should think about Hong Kong based companies who write tapeless backup software that handle your Med records, financial, etc.

          • HenryVII

            Yep, yet another way in which our private sector’s over reliance on cheap Chinese labor pretty much has screwed the pooch. I say this not as a knock on China or its people, but more from a geopolitical stand point with a view to any future conflagration. Think of the damage China’s cyberarmy could do to our infrastructure, databases, and a myriad of other systems, well before we fired the first shot back.

            Thankfully, for now, we’re benefiting from one another, and our fate and theirs is intertwined, as in the US economy collapses, so does China’s, and the world’s. But there may come a point when either China or the US may not care, and let all hell break loose, particularly over Taiwan, or other territorial issues in the South China Sea and beyond.

      • Ej McCarty

        Learn some English bro. It’ll help people understand your stupidity a little better.

        • Grow Up

          Nice ignorance. Anyone here could understand his point just fine if they wanted to. Not everyone in the world is American. Show some class. Would you be able to contribute a thoughtful comment on a blog from his country in his language? Jeez people, this isn’t 1940. Stop being all Team America and perpetuating the image.

    • Perv Bear

      I did not know dolphin was from China, well thanks for that info. I have a bunch of mobile browsers installed for testing, but if. I had found that out earlier I’d have removed it, but already removing due to this drama crap.

      Edit: If they want war against Google have them remove their app from the play store and have them direct install, see how it works out.

    • randpost

      It’s “I couldn’t care less” and if you didn’t care you wouldn’t mention that you didn’t care.

      “I could care less” would imply you care.

      • Tim242

        Exactly. That is as bad as people saying “should of” instead of should’ve.

        • mmmm, I’m not so sure. I really hate seeing should of… lol

          • Tim242

            It seems like it just happened one day. All of a sudden, their 1st grade grammar just failed them. I can’t believe it is so widespread

          • hldc1

            There is apparently no chance that it was a typo. Please note that you forgot to include punctuation at the end of your sentence. Jackass.

          • Tim242

            Yeah, could and couldn’t are so easy to make a typo with. People say, “Could care less” a lot.

          • blerg

            Lol my personal worst is “what are your guys’s plans?” B&#$ say “your plans!” Fack!

          • No one types that though. People say that out loud. That’s common vernacular. Kind of like how people will say “What you up to?” I mean, that’s definitely incorrect, but I really don’t care. I know what they’re saying. Now if someone says, “I drunk like half a bottle of wine,” then I’m going to have a big problem with that person.

      • hldc1

        Firstly, auto correct. Typed this on my mobile phone.

        I do not care, and mentioned that I don’t care because I know from experience that there are people in the world that take opportunities like this to tell me my opinions are wrong without actually explaining why I’m wrong.

        Considering Google still has not made the Google Play Store available to 1.3+ billion consumers speaks volumes to how little Google trusts China.

        Unless anyone here has a better understanding of how the internet, the Chinese Communist Party, and the law work in China, I’m not going to need to hear anyone else’s opinions on my opinion, and that is why I, for the record, couldn’t care less.

    • Chippah

      If you have a problem using Chinese coded applications then you should just put your mobile device down entirely… MANY MANY apps are built by or have had code built by the Chinese… You mad bro? You COULD care less, but you must care more about what someone has to say or else you wouldn’t post it here. what is there to not Trust about apps built in China? are you anti-Chinese?

      • JBartcaps

        That is completely and utterly false

        • Chippah

          My Mudda used to say to me “ya know Chippah, you really need ta stop lookin at all those utters all day in your room” then the handyman Darryl washington used to come ova to help my mudda fix the squeeks in the wood floor, but i wasnt allowed to help.

          • JBartcaps

            Humor doesn’t run in your family

      • hldc1

        It’s hard to be Antioch obese when you’re half Chinese, lived in China for the better part of a decade, and still to China. Most people formulate pro- or anti-Chinese arguments based on information from other people, but rarely does it ever come from someone that has experienced first-hand what it’s like to live in China. I didn’t go there on vacation for six days and magically become an expert (ask a friend that has traveled there what China is like and their response will most surely sound like it’s the definitive word on China).

