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Disa Messenger App Hit With Cease & Desist from WhatsApp, Forced to Remodel Their App Strategy Going Forward


I’ve been using Disa as an SMS replacement application ever since we first wrote it up a few weeks back. The app is in early alpha stages so far and has come a long way in just a few weeks, but today’s news might throw a wrench in that progress. Disa is a unified messaging service that can thread conversations together from different services. But so far, WhatsApp is the only service besides SMS that they support. Apparentl,y WhatsApp isn’t too happy about that.

Taking to Google+ early this morning, Disa’s creator, Jake Dynogic, let everyone know that WhatsApp filed a Cease and Desist order against him and demanded that WhatsApp be removed from his website and his app all together. Dynogic said he would comply, but that Disa would have to be unavailable in the Play Store for a few days while he makes these changes.

Instead of taking the functionality from Disa that makes it unique, the game plan is instead being changed. From here on out, Disa will be built around the idea of “supporting dynamic loading of services that are created by the community.” Instead of building the WhatsApp functionality himself, Dynogic will make Disa accept third-party plugins made by the community so that users can load them whenever they are needed. This approach should avoid the legal troubles while still keeping the functionality.

Facebook messenger integration is almost ready to go live. Have you been using Disa or are you waiting for things to get a bit more stable?

Via: Jake Dynogic+

  • CHRIS42060

    If I could use MMS with it I might actually use it. Not sure it works at the moment though.

    • SleepingPanda

      It works if your SIM has your phone number already embeded in it. If it isn’t you’ll have to embed it yourself (not very hard)to get it working.

      • CHRIS42060

        My problem is I use a small carrier that runs data and voice off of Sprint, but MMS is off of another company. It has the APN in as MobiPCS (not my carrier) but I decided to give it a shot and MMS does actually work.

  • WhatsApp – what a killjoy to crush a potential great opportunity for interoperability

    I no user I was not aware of Disa Messenger before this article I can see the interoperability opportunity this could bring before finishing the first paragraph.

    What Disa perhaps needs to do is request access or propose to each service and make the case of interoperability within one app but this could be the Mobile Platform version of AIM-ICQ and the old MSN and Yahoo Messenger interoperable communication!.

    I could see opportunities in a upcoming months (and years) of the potential just for say the instant message part SMS, MMS, Hangouts, Facebook, Skype, iMessage, WhatsApp, BBM etc opportunities.

    Of course extended in the future for files (mainly pictures), media clips video and voice as well as video and voice chats!

  • Inquizitor

    Oh no, a random third-party app for another random third-party service got shut down. I really couldn’t care less. I’m so sick of all these new services trying to become the “next big messaging service”. At the end of the day, no one I know will every use anything besides Facebook or Hangouts (which they just know as Gmail Chat). Maybe some texting, but that isn’t really important anymore either.

    • SleepingPanda

      What? Did you even read the article? Its a unified messaging app that unifies ALL of your messaging services under a single app and uses intelligent fall-over to keep a conversation going when one service isn’t available. Your ignorance is appalling.

  • MatthewSimmons

    I really liked Disa. The facebook messenger support will be a huge addition.

  • Eric

    I’m using Disa, just for texting atm but it work’s well. I’ve never used whatsapp so not concerned there but I am wanting facebook messanger. I talk to alot of people through that.

  • vitriolix

    “Disa Messenger App” sounds like Jar Jar named it

  • Michael

    I was actually really interested in trying this after reading this article… Sadly it’s gone

  • KaZx

    does anyone have the apk?

  • David Verba

    I’ve been using WhatsApp for a few years now. It’s probably the best messenger app available. I can send large video/pics, location, audio, contacts. Lots of emoticons (if that’s your thing), you can see when the recipient reads your message (like BBM) and when they last entered WhatsApp. I have a lot of international contacts as well so no international SMS/MMS charges. Works on both WiFi and Mobile Network. You can also customize the look with different wallpapers. ALSO, the NSA needs a warrant for specific message history (of course that’s easy to obtain, but again it’s not blanket access like they have with regular SMS). Once you convince your friends to try it once, they general stick with it and convince most of their contacts to do the same – like everything else, people just become accustom to one thing and hate change.