        The fact remains that China is the world’s largest source of counterfeit and pirated goods. If you make money off of it, it’s copied somewhere in China. DVDs, software, automobiles, and anything else you can think of. Writing pens? Cell phones? Ice cream? Fast food restaurants? Cookware? Golf clubs? Cargo shorts? Yes to all of them because I’ve seen them all.

        Is it impossible to escape “Made in China”? Practically speaking, yes it is. That doesn’t mean I can’t limit my consumption of “Made in China” products either. I choose not to use Dolphin because I rightfully don’t trust China. Members of the Communist Party there are in business in every sector of the economy because they can and have an unfair advantage because they are party members. The vast majority of them are multimillionaires because of corruption and shady business practices. This I know because I was there for more than 6 days and spent more than a few hours a day outside of the hotel.

        You can buy or use Chinese-made stuff all you want. That’s your choice. But unless you have anything to say based on fact, I suggest you go to bed because it’s obviously well past your bedtime.

        And for the record, I still could care less.

    • Caleb Martin

      I used Dolphin with my first smartphones for the same reason; stock browsers were terrible and there weren’t other options, and Dolphin was actually pretty good. But then they started adding a lot of features that were mostly useless and I began liking it less. Eventually Chrome and Firefox became usable. I used Firefox for a while, but in the end switched to Chrome because it was faster. I’ve been using it as my default mobile browser ever since.

    • kixofmyg0t

      I still use Dolphin. I’ve used it for years. I just like the look and feel better than Chrome and Firefox.

      Today however, I’m in the search for a new browser. If Dolphin wants to be a part of some Anti-Google BS then you can count me out. Screw them.

      Is it possible to make chrome look and act like Dolphin?

    • Randy Sharp

      Mobotap Inc was founded in 2010 and is based in in San Francisco. They created and own Dolphin.

    • New_Guy

      I stopped using Dolphin once Quick Controls were added to the stock browser.

  • Xious

    If Chrome for Android supported extensions like the desktop version, then I would drop Dolphin quickly. I love using Chrome, but Dolphin allows me to use Lastpass and other extensions.

    • wizteknet

      Will check the extensions out for dolphin soon.

  • shelderman

    Best browser on android

  • Steve Ballmer

    bing it on!

  • Alexander Garcia

    Umm… Yeah… Good luck with that, Dolphin.

  • Bob

    What’s a “Brower”? I call FACKWORS!!!

    • Guy Pierce

      Brower is short for Browser! Like: Delish, Cray Cray or Rents. Makes perfect sense to me.

      • Bowser

        Drop the ‘r’, add back the ‘s’. Perfect.

        • Guy Pierce

          I see what you did there!

        • jnt

          Does this mean you actually have 5 upvotes? 😮

        • JoshGroff

          And here I was dropping the 2nd ‘r’ and not getting it…

        • Guy Pierce

          Well all you need to do now is drop the ‘r’. DL fixed it!

  • Allen George

    Might want to fix the title so it says “Browser” instead of “Brower”

  • yodatom10

    if its gonna ditch google in its in android client. its browser gonna be headed to the bottom without an anker

    • Grammer

      Whats an anker? Anchor possibly.

      • yodatom10

        I blame my half awake half daze state do to all the cold meds I’m taking :p

        • Ninja

          Perhaps you were dreaming about external batteries?

        • Do? Due possibly?

          Now that we’ve started I have to continue.

      • Blue Sun

        Anker is a company that makes really great mobile external power sources.

    • New_Guy

      It’s seems they’re sort of bitting the Android hand that feeds them…

      • imns


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      • blerg

        You got desperate and now make tons of money on “pro 67?”
        Hookers these days….

    • Brandon Golway

      If they completely ditch Google, then I’m going to completely ditch them. I’ve been using Dolphin for years, in fact, I’m using it right now.