    • John Lee

      Haha totally forgot about the BBM story until I read ‘like BBM’ in your comment. Does anyone know when BBM will be released!? Got really quiet about it

    • SleepingPanda

      Except all your whatsapp messages are sent in plain text and not obfuscated by any form of encryption at all. Why would the NSA need a warrant when it’s not even required?

  • Ron

    This reminds me of those old wars between ICQ, MSN, AIM, Yahoo etc, look where all those apps are now, I don’t see any benefit in using WhatsApp, just another app that will die to lack of support

    • John Lee

      No crap I have a friend who still uses ICQ as I learned a few weeks ago. O.O

    • JD_26

      Highly doubt itll die … its huge in asia!!!

  • coolsilver

    I stopped using IM+ because all the IM services have become unused and irrelevant. I have Skype, Hangouts when I’m not on it. I didn’t even connect my MSN into skype because who needs that garbage. So as much as I liked the idea of WhatsApp, IM+ which is what I was using instead is never used either. Guess I just don’t have the same social style anymore.

  • Robert Macri

    I just have a folder with Whatsapp, hangouts, Messaging (sms), facebook messenger, and snapchat in it and pretend its all one big app.

  • Brian Wolfman

    Does it do MMS?

    • It does!

      • Brian Wolfman

        Nice! Most other apps dont so I cant use em…might give it a try…once its back….

  • Mon

    Know one I know uses whatsapp. Every other month I download it to see if more of my friends use it, and all I end up doing is uninstalling. All android users want is a unified messaging app, is that too much to ask, Google?

    • Abhijeet Mishra

      Meanwhile, all of my friends use WhatsApp for texting, none of them use Hangouts. But yeah, a unified messaging app is still required, let’s hope Google comes out with one soon.

    • Brian Wolfman

      I had a friend that wanted me to use Whatsapp…hes the only one I know using it and I asked why WOULD i when texting works just fine and ALL of my friends can text!

    • SpeakForYourself

      “All android users want is a unified messaging app, is that too much to ask, Google?”

      Yeah I don’t want a unified messaging app with crap services no one uses.

    • moe6

      In Asia, WhatsApp is king. It’s got to the point our Telco’s are actually segregating Whatsapp traffic and giving that its own 1GB or more of extra bandwidth quota separate from your regular quota as it’s seen as a value-add by most customers (it’s still a retarded deal since WhatsApp doesn’t use much data but this is how pervasive WhatsApp is that they’ve gone to this point)

      Hilariously, most Telco’s here have bumped the hell out of how many SMS’s you have per month since WhatsApp’s rise as no one actually sends SMS’s anymore. Our smartphones in Malaysia are even gov’t subsidised, so market penetration is insane.

  • Steve Ballmer

    WhatsApp, you bastards.

    • Themask007

      Rightly said. 😀

  • Michael

    Funny how people hated the iMessage clone for reverse engineering that protocol, but these guys get a medal from the community for their “work”.

    • Matt Devo

      you clearly misunderstand the issues people had with the iMessage clone – they had everything to do with security/privacy and nothing to do with an objection to reverse engineering the protocol

    • Stnkycheezman

      iMessage clone asked for your Apple ID credentials though and ran it’s services through private servers in China supposedly. That information had potential to be stored and used by somebody else to purchase things through your apple ID

    • SleepingPanda

      By “work” you mean building an advanced messaging client from the ground up? I’m sure you have no idea how this works at all considering the iMessage clone did not use a reverse engineered protocol.

  • Ed Cerqueira

    Been using it since I read about it on DroidLife. It’s been great so far and great Dev support with updates coming out about every 3 days. I personally don’t use WhatsApp much so this doesn’t affect me much but Facebook and mainly future Hangout support is the main reason I am using it.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Some app on app action.

  • JBartcaps

    That’s unfortunate. Good guy doing a good thing, then gets hit by a bus.